Getting Rich Quickly Will Make You Poor!

get rich quick

Do you want to make a quick buck? Do you want me to teach you how you can make an extra hundred grand?

Throughout your entrepreneurial life, you’ll hear stories of other entrepreneurs who are making thousands of dollars a day from a business that seems easy to replicate. And if you get lucky, you’ll actually get to meet a few of these entrepreneurs.

But before you make any rash decisions and try to get rich quickly, here are a few things that you need to know:

You really can get rich quickly

Not only have I met a lot of people who are getting rich quickly through businesses that seem easy to replicate, a small portion of my friends are actually in the space and are doing very well.

There isn’t anything wrong with most of these businesses, and I respect all of my friends. But just because they are doing it doesn’t mean you can too. In most cases, they were able to get rich quickly because:

  • they simply got lucky
  • they had a special skill set that you probably don’t have
  • and they got in during the right time

There is more to it than meets the eye

Although many of these “get rich quick” businesses seem to pull in a lot of money right now, it doesn’t mean that they will be pulling in a lot of money forever.

Most of these businesses are short term. So, if you happen to get lucky and get into a business that is minting money, milk it while you can because it won’t last forever!

So, next time you hear people say they are making $1,000 a day, chances are they have only been making that for a few months, if not a few weeks. Don’t expect them to be making that kind of money for years to come.

How these “gurus” really make money

Most of these get rich quick gurus make money by telling people how they make money. They usually sell their so-called secrets in an eBook, which typically gets bought by thousands of people.

You’ve seen them, right? For $397, I can teach you how I made a million dollars while sitting on a beach.

But what they don’t tell you is that those tactics worked three years ago and that they probably won’t work anymore.

The problem with getting rich quickly

Ninety-nine percent of the people who try to get rich quickly usually fail. Chances are you will too. As I mentioned above, there are several the reasons why you will probably fail getting rich quickly:

  • you’re not that lucky
  • you don’t have the required skill set
  • and you’re too late

And if you happen to be that lucky individual and make a quick buck, it will actually make you poor. The reason behind it is that pursuing a short-term gain will distract you away from your long-term goal.

If you took that time and spent it on a long-term business, you would probably be a lot further. Plus, you’d likely make more money in the long run, especially if the business you are spending all of your time and energy on is something you are really passionate about.


In the short run, you’ll have a very tiny chance of getting rich quickly. By going after that golden carrot, you’ll not only lose time and money, but you’ll also get distracted from your long-term goal.

So, why waste your time trying to go after something that isn’t obtainable? You’ll make a lot more money building a “real” business.

P.S. If you want help growing a sustainable business click here.


  1. Interesting post Neil, i’ve made some mistakes in my life and dont intend to carry on making the same mistakes over and over again – im set on running a legitimate business that delivers results.

    • We all are Abdi, but glad to know that you’re on the right track. Hopefully you don’t make those same mistakes over… it’ll only help accelerate you forward.

    • Prostate Problems :

      Whilst there are certainly a lot of work at home jobs out there, it certainly cannot be assumed that they are all legitimate job opportunities as the internet is littered with scams especially in the online job market.

      • I’d say that a majority of the jobs out there offered on the internet are scams. Making $10,000 at home by working 3 hours a day is nothing more than a false reality. Unfortunately, people fall for this stuff which is why you continue to see more of it.

  2. Finally, so refreshing! Someone actually telling it how it is!

    I’ve found it with my own businesses. Tried to copy an idea that I once had working really well a few years ago. Just doesn’t work at all these days!


    • Many ideas and concepts that have worked in the past won’t today… the problem is the company, product, or service, it’s you being able to adapt with what’s going on. You need to take yourself to the next level.

    • Exactly. Like I said, the market is saturated these days and unless you come with something new you don’t have many chances to succeed. You can use old ideas but you have to add something new to them.

      • Don’t re-invent the wheel, but add to it if you need to. There are always to make something better, faster, more efficient, etc.

  3. Thanks for this advice Neil. I’m still little sour about $200 I lost on a pyramid scheme about 10yrs ago, LOL!!! The only positive was the lesson I learned. I can see a pyramid scheme a mile away. It has also made me more skeptical and careful about “who” I listen to…even in the Internet marketing atmosphere.

  4. Alejandro Reyes :

    Great reminder that success is a marathon and not a sprint most of the time.

    Love when I see your posts in my google reader Neil!

    I have applied a lot of the stuff you have said this year with my biz & it’s been a great year so thanks for always ‘really’ keepin it real and sharing ways for us to continue to grow!

    • Success is something you can’t just quit at… you know what… once you learn the formula, you can become successful over and over again.

      Glad my advice has helped 🙂

    • Ahhh crap and here my mom was telling me that I can do anything and anything is possible if I just put my mind to it… Stupid mom!

      My take is that first you gotta define rich and define quick, because $10k per month in 90 to 180 days is quite acheivable to even just a moderately disciplined and coachable person.

      Millions overnight… Yeah ur gunna need something a little extra, but people can have very profitable even luxurious businesses in just a few months time.

      The problem is that most people aren’t willing to do what it takes. “Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one is willing to die.”

      • lol… I love that!! You’re right, people just won’t take the time and energy to go out into the “real world” and make stuff happen. There’s too much rejection and whatever else that plagues someone’s mind.

  5. Neil,

    You always have quality posts and I envy your ability for such consistency over time. While I agree that often times short term financial gains can be a big detractor from your long term goals, sometimes you NEED that small profit boost in order to fund your objectives in the long term prospects.

    Whether it’s the next feature goal, a set amount of user acquisition’s etc. it all takes money in the beginning. So for a subset of users that short term return of quick profits may be the match in which lights off your long run bonfire.

    • I understand what you’re saying Travis, but the bottom line with most get rich quick schemes are that they simply don’t work. They don’t work because they were put together by someone who wanted to do the same thing… get rich quick.

  6. Nicodemus at Nite :

    Great post. Also, usually when people make a lot of money quickly, they lose it quickly due to spending it all because they’ve never had that kind of cash before. The practice of making money slowly over time is what keeps a rich person rich, because they had spent their time and energy earning it. They’re not just going to let it all go down the toilet.

    Great post again, Mr. Neil!

    • People don’t understand that managing your money is a category in itself. The trick isn’t to make money fast, it’s to build wealth over time.

      • Nicodemus at Nite :

        Exactly! When I was reading “Mind of a Millionaire”, he said that most people have it all wrong about wealth. If you make a high income and spend it all, that doesn’t mean you’re wealthy. It just means you’re living high and consuming it all. Wealth is the accumulation of money and things, not just making 6 figures.

        • Yes… and it’s a process and obviously never short lived if done correctly. It helps you be well-off for the remainder of your life.

  7. Honest and to the point. I especially like the fact that you don’t debunk the idea of getting rich quick – the fact is some people do. What is difficult to understand or even comprehend is how they do it, which is why I like your points; Lucky, skill set, and right time. Period!

    So how can I get rich quick? I need to focus on my luck (preperation meeting opportunity and hard work) Find out what skill sets I have – hmmmm let me think about that??? And timing… well its already to late!

    • It’s never too late! Even with get rich quick ventures, you need to work hard still. The problem is that these people get way too rich, way to fast.

      • Matthew Czarnek :

        I’d argue that too rich, too fast is only a problem if you don’t realize that it won’t last forever. Plus of course the working for wealth is probably more fun than actually having it..

        • The concept of building wealth is great but the process is boring which is why people can’t do it. If you can learn one type of mindset, it should be the mindset of someone who can build wealth.

          • Interesting.. I’ve never heard it described as boring.. I must just be new but I’ve been experimenting and learning and trying to create sites for a year now and have actually found it to be pretty exciting, at least relative to other jobs I’ve held.

            I just love coming up with business ideas and trying to figure out how to best monetize a certain business.. of course implementing those plans does take time but once the site is up and running(admittedly the boring part), seems like tweaking it and figuring out how to make it more profitable is also fun.

            As I’ve said, I’ve have limited experience so far though.

            • Well it’s considered “boring” because it’s a long process that involves you saving money instead of spending it. You’ll need to stay home on the weekends sometimes instead of going out… not the most exciting concept is it? Well I’m glad the venture has been awesome for you so hopefully it stays that way.

  8. very discouraging post neil.. come on man..
    anyways.. here is my say..
    i will follow successful people but find a new way of getting around the corner…

    • I am sorry you feel that way. I just want people to know that there is a downside of going after those get rich quick schemes.

      Like I mentioned above, people are making money off of it, but it is rare to see others getting rich from those schemes.

  9. Hard work and persistance always prevail over chasing the easy route. Earlier this decade during college all my friends saw that I was making good money selling on Ebay. It was partially the right timing because Ebay was a hot commodity from 2000-2005 but it was also because I was persistant. I taught many of my friends what I was doing and showed them what will make proffits. Alot of them made some money here and there but most fizzled out fast becausse they realized it was actually hard work and took time. I let them know that it’s not a get rich quick scheme and you’re not going to make 100% proffit on everything and sometimes just lucky to break even. I probably taught 10 of my friends and only 2 of them really stuck with it over a month.

    • Yea i think that is what the main problem is people think because they join a program or buy a e-book money will flood in. It takes time. A lot of time! The truth is if it actually makes sense that it can work you have a good chance of succeeded if you invest into the right things.

      • The concept about this is… if there really was a secret or quick and easy way to become rich… wouldn’t everyone know about it?

    • Well it’s great that you taught 10 of them… and if only 20% of them actually listened, that’s 2 more than what you had before. Times change very quickly, you must stay on stop of where you’re at, in any given time.

  10. Really good article. My friend and I are going into business together. Nothing serious, just earning a little extra money on the side doing something we both enjoy.

    His focus of the business is earning money immediately, a sort of “get rich quick” scheme if you will, but I had to stop him, slow him down and tell him that it’s not just money that you need to think about, it’s users first, money second.

    Users = Money but No Users = No Money.

    It may seem odd to you, but the business we’re forming will not earn money at all first off, when we build up a good user base we’re going to offer subscriptions and, of course, advertise on the site as much as we can without it becoming invasive.

    You may disagree with me completely and I could even be wrong, but for me and most other internet companies doing what I’m doing this is the best way to go forward. I think people will be deterred by an ad-centric website.

    People need to stop thinking about cash and start thinking realistically without dollar signs in their eyes – and I trade in pound sterling! (non-point.)

    • Well I think it’s phenomenal that you guys actually have a plan… on the account that most people don’t. Building users first and then implement everything is definitely a great way to grow your business.

  11. Hi Neil
    “The golden carrot” what a great description for a lot of what’s on the web.
    Ebooks that will make you rich in months, exercise programmes that will transform your body to slabs of muscle in weeks and money making schemes that will turn you into a millionaire overnight.

    I’m with you on this one… hard work, hard work, hard work.
    After all, what would I do with all that money?

    • lol…. the dream… having too much money and not knowing what to do with it. Getting rich is a journey, not an overnight thing.

  12. Our society wants, promotes, and embellishes what truly does not exist. It is a strange phenomenon but its true.

    All overnight successes take years to build. People should think about that before they get overexcited with the thought of instant riches.

    • The people who create those “overnight” dreams do it by taking advantage of people believe the magic pill is real.

  13. Neil,

    Can you write a post on entrepreneurs taking risk and how to break through the emotional barriers of taking risk?

    i.e. putting up thousands of dollars on a project without knowing if it will succeed or not.

    That would be a great topic!

    • Good idea… if I can come up with enough to say on that topic, I’ll do a blog post (but can’t make any promises).

      • Textbook Rental :

        One of my favorite books on that is Think and grow rich by napoleon hill, He talks about the 6 ghosts of fear and how successful people conquer their fear but unsuccessful people give into fear and let it rule their life. (if that helps)

        • Thanks for your insight. Most people do let fear run their life… that’s exactly why they are where they are. People who aren’t afraid to take the risks are the ones who reach the levels of success they want.

          • As Jay and Textbook said above, write up something on fear, risk, emotions, etc that entreprenuer’s deal with. I’m in the same boat.

            • You know what, I think a lot of people are. It’s all part of the process in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

              • Textbook Rental :

                It keeps us all afraid to make mistakes and risk that would let us get out and have a chance to make it big. Its great to be in a big fish in a little pond, but its scarry to be a medium sized fish in the ocean. Alot of it boils down to careing about what others think.

  14. Textbook Rental :

    I hear the average millionaire goes bankrupt 2 times before he figures it out, its not get rich quick but sometimes you have to play hard to make it.

    • I’m not sure if that’s the exact statistic is accurate, but it is true that most people who become millionaire lose it all quickly.. the ones who learn the actual system can make that money over and over.

      • Textbook Rental :

        Your mind, and your experiences is the one thing they can’t take away from you in bankruptcy court

        • lol, yah that’s very true. You make a good point! Fortunately, the experiences and knowledge you gain can be replicated over and over again.

  15. I know exactly what you are saying. This is what I think!

    The gurus are teaching you how to get rich from something they did in the past. Then they are then making a killing from these e-books they are selling. Well guess what they just sold a few thousand books and made 100k in one month!!

    Then they sell a e-book and have web seminars on how they wrote a e-book and make 100k in one month and sell that e-book. I feel its like a cycle they use and they keep milking money out of people that dont realize what they are doing!

    • I totally agree.

      Maybe I should release a “real” online training course/bootcamp. Pretty much real advice that will give you the knowledge that you need to increase your odds of succeeding online.

      • Problem is that there already is lots of great information about all this, but people think it’s not as good as the information they can buy for $ 49-3999.

        Why else would the training course/bootcamp be that expensive?

        That is what most people subconsciously think and that is why this kind of thing stays profitable.

        • Prostate Problems :

          Luckily, as the computer industry started to expand, e-training was becoming a reality. For the next ten years, multimedia was at everyone’s fingertips. Companies were just starting to use PowerPoint; a program that allowed people to create visually enhanced presentations. Video games and other multimedia programs were also popping up, thus resulting in a technology overhaul. As these advances continued, online education was only a step away

          • Online training is becoming even more and more popular. However the problem is that it’s just not as effective as being in person. People get lazy, distracted, and there’s just very little accountability.

        • It all comes down to credibility… if you have someone who hasn’t done anything at all, then what they have really isn’t worth it. Compared to when someone who actually has credibility and is able to provide information that others can’t.

      • How much is it going to cost?

  16. Neil, you definitely should release a “real” online training course/bootcamp. Teach about SEO. That would be great.

  17. Another great article Neil!

    I relate to it in a couple ways. First I’ve attempted the quick buck and have succeeded at times. But over all the the more sustainable money I’ve earned has been different. I used to rund a commercial construction company and had many 40k plus days but I never could turn that into a business or lifestyle I really enjoyed. One collected over 1 million in 4 months but life sucked, really sucked. I quit that business. My income dropped, which sucked for about two years. But!, now things are kicking again. I started a couple businesses with the end in mind. I knew what I wanted, found out by looking what I didn’t want, and life is good. Expense deserve, and get, as much attention as revenue. No more spinning wheels for me.

    • Wow Joe… it seems like to me that you have definitely gone through some interest ventures. Having that much money every month can really change the way you run your business. Glad to see that you’re on the right track again.

  18. Blissful Weddings :

    another funny image that comes with a great post.

    the people peddling their ‘secrets’ is not only making money from ebooks (although one person became famous for making $1M in a day for selling his ‘secret’) These people are also being paid doing seminars and talks in various places and institutions(where they make more money).

    I personally don’t have any problem with how they make money but the problem is, they make it appear that their readers/attendees will also be able to achieve what they have achieved. As you have pointed out, they are just lucky to be there at the right moment and have the skills to grab the opportunity.

    And to add, they may be making thou$ands now but for the previous years, they are only making cents. So, it’s really misleading. When they talk, they leave the bad details making you believe that it is so EASY to make money in the internet.

    As Ian Stewart posted on his website, there really is NO SECRET. Hard work and discipline are what you need to succeed. That is true in whatever you do.

    • Prostate Problems :

      It is essential that you are committed to your new career before making such a move; and that once you have started the business you are determined to see it through to success.
      We all think we are willing to work hard, but if you start a business you will soon find out what this means in practice!

      In the early days at least, you are likely to have to work longer hours than the average employee. Although as your business becomes established some of the pressure may ease, you must still expect to work longer and harder than most people in paid employment.

      • People think they have the idea of what it’s like to be in their own business, but they really have no idea. The concept of starting your business shows free time, lots of money, and a ton of fun. The reality is that it’s hard work, you’ll feel like quitting, and make little to nothing in the beginning.

    • A lot of it has to do with simply being at the right place at the right time. The people who really make money from the get rich schemes are usually the ones who actually create it. Like Ian said, there are no secrets… it’s just taking the time every single day to work your butt off.

  19. I guess you are right, getting rich quick will make you fall quickly. So better to make money step by step so you have a control of situations and your life also.

    • It’s better to get rich slowly than it is fast… it really allows you to have enough time to think about how you need to manage your money.

  20. Chris Peterson :

    Thanks for your information. I absolutely agree the point of this post. To be rich within sort period, we’ve need that level of skill and our luck, otherwise we can’t. I had also tried so many ways to rich, I got after I was unable to maintain that level.

    • Prostate Problems :

      You can’t come online with absolutely NO experience and make a million dollars overnight. It just doesn’t happen. As you can see from the above mini stories, these self-made online millionaires have taken the time to learn how to build multi-million dollar businesses, and that’s the key. You can’t possibly do the same thing, unless you take the time to learn how it’s done. Overnight, get-rich-quick schemes are just that… schemes, and they just don’t work.

      • 99% of the time, they do not work. For the 1% that do, they re-sell the idea and become even richer… that’s why people keep trying… because they think they can fit into that small minute percentage.

    • I think everyone at one point has tried to get rich quick… it’s pretty difficult not to when you see irresistible ads of making thousands of dollars being at home.

      • Blissful Weddings :

        I tried several times and falling miserably all the time. Different ways but all promised quick returns. Ended up broke and currently working my butt off.

        The prospect of getting rich quickly is just to tempting especially when you are just starting out… out of college with full of enthusiasm and idealism…. until reality hits you. And boy, it hit hard! But now, I’m more matured and more confident that I will no longer fall to the get-rich-quick trap.

        • It is …. and that’s why so many millions of people are seduced by it every single day. Some people make money but most people don’t.

  21. Definitely some valid points, but as long as there are impulse buyers within that market space, almost anyone can sell “HOPE” and make a profit.

    • There will ALWAYS be those impulse buyers… people love buying “hope” and marketers understand that and take advantage of it sometimes.

  22. Neil,

    I like your straightforward approach to life. Very few realize that a simple a disposition is far better that all else. Young and honest is a good place to be !

    I enjoy your posts. The problem is that the internet is too big with many places to go and too much to learn.

    Das Menon

    • There really is an infinite amount of data be learned… but you should never stop learning. If you do, you’ll find yourself falling behind.

  23. Prostate Problems :

    People think that success online comes quickly, and for some, it may look that way, but in reality, becoming rich takes years of study, time, and effort to make it happen

    • Most people forget that… it takes years upon years to become successful. Even if it seems as if it’s over night, it took them years and years to learn the information to make them succesfull “overnight”… so the truth is that it really isn’t that quick.

  24. But wont a quick buck help in making long term business better?

    • Probably not because when people make too much money too fast, they’re mindset is significantly altered and it effects the way they make decisions. This gives them a harder fall.

  25. Neil I always wanted to get rich quick, as a young kid my parents divorced and my mother began her own business creating custom software for large companies to automate their inventory, billing, and other critical business systems. She made a lot of money real quickly, but it did not last forever and soon her set of skills became obsolete and easily outsourced.

    Truth be told until reading your post I still wanted to find a way to “Get rich quick”. Reason being I am not making enough money from freelancing websites and online marketing to pay the bills.

    Your blog has always been a favorite of mine and I have learned many lessons from reading it, this is just another. Thanks for your time and wisdom and sharing with us.

    • Prostate Problems :

      In the immortal words of Emmerson, “all I need is one idea” Overnight wealth has a certain stigma that “sensible” people seem to be resistant to. The idea of the get rich quick variety is an object of ridicule and derision in alot of peoples eyes. However, with a little focused action and the right knowledge, rapid wealth is not only possible for you, but inevitable for the determined.

      • It can happen to anyone and that’s the simple truth. Unfortunately it’s then misinterpret by all to wanting to try it so they would be the “exception” to the rule. A very minute percentage of people actually benefit from a get rich quick.

    • Instead of spending all these years trying to get rich quick, you should have just looked into getting rich slowly and could been at the position right now. It’s not too late, but you need to change the focus of your mindset here. I’m glad you enjoy my posts, but now it’s time for you to put into action what you learned.

  26. One thing I really hate is having to pay money to be told how to make money. That right there screams scam to me. That and the word “secret.” I am pursuing a hobby with hopes of making a profit off of it, but I’m not an idiot. I’ve spent about $70 on my blog the past few months and I’ve made an entire $2.18 back. If I had taken advantage of all these “special offers” presented to me, I don’t think I’d have made but a couple of dollars more, yet I’d be hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the hole. With that said, I realize things take time but patience is not one of my many, many virtues.

    • The how to make money online business is pretty much bull crap. The problem is that way too many people are doing it and it’s really now nothing more that repetitive information that isn’t doing anything for anyone expect for the ppc or ad companies. I suggest you steer away from that type of model.

  27. Very wise advice. The simple truth of the matter is that, in order for you to keep and grow the money you make, you have to go through certain life lessons. When you make money too fast like winning the lotto, you don’t go through that learning process and end up with nothing. Wise words Neil.

  28. Eventually someone wrote the truth about “getting quick rich schemes”. They simply don’t work, and as you rightly pointed out in your post those tactics are either not valid any more, or where fraud from the very beginning. jan

    • They don’t work but people keep falling for them, which is why they won’t go away. Save yourself the money and get rich slowly.

  29. why do people have to think money comes only with hardwork.. i am smart.. i put in half the work u put in..i can be succesfull..
    may be 3 reasons u gave that will be problems with getting rich were valid..but it might not be so..
    neil..i am an indian too.. i have heard this story from my ancestors…. may be as u always say u are influenced by ur parents in this post..
    love the way u interact with commenters.. you rock… m/

    • It’s only hard work, it’s consistence and persistence. Doing the same thing over and over again. Sure it’ll be boring at times or just plain hard, but it’ll be worth it.

  30. Jay Jalodomisa :

    Hey Neil,

    It’s very true that these get rich quick schemes are a bunch of nonsense. If it were that easy everyone would be doing it.

    Although, I don’t find anything wrong with getting rich faster – but doing it overnight is nearly impossible, if not impossible.

    Jay Jalodomisa

    • It’s not impossible, but it’s definitely not permanent. If you just so happen to be a “get rich overnight” type of guy, don’t expect it to happen again and again.

  31. Hi Neil

    Great post. I’ve long been critical of these type of schemes. In reality, the money these people are making is not from practicing what they preach, but from the affiliate dollars off selling it onto someone else – basically a cycle of people selling to each other and making less and less each time.

    Ultimately, there is no secret – it’s hard work. Keep up the good work.


    • It’s a lot of hard work that requires both strategy and a hell of a lot of persistence. You’re right… no secret.

  32. You know one of the toughest things to deal with for me is that since I have bought alot of these “Get Rich Quick” programs, I’m not going to sit here and say that they are all garbage and worthless.

    My own family has ridiculed me for buying into get rich quick schemes. But, I sincerely believe that it is just the path you (or those like me) have to take to find what you are ultimately looking for in the end.

    It’s all about the education that you have to put yourself through. I agree that there is alot of crap out there but there is alot of really good information that I have paid alot of money for and alot of really good information that I paid hardly anything for.

    You can buy the book “Think and Grow Rich” for $6 on Amazon. Is that considered “Get Rich Quick” information?

    There is alot of variables and paths that anyone can take to getting where they ultimately want to go. Some people get “lucky” by being in the right place at the right time in the right frame of mind with the right experience.

    For others, like me, it takes alot of study in both personal development and “technical” training. There are alot issues that most people have to overcome in their thinking, mental state and habits before and while studying the technical how-to’s.

    I agree that alot of people who have huge amounts of money basically fall into their laps aren’t mentally prepared or self-educated in wealth and what it takes to maintain wealth.

    It’s all about preparing and educating yourself as much as you possibly can and acting on the right opportunities.

    Just my 2 cents worth.


    • Makes cents to me Jed, but that book “think and grow rich” talks about persistence and going the extra mile. The idea of getting rich quick is basically thinking that you can bypass all the hard work and just enjoy the sweet taste of success instantly.

  33. I never believe quick rich scheme. I believe that only work hard will make us rich

    • Even if get rich quick did work, it would only be temporary… hard work pays off because it helps you build wealth.

  34. Hu Neil , intersting post! Can you give an example of a get rich quickly scheme? And what do you think about simple membership sites with unique content?

    • An example would be sites that sell you on buying a product that teaches you how to make $5,000 a day with google. That simply isn’t true… only a handful of people have done that and for them its taken years! A simple membership site with unique content is a great business model.

  35. Angeline Gabriel :

    I agree with Jed.

    Purchasing online materials, like an e-book for example may not be the answer to your prayers of getting rich quick. But, it does offer a form of education that will empower a person to move at least one step further from where they actually are.

    Ideally, there is no way to get rich quick, especially if one has not gone thru the mill and it process ! I am learning this now 🙂

    Kudos to you Neil,this article and all its readers !


  36. Thank you so much. I’m retweeting this and putting up an abstract on the Leadership Library. do you know there are still guys selling books on how to make millions by flipping houses and buy-for-rent!!!

    • lol… yah I’ve seen them all… There are still people selling people on how to make thousands a day using google adwords too.

  37. Neil, you definitely should release a “real” online training course/bootcamp. Teach about SEO. That would be great.

  38. Mark McCulloch :

    Great post which I really enjoyed reading and I agree with everything that you have said.

    Mark McCulloch

  39. I just found your site here and really like what I’ll see. Really interesting article because while I know that those get rick quick schemes are only momentarily, you really laid it out nicely.

    Looking forward to reading more articles/posts here!

  40. marcus@how to make money online :

    I love the title of this post. You make an excellent point when you say getting rich to quick can hurt you in the long run. It’s like everything in life. The things we appreciate and take care of the most are the things that we struggle to obtain.

    • Getting rich slowly is the process and journey one needs to go through to build wealth. It’s a harder road to follow, but it’ll lead to greater rewards.

  41. i have to say u this neil.. u are doing everything thats there on bible of internet marketing..
    top commentators plugin is attracting huge commentators..
    i wish i was on the list too.. lols..

  42. In the world of JohnChow.coms and Shoemoney.coms, it’s good to see an honest blog post, Neil. Personally, I have stopped visiting the aforementioned websites because these individuals are, indeed, selling a dream. Quite frankly, I’m sick of hearing how much money John Chow is making for working a few hours a day on his blog. He did it, good for him! But him telling everyone that they can also be pulling in easy cash from their blogs is just selling a dream.

    In the end, congrats on providing an honest opinion.

    • Well it’s not a dream… people can still make a ton of cash online… MOST people who follow those to guys don’t blog passionately for 5+ years… Also, if you try to follow their advice to create your very own how to make money online blog, you probably won’t get far either. You need to choose a specific area.

  43. Very true, more folks need to focus on hard work and quality rather than trying to get rich quick. 🙂

    • If people only spent the the same time they spend looking for ways to get rich on getting rich slowly, they’d be rich by now. It’s ironic.

  44. the last quote..”Ride other peoples’ coattail”

    CAught u… 🙂

  45. “So if you happen to get lucky and come onto a business that is minting money, milk it while you can because it won’t last forever!”

    This phrase made my day!!! I will keep it in mind for many years to come.

  46. dont u think.. others might have done it wrong like..they havent led there plan in a profitable way..
    we could take that plan and lead to a more successful business google taking over youtube and making its stronghold..

    • That has nothing to do with google taking over youtube… get rich schemes are just that…get rich quick…schemes.

  47. StocksonWallStreet :

    Quick buck or steady income? I will take the ladder

  48. I wonder how much time goes into your posts Neil coz they always seem to hit the nail man!

    There are a lot of misguided people on the net, as evidenced by the number of searches for the key terms: “make fast money” and “get rich quick”. Run these and similar terms through a keyword research tool and you’d be surprised!
    Why would someone search for that if logic says there aren’t no get rich quick ways of making money – legal money that is!

    • Hours man…5+ usually. There are a lot of misguided people trying to train and teach crap to everyone, but usually you can tell the difference between the posers.

      People search for it because they “HOPE” it’s possible… it’s out of desperation.

      • Pretty sad but true!

        Since you spend so much time and effort into providing great FREE content on your blog, the least readers (like me) can do is to engage in the conversation, add quality and spread your message. Don’t wanna sound like a cheerleader or anything, but people generally forget to ‘give credit, where credit is due’.

        • It happens all the time and for people who do things for “free” for the community, it really is sad if they can’t get credit for some of the work they do.

  49. Thanks for your information. I absolutely agree the point of this post. To be rich within sort period, we’ve need that level of skill and our luck, otherwise we can’t. I had also tried so many ways to rich, I got after I was unable to maintain that level.

  50. The title of the article does not really makes sense. I dont completely agree with it. I think if you get rich quickly, then you have a chance to get richer as money makes money…

    • I get what your trying to say… but the problem with getting rich quick is that you CAN’T get rich quick in the first place. You hear about these stories of overnight successes… what you don’t know is that most of these stories are actually 20 year overnight successes, not 1 day.

  51. I dun agree fully with you , 1. Why dun think big, if someone dun think big , they dun expect big , how they get big. Its not possible to achieve something while not dreaming for that.

    2. Yes you have to observe Rich people , but not observe form their expenses

    • TOO MANY people are thinking too big and forgetting about the things they need to even begin the process to become big… work your ass off. People need to start focusing on achieving short term goals, achieve a level of consistency and persistence and then start thinking big.

  52. Does it mean we should just think about our long-term goal? What if we are in the right time to get rich quickly? If I had the chance, I would take it as soon as possible. :mrgreen:

    • Of course you would…anybody would! Only a fool wouldn’t! But that’s the point here…. it’s not going to happen! People normally don’t get rich overnight….it takes years and years of accumulation

  53. Free CNA Training :

    I don’t really agree with you here. It’s certainly possible to stay rich if you get rich quick, you just have to control yourself and use your money wisely – after all, you have an advantage of more capital and more experience over others now.

    • Exactly…. getting rich too fast is just going to give you a quick dosage of a pleasure, but will screw your mindset up for the long run. Getting rich slowly is the key here.

  54. You’re right. FYI, I’m just a new publisher on the net that should work every second to have any amount of buck. Yet when I won a lot from foreign exchange without any hard work a couple of month ago, my money was useless since it’s over in one night only. And I think this is the main point. We better work slowly and constantly to reach bigger dream. 😀

    • Exactly… making money quickly is great and fantastic, but the reality is that it just screws up with your spending habits. SAVE SAVE SAVE…. the next time you see a super bad market, you’ll strive!

  55. Well, that’s clear now. It’s better to work step by step and learn to manage the money as good as possible than trying to make money quickly for nothing. :mrgreen: Anyway, thanks for all replies. I like this discussion so much.

    • Glad you found it useful. You will definitely learn a lot more about money and obviously value money more if you make over time instead of overnight.

  56. ohh.. i hate those get rich quickly ads so much.. They usually have nothing in them which you already do not know.. just some rephrasing.. And the way they are marketed.. its like the author is treating cancer..

    • It’s just a really hardcore sleazy sales job… they promise you the world but add things like “results may vary” to make sure their butt is protected.

  57. çizgi film izle :

    Great idea! If I can come up with enough to say on that topic, I’ll do a blog post

    • Well it should be easy… the idea is to hang around people who do what you do but at a higher level. This will allow their ‘good habits’ that made them successful rub off on you.

  58. Too many get rich quick schemes out there. I’m watching CNBCs American Greed lately and there are too many scam artists out there. Also, I appreciate you taking the time to reply back to people’s comments. That’s fantastic.

  59. I also think that trying to get easy money will cause loosing it. Only few people managed to get it right and with huge talent and a lot of luck. This way it is surely one of the most risky and tough things to achieve. Success is not a thing that comes narrowly.

    • People that actually do get rich quickly do end up loosing it right away. Take a look at all the winners of your state’s lotto. Almost everyone who won millions of dollars from the lotto have lost it all.

  60. as the old saying goes…”overnight success, on average, takes about 20 years”.

    • lol… yes that’s true. Most people simply don’t understand that people that “sell” the overnight secrete have also been selling it for a long period of time… years and years.

  61. The getting in at the right time is probably the most important to succeed I’d say. That time when the market is just right for you to go in. Also, a generous helping of luck is pretty good though.

  62. David Hutchison :

    Such important advice that so many people forget. Baby steps every day – continuous improvement – will take you many miles down the road.

    Forget failing – how many people are paralyzed because they dream all day of their billion dollar idea and never find it.

    Take a few steps and dream small!

    • It’s good to have big goals and dreams, but it’s really just overrated. Your focus should be on completing goals a week, month, or year from now.

  63. Neil,

    People are lazy. They want short-cuts. That’s the problem.
    You need to have a structured plan in place, otherwise you
    end up selling, y’know, the Thesis theme like everyone else….

    Shoemoney just released a new get rich quick scheme and they’re queuing up to buy it.

    This won’t work unless you have the drive, planning, and products in place. This doesn’t come from a book – you have to make it happen.

    Great site, you have here, by the way.

    • It’s not a scheme… it’s a legit system that works… but yes, you need to put your time and energy into the mix. Like you said, drive, planning, and products…

  64. Chase Cashwell :

    I Value all of these lessons greatly.. U have a new fan.. Lol

  65. I have unsubscribed to this goddamn blog & have almost 200 emails within a couple of hours because a bunch of you want to turn this post into a chatroom. This is not fun on an iPhone! Why won’t my unsubscribe work?!

    • Sorry Erika to hear that, the subscription button wasn’t working before and then finally started to. You are unsubscribed from all future posts.

  66. Getting rich quickly is tough. I like stories about how companies start up and then all of a sudden there’s this huge momentum that turns them from small to big. The owners become millionaires overnight pretty much. And it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Kind of like that Oprah effect.

  67. Great post Neil !!. I agree that the ones who earn money the quickest will lose it just as quickly. Your key point is that one needs to know how to handle money and be up-to-date with the customers requirement, though luck is a main factor

  68. Great post. Business is about feeling the customer’s needs and they change. Just like little children…They say: “I’ll become a fire fighter when I grow up” and they do all the things needed to become one. Not until they become fire fighters, they earn.

  69. brandon alan scofield :

    Neil, I want to be succes like Facebook etc , but I believe that I got no skill like they have .. so I need luck 🙂

  70. Home Water Dispensers :

    This matches with many athletes lose all their money money just couple of years after winning the championship…I donot want to say that they got all their money without hardwork or spending any time.But when we get tons of cash all of sudden, we lose our mental balance!

    • Money management is crucial… and it all comes down to discipline. The more discipline you have, the easier it will be for you to make it happen.

  71. ProBusinessGuy :

    I dont know if i agree, if you make the money using a cashflow method then how is that bad? If you win the lotto yes it will make you poor. But if you do it the way that will teach you how to be rich then you should be fine off with no problems.

  72. The rule is for you to take baby steps frequently, not giant leaps occasionally.

  73. Weight Lifting Training :

    Education is the key. Money is an idea. Untill you understand that you cant become rich.

    • Making money right now can do that..make you money right now. Learning the skills will allow you to create a fortune over a life time.

  74. i agree i mean people go for the millions so fast they forget how to really run a business. Its the skills that mater not the money.

  75. sell textbooks :

    You couldn’t be more correct. It takes most people a long time to build wealth, unless you were born into it, and thats a whole other topic.

  76. yeah most “get rich gurus” get rich just by selling their product of how to be rich, see the problem there? not to forget the new rich simptom, gain a ton spand two tons

    • Well… not so much anymore. Now that almost everyone and their moms have jumped on that band wagon, it’s practically impossible to succeed in that market.

  77. You know Neil…. Getting Rich Quick Will Make You Poor is SPOT ON!

    So I have been making some loot latley. If I wanted too I could have been building SEO for the past 6 months but I kind of took it easy. My traffic is still growing and so is my income.

    Well it seems that competition in my niche is not so hot as it used to be… I am started to get less money per advertiser now. So I should have just been building traffic and traffic and would be just getting huge! But I got sidetracked and it is hitting the income. Well lesson learned nothing is so easy and it really sucks man… This is a lot of work!

    • The more work you put it, the more you will get out. Competition will come into play, but consistency is what will keep you ahead.

  78. travel guide :

    Just being able to financially survive would be great!

  79. I am still really confused about why people believe these types of ads? I have always seen or heard them and thought yea right. I guess P.T Barnum was right when saying “there is a sucker born every minute.”

  80. akciger kanserim :

    Interesting post Neil, i’ve made some mistakes in my life and dont intend to carry on making the same mistakes over and over again – im set on running a legitimate business that delivers results. 😉

  81. The interent is forever changing and your right those ebooks that people put out are ofter out dated material. and sometimes those tactics get picked up on and then banned. It really is hard to get rich quick and it is often due to timing and luck. I think the best strategy is to work hard and enjoy what you do otherwise, you don’t have much to live for. you don’t need to be rich to be happy. It helps but don’t bank on it.

    • You don’t have to be rich to be happy, you just need to choose to be happy now and enjoy life to it’s fullest.

  82. Never adopt shortcuts to be successful man because shortcut always became long cuts. So stay with slow and study wins the race.

  83. I know someone who is starting his own business in a networking industry. As they call it the Multilevel Marketing business, He’s from the Philippines and P300k is really something there. He is about to quit his job. I told him he can do it part time unless it is stable because he isn’t sure how long it will last. He said he want to get rich in few months. Having goals are good, but think before making any decision right. I hope luck is with him.

    • He should definitely consider his long term goals. Wanting to be rich with no passion isn’t the smartest move.

  84. Great post, Neil. My piece of thought exactly. It’s useless to waste time on something just to make more money. Better spend your time on something you like doing, even if the money is few at the beginning. Why be frustrated just for money, when you could be relaxed and happy.

  85. Online Mastering :

    there should be a link to this post on every single one of those stupid get rich quick ebook sites! I had a battle on a linkedin discussion board on this very subject. this guy was trying to promote his “make money online” ebook, so I gave him shit saying “all you’re selling is a load of crap; telling people how to make money by writing an ebook about making money online and using the same spam tactics to sell it”. Its like a never ending circle jerk with these idiots

  86. Ya that is right but we also need some fast cash methods because that will feed us now until the long term plan starts to work. That is how I see it.

  87. RichPeopleThings :

    Hate those get rich quick books. It’s obvious that they make all of their money selling these things but people still buy them.

  88. Great reminder that success is a marathon and not a sprint most of the time.

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