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Here’s the Biggest Mistake You’re Going to Make…

big mistake

Every day, I am seeing entrepreneurs make one big mistake. It isn’t that you spend too much money or that you’re stuck in a bubble and refuse to get out of your comfort zone. It’s that you can’t focus all of your energy on one business!

I don’t want to hear bullshit excuses coming out of your mouth. Your new business doesn’t tie in with your existing one! You can’t try out a few business ideas before you pick the best option!

If you don’t focus on one business, you’re bound to fail. Hypothetically, even if all of your ideas are revolutionary and positioned to do well in this world, you’ll make them crash and burn. Why? Well, it’s because if you’re splitting your time between a few businesses, you won’t be able to put in the required amount of time and energy into any of them.
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48 Unusually Brilliant Business Card Designs

About a year ago, I wrote a blog post about creative business cards. You loved those business cards so much that I thought I would share 48 more awesome business card designs.
A creative way to show what you do.

Multipurpose use.

bent tree
A great way to portray an image.

bottle opener
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New Year’s Resolution… Oh Yea, I Made One of Those

new years resolution

You made a New Year’s resolution, right? No, I am not talking about the one about your weight loss. I am talking about the resolution you made for your company.

I know the year has barely started, but I am going to make a bet with you.

Drum roll please…You’ve already failed to achieve your New Year’s resolution!

That’s right, although the year just started, I can confidently say that you have already failed. Now, it doesn’t mean you can’t change this, but the changes you’ll have to make will have to be pretty drastic.  [click to continue…]

The Less You Know, The More Money You’ll Make

smart vs dumb

Are you a first-time entrepreneur? Are you trying to learn what you need to do to make it in this world? If so, good!

Although you are going to fumble and make a lot of mistakes, here is why you’ll make more money than those know-it-alls:

You’re willing to listen

If you’re lost and confused, what is the first thing you do? You probably go out there and look for help.

Whether it’s doing some research on the web, sending off an email to another entrepreneur, or making a phone call to a friend, you’ll figure out a way to get help.

Once you get some help, you’ll listen and try to act on the advice that was given to you.

On the other hand, know-it-alls have a tendency to not ask for help, and if someone goes out of their way to help them, they usually ignore the advice. Or even worse, they’ll keep on asking you for advice, but they’ll never act on it.

And if you ever get to the point where your customers start giving you feedback, you’ll listen[click to continue…]