Why I Live in a Hotel…

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about that fact that I would never live in a rich neighborhood. Funnily enough, when I wrote it, a few of you called me out because you knew that I own a place in the Hyatt Hotel.

About a year ago, I moved to Seattle from Orange County, California, because Seattle has a better entrepreneur community and no state income tax. And because I don’t believe in paying rent, I naturally bought a place once I found the right deal.

So, here is my place…

The building

If you are bad at parking, you can always give your car to the valet.






Conference center
There are usually some cool conferences going on that you can typically attend.


Meeting room
meeting room


If you stress out like me every once in a while, you can go to the relaxation room to put your mind at ease.

The spa has some cool features like a steam room, which I use five to six times a week.

I have never used the pool, but it’s supposedly a salt water pool that has music playing underwater.

Yoga studio

Common area
common area

Game room
game room

Outdoor area
outdoor area

Pet area
pet area
I don’t have any pets, but the weird part about the pet area is that it’s on the 18th floor instead of the ground floor.

Green roof
I am kind of a hippy, which is why I live here. The building is LEED certified, which means my electric bill only comes to $9.00 a month.



I never cook, but one day, I am going to learn how to.

Room service
If you don’t know how to cook or clean like me, you can always call room service.

Living Room
living room


Painting of me
neil patel
My friend from Globalizer sent me a move-in gift, which was a painting of me holding up a black American Express credit card. I don’t have the card anymore, but I did when I was 21 or 22 years old.

I know this picture looks a bit weird, but I am too cheap to pay for anything. Luckily for me, the following companies furnished my place: Online Poker, Nerdy Shirts, Shoemoney Capital, Revenue Enhancement Group, Train Signal Computer Training, Chitika, Get Ads, Globalizer Network, Device Doctor, Driver Library, Buddy TV, John Chow, Five Q Enterprises, and Big Door Media.


I know I said I would never live in a rich neighborhood, and I am still sticking with it. I live in downtown Seattle because it’s convenient for me. And although my place is decent, there are a lot of places that are close by that aren’t “fancy.” For example, I lived in a 275-square-foot apartment that was located across from a drug park for six months when I first moved to Seattle, and I loved it.

The main reason I chose to live in a hotel wasn’t to show off. I am an entrepreneur that has very little free time on his hands. If I cooked and cleaned myself (I used to clean restrooms for a living), I would technically lose more money doing that than if I paid someone to do those things for me.

Lastly, I know the pictures look “great”, but it isn’t as fun as you may think. I still prefer living in a 50-year-old home in La Palma, California. You never end up using the fancy amenities places like this hotel provide.

*Update: I never purchase real estate to lose money. I truly think I will make a good return on my investment. Before I bought this place, I put offers on over twenty other homes. My theory was that if I kept placing low offers, someone would accept one sooner or later. You just have to be patient and take emotions out of the picture when negotiating.

*Update 2: If you are wondering why I moved away from the place that was across the drug park, it was because the Internet was really slow, and I almost got mugged twice.

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  1. And the big question, how much does it cost you?

  2. Utilizing your time (as you said in the end with hiring people to do things which would cost you money to do yourself) is always a wise move. Living in a hotel is interesting (I didn’t even know you could do that lol), but is much different than living in an actual upscale neighborhood. It is interesting that you live in Seattle, I too live in Washington and would love to meet up at some point and buy you a cup of coffee… or tea.. or whatever it is that you drink.

  3. Paul Stamatiou :

    Interesting to see another point of view Neil. I lived in a similar highrise for 2008.. and I was not a fan at all. Having a concierge to take my packages when I wasn’t home was the best part, but other than that I spent my time in elevators. Getting from my room to the car in the underground parking spot and by the time I’m actually on the street a good 8 minutes had passed.

    I did miss the gym of that building, but certain luxuries like the theater room were never used because everyone in the building already had huge plasma TVs. Anyways, I ended up moving out mainly so that I could get a big dog – most highrises have some sort of 25 pound dog limit. I now live in a smaller complex where my car is less than a 1 minute walk from my door and taking my dog for a walk in the park is another 1 minute walk.

    BTW small typo – it’s LEED Certified. Haha my sister is a LEED certified architect so I hear that term way too much.

    • Thanks Paul. I fixed the typo…

      You are right, it isn’t as fun as it looks. The concierge service is great, but I barely use those amenities.

    • Josh Garner :

      In regard to the elevator commute, isn’t that a good thing? I mean, there’s something about some sort of “pitch” you should have ready for delivery in the amount of time it takes to ride an “elevator.” I can’t remember what it’s called though.

      But seriously, looking at the conference room, and depending on the location; a hotel of this nature is the perfect place for an entrepreneur. Network opportunities are literally walking in and out of your house almost every day.

      • hmm, I haven’t really looked at it that way, but you’re right 😉 Networking opportunities are literally walking in and out.

  4. Hey,

    Whatever happened to rule three in your about page?

    “I’ll never brag or boast – ”


    Looks awesome. Gonna buy me a room like that one of these days.

  5. Lovely place! You do not need to apologize for enjoying the fruits of your own labors. As a cook, I am however saddened that your beautiful kitchen is not fully utilized. ENJOY!

    • Yyeah I can see how a cook would be bothered by that lol. I wish I had the skills to cook but then again I just don’t have the time right now.

  6. ImJonTucker.com :

    I hear you on the “I’m an entrepreneur and have very little time on my hands [and cooking and cleaning myself regularly would steer focus away from my business]”.

    For the last year or two, I’ve tried to focus heavily on effective time management, being sure to stay focused on what counts and not get distracted by other “stuff”. Sometimes I’ll opt for take-out meals, etc, so that I don’t have to spend time getting groceries, cooking, and cleaning up. But not to the point where I can manage my time as you do…yet = )

    It’s also motivating to be in an atmosphere that you’re in. I would bet your creative focus and entrepreneurial drive are stronger in the fancy atmosphere compared to the drug park area you mentioned living before.

    Would you agree that atmosphere and surroundings are a big part of keeping a strong drive and continuously pursuing your goals? Did you notice a subtle difference when you lived in the drug park neighborhood for a few months?

    • You bring up an interesting question Jon, do you find that working in nicer surroundings improve your motivation? As someone who lives in a small student dorm I wonder if things would be different for me if I was to work in a different environment.

      • ImJonTucker.com :

        Hi Andy

        As a matter of fact, I do find it motivating to be in a different atmosphere. There is nothing wrong with running things from a dorm room…we’ve all done it.

        But I run a range of web biz’s and do web mktg consulting as well, so 99% of my day is in front of the computer. I find that occasionally taking client meetings at nice locations, such as the Ritz in Dana Point or nice La Jolla spot in San Diego is refreshing. In addition, I’ll do the nice neighborhood coffee shop work sessions if it fits into my daily schedule of meetings as well rather than working at the home office. It’s just nice to be around people, and the atmosphere and these “nicer” places is motivating.

        Give it a try. What city are you from? If you’re in SD, do the La Jolla coffee shop route. There’s a killer one in Bird Rock. Really nice atmosphere.

      • The environment you work in does make a huge difference, however the mindset you have can be strengthened to allow you to adapt and over came any environment.

    • It is, but not for the reason you are thinking. When you have to pay an HOA fee of .55 cents a square foot and all it includes is water, you’ll hustle to make money.

      The only reason I moved away from the drug park was because I “almost” got mugged. In addition to that the Internet there was really slow.

      • ImJonTucker.com :

        Definitely sounds like an atmosphere you would’ve want to be (the drug park place). Crime or crap internet is never a good mix.

        The “almost” mugged events might make an interesting blog post, if there is a cool story to the quotations. The way you’re hinting at it a few times in the post / comments makes it seem like their may be a story or lesson behind it?

        • Lol, yes that would be a great post “10 reasons why I was mugged” No nothing truly interesting about my experience other than it was a cheap place to live.

          • ImJonTucker.com :

            Make up a story and humor your readers ; ) Or think of an offhand way to link it to SEO or web marketing somehow (linkbait?). or don’t I guess lol. Too many long days these last few days. My brain is mush.

            • Yeah, I would be interested in a story on the “drug park” too.
              (BTW, first time to this blog, it’s very refreshing and honest)

  7. Brijesh Chauhan :

    Looks neat….I should move there too..!!

  8. Awesome place, I agree that living in a rich neighborhood wouldn’t be all that great. I like the way you think! haha

  9. Black Media Properties :

    do all hotels offer this? all the upscale ones? How do you know is there a way to check online? Seems interesting and like something I would want to do. How long is the lease?

    thnx neil

    • Offer a condo? Not all but some of them are starting to now. If you take a look at a city like Vegas, their available condos have grown drastically over the last 5 years.

  10. Alejandro Reyes :

    every time i see your posts show up in my google reader i get pumped! you’re one of the few sites that i actually click to go to the blog itself & read.

    appreciate the posts.

  11. Excellent place Niel! You deserve every bit of it. It great that you still blog and connect with us “common folk” 😛

  12. I admire your transparency on the matter, it was clear your original post was more about the culture that can be found in certain areas, rather than the materialistic elements themselves.

  13. Startup Videos & Advice :

    tell me a lil bit about the state tax.
    if u would have stayed in cal, how much would you have lost to the state tax?


    • I don’t feel comfortable revealing the dollar amount, but I can tell you California has a 9.3% state income tax for individuals and 10% for those who make over 1 million.

  14. Hey Neil!

    When do I get a personal tour?


  15. this is great if you have google dangrabat like money, but how can one afford it?

  16. I actually live in a hotel right now. I will be for the next few months and love it.

  17. Whatever rich boy. Nice job separating yourself from the rest of us…. can’t remember how much it cost… whatever bud. Ya, I spend lots of money….. dripping with ego. FU.

    • I was being sarcastic. I do know how much I paid for it, but it isn’t something I want to share. I hope you can respect that.

  18. lol sounds like you decided to go through with the idea you were talking about at Elite Retreat. What happened to letting me know so I could sponsor your wall clock?


    Chris Guthrie

    • LOL, I totally forgot about it. Yea… I have been living in this place for a while now. It isn’t new for me anymore. 🙁

  19. By the looks of your photos, you look like the only person who lives there. Did you take the pics (if so, great job), or are they professionally taken?

    Just wondering; place looks nice.

    • They were taken by someone else, as I don’t own a camera or even a camera phone.

      • I can hardly believe that! You must be one of the only dotcom gurus that runs around without an iPhone or Flip video recorder. Your approach sure is unique, but the quality of your offering can not be disputed.

  20. Are these photos real ones? It seems to be just 3D.

    • They are real photos…

      • seriously dude…that’s such BS. Niel man I really like your posts. I always find them informative and helpful…your an asset to the start-up and internet community. But if you go and post rubbish like this – I am going to call you out. The first photo of the building is clearly an artists impression. I have no idea why you made this post but I don’t see much more of these. Peace.

        • The are actual photos… but if you think they are fake, that’s fine.

          As I mentioned above a lot of the photos aren’t from my unit. Due to privacy, I don’t want to show my unit.

          • To clarify, some maybe “modified” through photo editing software… I have no clue as I didn’t take the pictures.

  21. so you use pictures from the product brochure rather then real pics….where the hell are the people. Man WTF. Stop loosing street cred with such stupid posts.

    • Not all are product brochure pictures. There are some things that I prefer not to show… I hope you can respect my privacy.

  22. You are living the good life. I didn’t realize the hotel had permanent living areas but I don’t visit Seattle too often. Nice photos.

    • You’ll see that many hotels are starting to provide these type of condo arrangements now… it’s especially a treat for those of us that have very little time to spend on maintaining a place.

  23. Congrats. Looks amazing

  24. haha. “no state income tax.” ?? I’m in SD, so please help me understand that one?

    btw… good workshop today. We’ll have to get a beer sometime…

    • I don’t know exactly how it works, but the state of Washington doesn’t charge state income tax to residents. They make it up through high real estate and sales tax.

  25. I’m jealous! 🙂

  26. That’s what I’m talking about! Someone else can shovel this damn snow. I’d love to have a place like this in Philly or NYC (very expensive)- view of the skyline, the energy of a city that never sleeps, no yard-work. Of course with my Rottweiler I’d have to get to a real ritzy place that accepts all dogs.

    It’s something to work towards.

    • I agree… that would be a good idea. I can’t really think of places like these that allow dogs, but yes a upity up ritzy place might.

  27. Kenan Kapidzic :

    To be frank, I am a little disappointed. Why? I dont know you private, but your image is the one of a “cheap entrepreuneur”, who is almost too cheap when it comes to investments outside the biz.

    If you ask me, I would get lazy in such a hotel. I mean, the most fascinating thing about entrepreneurship ist too make big cash, but to live like a poor guy. To live in such a building is for ME like having a VIP card to the Playboy Mansion for lifetime. After a few weeks I would think that I could score every normal chick, because…you know. 🙂

    I am not saying that you are decadent, but the fine things in life makes you weak, and thats true for every topic. The REAL problem behind it is that it is a step by step thing, and you dont perceive that you are GETTING something (its a process). Its like the person who eats more and more, and gets more fat every day, but still thinks “I am fine, your wrong”. The person isnt lying, its just an other perception of reality.

    Its always easy to want more, but its much harder to want less, and only a few get to the point, where they realize, that they are in a situation, where they almost have nothing, but could get it all.

    I am not a moralizer (and yes, I would eventuelly be your neighbor lol), but at the end of the day I am a warrior, and need only my weapon (which is man itself).

    • Makes sense. One of the reasons I bought the place is that I got a good deal and I think I will make a decent amount of money on it in 3 years. I never spend money on anything large unless I truly believe I can come ahead.

      Before I bought this place, I put over 20 offers on other places… my theory is that if you want the deal of the century you can get it as long as you keep on looking for it. The key is the be patient.

    • I agree.
      Another thing is, yes there are so many things in life you can hire someone to do it for you so you can spend time doing something more valuable. this is not always true!!!
      There are things you have to do them regardless of the cost especially when you have kids, you have to cook your food you have to play with them, you have to spend time with them without doing anything.
      by the way what is the ultimate purpose of money? why do we collect money?

      • You don’t *have to….. you choose to. The purpose of having money is to go through experiences you wish to have. Ultimately, that’s what money does for you.

  28. Very nice place Neil, I’m not surprised that you live in a place like this but very impressed 😉

    I just moved into a new flat in Cape Town – which is nothing compared to this place – but I thought a few people might like to see how an apartment over there looks:

    It has been a while! We must talk again soon 🙂

  29. Oh! I Was thinking of Buying a Place for me in Hayatt.
    But in New Delhi, India.
    Now I can refer everybody to your post if they laugh at my decision.

  30. Neil,

    I hope you aren’t going Shoemoney/John Chow on us. Those guys got really boring being showoffs. Who cares if a few people called you out. Don’t lose you audience to a few haters, man. Get back on track. Let’s GO!

    • Those bloggers have a reason for the type of blog posts they create. For them, it works well.

      For me, my goal is blog on more informational posts. I wouldn’t have blogged on this, if I didn’t get called out.

      A new “normal” post should be coming soon.

  31. I never knew you could buy a place in a hotel! How does it work?

  32. Wow! That’s really awesome. Would like to be in such motivating environment wherein I can concentrate more on writing useful stuff and not crap.

  33. You seemed to have deleted a post of mine from before? Just wondering why you didn’t use real photos and used rather product brochure shots about your place?

  34. I like the idea of being in a setting with people you want to be around to network and be inspired. I can’t think that the area by the drug park could offer any inspiration other than get me the heck out of here. By hanging with people you wish to be like you can find the clues. Tony Robbins always says :success leaves tracks”. Great place by the way. I think I would find the Hilton by the ocean for the view. I saw one in Florida. Now I get it!

    • Exactly Paul… surround yourself with like-minded people. Sometimes it helps to be in an area where you feel inspired thrilled and ready to take action.

  35. Neil – to be honest with you — I started to read your blog because I stumbled upon it. I subscribed to your RSS feed because you look liked you have useful information to offer.

    This is so ridiculously egotistical it makes me want to throw up.

    You holding a picture of a black card which you got rid of when you were 21?

    Who gives a terd?

    9$ a month for an electric bill? We aren’t stupid guy… LEED certified doesn’t mean little gerbils run on wheels to power your laptop….

    Shape up man — this post shows you as young and immature. You must be better than that….

    • Sam you’re a buddy of mine on here but I think you’re taking it a little far.

      If you don’t care about Neil’s paintings and think he’s immature and stuff, just don’t come back to the site ya know? I thought the pics were really cool and enjoyed the blog. I didn’t personally feel as if he was being egotistical, perhaps a little tongue-in-cheek, but maybe I had a different vibe than you?

      Either way I’m glad you’re not afraid to hide your feelings on something like this, but I think you might be overboard with this attack on him man. Open to discuss though of course. Later man!

      • John,

        I am not really attacking him. Simply sharing this is not the stuff I read his blog for.

        While it might be a tad ridiculous to try to make a teachable moment here I am going for it anyway. Those of us (like me in this case) who are going to hate are going to do it regardless of what you post. Trying to please everyone is an exercise in futility.

        However, if you put a post up and receive haters, just have the confidence to know that you are successful enough to get hated on. Don’t go posting another something trying to prove the haters wrong… that will, as I suspect is doing pretty regularly with this post, create discourse amongst even more.

        For those of us who appreciate your success for what it is and what you tell us, that is simply enough. Any further is rubbing it in.

        If you received ten emails hating on you… ignore them. I do it. And you are much more proliferated than I.

        • You have done a great job for yourself. As I said before, this type of “stuff” can take away that success.

          • Sam – Definitely see where you’re coming from. I really could be off on this, but the way I interpret it is that Neil probably got razzed a little by some of his friends/colleagues/former customers who live in rich neighborhoods and then jokingly thought of posting something like this.

            The dudes he told probably egged him on, he went through with it, half tongue-in-cheek, and posted this. It riffed some sharp loyal readers like yourself, but to me I was motivated simply by seeing some of the pictures and also thought the whole thing is kind of funny.

            However, again, I acknowledge that I am young and still learning in this space. I also feel as if I understand where you are coming from and I don’t think you are ‘wrong’ in your reaction, just too harsh.

            Talk soon Sam.

            • Neil, as John hinted, maybe I was a little harsh with my words. I do apologize if it came across that I was attempting to smack you too hard. I am sure you have seen worse. As far my writing style is concerned, this was actually relatively mild… Keep doing what you do man, we are all with ya.

          • Living in a nice hotel doesn’t make me any different. It’s actually a lot cheaper living in a hotel than it would cost for me to live in a house. It’s also a lot more convenient because everything is walking distance.

        • Thanks Sam, I understand what you mean but my point was to flash where I live but talk about the convenience for living in a hotel for a full time entrepreneur.

      • Thanks John. Sam My intentions weren’t to be egotistical or flashy, it was to show the convenience of living in a hotel as an entrepreneur.

    • Sam, sorry you took this post that way, It wasn’t my intention. My decision to live here was simply to make a good investment and live close to where I work. The black card was a picture drawn and sent to me by one of my readers.

  36. By the way Neil, if you were worried about being called out (eg. via your e-mail) certainly you would post real pictures right?


    • Some are of my unit and some aren’t. There are some things I don’t want to show in my place… the last thing I want is someone trying to rob me.

  37. Pete@PaydayLoner :

    That reminds me of when I lived in a cheap little dingy one-floor hotel for a few months… NOT! Wow, that is very cool. I didn’t know you could actually buy a place in a hotel like a condo. That makes it more of an investment than just paying by the month.

    • Yeah, it’s not only a good investment but it just works for me because of the convenience I have to go around the city.

  38. Dude you live in a hotel?? At first glance I’m gonna have to say this has gotta be one of the coolest blogs I’ve read in a long time. What a tight idea, it has honestly never once crossed my mind to look into buying a hotel room after I graduate and stuff. I didn’t even know it was possible.

    Seattle has a better entrepreneur community? I was there in summer ’08 with my dad and one of my best friends, it was a really cool city but I didn’t know there was a solid entrepreneur community. A few of my friends have moved out to Portland recently and love it there.

    Ever thought about moving abroad for a lil while? I’m studying abroad in Singapore right now at National University and I really love it here. There’s a small but growing entrepreneur community here as well from what I’ve found.

    Keep hustling, love your blog.


    • Thanks John… moving abroad never came to mind. Seattle has an amazing entrepreneur community along with the fact that many of my friends live around here.

  39. Neil- do you feel free to decorate the place as you like and can the condo also be used as a business expense for you or your company? Do you have any plans for a second home some where other than California. What do you think of a time share as a business investment if you do a week or more in other parts of the world. Looking forward to your next post. P.S. Can you post a list of the shows and events that you go to and think are worth the trip. Thanks

    • I expense everything to me. Expensing it to my business would be illegal.

      As for a second home, I haven’t thought about it yet.

      And for the conference list, I will consider creating one.

  40. Hey Neil. The place looks big pimping, but … why not just buy a nice house in Seattle, really pimp it out and hire a maid ?

    If anything you’ll be able to use it when you get married. Doesn’t it feel awkward to live in a hotel ?

  41. Wow Awesome place! I love it. I believe that in some time you would become too addicted with this kind of living and it would be difficult for you to move to any 50 year old house.
    This kind of living is really easy and more time could be dedicated to other important stuffs, which I really miss. I come home and cook for myself and that is the end of the day for me.

  42. Amos Tayts - President Tayts & Co :

    i think we all want to know: how do we get companies to sponsor our furniture?

  43. “I moved to Seattle from Orange County California because they have … no state income tax”

    i moved to nevada for the same reason, but doesn’t washington state charge 1.5% on business revenue (not profit)? i considered washington when moving out of california, but for high-revenue businesses, that sounds like a killer.

  44. I actually like the design of the entire building inside and out. I would love to see a structure like this in Jamaica. But it most likely would run me USD25 million with a ROI within 10 years.

  45. You got a sweet stuff out there neil :). Being rich is not that bad eh! good luck anyways, i enjoy your posts mate!

  46. It looks like quite a nice place to live in,I’m sure the bills are high tho.

  47. It’s great to know you come from a place close to where I grew up, Cerritos! All the blogs I read are of people who are very distant, and it’s impossible to relate. I also know all to well about working at Knotts too.

    Your blog is quite the motivator.Keep up the great work!

    P.S. Nice pad!

  48. I coming to visit. 🙂

  49. Maurelle Mejos :

    Wow..All I can say is wow.. It is only in my dreams to live like this…hehehe.. You must be loaded enough to live like this man.

    • Well actually it doesn’t require that much to live here… it’s actually cheaper to live here than most places in OC. The convenience that this provides is really what’s most important to me.

  50. Maurelle Mejos :

    It’s hard to maintain your health when you’re living like this. Attend some yoga sessions. Smell some fresh air outside.

  51. What happened to your black AMEX? My goal is to make enough money and have one of those baby~! =D

  52. I can understand why you moved. I am as frugal as you, but once I saw mold growth in my old tiny one-bedroom apartment I knew it was time to move. On top of that the tax credit and buyer’s market really pushed me to be a home buyer. Also I considered the fact that I probably wont be able to get a good loan if I wait much longer . But ill still miss the super low rent and maintenance free lifestyle.

    • That’s right, it’s a great time to make a decision because of the extra cash you’ll get. Good choice on taking advantage of the market.

  53. Bravo Niel! Rich Dad would be proud of you.

    Buying this pad is a great example of what Rich Dad (from Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad) talks about. Here’s what I mean.

    Neil doesn’t want to put money into a liability – ie a big fluffy house in the burbs. That creates all sorts of expenses. By purchasing this hotel pad, he may be paying a bit more upfront, but he is still limiting his liabilities and creating an investment where he can “trade up” when he is ready to move on. The hotel lets him spend more time doing things that help him build his assets (building businesses) than spending time worry about being mugged, mowing the lawn or paying crazy property taxes. I’ve actually been thinking about doing something similar when I move next month.

    Neil, I like how you made 20 offers. What was it like approaching people at a hotel regarding the property? Did you know it was for sale? Did you just walk in and say, hmmm, I want to live here, think I’ll make an offer? Did you make offers at multiple hotels?

    Rich Dad says “buy real estate and wait” – don’t “wait to buy real estate.” Good on you Neil!

    PS – the Black Card is a liability, not an asset, but that’s some prestigious plastic to be packin’ at 21 years old. “Yeah bartender dude, I’ll have another beer. Put it on my tab. It’s the black one bro.” 🙂

  54. Well, here in philippines, only rich people especially celebrities can live like this.

    • It’s actually a very common thing for people to do here more now so than before. It just works for people who want to live close to where they work.

  55. pays to live green :

    I agree that taking having things like cooking and cleaning taken care of in you life helps save you time, but living in a hotel seems a little extreme. I would rather just have a maid and a personal cook/go out to eat instead of living in a hotel where it never really feels like home.

    • Its technically a hotel but it’s really just a small condo, nothing too extravagant. With that said, you’re right, it doesn’t completely feel like home, but it works for me.

  56. Cheat Codes :

    @Cebu Jobs, yup your right, and there are so much unfortunate that gives me a guilt to live in such abundance in fact of knowing that there are lots of people are striving to much to make a well sleep at night.

    @Neil Patel
    Pal, you are very fortunate one, congratulation

  57. evden eve nakliyat :

    It is interesting that you live in Seattle, I too live in Washington and would love to meet up at some point and buy you a cup of coffee…

  58. Jonathan Chang :

    Well Mr. Neil, after all, you deserve the fancy hotel life and a 5000 sqft house (if you have one). You’ve worked hard for it and some day you can retire with dignity.

    • I don’t have a 5000 sqft house, but it would be nice. It really isn’t all that fancy, it’s just nice and clean… and most importantly, convenient.

  59. I can’t believe so many are hating this post. I mean, come on, neil’s being honest, maybe showing off a very little bit, but more than anything, it should be very motivating to everyone. Furthermore, neil’s implying that this purchase makes good business sense!
    Neil, maybe to make the haters shut up, you can break down the expenses a little bit without revealing how much you actually paid. For instance, in 3 years, do you think you could sell the place for close to what you paid for it? If so, or even if you sold it at a small loss, it would have been a bargain for you to live there for 3 years. If you really did get a CRAZY deal, all these haters that say you’re wasting money should bow down as you are basically living there for free.

    • Thanks for the support! The issue is, I don’t want to talk about how much I paid. I rather keep some things private.

  60. Sandy Cormack :

    Back in my bachelor days I contemplated this but there wasn’t anything this nice or functional in my area. Definitely an advantage to having the fitness center and pool right there.

  61. “although my place is decent”

    Dude, decent? Look at those photos. I wouldn’t call that “decent”. You are obviously in the rich neighborhood!

  62. Your post really grabbed me when I read that you moved from Orange County because I am seriously thinking of moving from Minneapolis to Orange County. I have lived in the Midwest my entire life and I have always been drawn to California.

    Please tell me, other than having to pay high taxes, did you enjoy living in Orange County? Also, can you tell me about the entrepreneurial community in Orange County? I was under the impression that there was a ton of web marketing stuff going on in Southern California — from San Diego up to LA. That is part of the reason why I am seriously thinking about moving. Thanks Neil.

  63. I just always assumed you lived in India Neil. Jealous now though. i would love a home like that.

  64. Robin Oppenlander :

    I can’t wait to be able to do that myself, while I’ve only recently started to blog I am knee deep in all these technologies now and I am looking forward to sharing the quality content I create & knowledge I know will help others.

    look forward to more in the future

    Robin Oppenlander

  65. i think live in hotel would be stressfull, apartment still better than hotel because you’ll have social live like permanent neighbour. Hotel like bus terminal…

  66. wao i was thinking i was the only one u kn i moved in a hotel with my man and was very shy to tell my friends now i kn is not forbidin i actually like it my hotle has same setting like yours hmmmmmmm

  67. 阮小七 :

    do you have a link for the hyatt sales of these condos?

  68. Email Delivery :

    Wow….that hotel is really fascinating. I wonder how much money will I spend if I live there. Very nice!

  69. 🙂 I thought you somehow “owned” that particular Hyatt itself (never mind the Mormons & how such a deal would have been arranged on paper). I was *going* to suggest that you be careful about who you marry – my friend’s grandfather actually owned two apartment buildings in mid town Manhattan, after the grandfather died “grandma” killed the geese that laid the golden eggs, sold them & proceeded to live out the rest of her long life spending it and never working a day or investing a penny. So goes a self perpetuating family fortune.

  70. Skin care tips :

    I really would like to be your neighbor 😀 You’re living a good life, but everything has cost and you have worked a lot to pay for such a good and luxury life 🙂

    • It takes time but you know what, if you’re willing to put in the hours every day to make it happen, you will.

  71. Tom | What's Your Story :

    Impressive. I definitely want to grow up to be like you now! Actually, I’m a little long in the tooth already, but I still have dreams. Looks quite comfortable. I hope you are enjoying life.

  72. Cheap Hotel Singapore :

    Nice hotels. Fit for a king

  73. Email Delivery :

    Here in our country there are new 5 star hotels available which are quite expensive.

    • We have 5 star hotels here too and they’re fantastic. I even hear that they’re trying to convert a 5 star hotel in Newport to 6-7.

      • I wonder how much will cost to rent a room there, or even to buy one!! I’ve seen the movie “Up in the air” yesterday. This post is kind of similar to that movie 🙂

        • lol, I haven’t seen that movie but I know what you mean. You would need to call up the hotel to find out about the rates. 😉

  74. Shailesh Tripathi :

    NICE,,my dream is to be there for months

  75. do they leave chocolates on your pillow still?

  76. I’m surprised there are so many people reacting negatively to this post. I do not think this post is showing off at all. Neil is being very humble and is not even revealing how much the place costs. I am 21 and I want to live in exactly the same kind of place once I graduate from college. I definitely find this post inspiring because it gives me motivation that I can do it as well.

    • Thanks CA, my intention wasn’t to show off, it was to talk about how I decided to choose convince over a house because of the environment I’m in.

  77. Great blog and post by the way! the Hyatt is awesome.. How funny!When I saw it, I was like oh wow i have been there before !… since i am also from Seattle :). The most I have been to is the lobby and the lounge/ restaurant area they have ! The other pics are gorgeous!! I am very much interested in internet marketing myself and you are a great inspiration Neil, to many young people out here. hope to also have the chance to meet you one day or at least attend one of your future seminars . hope you enjoy your new”green” place and have a great one! 😉

    • Yea it is awesome isn’t it. Well I attend seminars regularly so if you’re at one of the ones I’m at, be sure to introduce yourself.

  78. Get Rid Of Cellulite :

    The place is still bad ass. I love it. You’re a clean dude too. Music under the water huh? That’s a new one to me. That’s sweet. Nice place Neil.

  79. Poker Marketer :

    Wow that place looks unreal man… maybe it’s just the nice pictures lol but it looks like paradise.

    What do you mean about those companies furnishing your place?

  80. I hope you aren’t going Shoemoney/John Chow on us. Those guys got really boring being showoffs. Who cares if a few people called you out. Don’t lose you audience to a few haters, man. Get back on track.

  81. Ballet Moves :

    That just looks incredible. Before, when I used to make mind-maps, I’d have a massive mansion on there, but when I think about it, it would be such a huge maintenance project.

    A hotel room just makes incredible sense, especially when you through the investment through real-estate argument in there.

  82. Cool post, I loved those pictures. Beautiful hotel, I guess you are liking the Seattle area. That’s where I grew up near and I loved it. I am all the way on the East Coast now, but I still have a lot of family in Seattle.

    I guess you’re used to the rain by now, it’s not to bad most of the time. Washington is also great because it’s just a short drive to BC Canada whenever you want to make a trip.

    Your reasons for staying in a hotel make sense. My Dad, a very well paid Independent Computer Consultant, thinks the same way. I am a beginner entrepreneur and hopefully soon I’ll have enough going on and money to start thinking and living the same way. But for now, I’m happy with the few sales I make per day and livin on pb&j and ramen noodles. 😉

    • It’s definitely the best thing for someone who has very little time to spend at home. Can’t go wrong with ramen noodles!

  83. That’s just amazing! I would still really like to know how much did you pay for that Neil, if it’s not big secret 🙂

    Visiting steam room 5-6 times a week and never the pool, c’mon 😛

    Loved the confrences possibilities etc..

    I will totally add this to my bucket list “owning an apartment in luxury hotel downtown”

    Nice post, entertaining i might add 🙂



    • It’s not as luxurious as it sounds 😉 You can call the hotel and find out more information on costs etc.

  84. k12 education :

    God I love your place! Especially the pool that plays music and ballroom. Hope you don’t live to high in case the elevator breaks. I could live in a hotel my entire life, you don’t have to clean after yourself, they give you fresh towels every day… Heaven!

    • Yes, but all the cleaning cost extra, so it’s not something I get on a daily basis. That would end up being way to expensive.

  85. Ben Clynshaw :

    Hi Neil, stumbled across your blog whilst googling hotel room investments. Living in a hotel sounds great to me, would I be right in saying that the hotel can facilitate the rental of your apartment if you were to vacate for a period of time?

    I live in London and have family in Sydney, and plan on living between the two once I have set my business up. Ideally I would purchase hotel apartments in both London and Sydney and when not in one, it would be on the hotel’s register like every other room, thus providing an income when I’m not around.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!


  86. Baby England Kit :

    that’s way better than living in a rich area, you live in a hotel!!! that’s pure rock&roll!!

  87. Standard Neil. This is awesome man! I remember you telling us this at Yaniks UG6. I was one of the Young Entrepreneur Scholarship winners.

    We were also talking about girls and guys with money and how to deal with them remember?

    Was a good funny conversation!

    So is the Hyatt your favourite hotel?

  88. Why would you still prefer to live at your 50 year old house? Boredom?

  89. link building services :

    This is so cool. I also would prefer to live in a hotel. But with kids and such it’s a little difficult.

  90. Cheap Articles :

    I hope to move to Seattle someday, too. I might like to live on one of the islands, close, though, as that’s the kind of guy I am. I have friends there and visit often and really would like to live there when I make more dough. Nice post!

  91. It is a lovely place. Go for it..and why not? My theory is that if you live in a place like this, it has got to contribute to powerful and rich thoughts, which in turn helps to increased earning power. I remember Mike Dillard, who does very well as a Network Marketer, explaining the reason why he does not shop at Walmart. You guys are coming from opposite ends of the spectrum here, but somehow you end up in similar looking digs….interesting.

  92. And because I don’t believe in paying rent, I naturally bought a place once I found the right deal.

  93. Although I have made plenty of mistakes, one of them I definitely learned from more than others. About 1 year into running LegalZoom.com, we had the opportunity to make a software in the box solution for our service and to sell the software to large retail outlets. We were scarce on resources and money, but we decided the opportunity was large enough to design and build the package.

  94. sell textbooks :

    Well Niel it seems you have got the “Life of Riley” going for you, and kudos for that. If I could afford to live in a hotel like that I wouldn’t pass it up for one moment. I would just hope that valet could bring up my groceries. That’s the one thing i hate about big building living, you have to lug that stuff out of the car into the elevator then out again. Some day!

    • Lol, it’s not too bad… plus I don’t carry too many groceries, I’m usually having my lunches and dinners outside.

  95. I want to move into a resort style condo in two years man….. I had to look at these pictures again. I mean it will not be as nice but I think Charlotte, NC is a nice town…

    Hey Neil have you ever been here?

  96. It looks great! I too am curious how much it set you back, but from reading the above comments, it looks like you want to keep that to yourself. =)

  97. Inner Game :

    but to make it a good investment you must own it, most people that live in hotels dont own them, and that would be very expencive, not worth it

    • Of course, it’s really just buying a condo… similar to a house purchase but with extra monthly fees 🙁

  98. Neil as for as people in 3rd world are concerned (like me), you are living a dream life. This place is very impressive.

  99. webfeuer | Social Media Marketing :

    I wouldn’t say that I don’t envy you 😉 I hope it was wearth the money (at least it looks like it *G*)

  100. Watch Season :

    Your place looks amazing! If you were to buy something like this here in UK you would be looking at a million up.

  101. 275 square foot place when you first moved there? So was it just a studio right….. That is small man….. not sure if I could live in a place like that till I find a nice place.

  102. Winston Muller :

    Very nice, Ive never really wanted to live in a home as such, more an apartment like that where all the details are taken care of.

  103. Trond E Haavarstein :

    Nice place Neil. Property is almost always a good investment, I’ve been doing it for 10 years now. My next step will be trying to making money online 😉

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    Nice place Neil. Property is almost always a good investment, I’ve been doing it for 10 years now. My next step will be trying to making money online

  105. I know what you mean Neil…

    I was relocated for 3 months work to the West Coast.
    I stayed in a Hotel for that 3 months and by the end of it all I wanted to do was go home to a house.

    More space, it feels more personal, and with a Hotel there are always people around, its hard to find some space just to quietly read the paper or reflection time.

    • Yeah I know what you mean… it can definitely be that way. Always a rush of new people coming in and out.

  106. That place is sick.

  107. The pictures looks amazing, what a sweet place. It looks like it´s only for rich people, and a place most people can only dream about, pretty cool 😉

  108. I just Googled “ligve in a hotel” (sic), and came across this blog. So let me ask you : how do you go about looking to buy a hotel suite? Are they typically posted online? Do you have to contact the hotel directly?

    • A hotel that offers rooms for sale would let you know… You probably have to look in down town type areas.

  109. Skeleton Man :

    I don’t understand how it could NOT be the greatest thing in the world. If you want to sit in front of your computer all day and NOT be interrupted by the menial tasks of life (cooking, cleaning, mowing the grass, changing light bulbs, doing laundry, paying bills, getting water etc.) nothing could possibly beat living permanently in a hotel, whether you own or rent.

    I believe in paying rent. I take nothing with me when I die. I am thinking of living in a hotel when I start my next big animation project. I can just sit and work.

  110. Hey neil love your place 🙂 just wondering is it very expensive to do this??

    • If you can afford a house, then you can afford to live there. Just remember that you also got to put your lifestyle into play.

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  112. Hi Neil,

    I may be a little late on the conversation. But if you were to resell this condo…what would you do? Sell it back to the hotel??

  113. One more thing, I do not understand, why is it that rich people say: “hang out with rich and you will become one too”
    Do they give ideas , or do you copy ideas ? Or it just ‘kicks’ to work even harder, to achieve that sweet richness ,or what exactly does it tell/do? 🙂
    I can’t find answer on this one, anywhere 🙁

  114. electronic reviews :

    Living in a hotel is a very big statement. Like one of the first comments must be good getting the room service. Especially if shes hot! lol

  115. so you use pictures from the product brochure rather then real pics 😉

  116. Just had a bit of a wistful moment looking at this. Oh, for the days of bachelorette-dom! I don’t think I could get away with hotel lifestyle with a family.

    Having a gym and a yoga studio on site is just awesome!

    Good for you, man.

  117. That is pretty cool. I can see why you have chosen this, and you don’t have to worry much about anything. If you have guest there is a bar and a restaurant, then you also have a cafe. A salon for hair and manicure, and fitness and swimming. What more could you ask for.

  118. Online marketing Calgary :

    Neil, completely with you on “convenience” factor. I’m been living in Calgary for almost a decade and moved a few times, but it always had to be a place around downtown. Awesome pictures you have! Thanks a bunch!

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    Hello Neil, It might very much expensive experience of any one’s life.And according to neighbor should be helpful and co-operative , Poor or Rich doesn’t matter.

  120. Freelancelogo :

    Wish i can the income to afford this, clean sheets, room tidied! 🙂

  121. how much did you pay to own a room ,i will b moving to new to new york soon with a friend and this seem like a good idea

    • The price varies, I got a great deal. New York is a very expensive place to live. I don’t know if the pricing would compare..

  122. Hi Neil

    Its an amazing place where you live. You have everything you need. I can see myself living in a convenience establishment and all of its nice things. My wife would adore living in such a hotel as this.
    I remember winning a trip to the Gold Coast back 2003. The hotel my wife and I stayed in was called Palazzo Versace. It was the most elegant hotel I have stayed in. The rooms were exquisite and elegant fit for a king and queen.

    The food was also very tasty. I had all the best food you can eat. The perfume of Versace is so rich in perfume smell. We had this perfume smell in the soaps we used. The perfume in the bottle is out of this world especially something I felt at the time.

    After I returned home to my humble abode here in New Zealand-I was brought down to reality.

    I must admit that its ok to enjoy the comforts of life as long it becomes affordable in the long term and not allow these types of illusions dim out the true character of a person.

    I remember watching a movie about a group of firends decided to go sailing out in the blue ocean. It was a nice built sailing ship. The day was fine and all these friends of about 10 deided to have the ride of there life.

    As the story unfolds, they all decide to go for a swim in the ocean, What they did not do while enjoying the swimming is the ladder that was suppose to be thrown overboard so they could get back on the sailing boat. They just could not get back on. Slowly one by one these people were drowning cause they could not hold on. A couple also swam away to get help.

    Because of this tragedy starting to unfold, the owner started to confess that he was not rich at all and did not own the boat. Because of his poor judgement in the safety of his friends only 3 survived including the owner. I think the movie was called “Adrift”.

    Thanks Neil. Lovely home.


  123. Hello Neil, I don’t think its dumb to live in a hotel. I’m a college student, and I always here convocations about “looking for a cheap apartment” “looking for a safe area” and “cost for everything”. It hit me last week “Why not live in a hotel!! everything in INCLUDED.

    • Yep, it does have everything you need. It has been the most convienet placed I have lived since with my parents. 😉

  124. It is awesome that you live in a hotel. There are so many great perks that come with it, the spa, gym, etc. Like you said, after a while you probably wouldn’t use them much. The best part about where you are living? That painting…just awesome.

  125. I wish I could live in a hotel permanently. Hotel construction considers the privacy of it’s guest as oppose to apartments that offer paper thin walls in the US, with little consideration for the noise issue. When I stayed with family members at a hotel, it was wonderful to be able to get a good nights sleep without hearing the guests in the adjoining room that share the bedroom wall space. If I had the means, yes .. I would live in a hotel

    • The privacy is nice I must say. It is easy to relax when the only noises you are hearing are coming from your place.

  126. You’ve got the right idea. I’m lucky enough to have inherited a sizeable stock and property portfolio and I’m now semi-retired.
    All my houses have good stable tenants so I’ve been looking hard for a similar setup. I’m considering leasing a hotel suite for six months to see if I like the lifestyle. The idea of having a staff at my disposal is most appealing.

    I take note of your comment about never using the communal facilities (gym, pool etc) as I rarely would, though the places I’ve looked at that have those facilities also tend to have superior amenities that I would often use (bars, restaurants, valet).

    • True, I don’t use the facilities often but I have found it is quite convienet to have a gym when I need it or a pool when I have friends who would like to enjoy it.

      As for the amenities such as the restaurant and bar those I use on a daily bases and couldn’t imagine being without.

  127. Alfred Peterson :

    Neil, living in a hotel sounds like a dream to me!!

    I have a few questions, if you don’t mind:

    1. Is the arrangement that you actually buy the room and own it or is it one of those 999 year leases?

    2. Do you know whether other hotels offer this? Specifically I’m interested in 5 star NYC hotels, Ritz-Carlton, Waldorf-Astoria, the Plaza etc.

    • In my hotel you have the option of both buying or leasing. As for other hotels I am not sure if any of them do or don’t offer something similar. You will have to contact them directly to find out.

  128. If you live alone it should be nice and fun. However there is no place like “home”. In a hotel room, even if you own it there is no real personality in that house…

  129. Sheyi | ivblogger.com :

    Can someone tell me how much this property costs?

    Not Neil’s but the entire hotel… The Hyatt!


  130. hey neil,
    Awesome place i ever seen seriously. so you had a luxurious life i must say.and painting was awesome too.


  131. From sunny Cali to rainy Seattle. I’m from PDX but now live in sunny AZ as I could not take the constant gray and rain in the Pacific Northwest.

    But…what a beautiful place you live in. Wow! Even the workout facility looks great! I’m jealous for that. If Oregon had better weather, I’d live in the Pearl District in NW Portland. Looks alot like yours, but man do you have the amenities.

    Congrats Neil!

  132. Nice layout Neil – I think convenience and amenities are king, just from the standpoint of having them when you need/want them. If the goal is to delegate or outsource as much of your life as possible outside of the specialty that pays and those things you find enjoyable, it seems like you’re almost there!


  133. Wow Awesome place! I love it. I believe that in some time you would become too addicted with this kind of living and it would be difficult for you to move to any 50 year old house.

  134. What do you mean you own it Neil you mean the entire hotel?

  135. And how much

  136. What’s this hotel name?

  137. Nathan Ross :

    Great post neil! I seemed like a really nice place. I love the Hyatt in seattle have stayed there a few times and it is great. But did the Hyatt just let you buy a room? Haha because its a hotel and i didnt know you could do that. Anyway i thought this post was really interesting at first because i know how successful you have been. Loving the Blog!

  138. If you don’t want to buy a hotel room, how do you go about renting one for a short period of time?

  139. Hey! I loved your article ! thank you so much! I’m thinking about moving into a large apartment or hotel. Thank you for sharing. positivity is the key to success. Please check out my youtube uniquedaydreamer1996 and share it. the ones above want you to. thanks ! take care best wishes O:)

    • Kayla, glad you enjoyed the article. Hopefully it gives you some guidance on your path moving forward. Let me know if you have any questions or additional feedback :). Thanks for reading!

  140. Hey Neil,

    Do you still live in a hotel or have you moved to your own home/apartment?

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