The Best Advice You’ll Ever Get: Hang out with Rich People!

Before I get started, let me get one thing straight. This blog post is going to be misunderstood – I already know that. By no means am I trying to tell you to hang out with rich people just for their money. Hang out with them because you truly see them as friends.

For a moment, think about your five closest friends. Take each of their salaries and add them up. Now divide that figure by five.

That final number is going to be how much money, roughly, you’ll make each year. If you are happy with that amount, that’s great. You can save yourself the trouble and stop reading this blog post.

Download this cheat sheet to get to know about 5 ways I was able to make money by hanging out with rich people.

But if you aren’t happy with your income, the best thing you can do is to start hanging out with richer people. And no, I don’t mean that you should ditch your broke friends, but you should also make new friends who are more ambitious.

Here are some of the ways I was able to make money in 2009 by hanging out with successful people.

20% monthly returns in the stock market

Let’s face it: making money in the stock market isn’t easy. For every success story, there are thousands of failure stories.

At the beginning of the year, a friend of mine Andrew Warner introduced me to Timothy Sykes. Tim is well known for trading penny stocks. And although many people think he is a scam artist, he is actually helping the Average Joe make a lot of money.

A few months ago, Tim came to visit me in Seattle. We hung out, and I gave him some marketing advice. Then he suggested that I open a $50,000 stock market account with Interactive Brokers. I did so, and with the advice I got from Tim Alerts, I have been able to make roughly 15-20% returns on a monthly basis.

Investment opportunities

I have been presented with thirteen serious investment opportunities this year, and I have invested in five of them. All of these opportunities came from wealthy friends of mine. If I was not friends with these people, I would have never been offered any of these opportunities.

Now, granted, I can lose money on any of those investments, but so far, all of them are looking good.

For example, one of them is a 296-unit apartment complex in Washington. I haven’t seen it, and I don’t know much about real estate, but I am currently getting a 10% return on my money each year (I hope it continues). Eventually, when the complex sells, I should double my return on my investment.

Easy access to cash

I love buying distressed companies. They usually sell for less than what they are really worth, and if you hold onto them for a few years, you can make a decent return on your investment.

Over the course of the year, I tried to buy a few distressed companies, but most of the deals didn’t go through.

Luckily enough, I had the opportunity to buy one in the six-figure range, but I didn’t want to take on all of the risk. So, I hit up one of my friends, and he pulled together the majority of the money within a few days.

Free shares in successful startups

Well, technically nothing is free, but a lot of my friends have been investing in startups for years. Although not all of them will do well, a good portion of them will.

Whenever my friends think there is a good company I can provide value to – usually through my marketing efforts, they introduce me to that company. And although I may not be able to help all of the companies they introduce me to, I tend to join as an advisor the ones I can help.

As an advisor, I usually give these companies advice whenever they ask me for it. In return, I get shares in these companies. Luckily for me, advising a handful of companies isn’t too time consuming, yet it allows me to have my hand in multiple cookie jars.

A wealth of advice

I don’t have a lot of money, so I can’t afford to lose it. What you probably already realize is that it is easier to lose money than it is to make it. Typically, the money is lost not through stupid things like gambling or ponzi schemes but through bad business decisions.

A dumb mistake can take you back to the days when you were broke and struggling. Luckily, my wealthy friends are smart, and they know the common mistakes that ignorant entrepreneurs like myself typically make.

Instead of them letting me make many of these mistakes, they try to stop me ahead of time. They are always watching out for my best interests, even when I don’t realize it.

Having friends like that is always valuable because once you make a bit of money, they’ll make sure that you don’t lose it. They’ll even help you make more money.


I know that this blog post may have sounded superficial, but everything I said here is true.

Don’t just go out there and force friendships with a ton of rich people because that won’t help you make more money. You have to build “real” friendships, which means that you need to find something in common with these people. More importantly, you have to enjoy each other’s company.

Update: If you are having trouble meeting rich people, consider going to local networking events, business seminars, conferences (you can volunteer and get in for free), country clubs, hotels, upscale bars, and the Internet (forums, websites, blogs, and social networks).

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  1. Neil, I like the advice – but how would you say it applies to people who don’t have rich friends? For example, for someone like me, I’m still in college, so how do you get to know these ‘rich’ people?

    • Adrijus Guscia :

      I’m in a similar situation like you, I guess this is where Internet and books come to help. We can suround ourselves with advice from guys like Neil or Seth Godin or Gary Vaynerchuk and others who share their knowledge. Some lucky ones will get lucky enough to start real frienships through it even. Possibilities now are way better than ever!!!;)

      • It’s better to make an attempt to start now rather than later when EVERYONE figures out how they need to do it.

        • Well Neil rich friends do come in handy for several things. However I think it is better to find real investors that rich friends. Culture also have much to do with it. I do not suppose the same tactics would work in Nigeria unless you are in a scam. Hey just what the image shows me, no racism here.

          Frankly I find most people who got rich relatively late in life or from their family wealth not to be of much value except if I can get their cash. They are very shallow and lack class. They are easily impressed by numbers greater than their current value and as such are unable to think straight to the end of a major project as they can only smell green and want to scam what they can as quickly as they can.

          Frankly they are like regular thieves in my book. In fact rich people seek me out as they lack real brains, but have more cash or can pull more cash than I can to start a new venture.

          They usually never get far as I never reveal all since they are not genuine. In fact they always want to meet with me to pick my brain. I laugh at them and they do not know it. Why pick my brain when you can invest in my brain?

          Why they take time out of their busy schedule to sit and talk with me without an appointment in business rush hour for 2.5 hours baffles me. One thing they all have in common is they like to listen, ever seeking the next big break. That much I like about them.

          But I see your point, being connected with the right folks is best. Also be careful of the 10-20% you speak of. I assume the tips allow you to actually pick the right stocks to trade in. Otherwise if you are telling me the 10-20% is generated in house by the traders and not you doing your own trading it is a ponzy scheme.

          Will call you up for more detail on the trading opportunity. There is room here to raise USD20 million on the local stock market as long as they believe your company can trade well.

          • Also Neil, he has not had any real press since 2007. Interesting facing the fact that since 2007-2009 there has been a shake up in this industry.


            • From the surface he does like a bit shaddy, but once you get to know him you’ll realize he isn’t. I also never gave him access to my cash (he doesn’t want it nor will accept it), but instead I just followed the advice he gave me.

            • Just havent had time to update my press page…lots more, logo circus, irrelevant..focus on the fact that i’m #1 out of 40,000+ traders on, the only site that verifies all trades and investments

          • Thanks for the sharing… as for rich people being dumb, not all are. I have encountered a ton of dumb rich people, but a lot of the self-made rich people are smart.

            As for the stocks, it’s not a ponzi scheme. I am actually buying and selling the stocks in my account…

          • corderia williams :

            Well, I live in Albany,ga and I have 4 kids and I am 37 years old ,married to, I have no friends at all just my mate he is a hard working man,he white and I black,I love him so much,love is what you need more then any thing in this world.

        • Hi Neil,

          I don’t quite agree with your statement on “It’s better to make an attempt to start now rather than later when EVERYONE figures out how they need to do it.”

          It feels more like promoting scarcity and I believed networking with the rich or wealthy is all about abundance and possibilities than having the mindset of not sharing.

          With such scarcity mentality, how does one collaborate with the rich?

    • Find out where the local rich people hang out and then socialize. Try to find something your good at and figure out how you can “sell” your skill.

      • Prostitution? 🙂 just kidding. But rich people in certain cultures are some of the biggest con artist. they will wine and dine you, not literally, until they get all they need to know and run with it leaving you if they are cruel with the restaurant bill.

        • There are a lot of people like that out there, but you just need to know and understand the differences. Sure there will or might be times where you get screwed, but it’s just a lesson for you to learn from and move on.

        • You have to be careful who you choose to be your friend but no matter how much you will try that you can’t be totally protected. Maybe they will rip you off, but learn something from that and don’t make that mistake again in the future.

          • Yes…. if you made a mistake once, please don’t make it a second time. It’s okay for people to make mistakes…. think about it. If many of the inventors from the past made mistakes that led to some of the inventions we have today.

      • I guess this is similar to Charlie Hoehn’s advice in his book RP Grad. Alright, gotta go find me some rich folks 😛

        • I haven’t read it but if that’s what he says, I’m sure it’s a good book ;). Sounds good, looking forward to what happens.

    • I dont totally agree with this post. I like hanging out with rich people because they throw baller ass parties but I think you should surround yourself with hardworking people.

      As you grow higher up in the ranks you will meet richer people and still you have to become friends with the hard working ones not the dbags. But then again do not ever make enemies unless he is a real prick! lol

      Def keep the richer people in close contact because they have a lot of connections. But saying I will make the average of what my true friends are making now.. No Way.. I am going to the top and bringing them with me! So I guess then it will still come out to a close average lol. Till later party on and happy new year!

      • Well of course you need to screen out the rich people who are useless to you and the ones you can actually learn from. Well If you’re not making the average, I hope you making a ton more. Then what that means is that you need to find some new friends to add that are now better than where you’re at now.

    • 行花市 :

      you can meet a lot of rich people in college just by going to class alone. i knew a lot of them. if that doesnt work, then join a fraternity. there usually is a frat on each campus known for being the rich boys. you can also ask which frat has the most expensive membership fees. we used to call frats a way to buy friendship, and that can be applied in your situation. you can also meet a lot of rich people in high school via prep schools which is something that i attempted but the results were not what i wanted.
      i have found rich people to be incredibly selfish. my experience was that they never wanted to give anything and were much more 小气 (stingy; narrow; petty). ive also found that these so called rich people were the ones asking me for stuff all the time.
      i am actually quite surprised with neil’s attitude because it is not typical of rich people at all. he seems to want to share his ideas. most of the rich people i know would never share any kind of knowledge at all because they think that someone is going to steal their idea and compete with them.

      • Your goal is to find particular “rich” people who you can learn from.

      • You are a hypocrite. Lol
        You have to ask yourself, why should they give you their hard earned money?
        That’s exactly why they should be “stingy”. People like you befriend someone solely to leech off of. If you want money, go earn it yourself. They have no reason to share any ideas with you either. I bet you when a person poorer than you tries to befriend you, you would do the same.
        The whole article is meant to show you how superficial friendships are.

  2. So where do I meet rich people? Will you be my friend?

    • I will be your friend 🙂 You can meet rich people at networking events, high end clubs, upscale bars etc.

    • Try to go our in the world more often 🙂 Just kidding. You can meet people online, but don’t forget to socialize in the real world also.

      • Lol, yes you never want to get so emerged in the online world that you forget about talking to real people. Mix it up…. find places to go, people online and change it up.

        • Neil

          I am assuming you realize that the video that starts your “rich friends” blog is satire, but then it seems weird you would use it. The rich boys from old white east coast money? Smug boys from rich parents and social circles…that are having fun… but at who’s expense? Many wealthy people, although they are not alone, have lost touch with what is really important in life, and what is “karmicly correct” (my term).

          Follow the money back…. through every transaction and merger. Look at all the labor involved, laws passed and bribes taken. Follow it all the way back, to where it came out of the ground or out of the sea. Then you will be a person with real perspective, grounded in the reality of the costs…. to yourself and your soul, other people, the flora and fauna and the planet as a whole. You, and every one else, will be more well rounded and mature, when you can see the bigger pictures (like global conglomerates, sweat shops and environmental degradation) and much more useful to the evolution of the human race. Don’t forget your roots or get too lofty.

  3. Textbook Rental :

    This is really true, you become who you hang around. Your current friends don’t want you to be sucessful or get ahead because it will make them “feel bad about themselves” it has nothing to do with you. So if you really want to be sucessful find people who are and do what they did to get thier.

    Its easier to model them if they are your friend.

    • Right… it’s not about them, it’s about you and your future. If you want to control your future success, you MUST absolutely decide to hang around the right people.

  4. Neil,

    Your sphere of influence is easily altered by those around you. The quality of your friends (in this case measured in success overall… but that could be an entirely sperate post which I think I will do) greatly effects your ability to be a part of great opportunities.

    If creating success and wealth are part of your goals, as it is for many then surrounding yourself with those who have done accomplished the task will naturally yield results.
    As you said, you should only be friends with people on their pure friendship merit. However if they happen to have parallel success desires, there should be a natural chemistry…. A rising tide floats all boats; therefore those friends will WANT to see you succeed right along with them.

    Great post, I am sure you will get some interesting comments on this one.

    • hmmm very interesting saying Travis. Thanks so much for your input. What’s interesting is that friends who aren’t so well off are actually more interested in seeing you fail and being more so at their level. That’s why it’s so important to figure out what your criteria is in a friend.

      • The whole idea of a friendship is to have common ground and be mutually beneficial. Those benefits can come in a variety of forms, but often times in business the value is derived from different perspectives that get us (or in this case the rich friends) thinking in a way that may help revolutionize the way they do business.

        Creativity is one thing that is not limited by financial means, and is often times more stifled with the more income a person has. Thanks for the response!

        • It’s not that you also need to be rich to hang out with the rich…. you can simply become more knowledgeable about xyz and be able to present to mr. /ms. rich person and wow the hell out of them. You doing that will allow them to take care of your for the help.

  5. Hey Neil, your advice makes sense. Friends, or at least “real friends”, do help each other and celebrate each other’s successes. But I kinda agree with Sachit Gupta’s response. “where can I meet rich friends?”

    I guess, you also need to attain a level of success before you develop such friendships. It may hurt but it’s true: those who have more can earn more. and those who have less have to prove themselves first.

    • You don’t necessarily have to… you can really just fake it till you make it. Where to find these people??? Go to conferences or networking events to start with.

    • Why all of you are asking where to meet rich people?? You can meet them at a party, at a movie, on the internet, walking on the street so you never know where you will meet them, but when you do try do establish a connection, that’s all.

      • lol… yes there are a lot of people out there, you just need to take action and go out and do it.

        • 行花市 :

          you can move into a rich building, or neighbourhood. that is also how i have met a lot of rich people. they will invite you over for dinner just because youre neighbours. i did not intentionally move into these rich buildings or neighbourhoods to meet these rich people. i just liked living in nice environments. i get along better with people from the “hood”. im also talking about american, and western rich people, as i think they are somewhat different from the rest of the world. i dont mind meeting rich people from other countries. i just remembered that there are lots of rich foreigners in china. i ran into quite a few of them on skype. they used to have a chat program, but have since disabled it. i also talked to alot of other successful people around the world on skype. which gives me an idea. since skype no longer does the chat thing anymore, maybe someone can pick that up. i think the reason why there were so many successful people chatting on skype was because people use skype to make long distance calls, and a lot of successful people rely on long distance calls for business and personal reasons. rich people are also cheap, so obviously they are going to want to use the cheapest method of making calls. joining an expensive gym also helps. if you are in a gym that has membership fees of $300 a month, then obviously you are not going to meet any poor people in there. posh ski resorts is another place i have run into alot of rich people. then of course, also airports is a place you are guaranteed to run into rich people, and they usually give you a business card before they leave.

          • Those are all great ideas… and generally you’ll want to be in areas where you find people who you’d like to learn from. Meaning, you want to surround yourself with people who you’d like to be similar as.

  6. David Siteman Garland :


    This is exactly what you talked about when you came on my show and it is on point.

    Yes, of course be friends with people you like first.

    However, in the business, entrepreneurial and even marketing world, you become more like you hang out with.

    Remember when you were little? Your mom probably said something such as “Neil, don’t hang out with little Johnny…he is a BAD INFLUENCE.”

    Same is true in business.

    Hanging out with people that have big drive, make things happen, are successful, only makes you pick up more of those qualities.


    And you will probably have a whole heck of a lot of things to talk about.

    • Great example! Mom has been right with you as a child and right with you in business! Listen to your moms everyone 😉

    • there is nothing called bad influence.. i have learnt from the worst friends of mine.. there is always something to take away from any friend..

      • Well not always… you never want to surround yourself with “losers”… people who are negative, don’t care about moving forward. Your better off surrounding yourself with winners… people who are interested in moving forward (not necessarily rich)

        • new point.. i never felt the bad influence people were loosers.. they actually are.. they talk too much and do less work..
          as u always say.. nike.. just do it…

  7. Bradley Gauthier :

    Out of everything that has resulted from me going to a private college, meeting lots of rich folk is hands down the best part. I was not rich during college (my student loans can prove that) but since graduation, my fellow alumnus have mostly all gone onto successful ventures. It’s great company to be around!

    I enjoyed the post Neil! I completely agree!


    • Well that’s perfect Bradley and the best way to begin your life after college.

      • My name is Gabriella. My rich mentors have always tell me , the people you surround yourself around you will become.

        Just that no more no less…

        Learn from the losers… Learn from the successful poor people.. Learn from the educated… Learn from the rich whatever you choose to be learn from that person… They are you mentors which helps you become successful

  8. Hi Neil – great advice. The update is key. I wonder how many people will read this, only to ignore the advice because they don’t CURRENTLY have any rich friends. Like everything worthwhile, this may require some effort, but the payoff, as you have stated, is well worth it. Not just the financial payoff, but rich guys are usually smart guys and pretty fun to hang out with.

    • They may not all be smart or fun to hangout with, so you want to choose them carefully. Do with them as you would with any friend.

  9. Great advice. Sometimes it’s hard to get too close with certain individuals but if you consider a number of mentors, one will accept for sure.

    • It’s a numbers game and you won’t get everyone for sure, but your bound to get a few. That’s really all you need to move forward.

  10. If you hang out with nine broke friends, you’re bound to be the tenth!

    Spot on conclusion.

  11. This post is just hilarious. Really interesting but still hilarious. I’m not mocking you or being annoying I just found it funny the way that it’s written. You’re obviously trying to not sound bad, which you don’t at all – you’re just being honest.

    I really need to get some rich friends. All of my friends are at University at the moment (or college if you’re in the US), so they’re all paupers. Networking as a freelancer is pretty difficult but I’m going to be working at it much harder in the New Year.

    By the way your notification still isn’t working for me.

  12. Andrew @ :

    This is really great advice. Birds of the same feather, flock together… and they help each other.

  13. Antonio Fisher II :


    I was just discussing this subject with my fiance. We both agreed that we truly love our current friends. However, we know that in order to reach the level of life satisfaction we are desiring we are going to have to get out there and mingle with people. In Particular, people that will stretch us to the next level and people we can in some way impart value to.

    Our ultimate goal is to reach a certain level of affluence, social capital and good ol fashion hard cash that would give us authority to then inspire our current level of friends.

    I noticed its much easier to get people to follow you when you have actually model in real life the growth you speak about.

    • It’s a fantastic topic to discuss with your significant other so you did a great job right there. It is a lot easier for people to follow you when you actually have proof of your success.

  14. One thing I’d add is that the internet makes it so much easier to hang out with the right type of people.

    I’d change the title from rich to positive or successful, but who you align with and interact with online speaks volumes, and in the same way, you’ll get access to opportunities you never dreamed of.

    If you’re a blogger, hang out online with serious professional bloggers.

    • The internet lets you connect with people you’ve never been able to connect with before. That right there is a tremendous opportunity for you to make it big!

  15. Chris Peterson :

    Thanks for great post. I absolutely agree with your statement. According to me, if we are hanging with rich people then we can get little idea to rich like they

    • You’ll get many ideas to bounce around your head for a while… make it a goal to go to these types of networking events.

  16. Best Portland Painters :

    your advice is really worth. because there are some people who will be hanging around rich people just to satisfy their unwanted desires and also spoil them….

    • There are too many “gold diggers” out there (male/female) which do try and fake a friendship with the rich folks. It’s normal, but that just comes back to me telling you to do it by being genuine, it’s a lot more impactful.

  17. Remember Bernie Madoff was a real rich person and look what happened to him…your advice is smart to a point but it doesn’t replace due diligence for investments…for example, you shouldn’t invest in commercial real estate if you don’t understand how it works.

    • Obviously there are exceptions to any rule… he was an evil man who ended up screwing over a lot of people. A lot of SUPER SMART people. That’ doesn’t mean those people aren’t super smart, they just ended up getting majorly screwed. It happens…

    • 行花市 :

      i think there are always rich people looking for a fall guy. not saying all rich people are like this, but alot of them tend to engage in some less than honest activities, and i cant think of very many rich people who dont cheat on their taxes. i guess todd talking about madoff, reminded of charlie sheen’s character in wall street. charlie sheen had a happy ending in that film, but i think that reality is a lot different from that film, and lots of young guys who want to make it end up following a guy like michael douglas, and because they are naive and ambitious end up getting bit, and taking the fall for the majority of the fraud, while the real master mind walks away scott free.

  18. Neil – I can only guess the demographic of your reader base here, but I would have liked this one better if it played back a little more on the average niche of your readers. Most of the readers here seem to be very ambitious, and for that the post seems to fit in great for it gives them something to look a little closer at if they haven’t thought about it before while everyone grows their business, skills, and interests every day.

    Personally, I don’t necessarily agree with the theory in general which I have come across before. Since I do very well and my 5 best friends who I still keep in touch with from childhood all make 5 figure salaries and I am still able to generate much, much more without this theory. I think there are those who need the “company” to make better business decisions and those who are already there and rely on their “real” friends to keep people like me grounded, and I wouldn’t trade them in for any amount of money (and I know that’s not what you’re implying here). But you are right in that it’s vital to have a mentor who has “made it who can provide solid advice to people.

    Can’t agree more on the bad business decisions and money being easier to lose, been there too. Maybe a good Mentor article would be a nice follow up to this entry!

    All the best,

    • You may be doing well Matt (which is awesome) but you can be doing better. Your closest friends maybe costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Think about that for a sec….

      • There’s always room for improvement, but I think you may have misunderstood my original comment…

        Even with the ability to be surrounded by wealthy, smart business people alike, my true closest friends are the ones who are not multi-millionaires and for good reason. And the ones who I am able to be surrounded by in business are successful, but they aren’t exactly my friends.

        I would never in a million years think about my closest friends costing me hundreds of thousands of dollars, ever. Happiness is not defined by success, rather success is defined by happiness.

        • That’s exactly what I’m going at here… your closest friends are the ones that have the biggest impact with you…. change your closest friends and you’ll notice a drastic change in your income. Look, I’m saying that you should do this now… because 99.9% chance is that you won’t. Just don’t rule out the fact that changing your core group CAN have a drastic impact.

          • I have the best of both worlds since my income is very large and my closest friends keep my ego in check. Sure, there are those that need to follow this type of analogy but I think your post would have been far better off following a “Mentorship” program to get them started vs. ditching who their friends are. It’s how I got started without having to change who my core friends are and landed very big accounts. Otherwise your “value” system becomes mostly about your wallet vs. your heart and soul. And THAT’S what drives us to succeed, otherwise people end up with a fat head vs. a fat wallet.

            • Well a mentorship is great, but it’s something a lot of people cannot do…maybe it’s money or it’s something else… That’s why a powerful way to at least START the process is by getting rid of the losers who are contaminating their life.

              • If Mentor’s are charging then look harder. offers one of the best programs available in the U.S. and I have met some of the smartest people in business, and it’s FREE. I’m also not so sure they would recommend cutting out your friends like you are suggesting here.

                I can see the point you are trying to make Neil, in fact it’s a pretty common attribute most success stories do recommend, but I still think you’re missing a key ingredient here which is balance. Just because people don’t earn a certain level of income there’s still ways to go around learning what it takes to be successful without kicking your real friends to the curb.

                • Hey Matthew, thanks for sharing that site… is amazing. I think it’s a great site for people to get free advice from. Balance is fine.. but the problem is when people try to balance, they end up letting the negative people eventually overpower them. It’s like cancer… it only takes 1 cancer cell to spread through out the body, just like it takes 1 negative friend to ruin your chances at success.

                  • The original topic here was about the balance of your friend’s bank account, not about their negativity. I know some of the most brilliant, altruistic people in this world who don’t make anything close to 6 figures, but does that mean people should drop them as friends?

                    Re: – you’re welcome. Every entrepreneur needs to seek the advice of a mentor.

                    • Not everybody Matthew, just the people who don’t help you move forward… People who don’t want to do anything with their life and would rather just do nothing.

                • Don’t cut out your current friends, but if there are some you don’t want to get as involved with, slowly drift apart. Just don’t go cold turkey on them. That’s the best way.

      • 行花市 :

        what about the old saying, never mix business with pleasure?

  19. I sort of agree. I’ve heard the theory before and it could work. It goes along the same lines of: if you want to be happier, hang out with happy people. If you want to be more positive, hang out with optimists – and so on. Simply, be the person you want to be and surround yourself with supporters.

    Happy Holidays, everyone. Here’s to a prosporous 2010!

    • Happy people want to be around happy people while mad angry people want to kill happy people… So yes, ultimately you want to hang out with people that you would eventually want to become.

  20. First off, Tea Party video = EPIC.

    Second off, how much of an influence do you think place of residence has on yearly income? Obviously cost of living is higher in big cities, but I’m curious if the place you live has the same correlation as your top five friends.

    Just something to ponder…

    • Well the place where you live has an impact on your salary, not your friends. You can live in a ghetto apartment in downtown yet have wealthy friends in the suburbs.

  21. Interesting.. I don’t currently have rich friends but I do have other similarly motivated friends who actually introduced me to the idea of trying to start web businesses after meeting him. Ever since we’ve both bounced ideas off of each other on a regular basis and generally motivated each other.. I’ll have to make sure I more aggressively network with others in the entrepreneurial club at my school.

    • Adrijus Guscia :

      Actually is similar to how current IM big names like Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Walker, Filsaime and others have risen. They became friends through conferences (I believe) and grew together as a group, friendly competition and help catapulted them to success. And at first sight they should be competing with each other constantly. Seems like contradiction but that’s true. I don’t know if they had richer friends but they sure had great mastermind group! 🙂


      • And that’s exactly what you should be trying to do here… create a powerful mastermind group to help you grow up to their level.

    • Well don’t get rid of these friends, just find a way to add more people to the mix who are at a higher quality.

    • 行花市 :

      i dont know if you will necesarily meet rich people at an entrepeneurial club at a school. people who join these clubs want to get ahead. most likely you will find lower to middle class people in these kinds of clubs. rich people are not as desprate to get ahead. particularly young ones, because they are already rich. they dont usually take the traditional route to get to the top because they already have proper connections. i went to school around alot of rich people in both high school, and university, and i just remember their main focus to be getting drunk and high. maybe a good place at school would be the a.a. club, if you have one, or rehab. i think the movie american psycho does a good job at portraying rich people.

      • not all rich people are going to be great role models, you need to choose them wisely. It’s important for you to understand that you’re not just choosing rich kids from high school. You want to surround yourself with rich successful men and women who do what you want to do.

  22. Great advice indeed. Poor people have reason to hangout with the rich but why would rich people hang out with an average joe?

    • It’s what you bring to the table… it’s not that you’re just the average joe, it’s that your a highly energetic person who wants to make it successful. Pat their ego a bit…

  23. Brian Kevin Johnston :

    Neil….Very Very thought provoking post… Your assessment of making and keeping money is accurate in my experience… If I take my my top 5 friends divide by five, the income is very similiar…. Earning “hundreds of thousands” of income a year is great, but I want to make “millions” a year, so guess what, I need to “augment” my “friend pool”, and I higly recommend the readers to follow the advice of this post…

    HOWEVER, without Faith/Family/Friends/Fitness (health) Money has ZERO influence in self worth…

    Blessing to ALL this Holiday Season!

    Best, Brian-

    • That’s exactly why you need to make a commitment to start putting yourself in opportunities and situations where you’re with bigger and better people.

  24. Neil:

    I believe I have not misunderstood your post. It is gracious of you to credit your wealthy friends with the advice and opportunities they have given you. They sound like a great group.

    In my experience (I’m a little younger than you) I have found that when you pick your friends according to your values you tend to find good ones. Business, entrepreneurship, creating wealth and prosperity, as well as giving are all good values that we can portray to people. Those who respond present potential friendships.

    One of my close friends/business partner/mentor happens to be almost 40 years older than I. Yet, the age gap matters very little because the foundation of values is very strong between us. He is both rich and wealthy, but has graced me with friendship and knowledge, which has been invaluable.

    Happy Holidays to all the Quicksprouters.

    • Wow… good for you Chris. I think that you having a friend much older, more successful and, and much wiser than you is amazing. Happy holidays to you to my friend.

  25. Does this mean we can hang out? No, seriously, spot on. I came to this realization myself in the last year, that in order to attain my goals in life, I have to align myself with those goals in all ways, including friendship.

    Great post.

    • I go to various conferences so if you’re at the same one I’m at, let me know. To obtain your goals, like you said, you must align yourself with the right people.

  26. That is totally true. I can gather your insistence for people not to take it the wrong way.

    I personally dont have many rich friends, but have started to hang around more with my business partners, as they seem like the only ones around me with the same mindset.

    • Well most people don’t, which is why you need to run not walk to start looking out for those people… keep a genuine interest and you’ll find people in no time.

  27. Inherited old money “rich” or self-made “rich”? I knew a guy from a rich family who was a fool who wasted it all on overpriced apartments and booze.

    It’s better to hang out with ambitious poor folk who are hungry for wealth and not idle rich, even an unemployed guy with no business to speak of but full of excellent ideas.

    Question: how could a true entrepreneur tie up his money buying stocks getting a measly 5 to 20% when investing in one’s own (successful) business could get hundreds of percent return?

    5% to 10% raises are for the rat-race.

  28. ML Web Consulting :

    Basically, you’re touching on an old biblical principle, you “reap what you sow”. Meaning, what ever you put in, you get back. So if you put in good listening around your rich friends and you execute what they say, more than likely you’ll get good results. But I disagree with you slightly, in a friendly way, of course :). I think rich people give good advice, not the best advice. I think the “best advice” comes from people who are successfully in a position of where you want to be. For example, you provide “great advice” for me not because you’re rich, but because you successfully created and run an internet marketing consulting business,…similar where I want to be. So the advice you provide, tend to resonate more with me than my rich buddy who currently makes his money in real estate and MLM scams, err I mean businesses.

    To sum up my point, Donald Trumps real estate advice doesn’t mean squat to me. My passion and dream involves web design and internet marketing. Give me someone who’s successful at that and I’m all ears.

    ~ ML

    P.S. If this gets posted three times, sorry, please delete the others.

    • The point is that you start mixing yourself with people who you’d like to become… Trumps advice may not appeal to you because he’s not really who you want to become. Find successful people who are in your industry and hang around people like them.

  29. Great advise! Just like they say: Lay Down With Dogs – Get Up With Fleas! Thanks for a reminder! What forums would you recommend to hang out on? What are your favorites? Thanks!

    • You will definitely need to fish around, but I suggest you start by searching for investment type blogs like or sites of that nature.

      • 行花市 :

        neil. you obviously have a lot of people here who have common goals who also want to reach out. i am giving you an idea here. since you have run a pretty successful blog here, why not take it to the next level? you can create a chat. i suggest a voice chat. i dont know how popular it will become, but i think generating a chat or even social networking site of some sort would allow you to expand on what is already a good thing. theres a site called that allows you to create your social network. anyone can do it. if you have something like that linked to this, then i can see a bigger future for you in this realm.

  30. For the first 3 months of a business school I was enrolled in we had an assignment to go and interview 100 successful people in business. You could not pass 6 months of that school if you didn’t complete this assignment. You would be amazed how much you learn talking to people in business. And you world make unbelievable friends out of nowhere (and get a bunch of partnership offers!) Everyone should do it before starting a new business. 🙂

    • Wow, that’s actually a very…very smart idea for a homework assignment. I agree.. everyone should make that a prerequisite before they start a business.

      • Yeah, my former prof suggested we do this too, make up an assignment and tell the people you’re interviewing. He even said he’ll back us up and say it’s his assignment, lol.

  31. StocksonWallStreet :

    If you read into the details Tim Skyes isn’t as great as he sounds, he fakes some of the gains on covestor by not distributing real info on how much he puts in each position etc. Feel free to google his name and read what the real trades/hedge fund managers say about it and why he has never been offered a job on the street. Tim Skyes is barely making over $1 million a year where if he was that good of a trader for a top bank such as Goldman Sachs or J.P. Morgan then he would be raking in over $5-$10 million if not more. Its a fraud scheme and personally I would never recommend reading his blog.

    • For a guy like Tim Sykes, yes you will find a ton of articles that beat the crap out of his name…but the truth is, how many people really do know him personally? Not everyone will become a wealthy millionaire…many will too.

      • 行花市 :

        there was a very interesting piece done on the bbc about british businessmen who tried to make it rich in china. in there was a guy who was quite dodgy. his name is vance miller and has a very bad reputation. they call him the kitchen gangster. the video itself was interesting and i think it’s called brits get rich in china. neil, what do you think about people who try to get rich in china, or india with gdp growth of 10% yearly? what do you think about the international market in general? how do countries compare to each other?

        • I think there is nothing wrong with people in India or China trying to get rich, as long as they are doing it in an ethical fashion.

          I love the International market. It brings a lot more opportunities as their populations are much larger than the U.S.

          I think all countries are good in their own way. You just have to figure out their strengths and weaknesses and how you can leverage it for business.

    • StocksonWallStreet :

      Ya but there is no talent in what he does its just the shear fact that he puts huge momentum into these stocks and tells everyone to buy them. There is little trading volume among these stocks so he makes money while others get screwed. Its a pretty spammy and low-life system so anyone in the knows of investing, in the financial has no respect for guys like Tim Skyes, that is the honest truth.

      • I personally have put money into his system and it works. I do think he has talent because most people are down in the market.

        As for Covestor, if you sign up it replicates his account. I tried it out… so I know how much Tim is really going in and it’s a decent chunk of change.

    • Bring it you little bitch…read my 2000 blog posts and see that my strategy isnt scalable, thats why i teach others…more $ in it for me to teach people to make 5 or 6 figures/year…

      as for faking trades, post your address and i’ll send you my statements…the simple genius of my biz model is that i am 100% honest…people cant believe it…i look forward to you becoming one of my top students…they all start out as haters due to all the frauds in my industry, i’m the only real guy, ALL trades are verified and i’m willing to teach u every step of the way you goon

      (or you are a stock promoter who doesnt like me educating suckers)

  32. Looks like I have no friend come in this category. 🙁

  33. Hey Neil,

    I read your blog all the time, so I guess I could consider you one of my wealthy friends 😉


  34. mma pound for pound :

    my comment in this post lose, why neil?

    • Hey bud, many over your comments were just 1 worded or short phrased answers. Sometimes they just repeated what I wrote in the article. For comments to be kept on Quicksprout, they need to be detailed useful to the audience.

  35. Thanks for a reminder! What forums would you recommend to hang out on? What are your favorites? Thanks!

  36. Interesting.. I don’t currently have rich friends but I do have other similarly motivated friends who actually introduced me to the idea of trying to start web businesses after meeting him.

    • Those are great friends to have, but don’t just put a limit there. Go to events, conferences, online forums etc. and keep networking to find people in hire up places. The more people you know, the better you’ll do.

  37. Good One Neil! To b honest with u I ve been through that too! I lost many friends over the last years bc I think you turn out like your closest friends, so I rather stay alone than being friends with some of my old friends, who tell u about their problems all day lone – u know those people who complain all day etc hate that stuff! u re right to tell people that stuff but society will misunderstand this, though its right times 10! but everybody who knows a bit about life knows what u mean and it aint about money!!!!! greets from the heart , thome

    • Remember, you didn’t “lose” friends, you gained more free time to find people that can help you succeed. Unfortunately people will misunderstand it, but I’m glad you got what I’m talking about.

  38. Hi Neil, i started reading your site just a few days back. Thanx for such a gem of an article. Its sheer truth. Though i don’t have many rich close friends, but one of my close friend have this canny ability to make rich friends. Through him i keep meeting some of them.

    But one thing that comes to my mind is you too have to be rich to make rich friends. But i can do one thing that always surround myself with people like whom i want to be. I dont know about others but in India, contacts and jugaad are much valued.

    • Well the truth is that most people won’t have rich friends, but they’ll know someone who knows someone type of deal. Even if your rich friends are to the 2nd or 3rd degree, you’re that much closer to surrounding yourself with the right people. You personally don’t have to be rich, you just need to be able to provide something others can’t.

  39. Hi Neil, I started reading your blog few days back and I really appreciate what you write here. Its like you are combining daily life with profession.

    Suggested a good way to make money, a little ditch is always good for making money and required as well.
    Ditch someone and you will become rich to be ditched by someone 🙂

    • Yes, stop focusing on your friends for a moment and think about your own future… whether you want to “ditch” them completely or not is up to you…. just make sure you spend more time with the right people (people you want to become like)

  40. Merry Christmas, Neil! Just wanted to thank you for the great articles this year and thank you for taking the time to reply to nearly every comment – you’re a beast!

  41. Giorgio Sironi :

    Holy crap, many rich people are rich not because of their entrepreneurial spirit but because they have rich fathers. Surround yourself with those people and you’ll find yourself pouring money directly down the drain to support this lifestyle. Hang out with active people, whether they are already rich or not.

    • No, that isn’t true… not all rich people are that way because of their fathers… some are, but not all or even many. You don’t necessarily have to hang out with people who make a ton more money than you, but ideally you should spend your time with people you want to become like.

  42. But what if you don’t have any and are surrounded by people of average wealth?

    • Most people are in the same predicament as you are… that’s why you need to take the extra effort to go out and find those type of people. Whether you find them in person or online, you need to go find them.

  43. OK Where’s Biff and Buffy? You are right about surrounding yourself with the type of people you want to become. Peer pressure is a powerful ting ya know….

    • Yes…. and most people are just locked into a negative lifestyle of negative friends who prevent them for reaching the levels of success they want. This is exactly why it’s important to ditch those people and move forward.

      • Learn WordPress :

        I agree, most people tend to hang out with people they would prefer to not to be like. Then they wonder why they are always down on themselves and never get anywhere.

        It can be tough to say goodbye to friends, but sometimes you just have to do it.

  44. This is the most superficial and bare-bones way to phrase an abstract and sensitive topic. I think the age-old way to say it is this: Hang out with successful people.

    • You are misunderstanding what I wrote…. you need to hang out with people who are doing what you want to do at a high level. That’s the message you should take from all of this.

  45. Ivan - Silver Empire :

    This is so true.
    I had a chance to meet some of rich-influential people, and have some friendship-relationship with them. But is because they saw the potential in me, and they know if they have me around them will help bout us meet some of our goals. So we can help each other grow.
    But on the other hand, influential-rich people can see when you hang out with them only because of benefit to YOU. And they don’t like to BE USED. They are surrounded people like that all the time, and they ignore them.

    “Give , and you shall receive”


    • Exactly… they are almost always SMART enough to see that. You should never hang out with them just for the reason of them having money… hang out with them with the intention of helping them in whatever way you can and learning from them.

  46. I think what we’re looking for here are more mature friends Neil. We’re looking for supportive backgrounds in our friends in terms of achieving mutual success. I support you, you support me.

    Unless you are a better entertainment system then the xbox 360, Real rich people will not spend time and money trying to make you wish you were their friends. Even at a high end club you will run into wannabes, showboats or even high earners with high debt, NOT rich people. In a true study real rich usually spend time with their closest friends, family, investment studying/advisors/analysis, and surprisingly, stuff that doesn’t cost much money. There is a study on millionaires. read “the millionaire mind”. the real vs. illusionary aspect of the book is pretty startling.

    • I agree with you 100% maybe man, and that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Thanks for recommending the book, I think it would be a great read for anyone. In the begining though, in order for you to find “rich” people, you need to start by taking the basic routes to find them. As you begin to grow, you’ll notice yourself surrounding yourself with the type of people you’d like to become. This is when you’ll have to start filtering the real from the phonies.

  47. Excellent post, Neil. It sounds superficial, but it isn’t. Like minded individuals seek each other out…water seeks it’s own level and all of that jazz…

    • It does sound superficial but it’s the real deal… you can say that you’re all about friends that you knew for your life etc., but that’s not the mindset of someone who’ll make it a high level.

  48. In the UK we have a TV show called the Secret Millionaire. This is where a millionaire goes undercover into a poor area of the country and lives a life on benefits for a week or two and then after their time is up they give large gifts to people that they have met that are ‘desearving’ of the gift.

    One thing that is apparent when watching is that the rich man learns much more about life when living on the breadline than the poor people learn from the rich man.

    • I agree with that and yes it’s a great show! It’s interesting to see stuff like that happen (not on reality TV). Not only is it interesting, it’s flat out inspirational.

  49. “For a moment, think about your 5 closest friends. Take each of their salaries and add them up. Now divide that figure by 5.”

    I did that few months ago. And shared that lesson with my equally broke friend who has been struggling in business too for few years now.

    All my closest friends at the moment are employees. I know it’s a challenge to have close friends who are successful entrepreneurs but it’s not impossible. Am sure one can meet and befriend like-minded people whose only difference is that their net worth is higher than yours. And that’s good.

    I enjoyed reading this post including the comments.

    Thanks Neil.


    • It’s not impossible… you need to make an effort to go out and look for them. Try websites like or websites that deal with investing, entrepreneurship etc. and mingle with those people.

  50. Jennifer Nelson :

    Your blog post reminded me of an article I read on ScienceDaily titled “Obesity is Socially Contagious”
    Here’s the link:
    So people can say what they will about your article, but if its been proven that obesity is contagious via social network, I believe wealth and a wealthy mindset are probably also linked in a similar fashion.

    My blog is actually about me creating this “sphere of influence” by creating real world meaningful connections. My background is in sales and I made 100k before I was 30 selling medical software. Many of my friends believed I had really “made it”. I disagreed. I knew there was far more out there to be had. And then came the internet. The effing glorious internet and all of its awesome powers. Not surprisingly these same “friends” aren’t interested in “the internet”. So I am now actively seeking others who “get it” to connect and collaborate with. And in this new web 2.0/convergence/whateveruwanttocallit world, If you seek, you shall find. Good luck to all you wealth seekers :>)

  51. HOBO(nickname) :

    Are you trying to say:
    Search rich people who are having something in common that I have And be friends while thinking at the back of mind that they will be helpful for future earnings?

    – If yes, then sorry. Mostly nobody search rich or poor people.
    What matters in the long run is good heart. Many times in life you are full of money And you are lonely. And many times you are empty pockets And you are not lonely specially when you are old And that is long run. Money is important for basics needs And happiness do not require money to smile. And if yes, then the smile is fake.

    Old And having a mansion with empty rooms is equivalent as Hell.
    Old And having a single room with friend/s is equivalent as heaven.

    Friends are assets not money.

    • You’re getting the wrong idea… you mingle with people who are much more better than you in order to take yourself to higher levels. You only need to dump friends who are negative and bring you down.

  52. I love rich people that are completely shallow and completely disrespect money. Of course they are not my best friends, but definitely a good time.

    • lol… not all rich people are like that… you just need to find the people who aren’t like that (to learn from)

      You can keep the ones you have for having a good time though!

  53. I think one should not only be friends with the rich but with people who are willing to share their tips and the likes.

  54. Ok.. so you meant rich and entrepreneurial friends. I believe that while it is very important to have friends from diverse income ranges and backgrounds. While rich friends do teach us a lot, the rich friends themselves might have learnt a lot from their poorer friends.

    • Very true… and that’s exactly how someone can go from being poor with average friends to being 1 step closer to success by hanging out with people that are better off… you can provide something to them that they can’t get else where… like life lessons etc.

      • Yeah I know.. but what I feel is its attitude that’s more important than how rich the friend is.. of course there is a high positive correlation between good attitude and wealth..

        • It’s about what they are wanting to accomplish… if the person is looking to grow and works hard doing so, that’s the type of person that would be a good fit as a friend.

  55. So where do I meet rich people? Will you be my friend?

  56. Excellent post, Neil. It sounds superficial, but it isn’t. Like minded individuals seek each other out…water seeks it’s own level and all of that jazz

    • I can see how it sounds superficial and that’s why I put that box above. Always seek out people who think the way you think but do what you want at a high level.

  57. This advice I support. So much can be learned from the successfully wealthy. They are comfortable with taking risks and managing failures in to successes.

    • They are comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. When you do the things others won’t do, you’ll have the things others will never have.

  58. Rich friends have lots of money and they spend lavishly and some times this can lead to drugs, drinks and girls….so choose friends correctly.

    • Yes, you don’t want to be with those type of rich people… be with people who you want to become like and learn from them.

  59. Neil I see a business model here. Matching poor guys who need a friend with rich ones who need the same. 🙂

  60. What do you consider “rich”? Some will say one that makes 250k/yr. Another might say a mil/yr. Another may say more. I myself am an entrepreneur worth roughly around 3 million at 31 years old but even with that I don’t consider myself “rich”… What is considered “rich”?

    • It all depends on the person… you want hang out with people who do what you want to do at a high level. That’s most important.

  61. the post seems to be inspired from rich dad poor dad book..
    i think its true.. what the rich kids think.. whose fathers are businessmen.. there confidence level is high.. then rest of us..

    • It wasn’t, but it’s a pretty basic principle that everyone should follow… especially if you want to become successful in your ventures.

  62. Free CNA Training :

    I know what you are getting at and I certainly agree. A few of my friends come from very well-off entrepreneurial families (we’re still young) and when I’m with their families I learn so much because they talk a lot of business which is something I’m not used to (but grateful that I have the opportunity to learn)

    • That’s fantastic… you have the opportunity that most people have to work hard for. Don’t take it for granted and work your butt off trying to learn as much as you can.

  63. internet savings accounts :

    Of course hanging with rich people only because you are after with their money is not right. You can have harmonious relationship with them if you truly treat them and treat you as friend.

    • You’re not going after them because of their money…read the first thing I wrote. You want to learn from them, see what they do and why. You want to be able to provide value to them with what it is you do. The idea is to improve the standards of your friends.

  64. I have so many friends with a very high monthly income although I don’t know it can be considered as rich people or not. Sadly, none of them look ambitious to build new dream. So, I still unable to get benefit from this relationship. 🙁

    • Well look at what they’re are doing and see if it’s something you want to. In order to be great at something, you should just find out what successful people in your niche are doing and then do the same . If your current friends don’t give you any type of value, find new ones!!

      • That’s right. My big mistake was never hanging out with those who have same niche like me. I think it’s a good advice and I will start to make new friends with this way soon. Anyway thanks Neil!

        • Great… just make the effort by going to places where theses type of people are at… the more people you surround yourself with, even if they don’t become friends, the better habits and qualities you’ll absorb.

  65. Within these two days, I always come here and I can’t pretend that I got a lot of thing from you. However, from all advice you gave, perhaps this is the only one that I can try asap. I hope it will affect me so much. Thanks!

    • Exactly… it’s a simple concept and even though it may not be super easy to do, it’s a big goal you can hold yourself to achieve.

  66. Spencer Forman :

    Hi Neil,

    I first wanted to compliment you on the way you run this site, and your hands-on interaction. It is truly refreshing to see a fair and balanced dialogue going on with your readers even “after” a blog entry has been posted.

    With regard to your advice, I would like add the following:

    Folks who have money, whether earned or inherited, have a different value system assigned to the cost of ordinary transactions. While this may be difficult to bear if you are merely hanging out on a social basis (the restaurants and travel are far pricier), it creates certain advantages when you are attempting to make business deals.

    Ten Thousand Dollars might be a “world” of money to a working class individual, while it is merely a trip to the spa or a car payment to someone of means. Making one large deal with someone for whom that money is “no big deal” is far easier than ten thousand small deals with folks who are watching every penny.

    Likewise, there is a social cost to becoming successful. Humans, by nature, tend to stick with people with whom they share common goals, struggles, and interests. It is much harder to retain your old friends once you have elevated to a new financial level, as the wealth breeds resentment from even the best-intentioned people (“what problems could he possibly have?…He can buy his way out of anything”).

    By seeking new relationships with those who are at the financial level where one aspires to be, it will be easier to handle the inevitable complications that result when one’s old pals realize that you have “left” the hood. Just at the cost to MC Hammer of trying to bring his 70 member “posse” with him to the top.

    Keep up the great work, and Happy New Year.



    • Hey Spence,

      thanks for your input, I can see what you mean, so let me clarify. You don’t want to go after a bunch of rich friends just so you can mooch off them… you want to get with people who are doing what you’re doing at a higher lever…. and then wanting to duplicated it. USING someone is not the intent…. you need t o be able to provide someone with some kind of value (advice, answers,etc. ) Again, thanks for your detailed response.

  67. neil ur site was down the whole 31st december.. wat happened..
    and with relevance to this post.. can we have post from the other side of the world.. the rich guys might be thinking.. well, well.. so wat do they think when poor guys try to hang out with them..

    • It’s not like that… as a “poor guy” your object is to find friends by giving them value. The rich guy doesn’t have to purposely help you, they are getting value from having you around. Website was down, it was probably just a small glitch.

  68. Neil,
    It looks like you look at a variety of investment options. I am curious about your real estate venture in the apartment complex. Nice return, especially in today’s environment. I have started visiting a real estate investment mentoring group that works with people to learn the ropes and even help them get started, for a small fee. Then one can move on to apartments where the returns are better, but of course, the risk can be higher too.

    Would you mind telling us how you evaluate the risk element in purchasing and renting apartments.

    Thanks for all of your info.

    • To be honest, I didn’t evaluate it at all. My friend told me about the apartment complex and he mentioned how his father-in-law was the person who was putting together the deal. My friend said it is one of the best deals he has ever seen.

      So naturally I asked him how much he was putting in and I just matched it.

      My decision was based on the fact that I knew that my friend couldn’t afford to lose the money he invested, so I knew he put a lot thought and effort in analyzing the deal.

  69. Tim Sykes has a 725% return in 2 years. Crap and I thought I knew the markets. This guy knows his stuff. Wow.

    • Yes, Tim really knows his stuff. Definitely a guy to look after because he’s made a ton of money doing what he’s doing.

  70. Not all rich people were made equal.
    * Beware of men who marry into wealthy families. They talk big, are often lazy, and helping you will last as long as it makes them feel good (and since they never feel good it will be a short ride).
    * Beware of women who marry rich men. They often like to be the “queen”. If they are incompetent, their social network is worse.
    * Beware of children who have inherited their wealth. The person who created the wealth is usually the most interesting and helpful, but you’ll never meet them if the parent/child relationship is broken.
    * Beware of children who have inherited their wealth and don’t work or have some BS job title like “film producer”.

    Rich people are not all that.

  71. Maybe I’m still not getting it right but I see no difference between rich and poor friends. The truth is that it is much more probable that I will go to a party with rich friend but simple talk could be achievable by having also poorer friend.

    • Well the rich friends….or qualified rich friends that got rich by doing the right things are great people to surround yourself. The idea behind that is that you’ll be introduced to the right people and also gain the knowledge they have.

    • The thing is that rich people usually did something in order to become rich so they will have some ideas about making money.

  72. Burun Estetigi :

    I do agree almost all what you said. I think having wealthy friends also requires money. New friends are acquired as participating to parties, work meeting and celebrations. Such activities require money and time. If you can afford such activities, you are already a rich man. If you are a rich man, probably your friends are also rich. So you don’t need to acquire wealth friend. What do you say?

    • You don’t need to have money to hang out with rich people, you just need to be good enough to be able to provide them with some kind of value they can’t get from someone else.

      • Cindy Eyler :

        I absolutely LOVE this statement, and it is exactly what I came up for myself in my focus for my work and working with people who are at the ‘rich’ level… I am currently figuring out where my ideal client hangs out. I wasn’t so sure they are hanging out on the Internet and most of the wealthy people I know tend to either entertain at home or rubbing shoulders at high end events such as charity events and other social functions… or traveling… I would love to find out how to get involved in this sorts of events or social scenes and tap deeper into my target market… do you have any ideas?

        • Cindy Eyler :

          wanted to also ask… I see you mentioning networking events and conferences — can you be a little more specific and give examples of which ones? thanks…

        • I would suggest networking and getting involved in business community. Once you are in that community you can be exposed to a lot of these types of conversations.

    • Not really. You can meet rich people in most unexpected ways. Saying that you have to invest money in order to meet rich people is kind of wrong. Rich people are many times just ordinary people which you can meet by walking on the streets or things like that.

      @Neil: It seems that someone is using my name 😀

      • John is a pretty common name 😉 Yes, you can meet rich people in the most random of places… places you would never expect. Goes with the book… “millionaire next door”

  73. Burun Estetigi :

    You are right. Reliability is essential whatever your job is. Impression over people should also be considered. Personal image influences the reliabilty, also contributes what you mean and never be ignored. Your car, your house (even your pen or watch) and something like you have are very important . Those require money…

    • Right, just filter out the people you want to be like and then hang out with them. That’s the best way for you to pick up the right habits for you to succeed.

  74. This is a hard topic… All people put their pants on one leg at a time.

    • Very true.. it just comes to show you that some people got it and others don’t…so be with the people who do!

    • This is exactly what I said. Rich people, kings, queens or whatever are people after all. They do the same things poor or ordinary people do.

  75. Kenan Kapidzic :

    Okay, your argument is that if you want money, you have to contact people who not only have money, but are in the position which is your target. If you ask me, thats pretty logical. Why? Because I have contacted you in the first place because you have made a successful exit (which is awesome and which is also my ambition). Without your success I would not know you. But the result itself, which is the money you got, has imho almost nothing to do with you. Sure, it wasnt only luck, but the cirmumstances made you the money- you “just” took them.

    What I want to say is that for me it doesnt matter if YOU are rich or poor, I am only interested in YOU alone, because you could loose all the money to a chick (lol) or something similar, but this would not be a reason for me to want to have HER. Money comes and goes, its just a REPESENTATION of your skill. So, if someone is broke as I am, he has (I am hoping lol) at least the tools to SHOW that he is big. Nothing else makes him big but his natural skills.

    Thats a huge philosophical problem Neil: “What makes us what we are?” From a practical standpoint your are absolutely right, but at a sublevel its much more difficult to give a right answer (and be aware, I am not saying your wrong, because I havent the right answer). If you ask me, people make money, and not money people. So its important that someone knows what he wants and afterwards he can search for people who can help him out. So, if I want an investor, I contact people with money, if I want special knowledge, I contact someone…you know what I mean.

    For a example, I am currently working on a pretty complex dating site, which is actually a browser game. I am working on it since 2007 (lol, I know, its too long, but the result is imho pretty cool) and currently I am saving money for the development (I tried to code myself, but I just suck at it). To come back to the topic: Someone would conact you to ask for money, and others would just ask you if you like the project.

    The first demand has two problems: Money doesnt transform shit to gold AND nobody knows if something will be successful (your topic about I Can Has Cheeseburger covers this perfect).

    The second has only one problem, the last from the first demand. BUT, it says that I TRUST the skill of the person who I am asking. Thats a HUGE difference, and THATS why for me money doesnt mean much. Skill and money would be the same, if there would NOT be other factors like circumstances, luck and so on. But they are disturbing the relation between the two, and so skill alone is imho king. Eric Schmidt for example says that we should listen to people who want to have an impact on something. And I think thats what your blog commentators suggested (roughly). You on the other hand have a more practical view, which preferes SOCIAL proof, and thats money. But the proof comes after the impact. The proof itself will always be social, and the society is changing (“moving”). So the impact has also to “move” to hit the target, and to create a second proof. But the first and the second proof have seldom to do something with each other (the more extreme the impact, the more extreme is the difference between social proof one and social proof two). Thats why its possible for you to create a similar success as crazyegg, but its almost impossible for Bill Gates to repeat his success.

    I have to admit that I am a loner. I almost have no friends (please be my friend Neil lol ;), but I am aware that I need to have at least a few to be successful. So my strategy is to focus and to contact only people like you (and thats pretty much the strategy you wrote about). I have tried it the other way and contacted many people, but sadly nobody has ambition. So I am know trying to save time, because as you know the Offline social interaction is a damn time burner, plus very often without results or without LONG TERM friendship.

    PS: Noticed that the second break with “you just took them” sounds harsh, but dont take it wrong. 🙂

  76. Interesting. So I am curious, what do we define “rich” here? Are we talking a half-a-mil salary or just mere 6 figures? Are we talking multi-millionaires? I think I am probably more “comfortable” than all my friends, and would not trade a single one for the world. I find this whole concept interesting but not convincing. I have done quite well by myself and have hardly had any “rich” friends all along, just rich ambitions I suppose. Nonetheless, thank you for your post!

    • Having friends that are “rich” (however you define it) is critical… you want to hang out with people who you’d like to one day become. It’s perfectly okay if you were able to do that without rich friends… in fact, good for you. However, in order for you to grow to the next level, you’ll probably have to acquire a new group.

  77. Kenan Kapidzic :


    Its easy to answer your question: As I mentioned in my comment money is a social proof. Without society, no money. So it doesnt matter how much you have or your friends, the only thing that matters is the relation of your amount of money to the amout of your friends. If the difference is low, you CAN be rich, but you have “wrong” friends. If the difference is high, you are in a better position, because either your friends want to be like you (they are hungry, because even if they have money, you have MORE, and therefore they are not rich any more; so they want to be it again! (= to be better than you)) or you are motivated by them and they can help you to achive your goals.

    Money is NOT defined by a hierachical structure, so there is no rules who is “rich” per se. Its like the www, where no website has power by itself. You need other websites to define your site.

    Sure, someone can say “I dont need them” or “I dont need the money”, but people are social beings, which leads to the conclusion that without someone else you cant define yourself, and if you cant define yourself, your identity is dissolving, which leads to the destrucion of your person.

  78. Well the nine friends view also applies to character and values, not just financial. I would also like to point out that being “rich” isn’t always financial. All that said, I don’t want to choose my friends by how much money they have, how shallow is that? I don’t choose my friends by how much money that don’t have either lol! IMO you choose them be character and values. Using that my approach provides me with all kinds friends in all financial strata. Some of my fiends are financially rich, most are not, but we all feel good about ourselves and the “rich” friendships that we have. It is wonderful when non rich are actually friends with rich and they are NOT friends because the non rich is trying to become rich.

    • Ray, what you need to understand is this… have your friends with “character” etc. However, if you want to be successful in let’s say selling widgets… then you need to befriend the top widget salesperson in the company. Surrounding yourself with people like him will help you get to that level.

  79. How would you feel about “friends” who wanted to be your friend because they knew you had money?

    Really think about that. So you would know that if you didn’t have money or somehow you lose your money, then you lose your “friends”. Right?

    How much would you trust them? Better question, how much should you trust anyone trying to get close to you when you have made it.

  80. Hey guys, thanks for the insights. I always needed a reason to hang out with rich people and luxurious lifestyles and now I have it. I am going to spend a lot more time with my dear CEO Scottish friend who bought an airplane just because I told him it was a good idea and asks my advice on what next to spend his fortune on (no I am not kidding!) Now him I’d like to be like….

    • lol… well it’s a great start … you definitely should be grateful you have such a friend. Pick his brain as much as you can.

  81. Learn WordPress :

    Hanging out with rich people is a great way to meet people and learn more about what it is you want to do.

    I think the overall key it to hang out with people that you want to be like, which could be anything from successful to famous.

  82. I think it is best to get some knowledge in psychology in order to know how to keep rich people around, so they do not leave you when they are bored. Then you can just relax and derive from it.

    • Well it’s not really about manipulating them, it’s more so about befriending them, getting to know them and such.

  83. brandon alan scofield :

    I always want to hang out with rich people .. hanging around with them make me open minded …

  84. Neil, I got one doubt. How can i meet the rich people? I am really interested in making money.

    But i dont think rich people will talk to normal people. What do you say?

  85. The chances of me finding a rich person to hang out with are zilch!.

    I get where you are coming from in your post but trying to find them is a harder task. Rich people don’t hang out with us common people. LOL

    • WEll you need to change your mindset around because some do. You need to figure out where they are in your area and starting hanging around those spots.

  86. I don’t find any rich person here in our place… and btw i hate rich people 🙂

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    a friend like you is big help for me, because of this article. i’ll share it to all my friends.

  88. This is a hard topic… All people put their pants on one leg at a time.

  89. The arka teks lyrics :

    All my friends are

    -Business Owners
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    All of them discuss things like this and we all make big money and live it up. The good life folks

  90. i would say you should have all kinds of friends, rich, millonare, multimillonare… nah just kidding, but yeah have all kind of friends and learn all kinds of things

    • I thing its a great idea having a diverse group, but it would make more sense for you to befriend people you’d like to become like.

  91. sell textbooks :

    I don’t think you sound superficial. You are being realistic. If you hang out with a bunch of broke people you don’t need to aim to high to stay on top. But if you hang out with people you can learn from and make you want to do bigger and better things, you’ll end up better off.

    • Ultimately, if your goal is to be successful, you need to surround yourself with people that are similar.

  92. dalaman airport transfer :

    Money is NOT defined by a hierachical structure, so there is no rules who is “rich” per se.

  93. Watch Season :

    Some people say you are the average of 5 people you spend the most time with. Not just when it comes to earnings but personality too. I think they might be right.

  94. Associating yourself with wealthy people is definitely one of the smartest things you can do.

    Being around them on a regular basis, you start to develop habits like them and think like them.

    Through this, you learn what it is that makes them successful and then you can apply the same strategies.

    • Your income is going to be close to the 5 people you hang around the most.

      • is there an actual white paper on this stat?

        Seems like a cliche every accepts without question

        Why 5?
        How close is close?
        Friends = not related? Why?


        • Mark, I am going off empirical data and some very interesting data I came across.

          5 is a cliche. Close means people you can rely on even on a rainy day. Friends can be related 🙂

  95. how is everything big bro…
    mahn you are doing great things… keep it up
    i hope to be your student for sometime because you are my role model. you are a good entrepreneur.
    please reply.

  96. I was fortunate enough to grow up going to private school and then once I hit freshman year my parents threw me to the wolf called public school. It was the best thing they could have done. While I had rich kid friends I had real life experience at the same time. While I had more fun at public school. The friends that were worth keeping around were the ones who came from private school.

  97. It is sad but true. If you hang out with a bunch of losers and people who don’t have a good work ethics, you will have no external influence to so better.

  98. David Carrizosa :

    Great advise Neil! As a fairly new entrepreneur I’m still looking to meet genuine friends who can pass on their experience or contacts to help me do better in my ventures. I have found a 2 or 3 but its been great to come across great human beings who are willing to share their knowledge. I am still looking to find more true friends to build a bond and brake bread with who are doing better then I am. Thanks again for sharing Neil, have a great day!

  99. Oluklu Mukavva Koli :

    You are being realistic. If you hang out with a bunch of broke people you don’t need to aim to high to stay on top.

  100. yeah uhm no i think that would only work if you were friends with bill gates …first off a rich person stays rich cuz there smart with there money

  101. Neil:

    Terrific advice, as always!

    Along the very same lines, I think we can add:

    (1) If you want to be an entrepreneur and a successful one, then hang out with entrepreneurs and successful ones! Cut down dramatically the amount of time spent socializing with “employees,” especially those that are employees not at entrepreneur-type companies (such as yours) but places such as government, big corporations, big stores etc. These folks with their “employee” mindset, “get a job,” 9-to-5, “write a resume,” waiting for retirement etc mentality can be really toxic.

    (2) Choose strategically what blogs and publications you read. E.g., some internet marketing etc blogs, while interesting and somewhat insightful, have like a glass ceiling or glass box – the people behind those blogs have a shrunk vision of what is possible. Not inspiring, unless you, too, want to limit your vision. In contrast, some blogs and people behind them shine with success and the-sky-is-the-limit mentality. These blogs and these people are truly inspiring, and their positive energy inevitably rubs off the readers. At the danger of sounding like I am trying to flatter you, I would say that your Quick Sprout blog is truly inspiring! Great, incredible success of you is evident throughout it. – But also you convey throughout the site that it is the kind of success that we all can achieve through hard and smart work.

    Thanks, Neil, for all your effort and sharing your words of wisdom with us!

  102. Well to me in my eyes you were rich since you even had 50k to invest lol. No, actually I whole heartedly agree. My motto has always been, “If you are hanging with ONE broke person now there are a PAIR of broke people!” You have to shift things and expand your territory of people that you associate with. Preferably people that are actually doing great things tend to rub off!

    • Glad you agree AP, being around people who are doing great things can be truly inspiring as well as motivating.

  103. Interesting Indeed.. I don’t currently have rich friends but I do have other similarly motivated friends who actually introduced me to the idea of trying to start web businesses after meeting him.

  104. Hey Neil,

    I realize this is an old post, but relevant today, the same as when it was written.
    I am a big believer that to get better at a given objective (chess for instance) you must play higher quality opponents. Not likely for me to reach my full potential without having a solid core to inspire me.
    Love the post, and glad I stopped by.

  105. Hi Neil, it’s Really Nice Post. I am Business Man. your Post is Really Helpful for me. I Must Follow Your Tips, Thank you very much for Sharing.

  106. This is the best article ever. But there’s one part that missing.. The loneliness part. What its like being lonely while you wait for opportunities to get out and be more social. there’s an in between stage for sure. After making the list you find that you have no one.. then you start building yourself up.. then you start seeing yourself get to a point where you can free up your time because you still need to have something to offer. But the middle phase is rough and getting through that is key.

  107. Sounds like you are correct. Wealthy people tend to stick together, look out for each other and really hate poor people. That is why we need another Poor People Movement in this country and the world. Neil, if you took your money and invested it other poor people, teach them, show them and lead them, you will make millions. You are just like the 1% always looking for more and who view poor people like insects.

    Rich people are like viruses. They spread, build your trust, make you feel like you are cared for and they they cut you open, take your heart out and kill your spirit.

    Rich people really believe that they are smart enough to lead the world. They believe that they can operate our schools, what we see on tele, what we read and how we behave, and guess what we used to believe that but now we are waking up. The movement is about to begin and poor people will arise again.

    Neil, need to help India rid the caste system and help the poor people in India.

    • Most poor people seem to have very closed/ignorant mind-sets. After a certain age they are there through poor choices. That can lead to a lot of bitterness. Best avoid those people at all costs.

  108. well, rich people have money they are looking to put to work. If you have a great offer it shouldn’t be a hard sell and word of mouth can do the rest.

    Try and sell investments to the poor. Simply cannot work.

    • Mark, I wouldn’t go that far. There isn’t that stringent of a dichotomy between rich and poor. Things are fluid and can change.

  109. Dear, Neil Patel

    can i talk to you by email

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