On Neil’s Success – What I’ve observed from the sidelines

This post was written by Cameron Olthuis who is my business partner at ACS and is a blogger at Cameronolthuis.com.

neil patel

I have to hand it to Neil, I don’t think I have ever seen anyone rise to the same level of fame within their own industry as quickly as him. A person could learn a lot from watching how Neil does it and fortunately for me I’ve had a front row view the entire time. So what are some things that I’ve noticed from watching Neil that I would contribute to his success?

Neil happens to be one of the most outgoing people I know and he isn’t afraid to talk to anyone. This is a huge advantage for Neil (personally I’m really shy) and gives him the ability to meet anyone he wants at anytime. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, Neil is always leveraging his fun personality to meet and make new friends with others and by doing this everyone ends up knowing who he is.

Keeping in close contact
Not only is Neil great at meeting others but he’s also great at keeping in contact with them. When most people come home from conferences or industry events they will send out generic emails to the people the met and then forget about them until the next conference comes around. Not Neil, he makes it a point to keep in close contact with these people by either regular phone calls or instant messages. Neil is literally on his phone all day long. Because of the close contact Neil keeps with others he is able to easily call on favors from them anytime if he needs to.

Neil is a great blogger and he quickly learned how to write the type of content that not only draws people in and hooks them but it also is very viral. Because of this he is often linked to by others and appears on the front page of social news sites on a regular basis. It doesn’t hurt when your name is exposed to 50,000+ people on a regular basis.

Not many people are good at public speaking, especially with as little of experience as Neil. But again, this is somewhere that he is able to leverage his outgoing personality. Neil is very animated on stage and isn’t afraid to say things that are controversial. He does a very good job of capturing the audience’s attention and keeping them entertained. This leaves a lasting impression and those who see him never forget him. It also leads to many other speaking opportunities for Neil.

Any press is good press
Neil is a true believer that any press is good press. Most people would be horrified if there were pictures of them dressed in princess costumes or taking shots from a transvestites lap floating around the Internet. Not Neil, he knows that this will just create buzz for him and so he is happy to go with the flow. The old adage about branding is that if people see your name enough they will remember it. Neil knows this and that is why he doesn’t care when things like this spread around.

Always have something to offer others
Neil makes it a point to always have something of value to offer other people. Whether it’s advice on how to reach the Digg homepage or some quick SEO tips for your blog, the point is that Neil always has something valuable to offer to others.

Give before you expect to receive
Neil will never let anyone do a favor for him or anything unless he has done something for that person first. He will even go as far as doing a few favors for that person before he lets them do one for him. Neil has done favors for some of the biggest rock stars on the web; people like Guy Kawasaki and Michael Arrington. These are very powerful people and have the ability to call a favor into when you need it.

These are just a handful of things I have observed Neil do that I would attribute to his success. It hasn’t been easy either; Neil works very hard at branding his own name. If you’re willing to work hard you can have this kind of success too, the problem is most people aren’t willing to do what it takes and that’s what separates Neil from the rest of us.

This post was written by Cameron Olthuis who is my business partner at ACS and is a blogger at Cameronolthuis.com.

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  1. Rock on Neil! πŸ˜€

  2. Neil Patel :

    Thanks Terry! I didn’t even realize some of the stuff I was doing to brand myself until Cameron pointed it out to me. Sometimes it is nice to get a perspective from a different person.

  3. Imran Rafique :

    The title of the article should be “How to become a Rockstar: Neil Patel”…good insight into what has worked for you, hopefully I can use some of your leverage points to increase my network.

  4. Jake Fields :

    I agree with the good old “any press is good press” but, this came from the print/tv world and people saw you name, something possibly embarassing and then it was gone. In the online world there is the potential for this “any press” to linger around in your google results for weeks or months.

    Do you have any suggestions for watering down search results that may not be the image you would like to portray of yourself? (obviously i’m asking for umm, this guy i know)

    Getting more additional search results for yourself would push somethign like this atleast off your first page, but is there a good way to see why someone else is ranking for your search term and create similar content google may like more and drop the other stuff?

    Not any easy question but its the internet, anything is possible.

    • You could always ask the host to alter it…may not work, but worth a shot.
      Though if it was an article in the press, theyre not likely to alter their content due to journalistic integrity.

  5. Jake, the easiest way to water down the search results is to create profiles on powerful social sites such as Twitter, MySpace, and Wikipedia. After you do this you can then start creating blogs with your name on WordPress.com and other sites. Sooner or later all of these sites should rank highly for your name which will water down unwanted results.

  6. Bill Hartzer :

    Imran Rafique, I totally agree: this should be titled: “how to be a rock start like Neil Patel.” One of the easiest ways to become a rock star yourself is to hang with the rock stars and do favors for them.

    Jake and Neil, I might even take it further–you’ll need to get some links to the more positive mentions of yourself like those profiles that Neil mentions (or URLs that you would like to filter to the top of the search results) and then continue to add more profiles and/or get sites and pages that mention you (or, ahem, pages that mention that guy you know).

  7. Vishal Agarwal :

    Very Impressive indeed. Thanks for all the information.

  8. Great article, great information, great guy.

  9. Harrison Gevirtz :

    im getting there neil πŸ˜‰

  10. hmm I should start networking more, great job Neil.

  11. Wow, that was actually quite fascinating! Great read!

  12. All this is fine, but how about some insider tips on how he does SEO stuff. I’m sure you observed that from the sidelines too.

    Come on, just one good rock solid tip. πŸ™‚

  13. Cameron Olthuis :

    Ali, nothing new there, at least from my point of view. If I had to say one tip that Neil likes… unique meta description tags, as it will help keep you from supplemental hell.

  14. Rebecca Kelley :

    Awwww, you mean that Neil’s as nice to everyone else as he is to me? I thought we had something special…


  15. Good work, Neil!

    “Always have something to offer others”
    This is only effective if you do networking also. If you do a favor to someone and he forgets you, you probably should invest more into networking.

    Those two “techniques” combined are very effective I guess πŸ™‚

  16. You are right. Neil is an outstanding blogger. Even I am new to his blog but I try to keep my eyes to roll over once in a day at least.

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    The style of writing is very familiar . Have you written guest posts for other blogs?

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    What favors did you do for Guy Kawasaki, Neil?

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    Neil, Your hardword is very appreciable, I have learned lot from you….

  21. Cashceejay@ make money online :

    I can see you have come from a very far age! Lol.
    Okay am going to add this to my daily quotes. ‘any press is good press’

  22. Executive Programs :

    Hey I appreciate your hardwork Neil. This is really a very interesting article and I found it will be helpful me for my business

  23. Ranjita Mandaviya :

    yeah, I agree with all points.

    Neil Patel have a really good inherent quality and marketing skill.

  24. Neil,
    do you still accept guest posts, if the content is really good? πŸ™‚

  25. Oh ! fine then. πŸ™‚

  26. Now that’s something you don’t get to read every day. You are worthy of being lauded for your efforts Neil. Thanks for the great content πŸ™‚

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