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Want to succeed in life? Then sharpen up your online poker skills.

online poker all in

Have you played in a poker tournament? Or better yet, have you ever watched a poker tournament? In every poker game there is a winner and there is a loser, but what separates the two isn’t just luck, it’s strategy. And to take it one step further, the same techniques you use in a poker tournament can be used to succeed in life. Here’s what I learned from playing poker:
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Stop listening to me!

I'm not listening

Have you ever told anyone a business idea that you had and they responded back to you in a discouraging fashion by telling you that your idea sucks? Well this happens to all of us, and if you always listen to these type of people, you will never get anywhere in your life.
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Ask the readers: Do you need to walk before you run?

baby steps

Have you ever heard the expression that you need to walk before you run? Within the last week, two individuals have stated this to me because they feel that I have been jumping knee deep into new ventures without knowing enough about them. In most cases I would have to agree with them, but in my personal case I would have to disagree.  [click to continue…]