Do You Want to Save a Life? All You Have to Do Is Tweet!

see your impact

As a kid, I always thought money would make me happy, and to some extent it did. Because I have money, I don’t ever cook or buy groceries; I never have to worry about paying bills; and I am able to buy almost anything I want.

Although money allows you to live a comfortable life, it won’t necessarily make you happy. When I first started making money, I realized that materialistic objects didn’t please me. The only thing that really makes me happy is helping other people.

The world of non-profits

Over the past few years, I have been getting more involved in the non-profit space. At first, I would just write checks in hopes that my money would help change the world. Next, I started volunteering my time because I realized that giving money wasn’t enough. And now I am on the path of getting you involved in the non-profit space. Let’s face it: there is only so much I can do, but if we all push for making the world a better place, it’s more likely to happen.

See Your Impact

In the last three months, I have been volunteering my time at a non-profit organization called See Your Impact. The goal of See Your Impact is to change the way charitable giving works.

With most non-profits, once you donate money, your involvement ends there. Sometimes, you’ll get lucky and receive a picture of the person you have supposedly helped. If you do happen to get a picture, you might not know that a thousand other people got the same picture.

The big difference between See Your Impact and other non-profits is that you get a picture and a story of the exact person you are helping. This way you know who your money is going to and what it is being used for.

The best part about donating to See Your Impact is that 100% of your donation goes to the person in need.

Save a life

Now that you know about See Your Impact, I need your help to save a life. Whether you have money or not, you can still help. I will donate $5,000 to See Your Impact if this blog post gets 1,000 tweets by April 1st.

That $5,000 will go towards:

  • Education – 10 years of tuition for students at schools for the disabled, blind, and impoverished in India. Most of these students will be the first in their families to receive an education.
  • Vision – 15 Braille kits for blind students and 10 cataract surgeries for individuals who lack access to basic eye care in India.
  • Food – a sustainable source of food for 14 people with HIV/AIDS in Rwanda who routinely stop taking their medication because they do not have access to food.
  • Power – solar lanterns for 15 families who lack electricity and light in their mud huts.

In addition to my $5,000 donation, I will match every donation you make to See Your Impact. if you donate $100, I will also donate $100. But because I don’t have an unlimited supply of cash, I’ll have to cap the matching at $20,000.

With your help, I’ll donate up to $25,000 of my own money to See Your Impact ($5,000 for the tweets and $20,000 for matching).


I know it’s hard to help the less fortunate, but together we can do it! You have the power to make the world a better place. All you have to do is tweet and/or donate money to See Your Impact. And I promise that if you do tweet or donate, you won’t be disappointed.

With your help, not only will I donate $25,000 to See Your Impact, but we can also get thousands of others to donate as well.

Update: Sadly, we didn’t get enough tweets, but many of you participated and did donate money. Because you put in a good effort, I’ll just donate the $25,000 to See Your Impact whether more people donate or tweet or decide to do nothing. Thanks for making the world a better place!

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  1. Really nice to see the post. Sometimes I feel that there is a dire need of people like you.
    I would say that not all the money would trickle down to these people but yes there would be some percentage of it that would surely help make their life better.
    In the corporate world, I being the part of charity team in my office, there are very few people who are willing to donate even a small some of amount. So lets see how ‘See Your impact’ thing works

    • For many organization, I agree with you that it doesn’t all trickle down, but with See your impact, we make sure it does, and you do too.

      • Get Rid Of Cellulite :

        Now it really dawns on me “See Your Impact”… you get to really see what is happening. Great concept. That has been one of my biggest pet peeves with helping is that you wonder what’s really going on… are you really helping someone or a company. I am so in Love with this. I just started a new blog about “love”… in many shapes and fashions. I am going to do a blog post on this post.

  2. Realtime RSS Feeds :

    Good Initiative , it’s always a good thing to try to make the world a better place to leave, I’ll tweet it right now on one of my twitter accounts , I hope it’ll somehow help.

  3. Good one, Neil! Helping others is part of the deal, and if it is an integral part of your efforts, then the success you achieve is well earned! If we can not help our less fortunate fellow man, then how can we expect the best for ourselves?

  4. @ambercleveland :

    Niel I will retweet, but just so you know, you indicate $5,000 in one paragraph and $25,0000 in another. Either way I think that it is great that you are giving! Thanks so much for allowing the rest of us tweeps to help out.

  5. This is awesome, thanks for doing it. I will tweet this right away. I had never heard of see your impact, but I like it a lot.

  6. Yes this is really generous of you. I am strapped for cash right now so I will tweet and hopefully we can tweet your way to 1,000!

    I gotta setup my twitter!

  7. Eight Women Dream :

    Helping people make their dreams come true has really changed my life . . . although I would like some of the money part 😉 We are helping to support a woman from Congo. You think you have problems until you meet someone who really has problems.
    We will tweet you –

    • Wow, I know what you mean. Well thanks for tweeting this.

      • Get Rid Of Cellulite :

        Isn’t that the truth. My wife just told me about a young girl who’s doing some modeling for this fashion show she is putting on and she has already had cancer twice, had to have both breast removed and reconstructive surgery. There are lot’s of people in need in so many different ways.

        • Yes there are…that’s why it’s always a good feeling to make a difference in the lives of people who need it.

  8. My tweet will follow. I’m a big fan of donating to specific causes where I can see the results. Like

  9. I don’t have much money to donate but i can retweet it with my whole to help those poor people! I’m really happy to see the people like you who is going to donate such a big amount for the poors!

    I really appreciate your words “When I first started making money, I realized that materialistic objects didn’t please me. The only thing that really makes me happy is helping other people.” … And i too believe the same! 🙂

  10. I highly appreciate your gesture, Neil. The real meaning of happiness lies in helping others. Swami Vivekananda, the great patriot saint of India, said,” They alone live who live for others, the rest are more than dead than alive.” Good work Neil

  11. Great initiative, Neil. Happily donated some money for you to double 😉

  12. Phillip Flores :


    What a great idea. It is in the nature of man to feel good when one does something that is outside of himself i.e. he does things for other people (the implicit assumption is one of generosity and not just to get the good feeling). I tell my children that the time they really felt good and happy was when they did things for others. The time when we are sad or upset or grumpy is because we are thinking of ourselves.

    To constantly do things for others (be it financially or not) and not to think of oneself is a difficult task but achievable. There will be days that one wins and days that one loses but the most important thing is to keep on trying.

    You have my tweet as well.

  13. Jignesh Gohel :


    this is wonderful step being taken by you and i am totally agree with your thoughts, money is not everything in our life. It must be helpful to others in one or another way.

    i am pleased to become a small part of this contribution and will do my best to make this world a better place.

  14. Nice post Neil

    I am really happy that you write such type of post. Here locally i also donate some solar lanterns where there is not electricity still in the village near my home town. One of my friend also manufacture solar lantern, solar cooker, solar water heater heater etc. Some time we arrange campaign of solar cooker for awareness of solar energy in small villages and also show demonstration. We also donate solar cooker to village people.

    I really happy to read this post

    Keep it up


    • Wow that’s fantastic that you’re doing that at a high level. Good for you!

    • jignesh gohel :

      Hey man,

      you are really doing wonderful job, i would like to know more about your initiative and would like to give my contribution for the same….do contact me via email..


  15. Latest Technology :

    You are not just intelligent but also a kind hearted person..Keep it up.. You really inspire a lot of people..

  16. The Weblog Press :

    Nice one Neil, I’ve tweeted with all most 3 of my most followed twitter profiles for this post to get more exposure from my side.
    I will also keep on tweeting at intervals of time during the day.

    Keep going with such awesome ideas! 🙂

  17. I never thought Neel you would be such a nice person at heart. I am thoroughly impressed by your kind hearted nature.

  18. If only more wealthy people and companies had this mentality and community building awareness, we’d be a much happier and more prosperous society. Your experience of feeling better by helping people and wanting to see the results is not unique, but certainly inspiring. Happy to RT!

  19. Great initiative Neil. My wife and myself had been sending money regularly to a non profit and we would get mails and letters from the girl we were supporting. We requested not to waste money on this instead send us report cards . We also requested that we wanted to meet the girl while we are in India. They ignore our request.
    Now we have stopped sending money and instead focus sing on kids whom we know personally and really need help in education.
    This year target ..get started with 8 kids and help them in school fees , dress and books

  20. You’re so cool, Neil! Normal entrepreneurs set up foundations for philanthropy but rarely do they describe exactly how it works. It seems like they do it just to attach it to their name. Thank you for laying out exactly how this will work and exactly how much money will go to specific causes. The world needs more people like you. Tweeted!

  21. Sebastian Hoitz :

    Hi Neil!

    I just donated $ 20. I know this is not a lot, but I’m still young and don’t have a lot of money.

    Thank you for your initiative! I will tweet about this!


  22. That’s a really nice gesture on your part. Only 1 day left. How much progress have you made?

  23. Scott@ Forex Robot :

    I just retweeted this. I really hope you get to 1,000 tweets in time!

  24. Tom @ Scinti :

    I sent the first tweet for a post in my life just for you…call me ancient, but I’m still not that big of a fan of twitter yet. And ok, it was just to only one follower, but it was still a tweet! Good luck in getting to 1000 and thanks for the match. Tom.

  25. This is such a great initiative from you Neil, especially because you are making people want to donate money by donating yourself. I tweeted this and I hope you will get 1000 tweets!

  26. Suman Gandham :

    I really appreciate your work .

  27. Kenan Kapidzic :

    The REAL problem is that our money system is causing such problems. The more money we have, the more we are using this false system. Its like killing and helping at the same time.

    If we want to change something, we MUST have an other money system.

    Its great to help like this, BUT if you want to to CHANGE something, the only thing you can do is to reboot the whole system with a better fundament.

    This isnt a critic, I am just writing the truth. If someone knows this and keeps helping, its ok. But if someone really believes that money will solve problems … this person should think a while longer.

    Helping with money is just a way for the powerful to feel unguilty.

    So, imho the only solution is to change the whole system, which is quite impossible. What will happen is that the system will break, and AFTERWARDS its possible to do it better.

    My favourite BETTER solution is

    • I disagree… money allows you to help others who need it. I get what you’re saying, but having money doesn’t make me feel unguilty because I don’t feel guilty to begin with.

      • Kenan Kapidzic :

        I also dont feel guilty. We are only trying to do something in a BS system. Thats not our failure.

        But the most people thing that it will change something if they help. They do their “homework”, and think that they are doing some kind of “harmony” thing (take and give).

        But in reality we take, and because we take, we CAN give. lol

        Sure, the above statement is extreme, because I think little help IS possible, BUT almost all people mix help with change.

        If only 20 people decide to get rich, 80 will suffer. Thats the rule of the game.

        Bill Gates and the other guys lead their foundations for egoistical reasons. Someone SANE cant invest in corporations like Shell who destroy the enivorment in Africa, … the people get sick…, to be then rescued by those people who are destroying them. lol

        If we invest some money in poor people, we lose money, so we have to make more money with things, which are (in)directly making them poor.

        The poor are nothing else like some kind of negative money.

        So, we can say: “Hey look, I have big cash….AND have poor people.”

        Having money isnt enough. lol

        • That’s one way to look at it… lol. Change the way you look at it and lighten up about it 😉 Look I understand what you’re saying, but you can’t just link”donating” to people still being poor. Then no one would do anything.

  28. I tweeted. Do you know if you hit 1000?

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  30. Anup Khandelwal :

    Hey Neil, How much impact do you feel it will make?

  31. very impressive!
    deytsvitelno similar problems sometimes remain on the sidelines and people simply do not pay attention to them
    and these problems continue to exist …

  32. I didn’t see this article until today, but I retweeted it anyway. Great idea, you should extend the deadline!

  33. I am glad and thankful that you have such a wider perspective than other business people. My ideal entrepreneur is one who always considers the benefit of many in building and growing his business. I admire and appreciate your thoughts on making a difference in the lives of many underprivileged people.

    Thanks very much for sharing your wealth to these people, aside from sharing us your business insights.

    • It’s all my pleasure Melisa. If I believe in something 100%, I will make sure I do everything I can to make it happen.

  34. best real estate :

    Hi very lovely post i love this great sharing all is very impressive thanks fore it.

  35. Cheat Codes :

    This is good since twitter is on the marketing status and helping people is will work

    • Yeah it works in that way, but my goal was just to get it out there and see if we can make it happen.

  36. Did you hit your targeted tweets, Neil? I am retweeting this regardless though. There is an interesting phenomenom where tweets still keep on aggregating after the closing dates, so let’s add to it some more 😉

  37. tablet graphic :

    This is a really great initiative. Thanks for doing this and posting about it. It is very important to use the Internet and different networks to make the users help the others. They networks are very powerful and can do a lot of good if used in a right way. I’m in!

  38. Washable Dog Beds :

    Neil, can you please post the end results? How many tweets did you get? I think it would be interesting for others to know and maybe also inspire someone to do something similar!

  39. Yeah.. it will be great to know how this turned out. You did have my tweet.

  40. You’ve discovered a positive use for the internet! I hope you do this again soon.

  41. I have never quite figured out how one really gets followers. My blog brings me some, and once in a while someone will retweet something of mine, which may bring me another one. It’s a weird environment, and it has the potential to become a major time sink.

    • When you start writing powerful content, you’ll naturally get people to follow you and stay updated on what you have to say.

  42. What it makes me sick on twitter is the no follow policy this is good call to viewer.

  43. Get Rid Of Cellulite :

    Dude… you’re a pretty cool guy. You just keep impressing me. Love the post and you have an amazing heart. I am telling my wife about this as she is on twitter a lot and would love this message. Great way to get the word out too.

  44. Like you, many VCs are successful entrepreneurs who have built great companies. So, it is great to hear their perspective on a broad range of topics – including lessons learned, what to do, and what not to do. It definitely helpful.

  45. So Neil how much did you end up donating for this event.. I see you did not reach 1000 tweets?

  46. This is great. I retweet already. I am looking forward to help more.

  47. we have been seeing your marketing prowess.. why dont u do this for organisations like these.. where they dont have people to market.. these NGO’s really need your marketing brains… help them

  48. Web Hosting Reviews :

    You seem to be a very generous person…if everybody in the world thinks of helping others…the world would certainly be a better place to live in…I give a lot of money to orphanages and I will certainly donate to See Your Impact

    • I’m as generous as the next guy… I’m just able to take advantage of this blog and market to a higher number of people 😉

  49. Venetian Mirrors :

    Congratulation for such a good cause. I don’t have the ability to give money as much as you do but I volunteer myself often on some of the red cross activity in my country. The fatigue I get from such activities is not the same as the fatigue from a long walk of shopping.

  50. sell textbooks :

    This is great what you are doing Neil. I have yet to venture that far into my volunteering effort, i have chosen to keep it local. I volunteer and my county Food Bank as well as the Health Clinic. While I do admire your actions and hope you continue to do such things. There is something that bothers me…… Why are people in America so keen to help other countries when so much help is needed right here at home. There are so many kids with no parents living in foster homes and people are adopting foreign kids. There are horrible neighborhoods that need to be cleaned up, but we blindly send money to other countries and HOPE it goes to what we intend it to. Just a though, not trying offend.

    • No worries, that’s exactly why this foundation is the way it is…. so you can see where the money is going. It’s a very interesting and unique concept.

  51. free forex demo account :

    Hello, Neil. It is a pleasure to see that you are not a selfish guy who made money and forget the poor ones. I admire you.

  52. First of all I must thank you for your initiative NEIL. I also want to take part of it. But being not rich I am not able to get into it. It is always good to appreciates the people who involves in it. That is what all I can do. Go ahead. God is with you.

    • Thanks for your comment Karthick. Being rich isn’t something you have to want… it’s whatever you want.

  53. kyra@forex cfd :

    I am very much willing to re-tweet this one. Helping other is such a greatest accomplishment anyone could do. The overwhelming feeling of such act is undefinable. Anyway, thank you for sharing this post, gladly I could help even in a simple way.

  54. pays to live green :

    Volunteering time or starting a non-profit organization has a much larger impact than donating, but those organizations all need money to get their work done. It’s great to see that you are trying to make a difference and putting you efforts towards non-profits.

  55. Besides Twitter, text messaging comes to mind while reading this article. Many non-profits are turning that way to drive donations, especially during times of need (such as Red Cross soliciting for donations after Hurricane Katrina).

  56. PHP Tutorial :

    If we can not help our less fortunate fellow man, then how can we expect the best for ourselves?

  57. Banja Vrujci :

    I would really be glad if there were more people like you i mean to help other people instead of many wars, hate and other bad that are represented almost all over the world. I wish you all the best in your life and work

    • I’m sure there are a lot of people, I was just fortunate enough to be able to do something like this publicly.

  58. the great thing , i feel , is that you are seeing the results, the help you give, in many cases i wish i could help but i dont now if im helping those who need it or some company

  59. the great thing , i feel , is that you are seeing the results, the help you give, in many cases i wish i could help but i dont now if im helping those who need it or some company

  60. Cheap Desktop :

    It is nice when someone extend a hand when need it!
    I love how you think, personally I try to help those people around me and organizations when I can.
    It is something that comes within me and it gives me great satisfaction…And Yes!! maybe we will not change the entire people …but we can get to few of them!!…We surely help someone who needs from you/me/us!
    Great things happens to those who gives..

  61. Sagar Pandya :

    It’s nice to see that you are really down to earth at such a young age Neil. Being a peer of yours, I can see exactly how the success you have had can get to your head, which clearly isn’t the case for you.

    I was at a client today, and his employee was actually packing up and moving to a third world country to help start sports teams for underprivileged kids, through a non-profit organization that he had just started. I was very moved by his decision, and I went ahead and donated $100 to his non-profit. I hope that his work does make a difference in our world, because thats what we need these days.

  62. best real estate :

    Yes i want to save my life and i love very much my life and each person want to save carefully hear life.

  63. Web Design Proposal :

    Hey Neil, I liked this post. Helping those with a little less in life, with less choices, less health, less spirit, it’s a good thing mate.

    See Your Impact sounds like a good setup without the corruption and dishonesty that seems to previal in major non-for-profit organizations.

    As for the $5000k, well, that’s big.

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    we all need to help

  65. Watch Season :

    People can achieve amazing things as long as they have a common goal. On one hand it’s amazing how you can save somebody’s life with a small donation or some help however on the other hand what happens to all those people who will never receive any publicity?

    • publicity for what?

      • Watch Season :

        Publicity created to help an individual or a small group. For example there are thousands of children being abducted every day and you don’t hear about it but every now and then there is a big story covered by all the media and travels all over the world which helps find that one kid.

        • Which is fortunate for that 1 or 2 kid(s), but ultimately that’s why programs like these are so useful.

  66. The overwhelming feeling of such act is undefinable. Anyway, thank you for sharing this post, gladly I could help even in a simple way.

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    Really nice to see the post. Sometimes I feel that there is a dire need of people like you.

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    Money not solve all the things but it can solve many problems and sure it can give many happiness, specially when we were kid money play very important role in happiness.

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    In the corporate world, as I part of the charity team at my office, there are very few people are willing to donate even a small fraction of the amount. Lets see how See your influence thing works

  70. Great work NEIL Patel…You got a really useful blog I have been here reading for about an hour. I am a newbie and your success is very much an inspiration for me.



    • Well that’s great and I appreciate the warm comment. I want you to keep commenting in the future, just turn the caps lock key off 😉

      • Traffic Secrets :

        Neil it’s a great decision you made, I am sure the readers were generous too in order to tweet the post. This post was published long ago, so I couldn’t anything. If you have any plan in these days, I would sure participate, though I don’t have money but I can spread the CALL.

  72. What an extraordinary idea that was. It is too bad that you didn’t get enough tweets, but good on you for making the donation anyway. Do you think you will run this again? Or do you have a specific way to donate so they know that it was to help your cause?

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    its an great pleasure to help such people

  74. Naser @ Best Tips For Blogging :

    Awesome post Neil, If I got a chance, I would definitely help those organisations by donating some money. You are doing a good job donating your money and keeping others happy.

  75. College textbooks :

    It is for that very reason why I volunteer at the food bank and at local camps in the summer. Ether you do or do not need money, but when you give back to the community by volunteering or with monetary donations, its help you to feel good about yourself and for helping others less fortunate. There is always something you can do to give back.

    • That’s awesome. I think giving back is essential for your own peace of mind but more importantly to ensure others are well taken care of.

      • College textbooks :

        This summer we were even able to expand and help out the locals by holding cookouts, with activities with the kids and parents to learn more about healthy eating and ways to get kids outside more. We also held a fund drive to put together a community center for families that don’t have much. We got a pool table, table tennis, a Wii, and many board games and books. IT is located in the same house that we have the food bank and it has been a tremendous success.

  76. I just love to read people helping others. It really inspires me and softens my heart even a simple gesture. Sharing what you have is very nice of you. I admire you on how you share your information with others and also money to those who are in need. I hope those who help are like you. on my situation, I don’t have much money… all i can give is my service on church activities during our reach out especially to the children in need. Thanks for your wonderful help and an inspiration to readers like me.


  77. great idea. It is in the nature of man to feel good when one does something that is outside of himself.

  78. SSC Results :

    In the corporate world, as I part of the charity team at my office, there are very few people are willing to donate even a small fraction of the amount. Lets see how See your influence thing works

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