What Your Goals For 2009 Ought To Be!

2009 new year

2009 has already begun and you probably have a rough idea of some goals that you want to achieve during the New Year. There is nothing wrong with your list, but you probably want to add a few things that will make the rest of your life better.

Here are a few things that you should consider adding that will benefit yourself:

  1. Get rid of your loser friends – hanging around with people that bring you down won’t do much for you, so might as well stop hanging around with them. Some of the qualities that these people usually have are: no motivation to make money, laziness, drug addictions and always having a negative attitude. A good way to figure out which friends to continue hanging around with and which ones not to is by creating a two sided list; one side with your good friends and the other side with your bad friends.
  2. Grow a backbone – you need to speak up more, if you don’t people will continue to walk all over you. Don’t take shit from anyone and more importantly don’t take shit from your boss when he or she is wrong. Now granted you don’t want to be a dick, but you should learn to say NO more often.
  3. Network, network, network – you should go to at least 1 networking event every month. I don’t care if you live in the boonies, there are probably networking events within an hour of where you live. These networking events don’t have to be related to your profession, they can even be things like a PTA meeting. The more people you get to know on a personal level, the better off you are. You never know whom you might need help from in the future.
  4. Stop judging people – its’ human nature for us to judge people by their looks, smell and even behavior. I even judge people, but we all need to stop. It doesn’t do any good to judge people, so why should we keep on doing it.
  5. Invest time into your brand – similar to Pepsi, McDonalds, IBM, and Pfizer, your name is worth something. Create a blog, join all of the major social networks, and create a good business card. The more you do to build up your name the easier it’s going to be for you to get a good job, or even start your own business.
  6. Learn to not be comfortable – staying inside of your comfort zone will stop you from experiencing new things. I know it gets scary when you get out of your comfort zone, so just take baby steps by doing something small every month that you would normally be terrified to do. After a few months, start doing bigger things until you learn to fully get out of your comfort zone.
  7. Love money and have a drive to earn more of it – I understand that you may not care about money, but you need it to survive. With money you can give your kids the education they deserve and the experiences in life that you never had. You don’t have to be rich, but make sure you make enough money to live a decent life.

And here are a few things you should consider adding to your list that will benefit other people:

  1. Help someone in need – everyone needs help sometime or another, so the next time you see someone who is really in need, consider helping. What I mean by someone really being in need, is that they have a fatal disease, or something crazy is happening to them that isn’t in their control. One way or another you should consider helping them out in ways that aren’t just financial. For example consider donating blood a few times a year.
  2. Live a green life – we all live on this planet and drain its resources. If we all started doing things like recycling, driving eco friendly cars, and leveraging solar power we will leave our future generations with a better world. I know living an eco friendly life can be costly in the short-run, but in the long run you will save money.
  3. Rescue an animal – we aren’t the only ones on this earth. Animals such as dogs need rescuing, if they stay in the pound too long they usually end up getting killed.
  4. Support a cause – there are a lot of things out there that you can support so stop wasting time and support one. For example I support the American Cancer Society and whenever I can, I donate money to it. Even if you don’t have much money to donate to a cause, you can still donate your time.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

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  1. Great stuff Neil. #1 is extremely important. I heard an interview with Singer/Actor Tyrese Gibson and he said that the best advice he had ever received came from Will Smith. He basically said Will told him that you can often tell how far you will go in life based on the five people you spend the most time around. Everyone should evaluate the company they keep.

    • It is also true that your income is roughly the average of your 5 closest friends.

      • Isn’t that kind of unfortunate? A person’s success really is determined by what kind of company he keeps.

        Now, I don’t think people should run around trying to make friends with rich people, but you should at least immerse yourself in places where you can learn from what rich people have to say.

        You can do this from books, blogs, or random conferences. You just have to be willing to put yourself out there and do it.

        • Not a person’s success, but more so their outlook on life. If someone is poor, but they are smart or embrace life for what it is, then they maybe a good friend. For example a scientist would still be a good friend even though they don’t make money.

          You just don’t want your friends to be bums who don’t care for life and do drugs all day long.

          • Absolutely. The point is to be selective.

            • Kenney's Work From Home Secret :

              My parents used to beat this one to death. When you get older and I think is when you really start to appreciate this one, or when your in need of something. lol.

              You see this effect everyday with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. It’s mostly the company you keep. Although not rich, I love my childhood friend too… But I also have added a good mix of like minded, smart, and wealthy friends that I genuinely like.

              • I forgot about that. Parents tend to tell us this when we go to elementary school or high school. They never want you to hang around with the bad kids.

                Or at least mine didn’t.

              • Kenney the REI :

                For real though. Mine didn’t. I will probably do the same thing though. I mean my mom took in some kids that needed help, but she didn’t play.

                She treated them the same way she treated me, like a mother that cared. And she kept us on the straight and narrow, fussing at us when we didn’t keep good company. But lets look at the results…

                My mom a single parent who had me at 17 sent me and 4 kids that she took in throughout the years to college and had a big influence on others. Many of my friends that she took that went to college where the first in their families to do so.

                So, the company you keep is huge. It’s so cool when you can just pick up the phone and call a bud and get the investment capitol you need or advice, or resources or direction. Instead of having to jump through fiery hoops. Also it’s even better when they can call on you and you can produce. Sweet.

              • That’s impressive. Your mom must be a really kind hearted person. Now only if we could get others to do the same as she did.

              • Kenney Makes Money :

                True… she is though. One of the most kind hearted people I know, and many times it seems to a fault.

                But we need people like her to balance out the evil and mean in this world. Even if she wasn’t my mom I’d have to say she’s pretty awesome little lady.

              • Yep, everyone can’t be bad nor good.

        • Remember, success doesn’t=being rich. Success means that your a person who is constantly growing and learning.

          “Isn’t that kind of unfortunate? A person’s success really is determined by what kind of company he keeps. ”

          Lay down with dogs, come up with fleas.

          So you don’t have to be around rich people. Like in my blog, I gave the example of mother Teresa, hanging around people like that will cause you to grow…wouldn’t it?

          Be around successful people, not necessarily rich.

          • Or better yet, surround yourself with people that are going to go somewhere. Most of my friends aren’t successful yet, but they are trying to get there.

            • Kenney's Work From Home Secret :

              For real though. And because of that mind set I am helping them as much as I can too. We work together for a common goal, but remembering where we came from and using it as a grounder and marker.

              • Exactly, it is a mutual relationship. You benefit off your friends as much as they benefit off of you.

              • Kenney the REI :

                There’s no to many better feelings than to be able to help a friend. And to see them achieve their dreams because of some help you gave.

              • I am with you on that one. I really enjoy helping friends and family. I believe in the pay it forward philosophy and hopefully they will help someone else.

      • Jacques Seoman :

        Hmmm, seems one’s success can be largely determined by the pack one hunts with….LOL

        • It does. If the pack that you hunt with has never fired a gun, they may accidentally shoot you, so you are better off on finding a new pack or hunting alone. πŸ˜‰

          • Jacques Seoman :

            Point well taken, Neil! Nobody wants to get hit by friendly fire, and sometimes being the lone ranger can be advantageous, all depending on the mission you’re on….

            • I’m glad you understand how being a lone ranger can be advantageous. Just be careful though because if you are a lone ranger for too long, it could hurt you.

    • Great point MJ,

      I make sure the 5 closest people around me have the same desire and values as me.

      • You want to make sure that some of your close friends have different values. If you don’t, your thought process won’t change. Sometimes we need to see other peoples desires and values before we realize that ours may not be the best.

        • Great point. I will have to look into that but it does make sense. No two people are the same so I guess that’s a good thing when picking your friends.

          • Even if you don’t agree with the other person, it doesn’t mean they aren’t a good friend. πŸ˜‰

            • True. I think it’s important to be real with your friends. Do not sugarcoat anything. Tell them how it is.

              • And if they really are a “friend” they’ll appreciate your honest response. Maybe not in the short run, but in the long run they will.

  2. Tom - StandOutBlogger.com :

    This is probably the best post on goals I have read for 2009!I am going to be spending 2009 working on no3 – networking!

    • Thanks! Let me know if you need help finding networking opportunities in your area…

    • Jacques Seoman :

      I agree! Networking is the basis needed to build a solid business on. It is very often the case of “who you know” rather than “what you know”. Also remember that people enjoy doing business with agreeable, friendly people, which will give you the advantage in an otherwise dead heat for a contract or deal.

      • The thing with networking is that most of my successful friends who have 9 to 5 jobs, get paid well because of who they know. There are many more qualified people that can fill their shoes, but they got the job because of their personality and who they know.

        • Jacques Seoman :

          As the old saying goes – Blood is thicker than water – and your experience bears this out yet again!

          • Thanks! Sadly I have lost a lot of blood over the past few years. I am doing fine right now, but just like most people, I struggled to get to where I am.

        • Well said Neil, this applies in every aspect of our life and mainly in politics

          • Learning more about politics is probably a good goal for me during 2009. I have no clue about anything going on…

  3. Kelly Lieberman :

    Don’t post anonymously! If you have a point of view worthy of print, put your name on it or don’t post. You are always building your brand.

    • Good point, I hate it when people post anonymously. Even if you don’t have a website, you should still put your name in the comment field.

      • haha…I was doing that since day 1! My goal is to brand AJ Kumar…Shouldn’t be too hard for me with the whole KUMAR and all ;).

  4. Anthony Carbone :

    #1 is not only essential to master, it is one of the hardest to achieve especially if you were a social butterfly in your past life (highschool/university).

    Surround yourself with like minded winners and thou shall succeed!

    Great Post Neil. Looking forward to seeing you 2009!

    • I was a bit lucky in which I was a geek in high school. All my high school friends were pretty smart and they were going somewhere in life.

  5. Matthew Blancarte :

    Awesome list, Neil. #1 is incredibly important. It takes some cajones to tell old friends to hit the road, but that was a major turning point in my life. I only kept two friends from high-school, and now their both business partners of mine.

    Also, #3 on your second list was very thoughtful. I couldn’t buy a pup or kitty from a breeder. I got my dog, Jojo, from the pound, and she turned out to be everything I wanted.

    • Thanks Matt! I actually got that concept from you the last time I was in Scottsdale. You told me how you only buy pets from the pound.

  6. Matt | Small Biz Bee :

    Number one is a good one. You’re only as good as the company you keep…hang out with losers, and well you’re probably a looser too.

    Also, if you surround yourself with successful people, you’ll have the proper role models to be successful yourself.

    Great post Neil.


    • You are right, one of the main reasons I am successful is that I surround myself with the proper role models. If it wasn’t for people like Any Liu and Geoff Entress, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

      • Matt | Small Biz Bee :

        It’s like the old saying “if you want to drive a cab for a living, take stock tips from your cab driver”. Who we affiliate with, and who we let influence us makes a big difference.

        I find that surrounding myself with people “better” than me also helps me push to achieve higher goals.


        • Exactly! If all of your friends are doing better than you, naturally you will try to do better. You always want a few friends who are doing better than you, so that you are motivated to do better.

          • I always use the Donald Trump exmaple. If you were to hang out with Donald for a few hours, do you think you’ll learn something that will help you make more money.

            Exactly the same way it works by choosing the right friends

        • Brad Blogging.com - Personal Blog Tips And Blog Help :

          Thats a great quote πŸ˜› – Where did you hear that one?

  7. “Get Rid of your loser friends”, hahaha oh my.
    It’s true though. On the opposite end of networking, strive to gain a mentor, and replicate their success.

    • Or better yet, ride the mentors coat tail if they let you. This makes it much easier to become successful.

      • From my experience, most mentors actually like having people ride on their coat tails because they know these people will help further their main goals down the line as well.

        • Some mentors don’t care, but the good ones are looking for the pupils to return the favor one way or another.

        • Derek or Neil, any tips on gaining a mentor, how to acquire, and secondly, how to make best use of them?

          • Best way to find a mentor is to network with older people who are successful. Get to know them and hopefully one will start helping you out.

            Once you do this, you will naturally figure out how to use them. πŸ˜‰

  8. Neil, have you created your list of winners and losers?

  9. Great blog post as usual. I think the most important ones from that list is get rid of your loser friends and get out of your comfort zone.

    • Yep, that is why I put the “get rid of loser friends” at the top. It is something that we all need to be, but we never really think about it.

      • I think Neil you don’t have to try to get rid of loser friends, most of the times life plays its role and you just go different ways. This is what happens with me at least.

        • You don’t have to get rid of them, but you shouldn’t hang around them too often. You don’t want their bad habits to carry over to you.

  10. Neil, “Learn to not be comfortable” is good advice and something to watch out for because it can creep up on your real slowly. We start getting comfortable and stop getting hungry (I’ve certainly been guilty of that) and we wonder why some young energetic punk just passed us by, leaving us in the dust.

    I think having good friends that work to keep you motivated (ones that will hold you accountable) are the best to have to avoid the comfort pitfall.

  11. Good tips, I have already put down my new year resolution.

  12. Another great list of new year goals. Rescue a pet is something unique. My only goal is to reach 4 figure income from online by this year. Hope to learn a lot from you.

    • Thanks! You may also want to read shoemoney.com, zacjohnson.com, and johnchow.com. Reading those blogs may help you get to your goal.

  13. Article Spinning :

    Well said, Neil. The first one did it for me – “Get rid of your loser friends”. That’s absolutely true because if you do not, they will surely draw you DOWN to their level. It’s indeed true that “birds of the same feather flock together”. We should concentrate on staying with and relating with those that will help us grow, rather than bring us down. Well said, indeed, Neil.

    • The hard part is to separate yourself from the loser friends that are fun to be around. In some cases you can’t fully get rid of them, but you can reduce the amount of time you spend with them.

  14. Custom Web Design :

    Happy new year! Interesting point of view. Really all 7 things benefit of us. I like 7th point of this article. Thanks.

  15. I am encouraged by one of your lofty ideals in the New Year 2009 is to ‘SUPPORT A CAUSE’.
    We, the retired employees in National Seeds Corporation Ltd; a wholly owned Govt. of India Enterprise are denied pension or even medical facility and we are discriminated when compared to many other Govt. Undertakings that include Nationalised Banks who enjoy all the privileges.
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    Will you please take up a crusading campaign and prevail on insensitive and inhuman Govt. of India to do justice to the sufferers?
    Thanks a lot.

  16. HOBO(nickname) :

    I am thinking of NO. 7 “Love money and have a drive to earn more of it”
    Earning too much money is good if it is earned for others not for oneself. Atlease that is my wish. May god fulfill my wish.
    Wishing peace & prosper 2009. Enjoy !

    • If you have a lot of money before you pass away, you can always donate it. πŸ™‚

      • its easier for the rich to donate to the poor than it is for the middle class to donate to the poor. Just depends on how you look at being rich. If a rich and middle class person both donated 10% a year to charity, obviously the rich person is giving more.

        Hopefully that makes sense…

        • It does because the rich person has more money. So 10% of a large income can be a big difference compared to 10% of a small income.

  17. CCNA Training Videos :

    I would agree with all those points. I think they are a little cursory, but they address key issues we all need to focus on.

    Dropping loser friends is perhaps the biggest one of the bunch, and often the hardest to do. Perhaps they’re friends you grew up with, or people you’ve become acquainted with over time (family friends, significant others friends, etc) and you’ve grown comfortable with them.

    If they don’t share your values, drive, and ambition, drop them. If not, they’ll suck the motivation right out of you. I call them “dream stealers” because they’ve never done anything out of the ordinary, never taken any risks, and consequently have never really achieved anything; and everything you bring up they say “won’t work”, “can’t be done”, etc. If you listen to them long enough, you’ll start to believe them.

    The worst part is – it’s not that they don’t want you to succeed…. it’s that they don’t want to be left behind. They realize they’ll never take the steps you want to take, and eventually you’ll outgrow them. Well why wait? Outgrow them now, and expedite your elevation to the next level. πŸ™‚

    This post goes very well with a post I did recently on 10 Ways to Get Ahead at Work

    Thanks again Neil, always thought provoking posts!

  18. Excellent list and you have cute toes!

    I say ditch people that go around with a dark cloud over their head. These people are from Gloom And Doom Land. They suck the energy out of a room. Better to be surrounded with positive, high energy people who understand today’s world.

    Learn something new today.
    Help an old person.
    Help a little kid.
    Don’t be afraid to make money.
    Pick up after yourself.
    Smile more.

    • I like the “pick up after yourself” goal. I hate it when people leave trash around in public places. When I eat at fast food joints, I tend to pick up other people’s trash.

  19. I do not agree with your idea no. 1. Sometimes bad friend can show you somethink interesting and sometimes you see your right way…

    • Even if they show you something interesting you don’t want them around. All it will do is increase the number of bad friends you hang around.

  20. Lisa Williams :

    Great post, my kids are teenagers and these are the life lessons you share in the hopes of helping then be creative, happy and self-reliant. Very wise;) Happy New Year.

  21. Neil,

    Just very timely valuable advice as we head into the New Year with so much uncertainty. These are things that we all can implement and they are in our control :).
    Also, you mention about grow a back bone and trying to say no. Now certain ways of delivering a NO could be very positive influence on the audience and another could be a job eliminator. Would you like to comment on that or would you want to have a complete post for that?

    – Harnish

    • I wouldn’t recommend doing something that would get you fired, but make sure you say no at an appropriate time. If you don’t agree with someone, consider saying “no”. If your boss wants you to write a report and you don’t want to, make sure you still say “yes”.

  22. Custom Silicone Bracelets :

    I would have to agree those are great new year resolutions. Especially the networking one, because in this small town that I live in networking means the difference between success and being ran out of town, failure.

  23. #1 – judge all of your friends and decide who stays and who goes

    #4 – stop judging people

    I agree with all of these points, just found that contradiction funny. I can’t even say which of those I disagree with, which is interesting to me. On the one hand I have some lazy-ass friends who I’ve already stopped hanging out with. Their behavior is either infectious or quite annoying. On the other hand, being judgmental can get you nowhere or, worse, into some bad situations.

    • What I meant by judging people is don’t look down upon people or view them negatively because of character traits (ex: how poorly they speak English).

      None-the-less, I do get what you are saying about the contradiction. I’m not sure on what I should do there… LOL

  24. I’m trying to use #4 “Don’t Judge” to improve the reach and effectiveness of #3 “Networking”. I find that the more open I am to people that I normally wouldn’t talk to, the more interesting people I meet. Seems obvious maybe, but I think they’re both worthy goals for ’09 and can work hand in hand.

    • Also, when you are at networking events, try to go alone. When you have friends around, you are less likely to network with others.

  25. Brad Blogging.com - Personal Blog Tips And Blog Help :

    Love #1 – lol.

    Out with the bad.. In with the better πŸ˜€

    But with all seriousness, that is one of the biggest things that can effect you negatively in the world of business and commerce.

    • It can if you drop good friends. Dropping bad friends is good because they are probably slowing you down instead of helping you.

      If you are talking about it from a commerce perspective, those friends probably won’t be able to help you if they don’t have money to spend with you.

  26. Neil, any tips on breaking the news to lazy and negative friends that they didn’t make the cut this year?

    • Don’t break the news to them, just hang around them a lot less. This is an easy way to make a break away without making yourself look bad.

  27. Great goals. #1 reminds me of the time I was in vegas and some random guy was trying to give us video poker tips. Upon further conversation with him he told us he’s been in vegas ever since he lost all his money gambling. Nice guy to get tips from huh? πŸ™‚

    • It reminds me of the time my friend Andy said lets go play craps at a specific casino because they have the best odds in Vegas. But right before we started playing, he mentioned how he always lost money playing there.

  28. #8 – Hit up Craigslist more often πŸ˜‰

    • It seems like Craigslist has done very well for your business.

    • Brad Blogging.com - Personal Blog Tips and Blog Help :

      Craigslist is a great resource for finding new relations πŸ™‚ I agree with you.

      • I think he uses Craigslist to make 5 figures in sales a month for his art site. πŸ˜‰

        • Brad Blogging.com - Personal Blog Tips And Blog Help :

          Damn! Thats awesome! Care to divulge a secret, Art?

          • I will divulge it for him. All you have to do is posts hundreds of Craigslist listings a day selling stuff. You will be surprised on the affiliate commissions you can earn just by doing this.

  29. Hey Neil,

    This is an awesome post. On top of that, I would like tothank you for you blog. I discovered it in early 2008 and it helped me out loads. Keep writing awesome posts.

  30. I like “learn not to be comfortable.”

    Often times that is what pushes us to bigger and better. It enables us to act on new ideas instead of procrastinating because we are “too scared.”

    Well done Neil

    • Thanks! If you have a problem of learning to not be comfortable, do it with someone. It makes the process much easier.

  31. The reason why the people you hang out with tend to shape you is through influence. This is because people tend to associate with those who enjoy the same things as they do. If you hang with a group of driven, disciplined big goals friends, you probably share many of the same ideals and aspirations. You support and propel one another down the path to success.

    • I agree, you end up feeding off of your group. This doesn’t just help you to succeed, it helps the whole group.

  32. Love money and have a drive to earn more of it, huh i think i love that section more. or what do you think?

    • I personally love money more than most things in life. I am not saying it is a good thing, but I am addicted to loving money.

  33. Money gives you more options. It’s that simple.

    • Yep and in some cases options that could save your life. For example some medical treatments can be expensive and may not be covered by your insurance. It is always good to have money.

  34. Aman@BullsBattleBears :

    Great points Neil.

    I agree with the first on especially. Get rid of those that are negative of your ideas or generally pessimistic. Its those people that bring out the wrong vibes and can slow your progress in life.

    It took me a while to shake these people out of my life, but since then, its been an accelerated growth in my life financially and mentally.

    And yes, no matter how far you move up on the ladder of life, dont forget where you came from and dont forget those that are not as lucky as you. Giving back can keep you grounded, humble and also has many networking opportunities.

    PS. Neil is right, money is addicting but be careful of the problems that come with it!

    • Valid point, money creates a whole new mess of problems that most people don’t think about. To some extent I was happier when I was poor.


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    During early part of 1980 two of my juniors have been promoted by the duly constituted Departmental Promotion Committee (D.P.C.) from Jr. Class-I to Sr. Class-I Officer cadre ignoring my seniority and my legitimate claim for promotion. The person immediately after me in the seniority list comes from the same state of the above two IAS Officers and it was a clear case of favouritism and nepotism . To ensure that no suspicion is created in the minds of others, a person next to him who hails from M.P. had also been promoted to cover up their blatant violation of promotion rules. It is relevant to mention here that both my juniors were on ad-hoc basis whereas I was a regular confirmed Seed Officer . Thus, it can clearly be seen that the Officers of ad-hoc nature had superseded me especially when I was of regular status in the combined seniority list circulated much earlier. Shell shocked with this unforeseen and sudden development and also with deep pain and anguish, I had represented to the Chairperson/MD of NSC on the grave injustice meted out to me but I did not get any response from the management as is normal the case with NSC always..

    Thereafter, I had brought it to the notice of my controlling officer i.e. Director (Seed) who had sought clarification from NSC management on the controversy. The management had told him that the grading of my ACRs for the years 1978 and 1979 was not up to the mark in comparison to the other two of my juniors and therefore I could not stand a chance. Shri M.D. Asthana, IAS; Director (Seed) exclaimed as to how my CRs for the period I had worked under him could be written by the MD/Chairperson when he was supposed to write and reviewed by the Jt. Secretary (Seed) G.O.I. The Director (Seed) had also remarked that when the MD/Chairperson did not have any idea about my performance during the relevant period how they could have under rated me in their reporting for which they had no answer.

    The Director (Seed) convinced about the grave injustice done by the NSC management in league with each other advised me to submit a representation to the then Hon. Minister for Agriculture, Mr Rao Birendra Singh from Haryana. It was learnt that the Hon. Minister summoned the top NSC management to his chamber and directed them for undoing the injustice done to me but the management had adopted a tough and rigid posture with a ‘damn care’ attitude and did not bother to comply with the Hon. Minister’s order despite reminders for a long time. When the defiance of NSC was apprised to the Hon. Minister, he was in a rage and had reprimanded them and wanted that the various columns filled up by the NSC in my C.Rs to be pasted by white paper strips and the same forms to be sent to the Ministry instead of fresh forms. The MD (Seed) had given full credit to the work done by me in the Ministry in the ACRs as ‘outstanding’ and got them reviewed by veteran Shri Rama Kant Rath, IAS; Jt. Secretary(Seed) and Sahitya Academy Winner for his literary master piece in Oriya who had also endorsed the entries of Director (Seed) in toto. Armed with the new CRs, NSC was directed to reconvene DPC not only to promote me but to give my due place in the seniority in the newly promoted post. Thereafter, the witch-hunting and persecution started against me by the management. They have posted me first as Divisional Manager, Vijayawada despite my repeated requests to transfer me to Chennai as Regional Manager to get proper medical attention from the top Neurosurgeons Drs B. Ramamurthy and S. Kalyanaraman based in Chennai as my daughter was suffering from an incurable brain disease Viz; diffused (multiple) cerebral cisticercosis and was totally dependent on cartico-streroids due to Intra-cranial Tension (ICT), severe headache, projectile vomitings, hallucinations and high doses of anti-convulsants for controlling severe epileptic attacks. Again due to Ministry’s intervention , I was finally transferred to Chennai. After I had taken over as the first Regional Manager of the new region created comprising of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Pondicherry and Lakshadweep, the management unleashed a reign of terror against me and instigated the Union to start violent agitation against me for my removal. They have foisted several false cases against me and made my life a living hell. None of the charges made against me could be proved. Within a short span of less than two years of my stay in Chennai, I was unceremoniously removed from the post and recalled to Delhi even without humanitarian considerations for my daughter’s protracted ailment. In the promotion to the next higher post as Joint Manager, they had taken full revenge and settled their scores by reversing my seniority over the other two people fixed in earlier promotion as staqus quo ante. All this persecution was due to personal vendetta and reprisal to the firm stand taken by me to complain against the Two Sr. Officers who entered into an unholy alliance to promote the interests of their own people. After their tenure was over, they briefed their successive IAS incumbents due to personal animosity to ill treat me and they in turn continued the same vilification campaign. They have created such hostile climate for my further continuance in the Organisation that I had to finally opt for VRS in the very first batch at an early age of 51. Due to personal prejudices and predilections of cantankerous Sr. IAS Officers, my illustrious career has come to an abrupt end.

    It is, therefore, no wonder that the same Chairperson has been decorated with ‘Padma Sri’ for the so called distinguished services done to the community. In the recent past, IPS and other Sr. officers in A.P. managed to nominate their own names for gallantry awards and President’s Medals in recognition of encounter operations against Naxals despite the fact they did not work in Naxal infested areas at any time of their career. These Awards have therefore lost their glitter and charm and one can easily get these decorations by lobbying at the right circles..

    Samrajyam Srinivasa Rao, M.Sc.(Ag.)

  36. Webmaster Radio :

    Hi Neil,

    2009 is going to be one of the most interesting years in the short history of the industry. Now four years old, WebmasterRadio.FM’s biggest goal is to expand our audience by bringing on a far stronger lineup of show hosts and presenting a more diverse look at the news and opinion in the online B2B sector.

    Best to you in 2009. I look forward to seeing you where ever we meet up again.

  37. Hi Neil,
    I completely agree with all the point under benefiting others, and number 3 and 6 for networking and money…
    I think that 2009 will be a great year. I have a lot of things and ideas that I am planning on expanding. I mean actually going to elaborate on the ideas…..I also just started my own blog after doing a lot of research on how blogging works.
    Good luck to you in 2009.

    • Make sure you read copyblogger.com and problogger.net.

      • Kenney the REI :

        Yes make sure you so that. Those are some really good reads. I often find myself at both of those weekly. Matter of fact just subscribe to their RSS feeds and check out the updates as they make them.

        • And if you don’t know what RSS is, they offer email updates. So every time they post some more information, you will get an email.

  38. thanks for the info. I have already looked at problogger, but I will take a look at copyblogger as well.

  39. Its impossible to not judge others. You even said it yourself, its “human nature”. It is built into our species as a survival instinct.

    If you carry pepper spray you should be more ready to use it if a staggering large man with a mad look on his face is walking towards you than if a white haired grandmother is walking towards you.

    You will simply live longer if you use good judgement.

    Also, #1 is completely contradictory to that goal. Who are you to judge your friends if you say not to judge others.

    • What I meant by not judging others is by not judging people based on first impressions. In most cases we judge people before we really know them.

    • Kenney the REI :

      I think Robert Cialdini talked about this in his book, it wasn’t called judging, but we develop schemas about people and situations so that the next time we deal with that we can make a quicker faster reaction.

      It’s what allows us to be more efficient. But as we learn more about that particular person or situation or have more experience in that area we develop a more complex schema. The funny thing about this is that it allows you to know what people are going to do before they do it, or you can predict it because it’s an automatic reaction for them to do so.

      But with your “friends” you do know them and have a right and duty to do so. It’s your life that’s being effected. You only get one.

  40. Web Development India :

    Its a really old news on which i am going to comment, but i like the pic which you selected. Honestly saying, i found in myself i don’t have a power to judge people, i always trust everybody whom i like, mostly my friends. But sometimes they misuse of my nature.

  41. I’d rather add some words about donation,giving is a way to receiving and I totally share all the humane ideas about helping the other people.While doing that we become strong spiritually,and the wisdom to distinguish help from misuse comes with life experience,some inner power will prevent you from misusing your kind heart and nature.

    • It is kind of like the philosophy of paying it forward. Do something nice for someone else and don’t expect anything in return.

  42. Ken @ Work From Home Secret :

    I really like the way that you look at life and business. Many of the things that you mentioned I am truly focusing on this year. I have spent quite a bit of time finding my “why”. The real reason behind why I want to achieve what I am going for, which has given me the motivation and tenacity to go after it with unfailing relentlessness. Also I have had to learn to schedule my life better. Thanks for the post. Some really great info.

    • If you want more money, you should also ask yourself “why”. There is nothing wrong with having more money, but not everyone needs 10 million dollars. You maybe happy living an above average life.

  43. These are great advices…thank you. hope one day i can be as successful as you are.

  44. I have come rather late to this post but find it extremely useful and full of insight. 2009 is not likely to be an easy year for any of us. We need everything possible to keep afloat and survive. The advise given by you is relevant and practical. Thank you.

  45. I can’t full heartedly agree with #1. I feel that in order to be successful you must surround yourself with people, regardless of their personal goals. This not only gives you a sense of understanding, but also the ability to ground yourself. When you fail to connect, you will fail to succeed.

  46. Ryan I completly agree with you too. The more I learn from all of you guys the more I can see how important # 1 is.

  47. Money Academy :

    for me this is my first post in your blog ” need a small party to welcome me :p ” , but my biggest dream that all the world live in peace and to be successful person in my life . also i wish that people don’t put ” money ” as the first thing .
    you put a nice points i like them all but i just hope because no one know that all this points are easy to reach


    • Money isn’t everything as you already know. It is all about helping other people and doing some good in the world.

  48. Motorcycles for sale :

    Yeah 2009 has begun and i too hve made sme goals in my mind…. Hope i achieve thm…
    Best of luck 2 u also πŸ™‚

  49. I’ve achieved one of the set last year goals not long ago.I feel inspiration to go on life farther and a little luck deflects from thinking this year to be hard.

  50. Kenney the REI :

    I have this problem a little to. I give everyone I meet a little more trust than I should, but if they burn me once shame on them, if they burn me twice shame on me. lol

    But with my close friends, they’re close because they would try to walk over me. Maybe just you telling them how you feel will change that…but if it doesn’t maybe a slight change in who your inner circle will make you happier and you’ll find yourself more appreciated.

    • I have the same problem as you. I end up trusting too many people and it back fires sometimes. But I rather be that way compared to not trusting people.

  51. Great list Neil…I’d probably swap out #6 on money for “Learn to live in the moment”…so many people are focused on the future (can’t wait until I graduate…can’t wait for that promotion, bonus, vacation, etc…). When i was in bschool, 75% of my class complained daily about it, wishing it was over so they could have their degrees, which meant getting raises or promotions. While we struggle for happiness and success, we can also embrace the struggle and journey. Most everyone I’ve talked to who’s built a company or become a successful athlete or reached some major life goal has said they enjoyed the hard journey MORE than reaching the goal.

    • I am not sure about that one. I personally am one of those paranoid people who always worries about the future. I hate living in the moment because the reality is there is going to be a tomorrow.

  52. personal injury lawyers :

    just come up to this post for my 2009. why good bye to 2008. ? We must remember it, and learn the lesson from 2008. lol. Good points. Thanks.

  53. Get rid of your loser friends
    No can do, Neil. Instead I’ve just opted to not ever ask them for any advice on my business matters. It seems to be working out very nicely.

    Grow a backbone
    True. There’s a time to stand up and a time to sit down. If you have to say something that you KNOW will stir up trouble, mix in a joke. I’ve noticed that when you add comedy into the mix, people who disagree with you will think you’re kidding, while those who do agree with you will take you seriously and appreciate you for getting the message out.

    I’ve found that networking is about meeting new people and learning what they do. NOT, >>>NOT<<< NOT going to an event and pretending to care about others so you can slip your business card in their hand.

    The world runs on connections between humans.

    Learn to not be comfortable
    Neil, this one’s personal. I’ve been a closed up recluse most of my life. Seeing the world from the window of my room. Wondering if I’ll ever get the courage to go outside and experience life. (I had body dimorphic disorder and for years would wear hats and long hair to hide myself from everyone) Even though I got over it all, I’m just starting to break the habit.

    Every time I would get nervous and not want to go outside or meet new people I’d slap the s**t out of my self. And I carry a mean pimp slap. Yeah, some people say it’s self abuse but the way I see it, it’s better than cutting myself. And it works.

    Live a green life
    Oh yeah. If you haven’t already I strongly recommend seeing the movie, ‘The Corporation’. It’s amazing how some businesses can be complete dicks to the environment and not care or even clean up their messes.

    I personally recycle everything paper. Unfortunately, there’s no recycling centers around where I live so I have to secretly go to a pet store behind the Home Depot and dump my paper in their cardboard box recycling container… I hope it’s ok… If not… oh well.

    Rescue an animal
    Already there. I’ve helped rescue and find homes for over 25+ kittens in our neighborhood over the past 2 years. (We lost count)

    It started out as a hobby: we just like hunting them down, putting them in a box, cuddling them for a few hours until someone on craigslist calls and picks them up.

    Sadly the tons of cats in our hood are extremely horny! (mating season just started) so they’ve been making sweet (and very loud) love non-stop for the past 3 days so as to produce more kittens to replenish supply. If it weren’t for my room-mate and I to snatch up these kittens, out of a litter of 6 only 1-2 will survive to age 10 weeks in the wild.

    Support a cause
    Always. Money is nice but it’s just green paper, there’s nothing better than to see a smile on a person’s face when you’ve helped solve their problem or made their life easier. All of my business ideas are oriented around simplifying people’s lives and filling voids.

    ΓƒΒ’Γ’β‚¬β€œΓ‹β€  Kris Tian ΓƒΒ’Γ’β‚¬β€œΓ‹β€ 

    • But if you hang around with those people, they will just bring you down. I recommend not hanging around those type of people on a regular basis.

      • Yea, when I read this, I did not take it as a “just ditch your friends completely” but more of a don’t let what they say or do get to you, avoid the negative aspects of them, and try to be more around the positive influences of your friends and not the negative influences (and I would just avoid the drug-addicted friends anyways).

  54. How can you “get rid of your loser friends” if you “stop judging people?” Who is to say they are losers if you can’t judge them?

  55. Underarm Sweating :

    Just out of curiosity, we are “already?” in March an I am interested in how many of you stayed with your new years promises?

  56. Accident Injury Claim :

    Welcome 2009. As fresh as it could be. A new year to go for our life ambitions. Life passions. A new year to see our dreams being fulfilled. A new year to achieve the impossible. A new year to bring out the best out of us, and make it the best life we ever had in our life.

  57. Jermaine Pleas :

    Hmmmmm….I never had friends growing up just stayed home really. I guess the result was good because I never took a drink or smoked a cigarette in my life. I guess success determines on finding yourself also. This year I would like to develop a more interactive relation with other people.

  58. The Baldchemist :

    So don’t be judgmental… but ditch your loser friends?
    I think you have probably recognised your own shortcomings my friend.
    This is not how to enjoy or become successful.
    Take care and find some humility and joy… that’s what works.

    • If they don’t make much money, that is fine. But you don’t want to hang around with people who are negative influencers.

  59. I hope 2010 is going to be better for me.I mad ea few steps forward in 2009 but that is not anaugh.

  60. I love get rid of your loser friends because most people i knew after i graduated back in june were all just going to college to mess around. I only have friend like me so i guess in a way im a loser haha.

    • lol, no not true… number of friends don’t make you a loser or not, it’s the quality of your friends that really count.

  61. From my experience, most mentors actually like having people ride on their coat tails because they know these people will help further their main goals down the line as well.

  62. I do not agree with your idea no. 1. Sometimes bad friend can show you somethink interesting and sometimes you see your right way

  63. Sâzlük :

    This is an awesome post. On top of that, I would like tothank you for you blog. I discovered it in early 2008 and it helped me out loads. Keep writing awesome posts.

  64. Textbook Rental :

    Most of these will work for 2010 too, Looking back I have some work to do. but I have done some great work on backbone and boundries.

    • Goals are more than likely the same for everyone every year… it all comes down to how much you can hustle and put your self into the mix of things.

  65. Neil, I have two questions for you: what is your zodiac sign (you sound a lot like me) and, would you consider being connected to me through linkedin.com (if so could you email me your email address). Thanks==Raj

  66. kayseri emlak :

    Great post, my kids are teenagers and these are the life lessons you share in the hopes of helping then be creative, happy and self-reliant. Very wise;) Happy New Year.

  67. This is wonderful way to say good bye i will also use same idea next year

  68. I only kept two friends from high-school, and now their both business partners of mine.

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