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Forget Joe the plumber, it’s all about Jose the lawnmower man!

jose lawnmower man

Why do you respect Joe the plumber and not Jose the lawnmower? Joe may dress more professionally and speak better English, but it doesn’t mean he is above Jose. People like Jose understand entrepreneurship and business, which is why he will surpass Joe the plumber when it comes to net worth.  [click to continue…]

Are You a Hustler?

do the hustle

Hustling is a word that usually carries a bad connotation. When most people think of the word, they think about dealing drugs, conning people, or doing something unethical. But hustling isn’t always a bad thing; many entrepreneurs have succeeded because they are hustlers.
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Economy causing your wallet to feel light? Here’s your chance to win $250,000.

ninjas killed my family i need money

Just because we are in an economic recession, it doesn’t mean you can’t be doing well. A few weeks ago I invested money in a venture fund called the Founders Co-op. Currently we are looking to invest up to $250,000 in multiple companies who are based in Seattle or looking to move up there (there is no state tax in Washington).

Here is what the Founders Co-op can offer you:  [click to continue…]

The Neil Patel Tattoo – The Ultimate Sign of Success

For each person success means a different thing. For me, it was when Pamela Lund tattooed my name on her body.

Life before the tattoo
pamela lund

The tattoo
neil patel tattoo  [click to continue…]