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When you think of networking you probably imagine yourself going up to new people and striking up a conversation with them. This usually takes place at local meetups, conferences, or even through the web. But the thing is, networking doesn’t stop there. Some of the best connections that you will make in life are through introductions.

Think about when you walk up to someone that you are interested in meeting. In most cases, you guys will strike up a conversation and learn a few things about each other but the relationship usually stops there. Occasionally you may follow-up with each other, but most likely the relationship will not be strong enough where you could count on them for a favor or much else.

Now think about when one of your friends introduces you to someone. Right away, both parties have a bit of respect for each other because someone that they both trust put them together. Plus, the relationship grows at a rapid pace where you can potentially count on each other without having to see each other repeatedly at conferences/meetings for a long time. An introduction is valuable because it creates a meaningful relationship compared to networking with random individuals.

Now that you know the value of introductions, the trick is to get people to start introducing you to others. The easy way is to just ask others for introductions, but this will probably put you in an awkward position with your friends. On the other hand, if you start introducing your friends to others where there is a mutual benefit, they will naturally be appreciative of you. Furthermore, if they think of anyone that should meet you, they will start returning the favor by introducing you to others.

So if you want to be successful, go out there and start making some introductions!


  1. Tanner Christensen :

    Great advice, as always, Neil. Introductions through friends is a perfect way to build a strong, lasting network.

    Speaking of which, are you about ready to introduce me to some of your friends Neil?

  2. Networking may be one of the hardest and best ways to do business.

    Word of mouth and social networking is the best marketing strategy. Somebody always wants the other one to test the waters first. I have found in the IT/SEO world referrals are what get you hired faster than any other method

    • If you think about it, referrals are very similar to introductions. The main difference is that introductions are more formal, but both strategies are very effective.

  3. mmmmm.. i forgot this in my list on how to network effectively.. tnx for this one neil..

  4. Hi Neil – Great explanation of how networking works. And don’t forget – in business networking it’s ok to ask too. Refer others to another business, but don’t be shy about asking the other business owner to refer your business to others.

    And do tell them what type of referals you’re looking for, as it makes it much easier for them than just guessing.

  5. Good article, Can’t agree more!

  6. Nice post neil, couldn’t agree more!

    I definitely agree that It can get awkward, and don’t like to put my friends in this situation. However, sometimes the chance is too good and there’s a contact that I really need or would love to have.

    How would you go about introducing yourself to the contact when speaking to them? That can be a challenge in itself, to prove to the person that you are worth their time.

    • I usually try to pick my targets ahead of time and try to get to know a little about them. You can do this by asking others they know, or easy drop on a conversation they are having.

      Once you figure out their interests then you can strike up a conversation that would interest them.

      • Ah, very good idea.
        I guess flattery also can help? However, that could also be percieved as though you were being fake.

        I never like to be too forward with these things, by just saying “hey, i’ve added you because i’m trying to build up my contact base” Rather, i try to have a question ready, or some reason to get in touch.

  7. Hey Neil, this is andy from your internet marketing class last semester. Didn’t really get a chance to talk to you much, but just wanted to wish you the best of everything. -Andy

    • Thanks Andy! Best of luck with your future ventures and hopefully the Internet marketing class came in handy.

    • hi Andy… hi Neil… It’s Vinh, we’ve been introduced earlier. I am happy to have met you guys physically!

      • It was great meeting you as well Vinh. Best of luck on your nipple covers site.

        • You can’t drop a comment about a nipple covers site and not expand upon that!

        • LOL! Vinh was in my Internet Marketing class in school and he gave a presentation on how he is trying to make money online by selling nipple covers.

        • Often times I never make it back to a page I leave comments on. I was cruising through my spam folder and found this comment. Something about being successful and nipple covers brought me back. It isn’t often the two intersect.

  8. I am interested in hearing more about your startup case study offer. When you get a chance, shoot me an email with the details.

    As for the tailor, I am not sure if my assistant contacted them yet. But either way, thanks for the recommendation.

  9. michael brito :

    i agree with this 100%. i have met many clients this way and am able to call these people friends now.

    when i’m in a social situation and i see a friend of mine talking with someone i don’t know i go up to them and if my friend doesn’t introduce me, i introduce myself. i have met many great (and a few dicks, but very few) people this way.

  10. I couldn’t agree more. I have met many new friends and clients this way. But, the hardest part for me is to strike up a good conversation after being introduced.

    • The key is to strike up a conversation that lets them talk and allows you to listen. This way you can truly get to know them.

  11. Great post~ I am always willing to introduce my friends or anyone i believe another person would benefit from~in many of my cases i found that the more i introduce the more i am introduced~it simple math~i have also seen that when i introduce any of my friends to a new person they freeze and dont know what to say and engage in conversation~ i always tell them that meeting a stranger is one of the most thrilling things since you dont know them …then you have a world of questions to ask them and a world of things to know of them and if they are interesting all you would need to do is listen as Neil stated…we are in a planet filled with strangers ..lets go out there and meet some of them~ 🙂

  12. I agree with what you said about the power of introductions. I think I have to send some people over your way so they can read this as well. Nice post.

  13. Byron Woodson :

    introducing people is a mantra i’m starting to live by

  14. Glenn Torres - Mortgage Refinancing :

    I Agree!!!
    Some people that I’ve met through friends, or even friends of friends are people that actually BECOME my friends. I think it’s because we usually meet them in a more informal setting and there is an opportunity to know each other better. At conferences it’s more like a lot of handshakes and awkward small talk while everybody tries to look their best. Nobody is really comfortable. And building comfort levels with one another is what really builds a relationship.


    • Right, so what should be important for you to understand is that when you meet people at conferences, learn the art of building rapport and communicating.

  15. A formal introduction from a respected person has value beyond belief! Nothing opens doors faster than a good introduction. It pretty much means you’ve got the job….

  16. that very true , if you introduce your friends commonly they will do the same for you, much better than asking to be intoduced

  17. Hello Neil,

    Proper introduction and relations are the basic funda to get success. Because realations means saving of time and time means money.

  18. Adrian Cole :

    Yeah, and if you introduce your friends they might return the favor.

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  20. Hi Neil – Great explanation of how networking works. And don’t forget – in business networking it’s ok to ask too. Refer others to another business, but don’t be shy about asking the other business owner to refer your business to others.

  21. Paul Estcott :


    May be an article about online entrepreneurs introductions will help, what do you think? 🙂 Is not that easy as in real life.


    • Paul, I will definitely considering making one. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  22. Richard Edwards :

    Neil, would I be right in thinking that networking is the key to good SEO and a higher ranking in google?

  23. Blogging Tips and Tricks :

    Very nice post Neil. I will keep in mind.

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