Happy Birthday Neil

23 happy birthday

Today was the first day I started getting happy birthday messages from all my readers like you. My guess is because my birthday is published on Facebook, but nonetheless I thought it was cool that I was getting text messages and phone calls from people who lived all over the world.

Unlike most people, I dread birthdays because I feel I am not successful enough. Looking back in time, I haven’t accomplished a fair amount of things such as:

  • Finishing college
  • Selling a company for 8 figures
  • Building up my credit so I can qualify to lease a Maserati
  • Quick Sprout doesn’t have 10,000 RSS subscribers (it currently sits at 3353)

And at the same time there are many things I have accomplished:

  • I Started 3 companies
  • Earned decent wages for my age
  • Spoke in front of large audiences (repeatedly)
  • Traveled to different parts of the world

Overall I am pretty happy with what I have accomplished for my age, even though I wanted to do more before I turned 23. But instead of living in regret all you can do is plan for the future and try to accomplish what you didn’t in the past. And in the spirit of me looking back at my past, I want to call in my birthday wish and request for you to do the same. Hopefully this will help you realize what you haven’t accomplished and how you can plan ahead so that you will reach your goals.

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  1. Well said, let’s aim to get at least 2 of those goals accomplished before your next birthday…

    • School is going to be one, the question is what is going to be the second. Ideally the 8 figure flip would be nice…

  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m your age and I haven’t done a single one of those things either. The one thing I’ve learned though is from taking the time to build up to an accomplishment, you come to respect it that much more. Life isn’t a rush to the finish, enjoy it while you can.

    • Thanks for the advice. I am enjoying life, but for some reason I always want more. And then once I get what I want, I still want more.

  3. Neil, I’m also a 23-year old internet consultant and I have to say what you have achieved kind of puts me to shame. I have similar ambitions and am amazed at what you’ve achieved. I too have founded 3 companies but so far I only dream of speaking to large audiences, selling a company for an 8-figure sum and leasing a Maserati (although for me, it’d be a Porsche Carrera GT).
    That said, you’ve given me a taste of what I could have achieved by my 23rd (only a few weeks ago) and like you I’ll be having no regrets but planning to achieve those ambitions sooner. Thanks and a very happy birthday to you!

    • Sooner or later you’ll accomplish your dreams…all you have to do is give it some time and keep working hard.

  4. Dan Schawbel :

    I was one of those people that said happy bday on his blog. Neil’s success should inspire a lot of people.

  5. Hey man,
    Some lofty goals you’ve got there. I like it. I’m the same year as you and have come nowhere close to where you’re at now. Time to get crankin’. Gotta get me a black card too.. Haha

    Anyway, happy birthday man. Enjoy it.

  6. Happy Birthday fellow Taurus.

    It’s mine tomorrow. = )

  7. Happy Birthday Neil..
    I always had goals like you, but you seem to be a cool one making good time along with education.

    You reached a good position in the age of 23 🙂 Am 21, so 2 more years to make it something really cool from my side too!!!

  8. Tanner Christensen :

    Happy birthday Neil.

  9. Dude, 3 companies at 23. That is goood. Even Calvin Ayre had one but making good money from it.

    • Anyone can setup multiple corporations. All that matters is how much money you are making and sadly only 2 of mine are making money. The third hasn’t launched yet, which is why it is losing money.

  10. 23 is a good year and a great number!

    happy birthday Neil, (probably the only guy from Mongolia who visits sprout)

  11. Happy Birthday Neil. We should drink some shots. 🙂

  12. Happy Belated Birthday Neil! Sorry I missed to wish you y’day… I was away from the computer.

    I wish I had achieved half the things you have at your age. I am 29 now and I guess just having goals is not enough… you have to actually do something to achieve them. So far I have managed to launch 2 companies, made very little money and still struggling. I suppose its because of my geographical location and the fact that I live in a country that puts Hitler to shame.

    But never the less, I wish you the very best and hope that I can learn something from you and make some changes in my life.

    Best Regards

    • You make a valid point about goals not being enough. If you never take any action, nothing will ever happen.

      Thanks for the happy bday and best of luck with everything you are doing. A lot of us struggle, but if you keep at it hopefully things will change.

      • I am hoping for the same… right now I am at the bottom of the barrel and the only way I see is up! So up we go…

  13. Happy Birthday Neil!!!!

    Here’s to many many many more (birthday’s, successes, companies, and 8 figure company sales…. Keep on trucking my man – you rock!!

  14. Chris A Leone :

    Neil success is certainly inspiring. Personally, I judge his success more on his accomplishments than how much money he’s making. He’s 23 and his professional voice falls on many ears and he’s helping make a difference in his field.

    That’s great stuff.

    Happy Birthday, Neil.

  15. The Monetizer :

    Hey Neil, happy belated B-day to ya…That Maserati would be one sweet present 🙂

    • I would love it, but a lot of people are now telling me that it would not be a good car for me. Their reasoning is because the car has a lot of problems and it is not a car you would drive daily, which is what I am looking for.

  16. Hey Neil,

    Happy belated birthday!

    Are you kidding me? 🙂 To be 23 and accomplish what you have is out of this world.

    Good luck with your future projects.

  17. Here’s a birthday hug! *hug* 😉

  18. I find your articles interesting and I ran across this one, so belated HB, well, I guess, it can be offical in the next month or so.

  19. Happy Birthday Neil,

    2 days before.

  20. Adrian Cole :

    Hey congratulations on selling the business. I hope i can become that successful one day.

  21. Neil success is certainly inspiring. Personally, I judge his success more on his accomplishments than how much money he’s making. He’s 23 and his professional voice falls on many ears and he’s helping make a difference in his field.

    That’s great stuff.

    Happy Birthday, Neil.

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