The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Web 2.0: Top 25 Applications to Grow Your Business

Running a small business isn’t easy! It’s hard to keep up with general administration tasks, stay on top of your finances, and measure your marketing efforts. And let’s face it, that’s just starching the surface. There’s a lot more that you have to do every day.

Luckily for you, there are some useful web applications that not only will make your life easier but will also help you grow your business.

Simplify your daily life

From checking your email to dealing with employees, there are some things that you just have to do every day. By using applications such as Liquid Planner, you’ll be able to do these things in less time so that you can focus on growing your company.

google calendar Google Calendar – keeping track of your daily meetings doesn’t have to be hard. Not only can you track your daily meetings, but you can share and collaborate on your calendar with other co-workers.

google mail Gmail – emails can pile up quickly, but with Gmail, you can set filters so you don’t have to read useless emails. You can automatically filter messages that aren’t important so that they don’t clog up your inbox.

campfire Campfire – communication is an important factor to your company’s success. Through Campfire, you can communicate with everyone in one place. More importantly, you’ll be able to keep track of the conversation.

liquid planner Liquid Planner – I can’t stress how important it is to get projects done on time. Liquid Planner will not only help you monitor your projects, but it will also calculate the probability of you completing them on time.

wufoo Wufoo – whether it is registration forms or contact requests, Wufoo lets you create and manage forms with ease. The best part about Wufoo is that you don’t have to be technical to use it.

Dealing with finances is easy

You’re in business to make money, right? Well, if you can’t stay on top of your finances, you’ll soon realize that it is much easier to spend money than it is to make it. With the following applications, not only will you be able to manage your money better, but you will also be able to save money without changing your spending habits.

proposable Proposable – sending out proposals to potential clients is a pain. With Proposable, you can create them with little to no effort and see if they are being read through the program’s analytics feature.

fresh books Freshbooks – once you have a customer, you want to make sure that he or she is actually paying. Managing a few clients is easy, but once you have a handful, it gets to be a pain. With Freshbooks, you can easily send out invoices.

mint Mint – not only is it important to track your business expenses, but it’s also important to track your personal finances. As an entrepreneur, you will experience times when you’ll have to go without a paycheck, so tracking your cash flow is really important.

billshrink BillShrink – saving money doesn’t have to be hard. With BillShrink, you can save money on gas, company cell phone plans, and even reduce credit card bills.

recurly Recurly – not only is it hard to set up reoccurring billing, but it’s expensive. With Recurly, you can now charge your customers and manage a subscription-based business with little effort.

Leverage the social web

Whether you love it or hate it, you have no choice but to embrace it. Everyone is leveraging the social web. Just look at Facebook. It is now the second most popular website on the web. Here are some social applications that you should be using:

linkedin LinkedIn – networking is a key part in running a successful business. Even if you don’t have much time, through LinkedIn you can network over the web.

twitter Twitter – reputation is everything. When you are small, you have to please every one of your customers, even if they are wrong. Through Twitter, you can see and respond to what people are saying about your company and your competition.

hootsuite Hootsuite – managing all of your social profiles can be difficult, but through Hootsuite it’s easy. Hootsuite allows you to schedule tweets on Twitter, track social statistics and manage your brand, making your job much more efficient.

wordpress WordPress – blogging is a great way to acquire new customers. By using WordPress, you can blog to help new customers find out more about your industry and the solution your product provides.

Get the most out of your day

There isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. Although you can’t change that, you can try to be more efficient so you can get to the things that will help you grow your business.

tadalist Ta-da list – if you don’t keep track of all the things you need to do, you’ll forget to do them. Ta-da List is a free application that helps you keep track of your tasks as well as their priorities.

rescuetime RescueTime – you can’t add more hours to the day, but you can get better at making the most out of each day. Through RescueTime, you can monitor how you spend your time and optimize it to improve your efficiency.

43things 43 things – you get so wrapped up with running your business that you forget about your long-term goals. It’s good to have them. With 43things you can record them so you don’t forget what’s important.

Make data driven decisions

The best way to track your growth is to monitor key metrics for your business. Through the following applications, not only will you be able to do that, but you will also be able to optimize your site to increase your growth rate.

google website optimizer Google Website Optimizer – spending money on marketing is great, but why not get the most out of your current visitors? Through Google Website Optimizer you can optimize your design to convert visitors into customers.

google analytics Google Analytics – keeping track of your website metrics doesn’t have to be expensive. Google Analytics is a free analytical solution that will track your website visitors and tell you if you are getting an ROI.

crazyegg Crazy Egg – numbers are great, but sometimes seeing is believing. Through Crazy Egg, you can actually see where people click on your website.

surveyio – if you really want to understand what your users are thinking of your company, you have to survey them. Through, you can survey your customers in real time to get accurate feedback.

The new way to get things done

You don’t need to hire employees to get things done. Outsourcing is a great solution to get tasks done quickly and affordably.

odesk oDesk – hiring employees is one way to get tasks done, but in the early days of your business, a more affordable way is through oDesk. You can get almost any job done on oDesk at a fraction of the cost.

mechanical turk Mechanical Turk – if you have tedious tasks that need to be done quickly and cheaply, Mechanical Turk is the place for you. Unlike with other crowd-sourcing sites, with this one, you can get the job done for pennies on the dollar.

Work doesn’t have to be boring

From sharing funny files with co-works to just having fun, there are cool little applications that can make your day brighter.

dropbox Dropbox – setting up an internal network to share files with your employees is a cool idea, but it is expensive. Through Dropbox, you can do the same thing without breaking the bank.

pandora Pandora – all work and no play can make for a miserable day. It’s always a good idea to have some music playing in the background. The cool part about Pandora is that you can create a music channel just for your personal taste.


There are tons of applications that you can use to grow your business, but the ones I mentioned above have worked well for me. If you know of any other good applications that are worth checking out, mention them by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Mark Mathson :

    Great list Neil, a few there I didn’t know about, so really valuable, thanks!

    I’d take your Gmail and Google Calendar a step further and recommend entrepreneurs or those with their own domain sign up for Google Apps, so they get the benefits of the custom domain, and the features of Gmail and Google Calendar.

  2. :

    Great summary Neil. I’m a big fan of a number of these sites, but there are a few here that I’m seeing for the first time. Definitely appreciate the referrals.

    While some of these are powerful for businesses, it’s important that they know how to use them. For example, many website owners have Google Analytics on their site, but few know the basics of using the tool.

    I spent about 15 minutes recently on a new client’s site and helped him eliminate nearly $3,000 in marketing expense that sent him only 21 visits and 0 customers in 2009. Lesson learned? Truly understand and leverage the tools (such as Analytics) you’re using to monitor your business.

  3. Derek Johnson :

    Great list Neil, check out my list of things I couldn’t live without

  4. Hey Neil,

    Really like this list of tools. I work at a startup of 4 people and I use a lot of these tools (especially Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, WordPress and Dropbox) on a daily basis.

    Would love for you to consider next time you do a roundup of social tools for entreprneurs.


  5. Very useful list.Thanks for sharing.I am using some of them,glad to know there are more to learn about

  6. Very helpful. A few of my usual go-to tools and a few new ones.

    Thank you.

  7. Neil,

    Awesome list.

    Thanks for sharing your tools with us.


  8. Great post Neil..lists like this are extremely helpful. And I agree with Jon Tucker, google analytics and website optimizer are extremely powerful tools and should be a big part of any business driving traffic. The potential ROI with analytics/conversion optimization versus the cost is huge, and can easily save money that would have been spent on expensive marketing campaigns.

    Looking forward to more posts like this!

    • It does take some time learning how they work and making the most out of them, but once you do, your sales can go through the roof.

  9. Laurie, eFlirt Expert :

    Wow, this is awesome! Some of my favorites are on here (like Dropbox) but so many others I didn’t know about.

    One other recommendation: I can send my clients a link to my calendar and they can book an appointment with me right through site. I wish it synched better but it IS still in beta so maybe it will in the future…

  10. What functionality does provide that Wufoo doesn’t?

  11. I really enjoy your post. Very informative. When’s the book coming out?

  12. Outstanding list. There are a few on here I did not know about which I plan to check out right now. Thanks for your help.

    • Good, let us know how they work out for you.

      • Tom | What's Your Story :

        Well, I can say that Mechanical Turk is awesome!!! For about $5, I was able to get 10 people to review my new site and I can’t believe how thorough their feedback were. Wow…I used to work for a healthcare company and I did not get that type of feedback from physicians.

  13. Great list. I am particularly glad to see your recommendation of oDesk. I had looked at them but have not used them.

    Thanks also for several of the lesser-known productivity apps. Shame that one must log into each vendor’s site separately with no unifying package. Of course, that is where our suite comes in. Please take a look when you have a moment.

  14. Mechanical Turk is a site I have not seen before. Looks interesting, my mind is running through possible tasks that I could list for people to perform.

  15. Thomas Korte :

    Add google voice and the list is perfect!

  16. Hey Neil,

    This was a nice list of really good applications.

    Apart from some of these I even use FreeMind or other online alternatives to create mind maps and for Brainstorming with my team.


    • Good for you, whatever can get you to leverage your mind for more powerful ideas is what you got to do.

  17. This is quite a comprehensive list. I am intrigued that under leveraging social media you focused on twitter and linkedin only. I take it facebook is not really something you get excited about then, Neil?

  18. Garrett Miller, Young Entrepreneur :

    Great list here Neil. I’m getting started on Mint now… Sweet!

    Thanks for the post,


  19. Chris Norton :

    Great list, there are quite a few in here I hadn’t heard of so I will check them out Thanks.

    • Definitely check them out and let me know how it works out for you.

      • I am very happy when I see posts like this. All the tools listed are great assets for any business owner and can help a lot. Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools for SEO.

  20. Hey Neil

    Such a great list of tools and applications, such of theses i used but such application i never use. I know all these applications but never used, but now i like to use and see the results.

    thanks for sharing your valuable thought.

  21. Some awesome list there. It would be nice if you could have written paid or free infront of it.

  22. Great List Neil! This forms the crux for any kind of start up and would help the entrepreneurs to make best use of their time and as far as I know, most of these are free and the cost associated with others is not too much and is worth paying.

  23. Nathan J. Brauer :

    Neil, have you tried It’d fit perfect in the first section of this article. 🙂

  24. Love the “Get the most out of your day” category!!! I will check those out. I will also check out – however I highly recommend people hire professionals to create survey’s. I’ve seen really poorly written surveys -as someone who has a masters in psychology, I say, find someone who will make you a great survey so, you don’t waste time or tick off clients/customers with bad questions.

    Surprised to not see: Constant Contact or iContact. Don’t like those?

    Also for scheduling single appointments:

    I need a good RSVP system for group coaching. I want to give more than one appointment like timedrvier and limit the number of RSVP’s. Anyone, have a suggestion? Thanks!

    Great comments, too. I’m so much of a novice that this info is really helpful!

    Entrepreneur & Professional Moms Association

    • That’s really great advice on the surveys, and I do believe that there is truth to what you say about it.

  25. Matt Ackerson :

    Hey Neil,

    Is this to say that if I signed up for all of these tools that I would be more productive? Somehow I feel I would be less productive 🙂


  26. James | Employee Scheduling :

    Great list! I bookmarked this page, although I use about 40% of the listed already, for some reason I keep forgetting about Google website optimizer.

    James F.

  27. Rohan Vimalachandran :

    For Presentations is highly recommended.

  28. Great post Neil. I use many on the list myself.

    Most people are now fascinated with facebook and social networking. A great tool to create your own social networking site is It should definitely be added to the list.

  29. John Paul Aguiar :

    I’m using like 8 of I feel so behind.

    All great tools, I like that you added the Financial and To Do

    Def a overall list for any business, work smarter not harder 🙂

  30. Cool. Dont forget you can make your own webpage at – I’m over in the Area 51 neighborhood – drop on over and sign my guestbook!

  31. Very nice tips, Neil! I am going to use this tools/sites/applications for the future 🙂 If it is not a problem check the program AceMoney for dealing with finances it is really nice! Thanks!

  32. Awesome. Thanks for the list. There were several that I knew about and are using, but I need to investigate a bunch, like Liquid Planner and 43 Things. I am definitely bookmarking this page for future reference. Liked your graphics too — made it sink in better for me.

  33. Good list you have there. I’m also totally dependent on those tools too and don’t know what will happen if I can’t access those tools one day. 🙂

  34. Clay Schossow :


    Great list! I recently came up with a five app list of my “entrepreneur’s toolbox” on my personal blog: It was nice to see we shared just about everything (surprised not to see Evernote on your list!).

    Thanks for posting!


  35. Maurelle Mejos :

    I am an odesk provider and I can really say that lots of people needs help everyday in there. There are always available jobs everyday.

  36. Cheat Codes :

    That is the best way and the first thing you must know if you want to make an online marketing. Also may I add here that joining a SEO competition will increase also your knowledge.

  37. You can also learn a lot in joining blogging competition

  38. I agree – add Google Voice and the list is perfect.

    Thanks for the great tips!

  39. WORKetc is a single small business management application – takes over from several discrete tools, combining CRM, Projects & Billing. This video explains the concept better:

  40. Hiya Jon!

    I agree with your observation, fortunately people still have to learn how to use their tools first of all, and how to interpret their data second of all. That is why they pay us to do it, because they just don’t know, and are quite often too busy to be really interested in knowing for themselves. It is easier to pay somebody to do it when you’re strapped for time.



    • I agree with that… sometimes I would rather just pay someone to handle something for me simply because I don’t have the time.

  41. Jobs in Cebu :

    I don’t really understand the use of linkedin.

  42. Monica McPherrin :

    Wow, what an awesome list. I’m always looking for apps to make my day easier and more organized. I’ll be spending some time checking these out. Thanks for putting tham all in one place.

    • Yes, spend a little bit of time getting this in gear and you’ll be able to make your life a lot easier.

  43. Eric Itzkowitz :


    DUDE! These are just awesome resources, especially with regard to the apps you listed under “Dealing with finances is easy.”

    I have heard/seen many of the items you have listed, but it is most reassuring to know successful Internet entrepreneurs are using them to help increase their chance for success in this fast-paced world.

    I can’t wait to try FreshBooks and Proposable.

    Thanks for kicking ass!


  44. This is great stuff. I’d like to mention something additional to SurveyIO – there’s a really great free exit survey web app I learned about from AvinashK – 4Q – It is one of the easiest things I’ve ever set up, I’d say less complicated than installing Google Analytics. It asks your visitors 3 questions – 1.) why did you come here, 2.) did you accomplish task, 3.) if yes, what do you like about the site? if NOT, why not.

    The feedback you get is SO crucial. GA is great for quantitative statistics, but nothing compares to the qualitative feedback from people. If you only have a statistical tool like GA but not a survey tool like this, you are missing out big time. And its totally free, no strings attached.

  45. Great post Neil. My addition to your tool list would be, I like “remember the milk” for my action items it’s free and syncs with everything from my android phone , google calenders to my jott account. Good job keep flexing that big brain of yours.

  46. Wow, what a great list. I use amazon turk myself and I cant say enough about it. Its a great way to outsource small tasks for not much money. And of course word press is the best. Thanks for the list, I could use a few of them to make my life easier.

  47. I Love Guitar :

    This is a great list. Especially for me considering I just quit my job to pursue my side business full time. I’ll have to bookmark this page and come back to it VERY soon.

  48. Great list. Some of them I have tried before and do not rate them but I am off to try Hootsuite and Crazyegg.

  49. hey.. i have tried dropbox.. feels great.. to use such a free software…

  50. Deyson Ortiz :

    I would like to add my favorite Music Listening tool:

    Almost like pandora, but you get to pick the songs you actually want to hear, and if you register you have options to create playlists, widgets, libraries and more.


  51. Clark Harris :

    I could not live without Basecamp and Campfire.

    Evernote is another good one to capture all those ideas very simply, and it syncs online, desktop and iphone all at once.

    If you are using google already, the forms are a nice addition instead of having to use another program like Wufoo.

    One thing I didn’t see – do you have any advice for CRM programs with sales tools. I’m using Sugar, but its clunky. I got an email from MyOlive, it seemed alright, but there’s got to be something doing it better than anyone.


    • I haven’t listed any but the ones you suggested have some goo reviews. I’ll take a look at what else is out there.

  52. Ian Anderson :

    Some good favorites Neil.

    New one this week for me is KLS mail backup to save and upload to the cloud all my mail messages for archiving.

    Basic set ups free!
    Stay well

  53. Market Samurai is an extremly useful app for researching SEO competion.

  54. Nicolas Franz :

    Like Mark Mathson said, I woul like to recommend the Google Apps Standard Edition for those companies that want to test the complete Google tools for Groups, Institutions and more. I’ve successfully implemented Google Apps to many of my clients:

  55. Evden Eve Nakliyat :

    One thing I didn’t see – do you have any advice for CRM programs with sales tools. I’m using Sugar, but its clunky. I got an email from MyOlive, it seemed alright, but there’s got to be something doing it better than anyone.

  56. Agent Deepak :

    Nice tools. I will be using some of them from now on.

  57. Carol Silvis :

    So much technology! Thanks for keeping us up to date on what’s out there.

  58. So much technology!So much technology!

  59. Wow awesome Neil thank you! This is so much good info, some of these resources I use but others I will have to check out.


  60. Home Based Work Opportunity :

    I enjoyed reading your list. People really need to save time, and these tips are truly useful.

    • Yes, as an entrepreneur, time can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy. it’s up you to decide on that.

  61. senior homes :

    This is a great list of web tools. I’m totally impressed for almost of your posts. I also noticed that you always communicate to all the commentators of your blogs. Not all web master do that. Very nice! 🙂 loved it!

    Till then,

  62. Email Delivery :

    Wow! thanks for your hard work compiling this list of sites. I used some of the sites on the list like campfire and hootsuite and they’re really useful for company usage.

  63. Email Delivery :

    Hootsuite, Basecamp and Campfire are the top 3 applications that I’m using. Starting now, I’ll be using some of the apps from the list and will share my thoughts when I come back to this blog.

  64. Thanks for sharing this bunch of useful sites. Basecamp and Campfire is really awesome and I’m using these two.

  65. Tim Van Loan :

    Great list of apps Neil! We use several for various business functions (Dropbox, KISSmetrics, Google Apps etc)- but there are several here I had never heard of and will definitely check out!

    Thanks also for the listing Recurly, we appreciate it! 🙂

  66. Me!Me!Me!

    Driver Fetch – download the latest drivers automatically
    Windows Live Writer – blog editor, useful for posting to multiple blogs and
    Media Cope – batch converts all types of files, videos etc

  67. Cheat Codes :

    Is this can affect your reputation in Search Engine?

    • A lot of these can drastically help your reputation on the search engine so long as you use it the right way.

  68. Fulltimetilt :

    Love this list Neil, its amazing to think how many tools there are out there that will really help to save time and increase productivity.


    • Yes, it’s really easy to get carried away with all the mess out there, but hopefully this helps filter some of the stuff out.

  69. Luca Massaro :

    I just have to give credit to Neil for all his responses to the comments!

    Love how you throw ‘Crazy Egg’ in the mix. Who created that?

    Nice post sir.

  70. Hey Neil,

    Great list. A couple others we use over at Vidli…

    Yammer – it’s like Campfire meets Skype.
    Skype – oldy but a goldy
    HarvestApp – good for managing developers
    Business-in-a-Box – if you don’t have a GC on your team this will save tons of time
    Tradeshift – Bonus website – I think this is going to blow away anything we’ve seen with online invoicing and payments. They’re in beta.

    Yes! It’s good to have Pandora in the background. If you fancy a good ol’ entrepreneurial story you’ll like this NY Times article published today about Pandora.

    Sean Murphy, Vidli Co-founder
    VIP Beta Invite –

    • All great apps, thanks for sharing. Also great article on Pandora… it’s a fun music player isn’t it. You’ll hear many songs that you normally wouldn’t go out of your way to download, but appreciate listening to.

    • Nice List Buddy!
      Background music is good to have. I have came across this grooveshark website ( which is good as well and is really fast in buffering.

  71. Chris Peterson :

    Thanks for sharing great list. Each & every lists are necessary to get online business success. Apart from them Google analytics is must necessary to monitors or reviews site.

    • There is a lot of junk out there so my intention was to filter it out and make it easier for you to get started.

    • You absolutely need to use that analytics tool. Also, take the time to understand the other features it has to offer as it drastically helps you increase conversions.

  72. Awesome list Neil. I had never heard about a lot of them. These seem very exciting when mixed with the business. Great collection.

  73. Email Delivery :

    Hi Neil, I’ve just tried liquid planner and it was indeed helpful. Thanks once again for sharing this list of apps. Have you seen the latest tool in SEO I’ve found this from a friend of mind the IMAutomator. Just check it this app on Google.

  74. Great list Friend! Did you try the tweetdeck ? it is easy to use and It is free too.

    • Email Delivery :

      Yes tweetdeck is really useful that’s the one I’m using for my twitter account. In terms of managing followers I’m using buzzom 🙂

  75. Placement Papers :

    That is a great list of useful sites. I bought a motivational guide a few days back and they don’t teach you to use these sites to do better in your online business.

    I can say that you told about all these sites out of your experience and all of these have actually worked great for you! Bookmarked it. Will definitely be using the ones I’m not using right now. Thanks..

  76. Hi Neil,
    Amazing post. I have just started my company, Effex, specializing in website design and development. Have already started using Google apps and looking to explore the others u have mentioned here.
    Thanks for the help!!!

    • Perfect, then this was the perfect post for you to make some effective changes and upgrades with your site.

  77. Email Delivery :

    I’ve just found out some problems of campfire in their chat section the messages was delayed. I guess it depends on your speed or so whatever.

  78. Love this! Good to see you enjoy 37 signals products!

  79. Great ost and much greater list….. the best help list i have found in the web…that is in terms of help apps… Thanks bro… you got lots of readers here in the Philippines.

  80. I just started using paymo — it’s almost an exact replica of basecamp (used that at an agency) but is free (paid version has more functions, but if you’re able to pay, you might as well use basecamp).

    • Lol, yeah that would probably be a good idea if you’re going to pay for it. Thanks for sharing the free site though.

  81. Handicapped Shower :

    wow!! Great list neil ! What about Google reader? Do you use it or do you have any alternative for it?

  82. No, I think Google is the best among the other company offering a services

  83. Jet Airways India :

    Nice list of tools Neil! Some of them like Google Analytics, Gmail, Website Optimizer, WordPress, Twitter are being used by me on a regular basis. I was looking for something that can make online contact form for me and I just found Wufoo on your list.

    Thanks again for this.

    • Handicapped Shower :

      I heard FormSpring is good at forms, but they offer a paid service… Never heard of Wufoo, great its free!

    • Glad to introduce you to some more tools… just trying to make your life a little bit easier 😉

    • Handicapped Shower :

      In that case, each and every service of Google is very useful like Google docs, Google alerts etc..I think Google analytics and webmaster tools are the things which donot have any replacement..:)

  84. Email Delivery :

    I forgot to mention for me Odesk is the number 1 outsourcing website! their workers are really good!

  85. top beauty products :

    Twitter is one of the many social media marketing tools raved about online, yet you will discover that very few people actually know how to use it properly.

    • Well there are a lot of people that use it properly, but I think there are many more that have no clue with what they’re doing.

    • Email Delivery :

      I agree only few knows how to use twitter to generate income most of them know twitter is only for socializing.

  86. Start with some of the free sites and perfect your process because you must have a follow up plan for your leads before you start generating them or you are just wasting time. That is where a good mentor can help you. Take care and I wish you much success.

    • Since there are so many to use, I suggest the same thing. See where it takes you and then grow from there.

  87. Hi Neil,
    I’ve found that is a great resource for developing nice looking mock ups for clients. It’s quick and cheap and easy to use!

  88. I’m surprised that you did not mention Google Docs. I couldn’t live without it. Especially since my partners and I mostly work remotely. People should also check out services like for polling, for automation, and for social media analytics.

    • Google docs is an amazing tool, definitely one to add to the list. I have it under the google apps. Thanks for sharing the others sites too.

  89. Poker Marketer :

    Some great apps there, but I was wondering if you had a substitute for for Canadians? It looks like an awesome tool, and keeping track of expenses is something I really need to start doing to grow my business.

  90. Ballet Moves :

    Some more great information. Google related stuff has been the lifeblood of my business, especially for tracking an organisation.

    I really liked the 43things idea though, quite often I get so caught up looking at the finer detail, that I forget about the bigger picture. Thank you specifically for THAT recommendation.

  91. that is great collection, some of them i am already using them and some of them dont need to use them.

  92. The Liquid planner and the Proposable was a very good tandem. Though I thought this was free after all but anyway thank you 🙂

  93. Gmail is by far the best email out there. There are so many things you can do with it 🙂

  94. Legitimate Work From Home Jobs :

    Great timing on this ! I have recently started a freelance business and some of these tools will surely come in handy. In fact, i’m going to check out Wufoo right now…

  95. The way of looking at the what i cal ‘Startup Nightmares’ was so simple that while going through the slides it started sounding OBVIOUS…and that was the beauty of it…will definitely circulate the link around my team and others.

  96. best real estate :

    I am starting an online graphic design business and i need a to find how i can have my own website, i am a beginner so i would like to know how to do all this, you know with the whole web making thing and just how to start an online businesses.

    • Create a wordpress blog… it’s the easiest way to start. Go to hostgator or godaddy and get it started.

  97. The best app i have seen is Twitter feed, it so easy to use and it makes my time so much easier. I set up autoblogs with that program i swear it works wonders for my cashflow

    • I think it’s an amazing tool that allows you to save a lot of time. I’m happy to hear it’s working well for you.

  98. link building services :

    Yes, it is very goo to simplify your daily life. There are tons of applications that I can use to grow my business. Now I will digg into them and pick a few to get started.


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    • No problem… I understand that sites like those can get confusing so hopefully the direction works for you.

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    • Well the good news is….at least you’ve acknowledged what your weakness is. Now you can work on it!

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    • I’m glad it does! Yes, in the beginning, it can be expensive, but read the other posts I’ve put up as they help you reduce the mistakes people usually make.

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    • Well that’s great, at least you found something extremely useful for yourself. Always glad to hear that.

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    • Thank’s for that suggestion. I agree, it shouldn’t slow anything down.

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        Just an FYI, I like Piwik, but it does not allow you to keep your old data when you move your site to a new server. I recently moved several sites to a new host and lost all of my old Piwik stats. Had I known about this, I never would have used Piwik in the first place.

        If you search the internet you can find a hack, but it is complicated and involved to implement. Personally, I will stop using Piwik until it has an import feature. Losing several years worth of site stats is unacceptable.

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    • Music can be a great way to relieve stress and concentrate while writing. The opposite works such as ear plugs as well 🙂

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