Don’t Give Up!

If you watch the video above, you’ll notice a gentleman by the name of Nick Vujicic, who was born without any arms or legs. When he was 8 years old he wanted to end his life because he felt hopeless. But the thing is, he didn’t. Instead of hating his life, he learned to embrace it and live life to the fullest.

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Just like Nick there are going to be times in your life when things aren’t on your side. The world is going to come crashing down on you and you won’t want to get up. This has already happened to you in the past and it is going to happen to you again in the future. It happens to all of us.

Now the next time this happens to you, I don’t want you to feel depressed or hopeless, I want you to suck it up and get right up. You are going to have roadblocks in your life, but you shouldn’t let them slow you down. No matter what they are, you need to keep on moving forward!

I can tell you from first hand experiences that things can turn around for you. Just look at me, most of the businesses I started failed and at one point I had a million dollars in debt. The majority of my businesses didn’t succeed, and after a while I wanted to give up. My friends and family kept on pushing me to move forward and sooner or later one of my businesses did really well. That one success made 4 years worth of failure worthwhile.

The thing I want you to learn from my experience and Nick’s, is that it doesn’t matter how you start, it matters how you finish.

So the next time you are feeling down and want to give up, I recommend watching that video of Nick. I hope he is as much of an inspiration to you as he is to me.

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  1. I saw that video a while ago. Very inspiring and it makes you realize how much stuff people complain about is so irrelevant.

  2. Wow. Now that’s a guy who has one powerful mindset.

    Great post bro!

    • Thanks! What happened to You haven’t posted in a while.

      • What! I just posted a few days ago!! I’m actually working on my next article right now 🙂 it will be up by tonight.

        “Coulda. Woulda. Shoulda. Why Didn’t You”

        Hit me up man, we need to hang out again before you move!

        • We should, let me know when you are free.

          • What? You’re moving? When? Dude, let me know.
            I still need to reschedule for that UFC Party debacle.

            Nice video btw. Whenever I see that, it makes me wonder what I’m b*tching about half the time. Sometimes we forgot how small our problems are compared to those that have it really bad. I force myself to be thankful on a regular basis, but I swear, old habits die slow.

  3. What an amazing video. While it may be old, it’s new to me so I’m glad you posted it Neil! It’s real inspirational and the way he’s able to move about and to lift himself up when he falls is amazing. What an incredible video.

  4. I’ve seen this before (not the video, but a documental about nick), and well, geez, really leaves me speechless, that standing up part was great.

  5. One pet peeve is people that have no real problems / dissabilities who contantly talk about how bad their life is, when there are people far waorse off, who make good of any situation.

    E.g some people in the poorest nations are the happiest people. Where as rich kids in suburbia are hating life and commiting suicide.

  6. @Network 21 – don’t you always find it funny how it’s always the rich people that say “money isn’t everything” – easy for them to say…

    I guess everyone just takes whatever they have for granted though and always wants more – its what drives the world… greed

    • I know a lot of rich people and most of them don’t say “money ISN’T everything”.

      • lol Neil, I was going to say the same thing.. most of the rich people that I know emphasize the importance of having money.

        • Yep, rich people love their money and couldn’t live without it.

          • I think anything that you “can’t live without” (besides basic human necessities) should be one of the first things you try to live without. When you realize the treasure of living with so little, the freedom it can bring to one’s heart and mind, you are richer than anyone with money. There is a little place in each of us that is like being with our best friend, nobody can ever take that away, that is rich. In our most dire hours we will always find comfort no matter what our circumstances if we love what we find there. When one has gotten to that point and obtains money, one more than likely will become altruistic (a much more positive attitude than greed or fear).

    • Actually in my experience most people that say “money isnt everything” dont have that much money. But when my rich friends say it, its a bit rich. It’s definitely not everything, but how many people in the world would turn down 1 million in cash as a gift? Not many.

      On the topic of money, isnt it funny how those that win the lotto often have less money/more in (bad)debt than they did before they won lotto a few years down the track.

      • The shitty part is, the tax on 1 million is a lot.

        • The USA has relatively low tax brackets compared to some nations. Consider yourself lucky!

          Even paying high tax there are usually several legal tax minimisation methods to further reduce your taxable income.

          • Are you kidding me? 50% (ish) for winnings is 50% higher than Canada.. Any game show winnings in Canada, and you don’t take any of it away in taxes.

            As for lotteries, I still think it is much lower than 50% in Canada. 🙂

          • I say the taxes are really high. 🙁

            • Of course. I doubt there is a single person in the world who wants their tax higher by a single cent, but look at it from my/other people’s point of view (which brings us back full circle to the theme of this article): I am envious of the US tax rate!

              E.g. In Denmark the highest total income tax is 62.28%. Even someone in Denmark on a lowish income of around 26,000 USD will pay around 30% in tax.

              Imagine how much lower the US tax rate could be even if they didnt make multi trillion dollar bailouts, trillion dollar wars etc.

  7. That was a smoking video. Thanks for putting it up.

  8. This is a nice writeup and video. Actually this year I was very optimistic with things. I mean I just don’t know where I got that optimism but basically last year every time I fail, its not that I go broke but I feel wasted and by this its like I am indisposed. Glad this year has been great to me…

  9. Failures are the root to success if WILL-To-Do is present against all odds. All we can do is Karma. Yes, the person is inspiration.

  10. I believe that people naturally tend to look at their own situations and exaggerate the pain or happiness that they are feeling. When something goes wrong, people think it’s the end of the world and let their panic and stress get the better of them.

    This video is a clear example to everyone that as long as you’re alive and breathing, you can always make your situation better and positive through the right mentality.

    The saying is true: “No matter how bad things are, things could always be worse.”

    If you just lost your house, don’t moan and piss about it. You’re still breathing; you still have blood running through your veins and are able to do something about your current situation. If you just broke up with your girlfriend, don’t cry about it in the corner of your room. Life is an attitude. If your girlfriend broke up with you, switch your mentality and realize that it is better for the both of you because you were both making each other unhappy.

    Neil, I think I went a little long on this comment, but I want to make my point. We cannot always be in control of our surroundings, but we can control our emotions and mentality. Understand this, and we can lead a happy life like Nick.

    – Jun

  11. This was very inspiring, Niel! Hearing that other people’s situations turned around for the good makes me feel better about problems I could have.

    Thanks again for the great post!

  12. i saw this video once, bookmarked it, and then suddenly youtube deleted it for no reason, thank God it’s up again, thx :), very inspiring story

  13. Oh, thank you so much for the post. I read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ in which Napoleon Hill states that it’s important to persist in whatever you do. Persistence plays the real role behing real and lasting achievements.

    I have just started a new blog “Albert and Me”. and I will make it a success no matter what. Your post has given me a new way to persist. thanx <3.

  14. your lucky to have a supportive family and friends, that could make or break you as an entrepreneur.

  15. I like Steve Pavlina’s view that life is like a video game. If your character loses all their equipment and gold most people won’t get too upset – they’ll just keep playing to get it back. In fact some people get so caught up in the challenge that they’ll fail again and again until they finally get things right. Life is too important to be taken so seriously 🙂

    • Haha that’s a great reference. I bet a lot of people at my school would truly understand that one more than any other. Sadly, it extends the whole way through. Once you get to the end and accumulate all the gold and knowledge, people get bored with it and just quit. It shows in all the millionaires who just lose their sanity and turn to drugs.

      • Some great references in both these comments. I’ve always taken the mindset to never let things deter you from your ultimate goal. There will be times when things seem like an utter failure, or you take a turn that was not anticipated.. but if you stay positive and motivated and not let things get to you, you will succeed. On the other hand, it’s also important to maintain happiness with your life regardless of your situation (a la Nick), because if your only happiness is the quest of achievement, you’ll drown in the sorrows of your money (and drugs in some cases).

        • Naturally things will deter you, you just have to remember to get back on the right path.

        • That true. I think so many people lose focus. Mainly because they don’t have a vision for EXACTLY what they want… And They don’t create a “reason why” for what they are doing.

          So, they end up with a ton of false starts and no motivation.

          And yes, they turn to things that make them feel good for the moment and many times end up chasing that high for much of their lives. Never really getting the real fulfillment that they are looking for.

      • My whole thing is that if they were rich once, they can become rich again. Why turn to sanity.

    • Yep, you need to have some fun and loosen up.

      • So, true… I turn business, especially online into a BIG game.

        For instance, if I am trying to rank well (SEO) for a term, it’s really just a big game. Who can make their site the most relevant, who can get the most links, who can outrank the other opponent. LOL

        It’s fun. And it plays o my strengths because I am such a competitor… and I don’t like to lose. If I am losing then I just think of a better, smarter, faster way to win. It also helps to take the “fear” out of doing things that you may have to do in business. Because to you it’s just a game.

        Anyway, it’s fun, and makes going to work online fun.

  16. Neil your right, but you need someone to keep you motivated all through. I know many times all of feel down, but we need to forget all that and get back up. Thats something this post has helped in 🙂

  17. Great video. Don’t give up is a motto everyone should have. You’ve made my morning today……..:)

  18. Awesome piece! Nick’s story and life is inspirational and your correlation to this drive in the business world is great. I need a nudge every once and a while to keep on going, so thank you : ).

  19. On the average 9/10 businesses will fail, but are you ready to fail 9 times to make the 1 succeed is what makes a real businessman. Life is a risk worth taking.

    “Get busy living or get busy dying!” – Andy Dufrense from Shawshank Prison 😛

  20. Very inspiring. When you look around and start to complain about your situation, think about this guy – makes you feel kind of silly actually.

    Thanks for sharing,


  21. Thank you Neil for this video, never seen it and it’s very … whoa! I really makes you appreciate the life you have.

    “Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.”

  22. interesting how i just posted something on Nick like last week, haha

  23. I had that same video emailed to me a few months ago. That guy has such a great attitude. I haven’t had to experience anything even close to what he has had to deal with. It really makes the things that get me down seem really stupid in comparison and makes it easier for me to have a better attitude. Thanks for reminding me of this inspirational story.

  24. If this video don’t give you a motivation than I don’t know what it will give it..
    It gives you a reason to live, to fight no mater what brings you life..

  25. I love those videos of Nick’s and have seen them before. But it is nice to be reminded that now one should be complaining, even with the economy the way it is. The fact that no matter how bad it gets, someone always has it worse than you do is a very understandable idea. But I think that we all just lose site of important ideas and concepts like this. Especially when all that you see in the media and in conversations with others is negativity.

    Thanks for the reminder Neil!

  26. “We never give, never give up…again again.” ROFL LOL… I don’t know if you like movies, or if you’ve seen the Pink Panther I, but around our house it’s a classic.

    Anyway, there is a part in there where Steve Martin is practicing English for his trip to America. And he is struggling with the word “Hamburger”. It’s so funny. We always crack up when we watch that part.

    That was a PHENOMENAL and touching story. It is inspiring to see him making the best of life.

    Dude are you trying to make us cry today. I like him, he’s cool… and funny.

  27. Nick, excellent video selection, and an even more excellent topic to address in a blog post. The obstacles that Nick has been able to overcome are not only noteworthy, but utterly incredible. He has battled the odds and the fact that he decided not to commit suicide but rather make his life worthwhile is indeed admirable. I definitely enjoyed it, and its videos like these that keep me motivated to be positive about my life situation, regardless of the ups and downs!

    • As he mentioned in his video, it should be impossible for him to get back up when he falls down, but he can do it.

      • Yeah that was a trip to see that. That moment really grabbed the attention and pulled on the heart strings of kids watching. They were all crying after that.

        I just hope throughout life we really do remember what we saw and use it as a way to keep going. Most of the time we just forget and don’t make any real changes, don’t really reflect on stuff like this when we need to.

        This is why I am glad that you left this post up for a while.

  28. Hi, Neil Patel!

    Great Post!

    You are correct,

    Don’t give up when we are no good.

    I must learn from Nick, Happy life.

  29. He has the right attitude! Good video.

  30. great post. I have never seen that video.Very moving.

  31. Thanks Neil! Very touching. How could you find this clip from Korean TV show? Happy that I could read Korean 😉

  32. It might be an old video as some put it, but this is truly an inspiring video which should humble those who face smaller obstacles in life and look at giving up. This was a great video!

  33. Hi, Neil,

    I was moved to tears when I viewed this video. I then sent it to others who need inspiration in hard times. I am also going to bookmark it and save the link to share with my career coaching clients who are facing very hard times in our economic free fall, my own daughter’s family included.
    Thank you and God bless you for sharing it on your blog.

  34. Oh, neil.. Thank you so much. I am learning so much from your blog.. Thanks for this amazing video.. I am speechless.. all I can thanks..

  35. Well it makes you think, if people like him can find a balance and be happy then maybe you can too.

    • Isn’t that the truth. Everyday we should find something to be thankful for. Don’t let our highs get too high and don’t let our lows get too low. Balance. I like it.

      • That’s a good idea. I think I am going to start doing that.

        The thing I am happy for today, is the stock market going up.

        • I bet there are a LOT of people that would have agreed with you on that note.

          • Yep. But it start to go back down. 🙁

            • Yeah, it did, then it swings up and then down. I swing and day trade so I really don’t stay in stocks long. I am in and out, get my profits or cut my losses then move on. For me it’s a big game.

              I only care that the market is moving…either way as far as making money is concerned. But as far as our economy, I obviously do care. we need to get back over 10k or 11k would be nice… and become stable at least there for a while.

              As of this comment the DOW is up 151 on the day. That’s good. Maybe because of the Obama speech last night. 😉

      • Being thankful and appreciative of what we have in our current situation is crucial in regard to finding balance and being happy. It’s not easy though I will say! There are days when I get so down because I’m so overwhelmed. In the end though, I realize that my hard work will pay off, and to still enjoy the little time that I have at the moment.

        • Yeah I understand that overwhelming feeling. I have had my fare share of those.

          When I feel like that I go through my “to do list” and start eliminating the things that don’t really matter. Things that don’t align with my visions. That are what I call “busy” work.

          Then I readjust my focus for what is really important. It’s so freeing and I get more done and make more money every time.

          It makes life so much easier to deal with.

          A good movie helps too…LOL

          • I like that concept, I will have to try it out.

            • You’ll be shocked Neil at how much more time you have and the amount of more “productive” work you get done.

              The problem though I faced for a while after doing this was what do I do with the free time. So, I went back and looked at the dreams and real stuff that I always wanted to do, and now I can use the “free” time that I have to work toward the real dreams I have had buried deep in my heart. It’s awesome.

        • It will pay off. It just takes time… you have to be patient.

    • Exactly. If he can, anyone can.

  36. Dennis Gravitt :


    Very inspiring!! Old or not, many of us are seeing this video for the first time. It certainly serves to diminish problems that may have before seemed insurmountable. Keep this kind of stuff coming.

  37. This is off topic Neil, but I was wondering how do you embed a video onto your web page? Also java applet?

  38. Wow. Yeah, I had never heard of or seen that video before. Pretty cool. I read the post earlier this morning and had to come back to watch it. The whole day I had that chumbawumba song stuck in my head.

  39. Hey what up Neil…happy Friday. I wanted to say that I was playing with CrazyEgg this morning, and I don’t know if this has always been there cause I usually just go straight to the heat map or confetti… But there was this screen that popped up that had the element clicked on, how many times, and the percentages… that’s tight. I never realized that before.

    Anyway, how does this tie into Don’t Give Up? If you aren’t haven’t a lot of success with your blog, maybe just a slight switch in the content delivered could help. If you know what your readers want (by knowing which type of post they are clicking on) then you can continue to product that kind of content.

    Then you will always be producing the type of content that your readers want. They will come back, they will refer you, and they will feel more connected to you.

    So, don’t give up, just try to do a little better, and it starts by giving your readers content that they find interesting and want.

  40. Very good video, very inspiring, It always has a times in our life when things aren’t on our side any dont give up is the solution.

  41. Great story, people should bookmark that for every time they get down or start feeling sorry for themselves. That guy is tough.

  42. I know a few people that have had similar things happen to them and they have no choice but accept it and move on. I had a life changing injury and its all you can do is accept it and become a better person from it.

  43. this video is old but i think when we watch it we learn much about the life and how the human have the ability to live and pass all the troubles which face us and i like this words ” it doesn’t matter how you start, it matters how you finish. ”
    thanks Neil

  44. Let’s look at this differently,Isn’t that the truth. Everyday we should find something to be thankful for. Don’t let our highs get too high and don’t let our lows get too low. Balance.I conjure it!!

  45. Wow, that’s absolutely amazing. I can’t even imagine being as strong Nick, no matter what the situation. That guy is truly amazing, and is a great example of how to keep trying until you succeed.

  46. Stories like this can really motivate you. I mean if a person who had to overcome such problems could achieve so much, why can’t you?

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  48. If he’s not giving up and moving forward in life, we have no excuse!!!

  49. I am new to your blog and today your blog was recommended by one of my pal, and i was really pleased to read your blogs. Keep on the Hardwork and SmartWork and ultimately NEVER BACK DOWN..!

  50. Thats an actual achievement of life.He is being living life in real meaning. A symbol for hopeless peoples. Great i really admire his spirit how to love your life. Amazing…..

  51. Videos like this have a way of RADICALLY changing one’s perspective about life. It did for me and made me realize how blessed I am and why I really shouldn’t ever feel depressed. If Nick Vujicic, who was born without any arms or legs, didn’t give up and isn’t depressed, why should I??!! Thanks for sharing this, Neil. I really helped. W

  52. Wow! Thanks for sharing that video. A true inspiration!

  53. Kenney, not only to see success, but to appreciate and enjoy life and all that we have as well!

  54. Not to get unhuggy about this, but I’ve seen that guy on TV, and I don’t think much of him.

    Sure, he’s overcome his depression and existentialist angst, but he’s accomplished it by becoming a brainwashed Christian zealot. Not through tapping into any inner wellspring of self-awesome.

    All I do when I watch that video is cringe and facepalm.

    • I am not looking at his religion, but more so his accomplishment is great. He has been able to motivate millions of other people.

    • I haven’t seen enough about him to judge, but honestly, is there anything wrong with holding strong belief in a faith? If it’s gotten him out of being in depression, how much wrong can it do?

      • You really don’t need to see more than this to know what the core part of his message (beliefs) are.

        And you’re right…regardless of what he believes, his accomplishment are great.

        If he died today he could actually say “I have done something great with my time here on earth for both my self and more so for other people”. There aren’t very many people that can say that.

        Either they haven’t done anything (especially great).

        Or They have only done for themselves.

      • Everyone has different opinions. Some people will say yes while others will say no. This is what makes the world go round and round.

    • Well, now you’re getting into something totally different. You talking about religion and his beliefs about God. You obviously don’t believe in God (i.e. “brainwashed Christian zealot”…) You believe that you are your own God i.e. “tapping into any inner wellspring of self-awesome”.

      So, of course you would cringe and facepalm. And that’s fine, I love God, and don’t believe that the earth or you or me is an accident. I believe that we were created by God and that we did NOT come from some slop.

      BUT before we get off track… Regardless of were he gets his strength to love life and press on for better, and for striving and not turning in the towel because of his circumstances, he still has done a marvelous job of making the best of life and his situation.

      There are a lot of people that have been handed the world, yet they don’t enjoy life or do anything for themselves or humanity and many times are so depressed that they find it hard to crack a smile.

      So, to applaud this guy for making the best out of a bad situation is not a bad thing regardless of his beliefs.

  55. That was sad,but motivational in a weird kind of way :/

  56. The guy’s a disaster. Get off his jock.

  57. Everybody should look forward and forget the loss and failure to bring happiness in their life.

  58. Wow, that’s absolutely amazing. I can’t even imagine being as strong Nick, no matter what the situation. That guy is truly amazing, and is a great example of how to keep trying until you succeed.

  59. I Love this video… it’s so inspiring! I think that everyone should see it… it’s truly amazing! Thanks for posting this Neil! You are one cool guy!


  60. Asela de Saram :

    Thank you Neil! We sometimes need inspiring individuals to remind us how much of our lives we actually take for granted everyday.

  61. Wow! Thanks for sharing that video. A true inspiration!It can’t get any better..

  62. vary much an eye opener! perhaps i will find myself checking my thoughts about a given situation in the future!

  63. Funny reading the comment above that ends up actually provide an answer in itself:

    a) Either his faith in God has given him strength to accomplish his achievements, therefore confirming the existence of God.

    b) And if I disagree with ‘a’ then it is faith in God that has driven him to his achievement, therefore confirming his tapping into his inner wellspring of self-awesome.

    Which one will satisfy you Mogul a) or b)


  64. Exactly. While it’s good to remember the past, in the end, it’s important to evaluate where you are today and focus on where you can go tomorrow.

  65. Great Post very inspirational. I’ve seen that video before and it really pulls at your heart 🙁

  66. When I think of these people I wonder, how I can ever fail at anything, when these people have accomplished far more, and have had to overcome handicaps, which I can’t even imagine. You might say their handicaps were their friend. As many had to learn to live in a world with no light, sound, or ability to walk, speak, or move normally. I think the one thing that made these people great, is they all believed in themselves and they all had a willingness to succeed. The next time you feel like a failure in business, relationships, or life. Think of those less fortunate that have accomplished great things.

  67. @Azzam

    a) Faith in something doesn’t confirm the existence of the thing into which the faith has been placed. Phil 101.

    b) It’s not self-awesome he’s tapped into, clearly. He’s attributing his overcomage of miscellaneous obstacalia to J-Dawg + Angry Dad. He’s accomplished it through auto-brainwashing.

    Think about the Jim Jones debacle. Were those people prepared to kill themselves through an act of “self-awesome”? Or because they were mindwiped thousand-mile-staring zombies?

    I guess my answer is therefore c). None of the above.

    • @Mogul: You’re so philosophical. But you’re totally right about point A. Having faith in something doesn’t make it true.

      The whole J Dawg + Angry Dad & auto-brainwashing thing is way off base though. But I think you know that…you were just throwing that out there to ruffle some feathers. You know it has nothing to do with that. But this debate could go on forever… whether you believe in chance or creation.

      Either way there is one fact that still remains, through his belief he has been able to receive the strength and peace of mind to accomplish feats that most people in faaaaaaar better situations will never come close to.

      He didn’t come up with 101 excuses as to why he couldn’t, but he made lemonade out of lemons.

      P.S. God does love you 😉

    • I am not sure what you mean by point B, but point A makes sense.

  68. really inspiring – what a great post. We reveal our true selves at times of stress – I appreciate the people maintaining and promoting a positive attitude and message in the midst of a seemingly difficult time.

  69. Hello!

    I’ve read this article and thought to myself: I’ll translate it to my mother language and put it on my blog, so the portuguese-reading people can also get this touching message…

    Would you give me the proper permission to do it?
    (I’ll quote this blog URL as the source of the article, don’t worry)

  70. Many of us don’t consciously recognise or acknowledge that we even have a specific life purpose, our subconscious knows what we are her to do; reaches out to us, sending messages through our dreams, intuitions and innermost longs. The call of our destiny manifest as our deepest drives and abilities – the hidden forces behind our personality. This drives shape our career and our relationship and influence the quality and direction of our life.

  71. Wow, inspiring… and you had a million dollars in debt? I know that’s not the point of your post, but wow. Now I don’t feel so bad. 😀

  72. Very true that it doesn’t matter how you start, it won’t go down in history. It is always how you finish is what you get credited for. Obstacles is something that everyone face, but those who survive them become successful.

  73. I Have seen people with no arms, or no legs, but is the first time I see someone without both …
    Had some tears when I saw those people crying ..
    I glad things turn out to be okay for the guy, he desirves to be happy, even the way he is.

  74. Once a person finds their purpose, their life’s direction can be mapped out with more clarity. The treadmill can be thrown out, replaced by a path that leads to an actual destination!

  75. Thanks a lot for this great post and it’s totally true that it’s more important how you finish than how you start off.
    I’ll bookmark this post, so when I feel bad I always can come bakc.

  76. I saw a vidoe about him on youtube a long time ago… I feel really sorry for th guy. I thinkm a lot more people know about him now because of the videos. I hope everything keeps getting better for him.

  77. Friends and family are vital in ones support structure. They can provide much needed help and advice. You are lucky to have it!

  78. Thats rightly said Neil, but mostly examples like these fail to work. Most of us have already heard of examples of these kinds and indeed they inspire at times, but when one is in crisis, it is hard to get solace from almost anything.

  79. Triad Trading Formula :

    It just shows that whatever limitations we might think we have it’s still just our beliefs that are really holding us back.

    We really are capable of achieving everything we set ourselves to.


  80. People can only really comment and judge things based on their own life experiences.. so the worst thing that has happened to person “A”, is for the most part as equally devastating as the worst thing that has happened to person “B” (even if person “A”‘s worst thing is losing a girlfriend and person “B”‘s worst is losing their family).

    That’s a slight exaggeration of course, but the basic premise is true.. people can only gauge things based on what they already know. What’s most amazing is the human spirit to endure, and for people to be able to persevere far beyond what they think they’re capable of.

    I think any of us would be able to do so much more than we’ve ever imagined, if our life (or our family’s life) literally depended on it. The real trick is to be able to instantly summon that level of motivation and go out and achieve.

    Think of how much something will cost you if you DON’T take action.. how many things you will miss, opportunities you won’t have, experiences you’ll never enjoy. Internalize that, because your life (the life you could have) literally does depend on it. Your family’s life (the life they could have) literally does depend on the actions you take.

    So bottom line, Get out there and get it done! Don’t be so focused on making a living that you forget to make a life!

  81. This is a really moving post Neil. Its certainly the elixir I need at this point.

  82. When you fall just get back up. This is in direct literally describing exactly what a person needs to do to continue on. What a great video posted here. Well done Neil!

  83. There’s no words to put together on how it’s important to live your life and to let nothing put you down. This inspirational video gives you a insight of not giving up. I think more people should see this video.

  84. Thanks for this post.We give up things for very small reasons.Stuff like this makes us to retrospect ourselves.

    • Yea, you’ll be amazed on how people give up on the small stuff and complain about it. You have to look at the big picture in life. If you give up on the small stuff, what is going to stop you from giving up on the important stuff.

  85. This is an amazing story, makes me realize that most of the hardships I go through, are not even on the same level as Nick’s. Very inspirational, thanks for posting!

  86. The point is you can have success just because you stick with it. If you really want to know how to get success , that is the big secret! Most people will give up…don’t be one of those people. Be like Rocky: keep on swinging and you will have success!

    • Right exactly. Giving up is the reason why most people never reach success. People don’t realize, but usually, they are just inches or seconds away from becoming successful, so keep going.

  87. I have alot of respect for Nick to be able to take life’s challenges, and deal with them head on, and to stay strong, and to never give up. He is a true inspiration for us all, alot of us need to see a guy like this to get a little bit of inspiration from time to time.

    Till then,


    • Yea, a story like this can and should motivate others to do anything. It’s one of those things, if he can do it, so can I.

      • Yeah for sure Neil, I also forgot about the one speaker that came to our High School, during my freshman year, He was a great speaker, I don’t remember his name…. but he was a blind man, he was rather young, but he was living the life of a normal man, he was married, had children, etc. He went skiing, did lots of normal things like everyone, and did not let his blindness stop him. Very inspirational stuff, now that I reflect back on it.

        Till then,


  88. I saw this video probably about a year ago and I have not forgotten it. It really is amazing what the human spirit can do when faced with impossible odds. It puts into perspective the things that most of us take for granted everyday.

  89. very inspiring indeed! as one once said: the best things are worth finishing!!!

  90. I do not see how any roadblock can be compared to having no arms or legs. This is just my opinion.

  91. I really needed something like this at this point in time. It is really been a long time since good thing as come up after so much of struggle. Though I believe I have become very impatient about things never behaving the way I expect it to.
    Nice post Neil!

    • Things never go the way they’re supposed to .. and that’s fine… give up trying to think that way. You’re better off having control over your emotions and how you actively respond to the events.

  92. k12 education :

    Wow, what an amazing video! I have never seen it before. It very inspiring to see that guy fighting and struggling to succeed. I wish I had so much power in me.

  93. incredible video, in fact its aldmirable i think that in life being positive is not the answer but taking whatever happens and despite that keep going

  94. its an incredible video, just incredible

    i cryed when it finished

    a very importand ideal he mentions is that he is happy and fullfilled but if he had the chance to have legs and arms he would doubt to get them, happines doesnt mean not to conform

  95. Let’s look at this differently,Isn’t that the truth. Everyday we should find something to be thankful for. Don’t let our highs get too high and don’t let our lows get too low. Balance.I conjure it!!…

  96. After watching this video i came to know only possibly attitude is enough to do anything in this world

  97. such a touching video. what a strong person he is

  98. Once you get to the end and accumulate all the gold and knowledge, people get bored with it and just quit. It shows in all the millionaires who just lose their sanity and turn to drugs.

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