How to Become Rich

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If you haven’t already made millions of dollars but want to, there are only 4 ways you can do so:

  1. Inheritance – this is the easiest way to make money, but also one that usually isn’t in your control. If your parents or someone in your family doesn’t have tons of money, you probably will not be inheriting it.
  2. Stunning physical attributes – if you are good looking or athletic you can usually make a good living through modeling or sports. If you are not athletic there isn’t much you can do to change that, but as for the modeling part you can always get plastic surgery if you aren’t attractive.
  3. Knowledge – if you have knowledge that others don’t have it could be worth a lot of money. The thing with becoming wealthy off of knowledge is that in most cases it can’t be something others can easily find out. People who become rich through knowledge are usually in the scientific field or have a high IQ.
  4. Willingness – the last way you can become a millionaire is by doing things that others won’t do. For example, if you are willing to work 12 hour days instead of 8 or do things that are out of most people’s comfort zone, you have a shot at becoming rich. Becoming rich through willingness means that you have to learn to go that extra mile.

Hopefully you fall into one of these categories or else the chances of you becoming a millionaire are probably worse than the lottery. In most cases you will not fall into the first 3 categories, which only leaves the last one. If that is your only option you better be willing to do whatever it takes. If you aren’t you better learn to or don’t waste your time trying to become rich.

Update: Thanks to a few Quick Sprout readers, you now have a 5th way to become rich. It is through creativity.

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  1. Great post Neil. To further illustrate point 4, I came across a quote that went something like this:

    “Success is doing things that other people can’t or won’t do.”

    Unfortunately, I don’t remember who said it.

    • Thanks! The problem with number 4 is that it isn’t the funnest option to take, but it is the only choice for most of us.

    • Derek, I heard that yesterday…now it’s driving me mad trying to figure out who said it.

    • That Picture is tooo funny! LOVE IT!

    • well i didnt agree..i work not only 12 hours but 16 hours daily! i work honestly only whats my due!
      maybe you cud include migrate from other country! because here in PHIL even u work 24hrs in a day if your not going to do dirty work, rob a bank or become a politician u will never going to get RICH!!!
      thats my opinion anywAY…

      • Well I’m sure there are other possibilities for you, but I deny it’s hard. So migrating from another country doesn’t make you rich, it just gives you a different opportunity.

    • your artical is great though it shows me thati have to work extra hard to achieve my goal.

    • You can look at those four as a ladder starting at the bottom with people who work hard. Next, you have those with a good education. Then, celebrities. And those who inherit their wealth.

    • Traffic Secrets :

      Yes that’s right, I don’t fall into the first 2 points, but I believe I have little bit knowledge to make it work for me. And for those who aren’t very motivated, I want to say : Did you ever go to any concert ? What was it like if you had seen live BONJOVI ? People go crazy on these concerts, WHY ? Because anyone can sing by learning it, but only few can perform so amazingly that people go mad about them. That’s what is the trick, if you can do what others think as difficult or impossible, they will ADMIRE YOU. So, just do it.

      • You made a very good point… everyone can learn the same thing, and one person can do better than everyone by performing it better than them.

  2. that is how you roll indeed

  3. Damn it! I have none of these. Now I will never become a millionaire. Thanks for ruining my hopes and dreams. JK

  4. Great post. Unfortunately, I don’t have an inheritance coming my way, nor did I win the genetic lottery, so I’m mostly gunning for #4 “Willingness” with a measure of #3 “Knowledge”. If you can study, work, and generally “do” more than others are willing to, you’ll find a unique angle to make your fortune.

  5. :

    Great post?

    Are you guys kidding? Was there some incredible revelation here beyond the linkbait title?


    • The post may seem dumb, but it is the obvious things that many people need to hear because they take them for granted.

      If one person realizes that they need to work harder after reading this post, I would be happy.

      • :


        Well I didn’t say “dumb.” πŸ™‚

        I met you at SES San Jose and follow you on Twitter and was just hoping for something a bit more revelatory. πŸ™‚

        And sorry, I didn’t mean for my first comment ever on your site to seem like flame bait!



        • I didn’t take offense to it one bit. I was actually pleased by your comment because it encourages me to find more creative ways to provide more value in my blog posts. πŸ™‚

  6. Timely post for me, I was just talking about #4. Sadly, I have had to come to that revelation the hard way. But now at least I know there is no other way to it, so I better get busy.

    • At least you came to that revelation. There are tons of people who try to become rich without realizing that their only way is through willingness.

  7. I agree that the post isn’t earth shattering but sometimes people need to be slapped in the face with simple (yet effective) truth-of-the-matter lessons from time to time often to get back on track.

    I feel lucky that #4 was instilled in me by my mom and grandparents otherwise my outlook wouldn’t be as good as it is today.

    Thanks for the reminder neil. πŸ™‚ //g

    • #4 and #3 are equally important , otherwise people shall make a fool of the guy/gal . I would like to mention one more point , which comes in addition – marketing – that is extremely important – if its not there everything shall fail .

      Many software companies have failed, even with a very good product because of marketing.

      P.S. I dont have a high IQ, but I think I can do something good , given the opportunity πŸ™‚

      • There are tons of factors that are important such as good management, marketing, and most of all… luck. But the thing is, those aren’t the main ways to get rich, they just factors involved in almost every option.

    • No problem. You are lucky to have smart parents.

  8. That’s right. There might just be a number 5 missing and that’s Creativity. This allows everyone to be rich because everyone is a creative being. You get points just for being born in this world!

    And if you have number 5, you can use variants and tinker with 1-4 in ways other people cannot or will not. With number 5, you are wealthier than you realize. When you do, you will be rich.

    Don’t you think?

    • Christopher,

      I will agree. With creativity, artists and musicians are born.


    • Creativity usually goes into number 4. Creativity takes a lot of work and time. For this reason it is number 4 because most people aren’t willing to put in the time and effort.

      • Neil,

        I think there is a difference between being creative vs hard-working (willingness). Some people are hard-working and intelligent, but they may lack creativity or imagination. So it would be fair to say that not all hard-working people or “go-getters” can become artists, musicians, or sculptors.

      • I see that. But still I’d put it into a number 5. Because it does breed great art, and great ideas … but more than that it produces great value which can be traded in for great wealth.

        One great idea creatively applied, and riches can be made in the least amount of time and effort. It can happen fast. Some ballpark figure of 20% of big business profits are made that way. Another reason why I give creativity a world of it’s own.

    • I would say creativity plays into #4, it’s more than doing what other aren’t willing to do… if you can think of how to do something in a way others haven’t, that’s also a great way.

    • Im a number 5 and difinitley attractive young women but stil im finacialy challanged why?

      • How attractive are you? What celebrity do you look like?

        • i agree with Neil. creativity often requires focus and hard work. just because you have a great plan or an idea, it wont work unless you are willing to put in the neccessary effort

          • Taking is action is why most people are dreamers and not doers.

            • Is there such a thing as consistent doers who never become rich?In what scenario would a consistent doer not become rich…even if they acknowledged and learned from their mistakes? I’m sure I’ve seen this happen before, that’s why I ask. Though I could be mistaken….

    • Totally agree Christopher. I realized recently that not only do you have to be creative, you gotta apply your creativity to the activities that give you the greatest chance of success.

    • Yes, i jost whant to be rich

  9. I’m seeing if #4 can be done with less than 12 hours a day πŸ™‚

    It’s all true, but the good thing is that being more willing doesn’t mean taking the worst job in the world or never sleeping. For example, #3 is easier than it sounds because a lot of people aren’t willing to learn anything new or take risks that have virtually no downside. Sometimes willingness just comes down to patience, dedication, and a bit of curiosity.

  10. #4 = sweat equity, there is no way around it. I suppose #4 can be fun if you are passionate about the business you are in, but it sucks when all your friends are enjoying their weekends, going on nice vacations and your stuck at home working away.

  11. Would toilet paper of 1’s be kind of baller?

    • Beanie,

      You would still be a baller if you were able to wipe your butt with $1 dollar bills. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to use $1 dollar bills. What if I used pennies or nickels?


    • Toilet paper of any dollar amount is baller.

      • And Dollars of any toilet paper amount is different kind of economy πŸ™‚

      • True.. but the Ben Franks really add something extra πŸ˜‰

      • I’m not really too fond of wiping my bottom with dollar bills. Their texture is not really as soft as Charmin or Angelsoft. LOL. Though I guess if you have the money, it would be insanely baller to have your own custom-made toilet paper that has the appearance of money yet is soft as Charmin.

        Lol Beanie, what a question.

        • LOL. TP would be a better choice by far.

        • i’m getting ideas! hmm imagine the posibilities of branding toilet roles! i’m sure Mc Donalds, Burger king and the like would be interested. lol
          customised toilet rolls especially ones with dollar bills printed on would probably sell faster than ordinary rolls..

  12. 5. Dreaming.
    Old saying : Those who dream most, do the most.

    • I am a dreamer, but it doesn’t do much. Dreaming doesn’t get you too far… you have to take actions. πŸ˜‰

      • Exactly, dreams and goals are truly important ONLY IF you legitimately plan and act on them. Otherwise, they are really just dreams and goals and nothing else.

    • michelle tomlinson :

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      • Michelle….go find a second job and be creative cook some jerk chicken for the tourist and stop begging!! sell your house and get a smaller one or rent.

  13. CCNA Training Videos :

    Couple more I can think of.. get lucky (timing, idea, etc). Lottery is one thing, but being at the right place at the right time helps too.

    The other would be to learn how to be a good networker, and partner with people, or connect people and profit through those connections.

    • I think luck helps in any situation. As most venture capitalists say, they rather take luck over a good idea.

      • CCNA Training Videos :

        I would agree.. although it’s nice (if not critical) to know how you got there; so you can duplicate it again if need be. Nothing would suck worse than to amass a fortune through sheer luck, eventually lose it and have no idea how to get it back..

        • I think once you make money (from luck or not) you learn how to make it again. You may not make the same amount again, but usually you’ll learn to make enough to live an average lifestyle.

  14. None of these will work unless you have very rick relatives. Total shit luck is the only way.

    • I don’t have rich relatives and I seemed to do alright. A lot of the millionaires out there are self-made because they have a good work ethic.

  15. Yes, creativity. ThatΓƒβ€šΓ‚Β΄s it!

  16. Seo los angeles :

    It seems like you fall into 4th also, I mean you are not really handsome, sport type, or smart, so do you work like 12 hours per day?

    • Yea, I fall into the 4th one. I don’t work 12 hour days now, but I used to. I did it for a few years straight and never took a paycheck. Sooner or later, things paid off.

  17. Great post Neil!
    Here is a saying I learned from Scrooge McDuck from the good ol’ show Duck Tales: “Work smarter…not harder.” People can work several hours each day….10-15-20 hour days. However, if that time isn’t spent productively, it doesn’t matter how many hours you work. However, most people who became successful, like Neil, have definitely put in their time…you must still work like crazy…and that does usually mean putting in many many extra hours. Don’t go home until the work that needs to get done…gets done

    And like Neil says…when you do the things others won’t do…you’ll have the things that others will never have.

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    The comments from this site just destroy my mail, there are so many of them and is mostly spam, can you fix this issue, because from one article I get like 20 spam comments per day, can you clean them before they are published or use some kind of spam tool, maybe use captcha

    • I second that, there are a lot of spam bots trolling this blog. Maybe a daily email digest would create less emails when you are following the thread? Some type of anti comment spam would be good also.

    • I did not know about this. I personally don’t see any spam comments. Anyway you can forward me the emails so I can get a better idea of what you mean.


      • I don’t think there are many spam comments here, but a comment like this is questionable:

        “Yes, creativity. ThatΓƒβ€šΓ‚Β΄s it!”

        A one-liner that doesn’t add much meat to the discussion.

        • I am trying to figure out how to stop those as well. I am thinking about adding a plugin that requires comments to be a minimum length.

  19. Knowledge and willingness can be combined. SEO is an example of this. All we do is out there, but people are just usually unwilling to go out and find it.

    • SEO is not really classified under knowledge. The reason being is that thousands of people know about the same tactics.

  20. Neil,

    Fortunately for me I’m incredibly good looking, a cross between Paul Walker and David Beckham, and more athletic than LeBron James and Derek Jeter combined. This will invariably help get me Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, and Jessica Simpson and I will inherit all of their money.

    I’m glad I don’t have to worry about those last two.

    But in all seriousness, solid take away from this post!

  21. SEO seems to be a crapshoot at times

    • It is. If you were in the industry when it started coming about, the chances of getting rich from it were high. At the current moment there are a lot of people in the SEO space.

  22. Sometimes a little bit of luck doesn’t hurt.

    • Luck helps, but that goes into all of those categories. For example, if you are attractive you still may not make it as a model… in this case you better be lucky.

  23. 2 and 3 requires 4 to work. No talent is enough without the work.

    • I think you need to “work” for any of these to work. Once you make it you may not have to work as hard, but I think “working” is required.

  24. Web Development India :

    What i feel is SEO is not a joke to earn good money. SEO without expertise will be no more cash generating machine.

    • It’s true…SEO is not as easy as it used to be. In this competitive industry, it costs money to make money.

      It all comes down to how much you can maximize your ROI.

      • Web Development India :

        I wonder on the people movement on SEO saying SEO is no more, than why they provide SEO and SEM kit, probably my finger on giants, Why they want to earn money by learning SEO? I have seen many a time people did wrong SEO after attending conferences.

      • It is hard, but good sales people are able to scam money from people without knowing much SEO.

    • There are a lot of SEO companies (I won’t name them) that make tons of money and have little to no expertise in the subject.

      • Web Development India :

        On this term i agree with you, eventhough i wouldn’t like to question on other seo companies abilities & expertise. Having a strong portfolio will make you a good business owner whether its designing, development or marketing.

  25. At least you came to that revelation. There are tons of people who try to become rich without realizing that their only way is through willingness.

  26. aww it looks like my comment about the 3 hundred dollar TP didnt make it through.
    Neil, was that a conscious moderator decision because of the graphic nature of the story or did my comment go into some automated censored comment eater?
    Ill repost if you like, in fact i think its funny enough to want to make an entire blogpost about.
    can I have permission to use your image you have there of the $TP?
    thanks and take care

    • I try to censor the top commentors because many just comment for the link. If you want to be a top commentor try to add more value with your comments. πŸ™‚

  27. brandon alan scofield :

    4. Willingness ΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β‚¬Ε“ the last way you can become a millionaire is by doing things that others won’t do. For example, if you are willing to work 12 hour days instead of 8 …

    I agree .. I ‘m willing to work 15 hour in blogging to make money

  28. Kenney @ How To Make Money Blog :

    Nicely put. 4 very interesting points. I call #4 hustle. We have this one friend in our group that doesn’t quite have it all upstairs, but he is willing to work real hard… He’s always hustling (in a good way – #4).

    When you can put anyone one of the first 3 with #4, you’ll be hard to compete with.

    • I definitely think #4 will get you the furthest if you don’t have #1. There are many people with good and ideas, but most of them don’t take action or won’t make the effort to learn.

      • The worst is when others take action on their ideas and they get upset.

      • Kenney the Working man :

        That’s so true… action is probably the BIGGEST dream killer. All talk NO walk. People want to do a lot of things, but they don’t do anything.

        This is so frustrating to me. We need a big splash of cold water.

    • You may like this article then:

  29. Manisha Shahane :

    Knowledge, physical build/looks, and creativity all require some willingness, I think, in order to turn them into profit. Having more talent in a certain arena than anyone else will do you little good, if you are not willing to develop it. Effort counts for a lot, even when you might have considerable talent. It is not clear to me, however, that you can get rich with willingness alone. I can’t identify any forthcoming inheritances of which I’m aware, so I’ve tried to identify “core competencies”and “unique attributes or abilities” within areas 2, 3, and 5 – Then I work on figuring out what I’m willing to do with them! : ) Though, in doing so, I haven’t set out with the objective of getting rich. I suppose your mindset and objectives will make a difference.

    Something I began thinking of when I was very young was that whether one is rich or poor is a relative concept. How one views one’s standard of living is relative to whatever Mr. Jones is doing: Mr. Jones in the US. Mr. Jones in Japan. In the UK. In India. It occurred to me that if I work a little harder than Mr. Jones, or if am willing to forego certain things that Mr. Jones must absolutely have, then I could perceive myself as having a higher standard of living than Mr. Jones, depending on where I am and depending on where Mr. Jones is. Sometimes certain comparisons would put everything in perspective and I could be happy with my standard of living as it is or was at that time.

    • Yea, if you are happy with your standard of living and don’t want more, then you don’t have to change anything.

  30. Sunitha karoshi :

    Nicely articulated post!
    Though all the points seems to be known,it’s good to get reminded to encourage ourselves to get rich πŸ™‚

    Trade off with #4 is to be out of comfort zone.One has to sacrifice a part of their present to probable good future.

  31. I think the fifth category should be a 3.5…you need to have a level of knowledge in order to be creative enough to bank off your ideas…

  32. Custom Web Design :

    Nice article. This illustration is really truth in life. Thanks.

    • No problem, just make sure you are following one of those methods. πŸ˜‰

      • Custom Web Design :

        Knowledge is right. But business owners want their employees having high educational degrees. But the person who had done diploma can;t get more pay though he is having extremely high level knowledge than masters. How he can be rich?

        • Having a higher education doesn’t mean you are going to be rich. Knowledge is more so creating something that is scientific or something that is break through.

          If someone even has a Phd., it doesn’t mean that they can leverage knowledge to become rich. In most cases they will have to take the “willingness” route.

          • Custom Web Design :

            I have good willingness but some industries required minimum higher education and they don’t consider knowledge. I hope my willingness make me rich.

            • I get what you are saying, but higher education isn’t really classified as “knowledge”. It is more so of a requirement.

  33. I believe knowledge and willingness are very important to become rich. Also, taking risks and going with your gut can take you a long way.

    • Just don’t rely on your gut too much. You should always do research to make sure you are not making a bad choice.

    • knowledge is useless if you cant convert it into cash! there are many intelligent people having nice concepts and ideas but still poor. why? DOESNT KNOW WHERE AND HOW TO SELL IT.SELLING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SKILL..

      • Too many people out there are simply information junkies. They think they can just learn learn learn because they’re simply to afraid to do anything else. TAKE ACTION

  34. Fortunately I have all 4 attributes.
    There is a hybrid of knowledge and willingness, eg some niches you dont need to work that hard nor be that knowledgeable.

    • To you it may seem that way, but to others it may seem like something that requires a lot of hard work or a lot of knowledge.

      I could be wrong, but in most cases there really isn’t a blending of the two.

  35. Yes, I definitely didn’t mean “in most cases”.
    But what about outsourcing the knowledge and hard work (which obviously still requires some luck / knowledge of what youre doing to be successful), and sit back, relax, and dive in to your money bin?
    Or invest in BRK.A 30 years ago?

    • Luck has to do a lot with being rich, which is why I did not include it in the list. You need luck on your side no matter what.

      • I strongly agree. Somebody accidentally starts the right business at the first try. Other people need to try different businesse several times, then he/she finally succeeds.

  36. It’s just like the old saying.. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”

    You can fail dozens of times, but when something does hit then it just escalates!

    • I love that saying. People need to learn to pick themselves up and keep on chugging away when they fail.

    • “If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.”
      -Steven Wright.

      • @Network21 Maybe because this kind of thinking many people dont get the credit for their pioneering.

        Sorry, Neil, but all I can say is that no matter how much you know, how hard you work, or how lucky you got, today’s game is played in a cold deck with marked cards. You cant scape your fate, and if you are allowed to exist it is because you are usefull. Who first got the molah got the power, just a question of time till you give up and realize it.

  37. Custom Silicone Bracelets :

    I agree that through willingness and creativity you can become a self made millionaire. Take blogging or custom silicone bracelets. Who would ever think you can make money doing either one but here we are making money. blogging is through advertising and me through recent popularity of fundraisers that have used these inexpensive things to make money for a cause.

    • Wow, it seems that you have gotten pretty creative with your business. I think there are a lot of businesses out there that can make you rich, but you just have to take the time to find or create them.

  38. so is that you’re TP baller? πŸ˜‰

  39. Articles Spinning :

    Very interesting. I guess that’s why Jim Rohn said “The worst thing in the world is to be poor, stupid, ugly and sick”. That means you don’t have any rich parents who will leave you an inheritance, no stunning physical attributes, no knowledge and no willingness. But the good news is that while the first 2 are not within one’s power, the last 2 can be. So, regardless of whether one has rich parents or stunning physical attributes, they can work hard to become knowledgeable in a particular field and be willing to become rich… than they can be rich. Thanks for sharing, Neil.

    • No problem. I think the second one can be changed. This is why plastic surgeons do really well in areas like Orange County.

  40. Money Academy :

    nice post Neil , but for me number 3 ( Knowledge ) is the best one because it is the only one you can control or Develop but the others like ( Inheritance Stunning, physical attributes, Willingness ) not enough for me because my parent not rich :p , I’m sportive boy but i can’t reach millions stage , for Willingness it hard because no one will work in normal job will be rich if he worked or 12 hours .. but this for me ( maybe it not the same with others here ) .

    for creativity it is excellent way and i don’t have any comment about it

    • There are a lot of people who worked at a normal job and become rich. Look at early Microsoft, Google, or even Qualcomm employees.

      • Money Academy :

        this not because of them job, they got a good idea and improved it ” as youtube idea ” but what make them rich them ” creativity ” because if you work in normal job for extra hours you what will you do ?? will be the company owner ?
        you should be creative .. this is my opinion , maybe you know better than me you Neil πŸ˜‰

    • Willingness is relative. Many people aren’t willing to actually solve real problems for even 8 hours a day, so you can be above average and still work normal hours πŸ™‚

      • Most people don’t even work 8 hours a day. Most of their day goes to doing random unproductive stuff.

        • That’s 100% true. Just because one has an 8 hour work day doesn’t mean that they are working 8 hours. If they smoke, consider 30-60 minutes spent on smoke breaks. Don’t forget the hour lunch, the schmoozing with co-workers, and lastly, if the work is done in front of the computer, surfing the net!

  41. I don’t consider myself rich, I just have a bit more options than others. Let me tell you that was NOT easy and it never becomes easier until I can completely retire. I think the biggest mistake people make is succumbing to fear. Fear of the unknown or fear of failure. I found lots of resources that gave me confidence..I hated my job..and was getting nowhere. When I quit I felt literally like I had the world at my fingertips. I started in the stock market and just this year moved towards real estate after I read “The Pizza Delivery Millionaire” by Rick Vazquez, doing any odd job I could to get started. Trust me, if you are determined you CAN do it!!

    • If you already haven’t read this post, you will probably like it.

  42. you can always get plastic surgery if you aren’t attractive

    Already working on it, Neil.

    I’m saving up for an Out of this world Face job. When I was 13 and found out I was “Fugly as Sin” I fought it for the longest time. Denied it. Ignored it and lived in my own little world where everything was fine. I actually covered my mirrors with paper and tape.

    The fact is, the truth hurts. It hurts Neil, it hurts like a brick hitting you in the face. And looking at my face you can tell I got hit by the truth quite a few times.

    Would you rather accept the truth and be miserable? Or live a lie and be happy?

    The truth is that Looks DO matter (depending on the career and industry) and studies show that even young children prefer attractive faces that are symmetrical. (The study was done using an attractive teacher and an unattractive teacher who taught and behaved in the same manner) as well as a documentary on CurrentTV where a female reporter wore makeup and requested items and services for free then tried the same thing without makeup. Both studies showed conclusively that…Looks DO matter. We just don’t want to admit it.

    It’s a part of our primitive genetic instinct. It cannot be taken out.

    I chose the truth. I admitted to myself that I was Hideous and Putrid. And you know what? That’s life, it happens. It’s no one’s fault. I’ve come to my senses and accepted who I am, I’ve realized acknowledging the truth allows me to change it. So my goal is to save up for plastic surgery (which I’ve always wanted for eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer, and get a new look that finally allows me to feel comfortable with myself. I don’t want to be a model or be perfect. I just want to be average.

    What? At least I’m not lying to myself…

    ΓƒΒ’Γ’β‚¬β€œΓ‹β€  Kris Tian ΓƒΒ’Γ’β‚¬β€œΓ‹β€ 

  43. I need partners who want o become ritch , or to simpley make their passion their profit~ I have just stareted getting motivated, I have few ideas but need someone who is thinking like me….lets do this something….we have to start somewhere …. πŸ˜€ email me

  44. Underarm Sweating :

    I agree on creativity and working. If you are not willing to work more than usually you will not be rich. But even with working, you can’t do everything in your firm, you have to outsource some work if not all. You are creative boss, you have an idea, others are here to create it happened..

    • And even if you are, it doesn’t mean you will be rich. πŸ˜‰ It just increases your odds.

    • That is very true. The only thing about creativity is that you must not only be creative in coming up with a product, but also be creative in how its going to fit your particular targeted niche, and more importantly, how to make people feel that they can’t live life without the product or service. That’s where the hard work comes in like you said!

  45. I really want to be a Victoria’s Secret Model next year when I turn 18! Any way you can help me out with that?

  46. I guess it could fit into any of the 5 categories, but I think it’s important to remember that in order to be rich, one also must know how to save and actually do so. A lot of times, especially when it comes to sports or entertainment figures, there’s so much pressure to blow all their money as soon as they get it, and after 5-10 years, they’re just as broke as the guy working a regular 9-5, if not more broke.

  47. I am old now and have tried many ways changing business but failed and today all monies gone.

  48. Online Colleges :

    To bad being attractive can’t always get you into modeling. As for M Kay……..Never give up! You have to fail a few times to succeed in most cases, just learn from your previous mistakes!

    • Neil Patel :

      That’s right. It is all about learning from previous mistakes and more importantly other people’s mistakes.

  49. cash loans uk :

    I would rather also include perseverance and ability to think straight. Most people who try hard but do not achieve lack in these qualities.

  50. The Work At Home Blog :

    I would say willingness and knowledge can somewhat fit my description in becoming a millionaire. The willingness to become a millionaire is sacred to many especially if you have not before, and would like to see the benefit of this is really awesome. Just like the say knowledge is power. I’ve learned a lot over a few years, but I would love to learn more in my learning curve. So far I think I have some knowledge to possibly to become a millionaire.

  51. Kirk Bachelder :

    The fourth point should have been titled ” Willingness & Sacrifice”

    Once you are determined to become rich and work hard towards it, a lot of sacrifice will come on your part.

  52. Yeah… there aren’t a lot of options for trying to get rich. Although I think you are missing one component, luck. There have been a handful of people who have gotten rich just through sheer luck. Haha although I must say that if you are looking to do some plastic surgery to become attractive, you have to be able to afford it… and if you can afford you must be doing pretty well for yourself.


    • It’s not luck than it is being at the right place at the right time. The more you’re “out there” so to speak, the better chances you’ll have.

  53. I think I could become rich because of my good looks. Im a brunette very skinny beautiful and tall but I dont want to become rich that way.

    • Well, than all you gotta do is work hard. You can also leverage your looks to help you get into an industry most others can’t and work hard there too.

  54. you know what after all that I think we should just thank God that we are healthy and we still have a good life. But its true that everyone wants to be rich BUT instead of always looking to those rich people lets also look at the poor people because than we are for sure going to thank god for what we have that others dont and trust me on that
    cause I’ve tried it and it’s true…

  55. Ricky Peterson :

    There are many other ways also to become Rich

  56. Lean Cuisine Coupons :

    LOL i have no other option than to convert my willingness to hard work..Great post!

  57. I’m still waiting for a long lost relative to leave millions to me in their will…it will happen one day πŸ™‚

  58. Consistency is also a big key in my book, if you continue and consistently grow as a person in your industry, you’re goal of becoming rich will have a better chance at coming to fruition than others!

    Till then,


  59. Arihant Kothari :

    Point 5 – Health – If you do not stay healthy or do not have health with you, you cannot be rich. What say others?

    • No that wouldn’t be a point 5, but that is definitely something to have regardless of which point applies to you.

  60. StocksonWallStreet :

    What if we meet all four?

  61. How about those “loosers” like me… you get your BAs, MBAs, work 12+ hour days, but barely can pay all the bills?

    • You’re not a loser if you take that route. LIke almost everyone else in this world, you need to figure out something your passionate about and take action like there’s no tomorrow.

  62. Arihant Kothari :

    “Luck” is another way you can become rich.

    • Well, not quite, since luck plays a role in all the scenarios above. And if you’re referring to something like the lotto, count it in inheriting money πŸ˜‰

  63. itsoke @ chicken recipes :

    lol ! @ neil I have two in yourl list : 9it’s a self confessed I guess )
    1. I have IQ = I think I am a genius ! ( a self confessed πŸ™‚
    2. I have willingness to do something most people won’t do, I am
    a determined self employed …
    but I have no inheritance, I also has no stunning physical attributes …

    great post neil !

    • I’m betting your like most other people and are willing to do whatever it takes… Unless your IQ and “smartness” factor is high enough to make you wealthy, just keep working your ass off.

  64. Sınavlar :

    I think Another option is “getting married with a very rich girl” πŸ™‚

  65. Hey neil thats the good article that you have for becoming rich but hows that gonna help me!! I work 9hours a day as a receptionist ,getting paid around 20,000 per month but still have lot of commitments. I really dont know how can i fulfill my commitments!!!

    • 20,000 per month, I’m guessing you don’t mean dollars. Well little by little, start thinking about what it is you want to do with your life. It is up to you to work on yourself.

  66. how to become rich :

    There are many quick money schemes nowadays on how to become rich. Just want to ask if you have any recommendation or ideas that works when it comes to earning money.

    • Hard work, being unique, and knowing that you’ll fail over and over again… and being okay with it (persistence).

  67. i want to become rich.
    can u tell me the world shortest way???
    i know it is but i dont know where ist…

    • lol… Kabooter my friend, there is no shortcut. The fastest way to double the money you have right now… is by folding it in half πŸ˜‰

      Find something your passionate about and then work you ass off building it.

  68. I wrote you concerning the social site i would like to set up but havn’t gotten a reply back yet.Can you please check and reply me back.Thankx

  69. Read rich dad poor dad that book changed my life i know if you guys read it you will get the same feeling it was a great book i hope you guys pick it up that goes into depth big time.

  70. My great aunt has just died recently, πŸ˜‰ the modelling is going great, people often do refer to me as “steven hawkings” (they tend to be laughing when saying this?) ive boosted my shifts to 58/week and ive bought my lottery ticket for saturday … here’s hoping!!

    • lol, that’s always one way to get to where you want to be. Personally, I wouldn’t rely on it, but we can dream right?

  71. vehicle insurance quotes :

    investing the right thing might be way to go. Investing into those potential one but not many are aware of, that’s the trick.

    • Well, it’s like the old saying goes, the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. The ones that are sketchy, are the ones that have little chances to succeed, but if they do, you’ll cash out big time.

  72. If your disteny is to become rich,no matter what you do you will be rich. To become rich is a gift. It is not a choice. No one wants to be poor. I know crazy people,bad attitude,idiots,some criminals,name it but they become rich and richer.

    I used to travel and I met some people.I mingled with them. Some of them they dont even know how to read and write. But they become very rich. Thats why dont kill your self tryin hard to be rich. If its for you its for you. It doesnt matter if you are bright or not. Just be happy and enjoy of what you can have.

    Having a rich family is a gift as well.

    • Being rich maybe a pleasurable thing for one person and totally disgusting for another. It all depends on what your idea of rich really is…

  73. “How to become rich” is the problem facing by me almost everyday. I think the knowledge, studying, the use of information is the important things for all. Another that, It is action of plan of success path. Become rich is not easy for everyone, because it is the hard way to take failure as a learning points.

  74. Kristianne Ronquillo :

    Hands up to your post Mr. Patel. Well, let me add one thing to become rich. A person must also have the right attitude and approach to widen his/her network. What I mean is to talk to every person from all walks of life and get to know them by heart. Knowing them by heart will lead you to acquire new ideas and knowledge that you can use to forge your way to the top.

    Having credible contacts will boost your chances of becoming rich. Be with them copy their ways and apply it. Don’t forget to ask them their secret of success. For sure if they trust you, they will share it with you.

    After that remember to always do good deeds, be generous, and share what you have learned to those who dreams to be rich. Be an example. In time you will be greatly rewarded. Don’t forget that there are universal laws that applies to all the things that you do the law of attraction and karma.

    Blessed Be!

    • I think the law of karma is amazing… you don’t want to put out there something you don’t want to come back.

  75. There’s always clever ideas how to become rich. And its sounds good always. All I know as long as you are employed to someone, the more you work hard and the more good idea from you, it means the more money you make for them too.
    You’ve got your salary though but you’re still not rich.

    You can always try to do something that you believe it can make you rich. Why not. And there’s nothing wrong about it. But for me no need to work to much like 16 hrs or more. Its not healthy. We’re not a machine.

    I got an idea or maybe consider this as advise only. I’m not gonna tell you this one can make you rich but it could help atleast keeping away from to much debt or financial problem. It doesnt matter how big is your salary or how much money you have earn in such time. The question is how much money that you have save? Thats why we got to try to learn how to save first. JUST KEEP SAVING as much as you can do. Then later on try to become rich. Or maybe you just didnt realize you’re rich already. Some people they got millions of money already (CASH on their hands) but they dont know the proper savings. Then eventually nothing left.

    • Saving is a very smart thing to do that most people unfortunately cannot do. You wouldn’t believe how many people would be rich if they just stopped spending money on useless junk.

    • To save money is a must if you want to become rich. If you have money and keep spending money than you will find yourself in the same spot as before having money, and that is WITHOUT money.

      • Exactly…. sounds confusing but you know what, it’s very true. You do need to sacrifice yourself in efforts to build wealth.

  76. Well I am a young guy. 23 years old. I try to save 1k a month. Invest some into stocks and some into my business. But lately only could save only 500-600 a month. I still go out to eat a lot and able to party. So I think I am on the right tracks!

    • Well for a 23 year old, I think you’re doing a good job… focus on less partying and eating out and you’ll be headed toward the right financial future.

  77. Hey there Neil,

    I really inspired by your fourth point which is “Willingness”. If we are not willing to do something that others don’t, how come we can achieve our goals (which is financial freedom).

    Thanks Neil.

    • You must willing to do the things others wont do. That’s what it comes down to… most people don’t fit in any of those other categories… so that’s where you should spend your time.

  78. Hi mr neil,
    I think its none of the above for me. can u pliz check if there is any other option.

    • lol… no that’s it… if you’re not willing to do what others won’t do, then you’re shit out of luck πŸ™

  79. I’m an extremely creative person – but not rich! I spend a long time networking etc to promote myself further. (art,music,poetry,writing) – but still nor broken through the barrier!

    However – I feel rich in so many ways – my life is extremely rich. I wonder if financial riches would enhance or detract from this?

    Maybe I just need to relax with how rich I already am? Wadyafink?

    • It’s a process… the idea of getting rich and successful is good and dandy, but actually doing it is another story. If you already feel rich, then that’s great! Just think about what you want and take the steps to get it.

  80. How to get fast Cash :

    Wow. I really enjoyed this blog. Keep up the great work.

  81. *Willingness* Yes, i actually started to work harder since last year August. I still looking for my opportunity as there are too many new stuffs that given me a chance to get rich. Nice post anyway. I’m make sure to subscribe your blog. πŸ™‚

  82. Hey i got a question are u a millionaire?

  83. i’ll be rich 6 months again. i hope πŸ™‚

  84. i want to be rich am 39years

  85. I have 1,2 not soo much 3 and 4
    but I am a smart person but nothing special and I am hard working sometimes

  86. Ja-Nae Duane :


    I absolutely LOVE the toilet paper. I think it is magnificent and have tears in my eyes from laughing. Was that your role or a stock photo?

  87. MBA Interview :

    I’ll vote for creativity, perseverance, and continued personal growth.

  88. How to Become Rich :

    Most people who have become a success, have put in their timeÒ€¦you must work really hardÒ€¦and that means putting in big hours.

  89. Venetian Mirrors :

    I got nothing but #4, but it’s good to know I still had a shot to fortune. Optimism does work.

  90. Review Specs :

    Become rich is all about mindset! Believe that it will be happen!


  91. Inheritance , well that would be great, a shame.
    i will have to use my breathtaking physique

  92. Daniel Linevski :

    I totaly agree with this whole post, and I will be doing it the hard working way. Working as many hours as possible for as long a duration as possible, then saving as much of the money in the bank, recieving a promotion for working so hard and just building your way up to the top the old fashion style, keep putting money in the bank then after a few year retire with a great load of money, and a good working experience, take psychogocial lessons to relieve stress and try your best to get used to not working.

    Atleast this is how I hope it will be, might get carried by my physique and enter the army as special forces.

    Daniel, 16 years old.

  93. Robert Green :

    you can use your excellent skill to become rich,while others cann’t do that.

  94. Lovely article Neil. These are indeed seem like the only 4 ways you can actually get rich by πŸ™‚

  95. I could do options two through five. some research on my family heritage may help me find a rich relitive i dont know about.

  96. Venetian Mirrors :

    Humor is another way. Some might argue this comes from creativity though. Everyone is looking for a good laugh, in a world growing increasingly more banal, everyday.

    • Humor can help you remove so much resistance from people πŸ™‚ But as far getting rich, it counts as things most people can’t do.

  97. Shams Faruque :

    I agree with the whole post. I would like to add, to become rich requires 1) A planned life with no loss of time 2) Hard work 3) Patience 4) Stick to one thing 5) Creativity and innovation in thinking

  98. can u please elaborate ????????

    • I wish I could! You just need to take action on what you think would work best for you! Work your ass off, do your homework, and make it happen.

  99. How To Increase Sales :

    3. Knowledge Γ’β‚¬β€œ if you have knowledge that others donÒ€ℒt have it could be worth a lot of money. The thing with becoming wealthy off of knowledge is that in most cases it canÒ€ℒt be something others can easily find out. People who become rich through knowledge are usually in the scientific field or have a high IQ

    3.1 Act on the Knowledge – a degree of a PhD for that matter will not guarantee that you become wealthy. The area or Real Estate or Stock speculation has created many a Billionaire, who know the value of something, assess the risks, takes steps to minimize and take action.

    These individuals are often making investment in area when the crowd are standing on the side lines.

    • Similar to a guy I know that left school at age 15. (He personally doesn’t recommend it and suggests getting a good education).

      This guy became a self made Millionaire, and he never stopped learning.

      If he got stuck in business he would find the person who had the answers.

    • The old saying “knowledge is power” goes a long way. Knowledge is what I know got me where I’m at today and the same goes for a lot of the successful people I know.

  100. Hi my names Amy and my idea of becoming rich fast is to write a song. Thats what im doing now.bye

  101. Another way is luck. If you strike the lottery, or won the jackpot from the casino.

  102. I am finding that it is less the big idea and more a case of having someone who can back my idea as I see lots of people who get funding but they all seem to be part of a certain ‘set’ who will always be offered funding.
    If you are not in the tech or new media world, it’s very hard to get a leg up.

  103. i fall in # 2 but still not there yet! wish me luck πŸ™‚

  104. wow,not so fast.
    first of all financial education!!
    invest in real estate and gold,and you will live good.
    don’t never do the 4 option!!!!!!!!!
    your not born to be a SLAVE!!!
    make money work for you,make assets put money into your pocket…
    read:rich dad poor dad by Robert kiyosaki it helps:

  105. I’m only 19 and I have only had one job in my life, and I can tell you that I better decide to become rich because I don’t want to work at all. I believe I’m smart and I will be rich before my 30s

  106. shomuyiwa samson abiodun :

    these are very good ways of becoming rich.but,i was not born into riches and i am willing to become but i am less can i achieve my aim.thanks………

    • #4 is the answer… do things others won’t do. What are you good at? What do you like… you need to figure out the answer to those questions.

  107. Plz tell me how i become rich. I am in big problem. I hate my life everybody is behind money. nothing is without money.

    • To become rich is a process that takes lot of time and patience. You can’t become rich over night regarding what advice you will get. In fact I don’t think that anybody can you give an advice about how to become rich because everything depends on yourself.

    • There is no quick solution. With some hard work and time, things will get better.

  108. Software Reviews :

    With regards to becoming rich, what about the artistic and creative types. People who don’t conform and go on to create trends, art, literature and get rich in the process..

  109. Tim | Become Rich :

    I would like to add a number 5 and I always advocated this… “Connections” will make you rich.

  110. think and grow rich :

    As we are all discussing How to Become Rich, Now, let’s move onto people that make $500,000 a year. No, not billionaires. Maybe, not even millionaires yet. But, could you live on $500,000 a year? Of course you could.

  111. loserpunktrash :

    wow ok this isnt logical. i wounder if groupies get money ha. really having a sugar daddy is the only way i think i could get rich. starting a band or opening my own bussness seems like a hard thing to do. im the first to admit my personality and looks are not the greatist.

  112. Amazing article, Inheritance is source to many present millionaire/billionaire.

    Person who are really Willing do make it to the top but you should not always focus money to get their, sometime it takes more then that.

  113. Singapore SEO Guy :

    Being a hardworker myself, I stongly believe in point 4.

    On the other hand, I also think that having the right mindset and mentality is equally important. I have met countless people who still think that they don’t deserve to or it’s morally wrong to be rich!

    I strongly recommend “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D Wattles, to help get into the right mindset. Written in 1910, I’m constantly surprise by how relevant it is in todays context.

    • I’ll look into that. Thanks for the suggestion, I have a feeling Wallace and I think along the same lines πŸ™‚

  114. First, I would like to tell the author of the article that you have created a good article. πŸ™‚

    I think that to be rich, you must first address your mindset. Even though you have lots of money, but if you don’t have the right mindset on handling money, what you have inherited, or what you have won from a contest or lottery, or even your hard-earned salary will go down the drain. After you have the mindset, make an action plan to make your current money grow (ie: start a business, invest in investment vehicles, etc) until it comes to a point that the profit or interest that you earn can make you do anything you love to do without worrying about the money, because it was taken cared of already by the things you have started.


    • I really believe that “mindset” is something you develop and create over time. It’s about making mistakes and learning from them. Then you get stronger, mentally, and grow.

  115. Thanks and I’m glad to have you on my blog.

  116. jonathan pamphile :

    if someone wants to become a rich man in the easiest way , this should work , not work for millions or billions but is invested , is saving the best ways , in my opinion current after you have an amount you can buy houses for rent to go into money , into the firearms community taxi , go to the poor countries they do business hotel , I believe that king became very rich .

  117. very usefull suggestions

  118. centrophenoxine :

    According to me inheritance is God gift which is not for every one but work hard and Willingness are most worthily for success

  119. Yeah, man, i agree, who the hell wants to work hard?

  120. Antony Mulwa Kioko :

    is a very true state, wehn you one goes againist at the end of the day ends up with a different thing, so hard work pays.

    thanks for this.

  121. Hi Neil

    I’m happy to go the extra mile. I wish there would be more hours in the day. I’m learning to be decisive and concentrate on those things that will draw me close to my goal.

    There is also much information to learn.

    I know of a Sportsman who was and is still famous in this Country. He earns millions.I think he maried about 4 times until he came across a woman who was already married and stole her away. He now seems to be happily married with a child.
    Good to be famous but in my opinion-its better to be in control than out of control. Amazing what hormones, money and fame can do…
    I definately have no inheritance that I know of. I certainly have a brain to use.

    Thanks again Neil


  122. kris quiboloy :

    im becoming 30 this year still have no assets at all.

  123. stevesatriani :

    I agree with your opinion brother
    And I hope we are can be a successfull man

  124. Becoming rich, I guess, depends on how one uses the money one already has. An average human might spend 50% of income for luxury and save the remaining 50% for the rainy day in a bank or so. A person who wants to become rich will use 90% of the money to establish another income generating source. And the income from that source, one can save and open yet another, until there are several. More the sources, more the money. Investment matters.

  125. At times you work that HARD with all the WILLINGNESS but instead other people benefit at your own expense.

  126. Often we are exposed with various “getting rich” tips, but what most people don’t know is that we need to have something that can attached and bind all these great things to work as one. For me, true love can bind all the great virtues we need to become rich. Love makes us patient, consistent, diligence and have self-control.

    • Great points. I like that last line “love makes us patient, consistent, diligent, and gives us self control” πŸ™‚ very important virtues. Thanks Vic!

  127. How about getting rich by the followign means

    1. Winning a lottery (Luck)
    2. Stealing Money

    I know these are not the kind of things the average person wants to do. So, the best way to get rick is work hard and smart.

    • Definitely. While winning the lottery is awesome and a blessing, working for your money is more rewarding. Stealing money is not only unlawful, but the slimiest way to get rich.

  128. Witty Artist :

    Great post, Neil. I’d like to add persistence and passion. If you keep on insisting, be stubborn in a positive way and you also add some passion to your work, definitely the chances to succeed are big.

  129. #5. Marry someone who’s filthy rich!

  130. hahaha! Reality bites ^_^ A lot would be on the category willingness. I mean even if you the knowledge and Stunning physical attributes but you don’t have the will, I think it’s won’t work out but if you don’t have any of the 3 but you’ve got the will, well there is a big chance. The inheritance is the easiest for real. I love reading your blog.


  131. Sujit Jadhav :

    There is one most important factor which I feel you are missing is Thoughts, One can change his thinking and become rich, you check out my site for details I have written small eBoook on same topic ” How To Become Rich”

  132. Creative Team Events :

    An interesting article, although I’ve read some research that there’s little correlation between success (e.g. money) and IQ. I think this is because work ethic probably has a much more significant impact.

  133. Reiki Bedfordshire :

    Yes, the work ethic is vitally important, but I´m not too sure I agree with a previous commentor´s statement about being able to change your mindset. That is an incredibly difficult thing to do.

    • It is only difficult if you make it difficult. The mind is a powerful thing but you can control it better then you may think. It takes focus and desire to truly change ones mindset.

  134. I’ve got the willingness part down, just haven’t found the best application for my efforts. I feel like I’m always working hard but haven’t figured out “working smart” yet.

    • It can be difficult to find that one niche that will get you where you want to go. Keep at it with the hard work and study from others. Soon enough you should make progress.

      Best of luck.

  135. You can become rich if you change your name to richard and then have everyone call you rich for short. That way if some one asks you….you can say I am rich….pleasure to meet you…I think that should be no.6

  136. Me, I am willing to put in a lot of hours to become rich, but just hasn’t get the right direction to move. Hopefully one day I will get it.

    • It definitely takes hard work and a ton of hours. I have had my fare share of “wrong direction,” keep at it and one day you will get there.

  137. How I wish I’m one of Buffet’s son so that I can get a huge chunk of inheritance.

  138. Few other ways of getting rich is

    By looking for opportunities, and be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right TIME

    By being a visionary, and investing on the right thing

    • Definitely, some people call it “luck” I call it determination. Along with putting yourself out there by making connections. As well as working hard and smart for what you want.

  139. I agree. You usually have to be hard working. But sometimes there are the rich friends that you invite to your parties and who knows what they will give you. I got 600 dollars from that person.

    • That is what I would call an opportunity. You can always find investors or friends to give you money but you cannot become rich off of it unless you work hard to turn that 600 dollars into something much more substantial.

  140. shapes for kids :

    Reall good post! I have never thought about the getting rich strategy with those 4 categories. Well, it is true that i still give a lot of hope on the 5th category: Winning the lottery!
    But i agree with you that the chances are low…specially because i rarely buy the lottery ticket. Best way to get rich : work hard; work focus on goals; work with creativity; work for giving an effective solution to a problem in a different way than anyone else does and work believing in your self and in what you are doing. Following these guidelines, i am really sure you will get rich!

  141. ha ha, nice post. Although most people are unable to make these things happen they are very true. quickgetrich has some suggestions for anyone trying to make an honest living online, have a look πŸ™‚

  142. If you want to become rich, you gotta ask yourself whether you’ll be able to first manage yourself (after getting the wealth) before thinking about how you’ll manage the vast wealth you’ll have once you get rich.

    Hard work is the way to go. One should also build their self-esteem and self-respect along the way.

  143. Paul@best restaurants in manchester :

    Neil, a bit off topic but do you find that the top commentators helps you with useful comments or does it just encourage people to post lots of comments in order to get on the list? Also what is the rationale behind limiting the list to 5 commentators?

  144. With the standard of living rising and pay not rising as fast, the hard worker will always suffer therefore you gotta be a bit willingly to try other method to become rich. Also you gotta have a good plan if your business fail!!!

  145. Finance Advisor :

    Getting rich also depends on how you play with the money that you have. Investing at the right place and at right time also make you rich. I run a Finance and Investment Blog , where I get thousands of queries about short term investment plans to get rich.

    One thing that we all need to understand is that, Getting Rich is Not Overnight Process, It takes time and patience plays important role.

    • I completely agree to what you have written. Getting rich is not easy. It’s a constructive process and takes time unless your product is brilliant. Patience plays a big role as you correctly said.

  146. Rafiul Alom :

    Thank you Neil,
    I will follow the way you mentioned. I wanna earn extra money, trying to get dream job, as well as trying to be a good web developer.
    But I’m depressed after few days frequently.

    I need to be more inspired.

    Your article gave me inspiration once again.

  147. Doctor@ How to Control Birth :

    IÒ€ℒd rather party all day than go to work to, but oh well thats life and everyone has to do their role and also balance. Like you can do both at the same time.

  148. There is another – “GOOD LUCK” without it none of the others will succeed. You can bust your guts working, wait until the cows come in for the inheritence, be willing and have the best looks and talent or use you imagination and discover something good, but it will only come together with GOOD LUCK. Being in the right place at the right time for the right person or event to occure is what makes a person rich. I have never met an unlucky rich person.!

  149. Online Mastering :

    hahahahah “how to become rich” what a title!! packed with TONS of useful information here…oh boy

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