Do Business Like a Prostitute


I know prostitution is illegal, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it. As you probably already know, it is considered to be the oldest business in the world. Because it has been around for such a long time, the profession has been optimized to the degree that you can actually learn a few things from it.

Location is everything

You don’t see prostitutes standing on every street corner, right? Of course not. It’s because not all locations are good for business. It’s the same reason why you don’t see a gas station or a McDonald’s on every block.

You need to figure out where your ideal clients are and try to place your business in the center of that. Even if you are a web-based business, location is still important because your customers don’t live inside a computer. Remember, they are actual people.

Location doesn’t have to have latitude and longitude coordinates either. It could be your search engine rankings on Google or an advertisement on an industry website.

Whatever it may be, just make sure your business is in the best location.

You have to stand out from the crowd

What do you usually see next to a McDonald’s? You see Burger King, Taco Bell, Subway and other fast food joints, right?

Once you find a good location, your competitors will come and follow. It’s just a matter of time. There isn’t much you can do other than to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Prostitutes also have this problem, which is why you usually don’t see just one of them. If they want to be successful, they have to stand out.

This is the reason why companies try to provide exceptional customer service, offer discounts and promotions, and, most importantly, try to create a personal touch. It’s the small things that make a really big difference, so don’t lose sight of them.

For example, Zappos is the number one shoe retailer on the web because of its return policy. And although Google wasn’t the first search engine, it is the most popular because its search results are more relevant than other search engines’. And, lastly, although Apple was once struggling, it is now doing really well because of its extremely useful and simple products.

Have a clear message

If prostitutes didn’t make it clear with their clothes and actions that you could pay them for sex, no one would ever know that they were for hire. If they looked and behaved like nuns while standing on a street corner, they would all be broke.

You can be selling the best product or service, but unless you have a clear message, your upside potential is going to be limited. If messaging wasn’t important, it wouldn’t have a big impact on conversion rates.

If you are having trouble figuring out the right messaging for your business, consider surveying your customers. There is a reason why your satisfied customers are happy and why your unsatisfied customers are upset. You just have to figure out what makes customers happy and try to use messaging that appeals to those type of people so you can get more of them.

Tell your customers what they are buying

Prostitutes don’t just tell you that you can get sex for money. They tell you exactly what they are willing to do, the amount of time they’ll spend with you, and what it will cost you.

By being clear with your customers, you will have fewer complaints and returns. Deceiving your customers may make you a quick buck, but, in the long run, it will hurt your brand and cost you a lot more money.

Especially with social sites like Twitter and the blogosphere, it has never been easier for customers to complain about your company. And when they do complain, it can spread like a wild fire on the web.

Supply has to meet demand

Prostitutes are known to be masters of supply and demand. If they feel that a lot of people want their services, they jack up their rates. And if they feel very few people want their services, they reduce their rates to increase demand.

If you have a ton of demand for your company’s product or service, it may not be wise for you to increase supply. You may be able to turn a higher profit if you increase your prices. And if you don’t have that great of a demand, it may be wiser for you to reduce your prices so you can sell more units instead of decreasing your output.

It’s easier to upsell than it is to sell

A prostitute knows that once she (or he) has some of your money, it’s a lot easier for her to get more out of you. At this point, you have more than shown that you like the services she is providing, which allows her to play off your emotions.

As a business, your primary goal is to get new customers, right? Well, if your existing customers are happy, why not try to upsell to them? It’s a lot easier to get someone who has already paid you to give you more money than it is to get a random person to become your customer.

I personally feel upselling is so powerful that I try to dedicate at least 10 to 20% of my company’s effort into getting more money out of existing customers. And I don’t mean this in a bad way. By no means should you squeeze your customers. Instead, you should figure out what other value added services or products you can provide to them.

Account for the unexpected

You can’t account for everything. It’s just impossible. For this reason, prostitutes tell their pimps where they are going to be. As an added measure of protection, they carry pepper spray or taser.

Now, you probably won’t have violence issues with your company, but you could have lawsuits. Always have cash on reserve for the unexpected because things will always go wrong. Even the most successful entrepreneurs make mistakes. You just have to be prepared for them. And if you aren’t, make sure you can adapt quickly.


Just because prostitution is illegal and looked down upon, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn from it. Knowledge is everywhere. Just look at what I learned from a flight attendant about business.

So, what do you think? Are there any other business-related tips we can learn from prostitutes?

P.S. If you want more creative business ideas click here.


  1. Life is a hustle man

  2. Yeah. Prostitutes are geniuses. :rolleeyes: That’s why most live on the street, are addicted to drugs, and under full control of their pimps.

    • Local Internet Marketing :

      They may not be successful at using their money wisely, but they have the skills to be out there making it.

    • Never said that they were financially brilliant, just that we can learn something from them 😉

    • I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you on that statement. Many prostitutes (ie. escorts) are quite intelligent and educated. They service wealthy men and provide a valuable service that is in demand. Many are self-employed or work for a madame and not all are addicted to drugs. This site is about business and I think that there is nothing wrong with supplying something that is in demand.

  3. ohh nice comparison! in many of listed facts i see 100% similarity…. thx)
    offtop: if all prostitutes have a look like on your photo, the whole institution of prostitution would disintegrate itself

  4. booty call :

    @Chad that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something from them.

    Good points neil

  5. sell textbooks :

    You always find a way to make your blogs entertaining.

  6. Todd Mintz :

    Now if prostitutes would take credit cards / Paypal, imagine how much more business they could get :.)

    • Local Internet Marketing :

      Nah, no one wants to leave a paper trail like that for their wife to find. =)

    • Ryan Glasgow :

      I’m sure in a few years they’ll just pull out their iPhones with a Square ( payment device plugged in and swipe your credit card. Talk about competitive advantage!

    • hahaha, they need that device for the iPhone so they can swipe credit cards right away.

  7. How do you know so much about prostitutes 🙂 Great post.

  8. Steve Hirsch :


    I have to say this post is pure genius. I bet it gets a lot of traction, even though I’m not sure how relevant it is.


    • It did… and it’s relevant to show my readers that great lessons car be learned from all over the area.

  9. Tia - :

    Ditto @Michele how do you know so much? 🙂

    I’ve seen other comparisons of biz to prostitution. And you’re right that their methods obviously work (and there’s the whole sex sells factor, but, that’s just one factor, right?)


    • It is… but I’m sure you can take that concept and use it effectively without looking bad yourself.

  10. I love your titles man lol but yes very true. Location is everything and along with satisfaction of the customer 😛

  11. Ross Hudgens :

    A somewhat hollow post.. but still very true information. You should have thrown in a KissMETRICS “always get tested” plug. It was there, it was yours, and you should have grabbed the reins.

  12. Do independent prostitutes call themselves entrepreneurs?

  13. Brian Dosal :

    Great way to prove a point and share some guidance. All fairly well known but now will be very memorable. Thanks.

  14. Ronna Borra :

    I am going to quit my office job and become a prostitute! $800/hr 😉 that’s a lot. They do make a lot and travel a lot.

    • That is quite a scary mindset to have. The stuff you’ll be exposed to will not be worth the money, and having sex with complete strangers, who may well be physically disgusting, will not make you a happy person. Think carefully, because prostitution is selling your soul….

    • Exactly, definitely a dream job for some!

  15. aaron moskowitz :

    I just can’t wait to see where this story indexes in the search engines… 🙂

    • LOL, those were my exact thoughts Aaron! It is quite the title! Interesting experiment this one 🙂

    • Local Internet Marketing :

      This could take the site into a whole new market. Though you might start getting hate mail from prostitutes for giving away their business model… I think you might’ve already got one in a comment below…

      • I think most people are already familiar with their business model, but most people wont be willing it take it on lol.

    • Yeah, I’m a bit curious too.

  16. Sex sells, what can we say. I really like your work Neil, and this post is definitely one of my favourites. I’m not going to ask how you thought this one up 😉

    • lol, yeah you probably shouldn’t.Yes it does sell… if you can figure out how to do it in a classy way, you’ll definitely succeed.

      • Classy being the operative term here! “Teaze without the sleaze”, as the most successful local strip club group, Teazers, likes to promote their offering…….and it really works for them!

  17. Damian Herrington :

    Great article! I wouldn’t of believed using the advice of how a prostitute operates would be so helpful. Thanks!

  18. Local Internet Marketing :

    One lesson the prostitutes where I live haven’t learned is to smile! It just seems like they’d increase their business a great deal if they put out a more positive vibe… but maybe they’ve tested that and found looking depressed brings in more business.

    • Really… hmm I think it just depends on the area. Go to Vegas and they’re smiling all over the place.

    • LOL! They really aren’t the happiest creatures, are they the poor girls. A smile is a much bigger turn-on than a scowl, especially on a less than pretty individual. Let’s face it though, some of these people have had it hard, a lot of it self-inflicted, admittedly, but still hard.

      • Neil Patel :

        Yeah, I don’t disagree… but in most cases, these people choose the life they live… It’s a choice to do what they do.

  19. free forex demo account :

    another rethorical, amusing but also useful article from neil patel 🙂 thanks buddy. i love the humour that you use in your posts.

  20. John Paul Aguiar :

    Who knew prostitutes had so much to teach me about blogging and

    Greta post.

  21. you don’t need to be prostitute to learn more things about business..

    • Local Internet Marketing :

      No, but the more variety you can have in connecting different ideas, the more firmly they’ll stay in mind and the more you’ll put ’em to good use.

    • free forex demo account :

      may be we should pretend, to be successful 🙂

    • Of course you don’t… but it’s amazing what you can learn from unusual things…

  22. sell textbooks :

    Has anyone seen the poster “Gold Diggers, Just like Prostitutes But Smarter”


      Just saw it, hilarious!

  23. I wouldn’t go so far as to call prostitutes “entrepreneurs,” since their pimps control much of the “business” but it’s fair to say we can pick up some lessons about straight-forwardness and customer service.

    Still not ready to quit my day job.

    • lol, true, but I’m sure there are some prostitutes who’ve gone a-wall..

    • lol, I’m sure some work without pimps, but regardless, yes it’s amazing… you can learn something from almost everywhere.

  24. Brian Kevin Johnston :

    Felt “icky” when I first opened the post, but was reeled in very quickly… the “skill set” of a hooker is very transferable for a legitimate business! Best, Brian-

    • Surprisingly, very transferable isn’t it! It’s amazing what we can learn when we look at it differently.

  25. free forex demo account :

    if you are running a website you don’t have to be attractive 🙂 but your website must be 🙂

  26. Allen - Personal Brander :

    Hey Neil, after reading the entire post I have found another interesting point and of course one of the main principle one(business) should have, it is the Positive Attitude! I want to point this from the way have referred some good points even from Prostitutes!

    • David Walker :

      Great post!

      The analogy is pretty entertaining. I have to agree with Allen. The only thing I can think of that you missed is positive attitude. Without that it is hard to reach people.

      I don’t know about you, but if someone is negative and grumpy all the time, I probably won’t be doing any business with them.

    • Positive attitude is always important because it’s what will bring you up when you face challenges.

  27. Joshua Black | The Underdog Millionaire :

    Really great post. I have been known to tie in some pretty wierd topics to my blog, but the prostitutes win the post-of-the-day award.

    It’s so critical that you have the right message for the audience that you are targeting. Without the right message at the time the customer wants to hear it, your words fall on deaf ears.

    I totally agree that you need to tell your customers exactly what they are buying. If your ebook only has 5 pages and you are charging $200 then you better tell them exactly that and then SHOW your customer that those 5 pages will be worth their weight in gold.

    Great blog. I just found it today. I will be back tomorrow for sure.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire

    • Yes because you’d be doing something really unethical there.I mean unless those 5 pages contain the numbers to the next lotto, then it wouldn’t be worth $200.

  28. Ryan Glasgow :

    I’m starting to look forward to your interesting your analogies Neil!

  29. Neil, do you consider yourself a prostitute then? 🙂

  30. Andrew Littler :

    Actually, dentistry is the worlds oldest.

    Which frightens the crap out of me.

  31. Chris Chong :

    A very unique twist on business and marketing. I would add that they know that sometimes it is better to fly under the radar- meaning that a small highly profitable operation is often better than a highly public company which may gross more money, but be a headache and have slim margins.

    • Neil Patel :

      Exactly… even though it appears to be big, it’s what you take home at the end of the day that really counts.

  32. I absolutely agree. Unfortunately sometimes those creative ideas to stand out are difficult to come up with. Viral marketing is successful because it’s hard to pull off.

  33. Hey All. I have been like a blonde size4 flight attendant all my life, living in Sydney Australia where I am from and until I got really sick for a real long time about 2 yrs ago, my life was pretty much perfect. Then I ended up in hospital having major surgery on my feet and due to the complicatons and medications i had to take for one and a half years, I have gained like 90pds. I have really totally lost ALL self esteem and I have gone from loving men to being so isolated by my own fears, I never talk to any anymore. What I wanted to know girls is whether you think it would be good for my self esteem if i worked your career path for a while or am I setting myself up to be bitched and laughed and rejected because of my size? I probably weigh close on 200pds now. Is there are market for obscene women like me? I cannot believe I have gone from dating Sheiks and Royalty to this. Thanks for your advice.

    • Neil Patel :

      First off, you need to get over what you’ve done in the past…. who cares? Focus on yourself right now and how you can become happy with yourself right now, regardless of your weight. You need to consider going to a Tony Robbins or self improvement seminar. Push the stupid crap out of your head and let’s make it happen!

  34. I am quite disappointed about your article in the newsletter (Inc.) in regards to prostitutes. Majority of the comments in the write-up and discussion were by men in regards to comparing biz to prostitution. Have you ever heard of ethics in biz?? Bad taste. This is a eco-societal/patriarchal problem, not something to be joked about with comparisons in business. Why don’t you send your blog to groups of women in business and see what they think? Better yet, women of color in business. This is crass and robotic.

    • Neil Patel :

      I am sorry you feel this way. By no means I am promoting non-ethical activities and I didn’t mean to offend you or anyone else.


  35. Jamie Pixon :

    Prostitutes are no different from CEOs and Wall Street bankers…..they love money, they don’t really care about you and its not what you know, it’s how well you %^#& someone over.

    Nice work Neil.

    Btw, you just got a mention in Viperchill’s latest post.


    • Neil Patel :

      hahahha… that was nicely stated!

    • That’s bullshit. Majority of women in this profession that I know, some I do doubles with, are very compassionate… You have no idea why the majority of customers come to us! We care about people, we have to. It’s pretty imperative that you care and connect with your clients on a human level as a prostitute. It’s legal in my country by the way. Your comment is full of an ignorant bias that presumes the worst of humanity. Try coming from nothing yourself and then judge people like us for trying to break even

  36. Since Prostitution is one of the oldest professions they have had years and years of fine tuning the business so they are def at an advantage.

    They have already established places. For a new business owner with a new idea it is hard to find the right place. It will take time and testing.

    But yes I will start promoting my business like I am a prostitute lol

  37. Boxing News :

    I like the way you compare to prostitution lol. but you do have a good point. and its funny how you mention , Mcdonals is always next to Taco bell and other fast food places.

    I live in Orange County my self. on La Palma and Euclid.

    • Neil Patel :

      I know exactly where that it is… you become successful and competition will follow… it’s inevitable.

  38. You are awesome for writing this! Your paradigms are spot on. Thanks for pulling me out of the midday slump :]

  39. Man, for a kid with a black card, you know a lot about life in the gutter !

  40. Wilson Usman :

    Man I didn’t know how to take this one…But I have to agree that you did find a lot of similarities between the two.

    I can’t imagine what else can we learn from prostitutes.

    • Neil Patel :

      Lol… I think I covered almost everything, anything else wouldn’t be suitable for

  41. Sagar Pandya :

    This posting just shows the saying that entrepreneurs have in mind, which is “you can learn things everyday from anybody.”

    I guess that group of “anybody” includes prostitutes, because after all, yes it is a very viable business these days.

    Thanks for the tips, your posts are always informative and interesting.

  42. Aman@BullsBattleBears :

    been a while since I got to read up on your site bro…but must say, this is one of the best business 101 articles ever written Neil. Great post!

  43. You make an interesting analogy, give a different perspective, and looking at things positively. That’s great..
    “Knowledge is everywhere” .. I strongly agree with that.
    Thanks for the enlightenment.

    • Yeah… sometimes it’s surprising! It’s always good to work on your versatility so you can begin to see things from a different perspective.

  44. home business ideas :

    You’ve really out done yourself here Neil, and how clever. Seriously I’ve seen this post on twitter like 10 times and had to come and check it out.

    I was expecting to find something like “give the customer what they paid for~ get in and get out quick.. type stuff. This is great!

    Thanks Joe at home business ideas

  45. well, as long as they pay the bills, its a hard life i guess, (the prostitutes, not yours)

  46. William K Wallace :

    I learned a very valuable lesson from my own encounter with a hooker a few weeks ago and that was the next time one talks to me to ignore them and walk away as fast as I can…Its a long stroy…..

    • I don’t think it’s a good idea to talk about that story online lol

    • Local Internet Marketing :

      I once worked with a guy who was so naive that he accidentally picked up a hooker. Honestly, he didn’t realize what he’d done until a couple blocks down the street… he just thought he was being helpful and giving her a lift.

  47. This is a great post. Only one issue – the analogy is limited to the streetwalkers, and there may be some lessons in looking at the expansion of prostitution into different niches as social conditions and technology provided new opportunities (I nearly said ‘opened new opportunities’!) For example for centuries there have been brothels, escort agencies are more recent and today telephone sex and webcams are being offered for a fee – good distribution network ! Very expensive escort girls charge staggering fees and are flown around the world, proving that there are price niches to accommodate everyone. And a glance at some magazines or websites will show a bewildering array of ‘specialist’ services that makes most niche marketers green with envy. So yes, lots to learn from this oldest profession.

    • Yeah.. totally agree.. never thought of it this way.. but when you look closer actually there is a lot you can learn from them. Some of them patience and willingness to take risks..

    • Exactly…I think it has a lot to do with the art of up selling and then repeat and referral business.

      • Local Internet Marketing :

        Of course you still have the service business problem of not being able to leverage your time effectively… there are so many hours in the day so your income is limited until you can find a more mature business model… outsourcing perhaps?

    • Local Internet Marketing :

      They’re still dealing with the fundamental problem with service businesses: how to leverage your time. If your income is limited by the number of hours in a day, you’ve got to explore a new business model… outsourcing perhaps?

    • Traffic Secrets :

      It’s the art of branding your product, whatever that might be.
      You have to ‘show’ your product ‘unique’ and ensure that customer will get back to you again with satisfaction.

      • Right, you basically need to be able to give people what they want…to do that, you need to find out what their needs our to begin with.

  48. Prostitutes are actually some of the hardest working people around and a large portion of them do so because it’s the only way to support their family. they’re quite frugal and believe me, every dollar they earn is more than made up by the diseases and health risks they are constantly exposed to.

    • I agree that it’s a tough, disguising, and can be a degrading line of work, but I wouldn’t say that most prostitutes are frugal. However, that’s beside the point. They can still give us very valuable information.

  49. Prostitution is one industry that has managed to survive in the face of huge obstacles and criticisms. I think thats because of its ability to provide to its target segment what they want and how they want it totally at their convenience. There is a lot to be learnt from the industry in terms of its delivery and distribution networks. Also the subtle yet obvious advertising.

    • They’re advertising works and they prove that sex literally sells lol.. but then that’s really no surprise.

      • I have been banging my head over what the image for the article signifies.. but can’t get past some silly thoughts.. It grabs the attention though..

  50. Organizing Closets :

    I never thought I’d be reading a post about business as it relates to prostitution and saying “He’s right… he’s right… he’s right…”

    Very clever.

  51. mac data recovery :

    Firstly, I would like to appreciate the way you mixed prostitution with business. Well done, Yes, its also a business and similarly as in business if you are not standing tall in the tough competition you are out of it.

    I would like to mention if we associate the word escort rather than prostitutes then the automatically it relates you to some high class people and after that the customers will come looking after you.

    similarly in business you need to reach to such an height that people come looking after your brand, it’s really not easy but neither impossible too. Marlboro is one of them, initially when it was launched it was considered as a cigarette which is made for women but the way of promotion and the customer feedback has made it the world renowned brand.

    the idea behind is that we should do business keeping in mind to target the “big fish”

  52. Oldest profession on the world, don’t snub it 😛

  53. LOL!! Great Analogy! Most marketing basics are just great common sense. Prostitutes are definitely practical and pragmatic! Think I’ll put on some high-heeled boots today to get myself in the mood to think of my marketing in a different way today!

  54. You are awesome for writing this! Now this is something real viral. Very interesting Neil!

  55. Printer Ink :

    I use to be in law enforcement and one of the best lessons I ever learned about picking a product with supply and demand came from a 20 year old drug dealer. Although it sounds like a no brainer, the young man had an amazing grasp of street level business. Never forgot it.

  56. Jason Fonceca :

    Love this brilliant, slightly-edgy (in some people’s eyes) look at simple business principles. Thanks so much for writing this Neil.

    *Awesome pic included btw. lol

  57. Cheap Desktop :

    I like this Quote: Work like a Prostitute….Hmm? Well Im pretty sure that if I tell my husband that i will work like a prostitute…Well….he will go cucu…
    But thinking of this post…it is so true!
    Know the target to find your location..
    I will say… work like a Pro! lol.

  58. best real estate :

    I have now been working from home doing marketing since my son was born about 10 months ago. Like you, I only have time for part-time.

    • I’m not part time, but I do congratulate you for being a stay at home working parent. It’s definitely not easy to do so you should be proud of your hard work and dedication.

  59. Theresa Bradley-Banta :

    Ha! Fun read… thanks. One thing you can definitely learn from a prostitute is the package dictates the price.

  60. Disneyland Coupons :

    I donot know why the hell prostitution is illegal..anyways great insights the picture is funny.I’m new to this blog, looking for more such interesting posts.

    • It’s illegal for a number of reason haha… but I won’t get into that. Glad you found the blog, looking forward to you reading future articles.

  61. Great analogy! I really like it!
    Recently I started posting interestnig analogies I found on the web on I thought it could be a good idea to create a place where people can share useful analogies such as yours.

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    I just finished reading your this post and I must say the title of this post is really true…I guess that’s the way to go if anyone wants to be successful

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    yes business is all about it’s locations and quality of work. and if you gives them quality with good price you will defiantly do the best business.

  64. I unable to understand buddy. How you relating the business to prostitution. Please clarify me with one example. Hope you will do it for me..

  65. webfeuer | Social Media Marketing :

    LOL – you’re genious 🙂 I think this comparison works. What we also learned form them is, that sex sells – i guess 🙂

  66. I wonder how it looks like when prostitution is legal. Are they going to require them a business permit? 🙂

  67. Brandon Connell :

    Based on this analogy, I am a straight up whore!

  68. Jessica Web Design Tips :

    yes business is all about it’s locations and quality of work. and if you gives them quality with good price you will defiantly do the best business…

    • If you can provide good quality and feed back, you are sure to get referrals and grow your business.

  69. Very interesting article, good relationship between business and prostitute. LOL..

  70. Great post! It all depends on the type of blogger you want to be. John Chow and Darren Rowse are both massively successful bloggers using two totally different strategies. I guess it comes down to finding the one that works for you!

    • It takes time and they did have the advantage of starting when there was little to no competition. They were smart enough to get started early on 😉

  71. Prostitution is a victimless crime. The victimless crime is a tool used by the state to violently push a moral or social agenda on the entire population. All victimless crimes should be legalized so the police force can start putting its resources to actually doing something useful. This is a good thing.

    • I don’t agree, but we won’t get into that here 😉 My point is that prostitutes are great entrepreneurs.

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    A nice post giving analogy between the real business and the business of a prostitute i hope i chose the right position for my website development in dublin business.

  73. Trust me, I get the point but I tought the word used with the photo stepped over the line. Where is the compassion for this young lady? Do we know her story? I’ve use the same analog for diffenrent issues, but have never attached a face to the story. Just my 2 cents!

  74. Entertaining and useful post Shane. I especially agree with point one. If you as a company are hard to find and hard to figure out what you do, it’s going to be really tough to get consistence business. So simply but often overlooked.

    • Consistency is probably one of the most challenging parts to creating a successful business. However the ones who can do that, and do it well, are going to make it. Most people just won’t hang like that.

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  76. Watch Season :

    What an excellent analogy! With supply meeting demand. I bet there is way more demand than supply. It’s just wifes make it harder for people to take advantage of that supply 😀

  77. Seun Kilanko :

    Neil, would there have been a better way for you to highlight what I choose to call “The life saver” of a business. You perfectly did the job of bringing out important lessons from the lifestyle of a prostitute.
    Good work…would be adding more points soon.

    • You can probably bring out that lesson from various areas, but this one in particular is quite interesting and appealing.

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    “If you have a ton of demand for your company’s product or service it may not be wise for you to increase supply. You maybe able to turn a higher profit if you increase your prices.” . This is excatly what i’ve learned from my economics teacher, Important rule.

    • If you increase your prices your customers will become unsatisfied…I can’t see how this is something good…

      • Not necessarily. Sometimes customers are more satisfied when you pay them more. For example with consulting, a lot of companies are more appreciative when they are spending a lot more money.

      • Ali-Buy BlackBerry Phones :

        In technical language if elasticity of your product is positively elastic increasing the price will decrease the sales, on the other hand if your product is inelastic increasing the price will increase your PROFIT.

    • It’s a lesson that travels from various different sources… something to keep in mind.

  79. I like how you relate business to different jobs. Like the post with the flight attendant you managed to make a very good comparison again.

    • You can find great business advice and knowledge every where, you just need to keep your eyes open.

  80. Good info, but it would be better if you used another analogy instead of prostitution because that face sure looks like a tranny!

    It’s a man

    • It’s just to show you that you can find powerful techniques and strategies in almost any business…including prostitution lol

  81. Nice statement, turning a negative into a positive and learning from it. Useful tips you present I’ll be sure to use.

    • That’s fantastic! It’s always interesting to know that you can pull out great business advice from everywhere (no pun intended ;))

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    I really admired Your way of thinking, and agree on most of all points but some type is some kind of business its become difficult that Supply meet the demand as per client’s required time duration, in such situation what you suggest ?

    • Tell me more about what you mean by that…

      • Web Design LA :

        For example Marketing , if client hired us for marketing, it may possible process of marketing will take time , in such situation can you suggest something batter ?

        • I am still a bit confused, but you have to explain to the client that things take time. There are no quick and easy solutions other than to put in the time that is required.

  83. Sell Property :

    Hi Neil,
    Thanks for the advice “If messaging wasn’t important, it wouldn’t have a big impact on conversion rates”.

  84. Interesting way to look at it. Can’t wait to get more customers to test out these techniques 😉 And that is one scary photo 🙂

  85. And a glance at some magazines or websites will show a bewildering array of ‘specialist’ services that makes most niche marketers green with envy

  86. Jay Tillery :

    He he he. That picture is hilarious. It goes to show that some people will pay money for anything.

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    I simply loved the way you wrapped up this write-up by saying that just because prostitution is illegal and looked down upon, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn from it. Knowledge really is everywhere…

  88. Dwight Zahringer :

    Well stated and simple Neil. You have a way of speaking to us, about being successful in a child Flash-Card type of way. Easy to understand your points.

    However you left out that good performance tends to lead to repeat customers – take it from here….

  89. Hi Neil,
    The main thing that I learn from and that why I m your fan is your thinking “Knowledge is everywhere”. I have read all your blog. The flight attendant and this prostitute. these all the greatest example I had learn ever.
    Should I say Thanks to you?

  90. Well, i gotta admit, a different way of explaining the important parts of a business 😀 But it seems to be very effective and correct 🙂

  91. Reg Scheepers :

    You know a little too much about the “ins and outs” of the prostitution business Neil. LOL. Just kidding. I never would have thought you’d be able to draw such great parallels between prostitution and traditional business.

  92. Reg Scheepers :

    You know a little too much about the “ins and outs” of the prostitution business Neil. LOL. Just kidding. I never would have thought you’d be able to draw such great parallels between prostitution and traditional business.

  93. Andrew @ Blogging Guide :

    It pays to be able to make your business stand out. Have at least one thing that can differentiate you from the rest. Be unique and be attractive just like prostitutes haha

  94. This is why I like epublishing, software as a service or template based websites.

    A friends dad compares these types of business to prostition.

    Sell it. Still got it. Sell it again. Still got it. Repeat.

  95. Yo Neil,

    Great analogy by the way. I think people are forgetting this is just a clever comparison to make a few good points. I have forwarded this to a few ppl.

  96. hermes handbags :

    It pays to be able to make your business stand out. Have at least one thing that can differentiate you from the rest. Be unique and be attractive just like prostitutes haha

    • yes, especially this one!

    • How many unique and attractive prostitutes have you seen? 🙂 Usually they are doing this because they don’t know to do anything else and unique and attractive women don’t need to be prostitutes.

  97. Febap Liew | Making Money Online Today :

    “No one ever attains very eminent success by simply doing what is required of him; it is the amount and excellence of what is over and above the required that determines the greatness of ultimate distinction.”
    -Charles Kendall Adams

    just like prostitutions , they know what it takes to survive and they are willing to reach that ultimately. how ‘desperate’ ( i don’t mean it in a negative way ) are you in achieving your goals? are you doing what it takes to reach to the top ? =)


  98. Learn WordPress :

    Location is what really stands out for me. Even if you run an online business, you still have to be able to get your potential customers to find you. It’s becoming more important to find the right places to hang out or advertise.

  99. I do agree on the disclosure part Neil. It’s like, you actually have to shove your products into your customer’s eyes so that they will know that it’s the best product, the cheapest etc. You can do that via some reviews, or in any part in your website 🙂 Just be transparent!

  100. Love the headline Neil, and the analogy was dead on. Location and the value of the upsell are the two biggest take aways for me. I know with our business we focus on our local area and get a lot more deals and build longer client relationships that lead to more upsells.

  101. Neil,it is very interesting viewpoint.I couldnt look them like that and also I love it which about location.

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  105. You Metaphor is greatly appreciated. So often when you read about serious topics they get lame and hard to read. This was a great read.

    • Yeah I know what you mean, sometimes you just gotta find a writing style you enjoy, so I’m glad this one works for you.

  106. first off great image. And second sometimes you do have to whore yourself out. It isn’t always bad if you do it the right way. Especially in this economy the more creative the better.

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    I am totally agree with jasmine but i think you will have to move in the right direction.

  110. being in the right location is very important for any business. Business has higher chances of success if its in the right vicinity.

  111. You could learn something from everything. That’s another thing I’ve learned. It may be a good thing or a bad thing. But as the phrase goes, you could learn something.

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    I´d never in a million years have used this simile, but it is brilliant. I think you have covered this clearly and accurately. Thanks again Neil.

  114. My takeaway from the business ‘ethics’ of a prostitute is that

    a) You have to be FIRST – not necessarily the first with posting news or whatever but just first when it comes to your mindset. If you can distinguish yourself as a forward thinker in your niche – everyone else who agrees with you will have to relate back to you. This is like with prostitutes – they could have been judged and slandered but they kept at it and did what no one else was doing – and they did that right from the beginning. It’s the oldest profession in the world and it’s still around now so clearly this has worked for them.

    and b) Keep at it. Like I said, it’s the oldest profession in history but they didn’t make it ‘big’ (see : popular) without keeping at it. Sure, prostitutes get a bad rep but that’s down to bad marketing. The point is, they have a /name/ – in our niches we have to continue to build up our reps, even if we get crap for it and even if it seems like we’re going nowhere.

  115. hey neil,
    good approach. from this post, i came to know that every illegal business is there to teach you about a legal successful business.
    i liked this post.


  116. Neil,

    I have to say this post is pure genius. I bet it gets a lot of traction, even though I’m not sure how relevant it is.

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  124. Shaon Hossain Opu :

    Neil, I am a regular reader of your each of the post ( and But after reading this post I am really astonished that you have much knowledge about prostitution and their work styles. How you learned about them??

  125. I want to learn this kind of playfulness! Teach me.

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