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Beginner’s Guide to Corporate Entities

scott walkerThis is a guest post by Scott Walker: Before you start your business, you need to create a corporate entity. And although it seems simple, it really isn’t. Because of this, I asked Scott Walker from Walker Corporate Law Group if he could do a guest post about choosing the right corporate entity. So, here it goes…

One of the most important early decisions an entrepreneur must make in connection with his or her venture is the choice of entity. There are basically six choices:

  1. Sole proprietorship
  2. General partnership
  3. Limited partnership
  4. C corporation
  5. S corporation
  6. Limited liability company

Below is a discussion of each entity, including a basic description, its advantages and disadvantages, the ideal candidate/business for such an entity, the cost to set it up and the most important takeaway.
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What a Flight Attendant Taught Me about Business

flight attendant

Over the past few years, I have been traveling on airplanes a lot. I have been traveling so much that I started paying attention to the flight attendants because although they are taken for granted, they are actually pretty smart.

Here is what you can learn about business from them:

Customer service is important

When you first hop on a plane, you’ll notice that you are usually greeted. When you are about to take your seat and put away your luggage, the flight attendant is there to help you if you need it.

In addition to that, once the plane takes off, flight attendants give you beverages and light snacks to keep you happy.

And if that’s not enough, you can request almost anything from them without leaving your seat. All you have to do is push the “call” button, and the flight attendant will come to you and ask you how she (or he) may be of assistance.

What’s the purpose of doing this? Well, if you are happy, you are most likely to keep flying on that airline, right? Happy customers means repeat customers, which means more money for the airline company.  [click to continue…]

How to Build Backlinks

seo links

As you probably already know, the more websites you have linking to your website, the higher you’ll rank in search engines. Now, there are a lot of shady ways to get backward links such as buying text links from brokers or website owners. Or even worse, hacking old WordPress blogs and sneaking in links to your website.

I do NOT recommend that you do anything shady as it only results in short-term gains. In the long run, you’ll have a good chance of getting caught and potentially banned from one of the major search engines.

Instead of going with the short-term route, here are some legitimate ways you can build links so that you can boost your search engine traffic.

Link building tactic #1: Infographics is known for creating good infographics. If you aren’t sure what they are, infographics represent data in a visual format. For example, I created an infographic that represented the complexity of the US tax system, which made the Digg homepage and sent around 20,000 visitors to Quick Sprout within two days.

As long as you put in a lot of time and effort into creating these graphics, you’ll have a good chance of them going viral on the social web, resulting in thousands, if not millions, of new visitors to your site. More importantly, you will get backlinks from authoritative sites.

If you are like me and can’t create these visual pieces of content, you can always hire firms like Column Five and Infographic World to help you with your task.  [click to continue…]

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Web 2.0: Top 25 Applications to Grow Your Business

Running a small business isn’t easy! It’s hard to keep up with general administration tasks, stay on top of your finances, and measure your marketing efforts. And let’s face it, that’s just starching the surface. There’s a lot more that you have to do every day.

Luckily for you, there are some useful web applications that not only will make your life easier but will also help you grow your business.

Simplify your daily life

From checking your email to dealing with employees, there are some things that you just have to do every day. By using applications such as Liquid Planner, you’ll be able to do these things in less time so that you can focus on growing your company.

google calendar Google Calendar – keeping track of your daily meetings doesn’t have to be hard. Not only can you track your daily meetings, but you can share and collaborate on your calendar with other co-workers.

google mail Gmail – emails can pile up quickly, but with Gmail, you can set filters so you don’t have to read useless emails. You can automatically filter messages that aren’t important so that they don’t clog up your inbox.

campfire Campfire – communication is an important factor to your company’s success. Through Campfire, you can communicate with everyone in one place. More importantly, you’ll be able to keep track of the conversation.

liquid planner Liquid Planner – I can’t stress how important it is to get projects done on time. Liquid Planner will not only help you monitor your projects, but it will also calculate the probability of you completing them on time.

wufoo Wufoo – whether it is registration forms or contact requests, Wufoo lets you create and manage forms with ease. The best part about Wufoo is that you don’t have to be technical to use it.  [click to continue…]