See How Easily You Can Brand Yourself with Social Networks

MySpace, Bebo, and Facebook are just a few of the popular social networks out there that are visited by millions of people daily. They are some of the most popular sites on the web, which is why you should use them to help brand yourself. The majority of these sites are filled with young teens, but this doesn’t mean you should not use them because these young teens are going to be adults soon. Also, social network usage is growing amongst adults.

Download this cheat sheet to learn how easily you can brand yourself with social networks.

John Edwards MySpace

The image above is of John Edwards MySpace profile. Currently John Edwards has over 30,000 friends and if you browse through his friends you’ll notice that many of them are adults that probably have a full time jobs and are of voting age. Granted his profile is reaching out to anyone because he is looking to be the next President, but chances are thousands of individuals in your industry are also on these social sites. If you are looking to brand yourself through social networks, here’s how:

The first thing you need to do is create a profile on all of the main social sites. This could be as simple as adding a picture of yourself and a paragraph about yourself. Ideally you want to create an in-depth profile with tons of information on yourself as well as unique information about the industry you are currently involved in. The key to setting up a successful profile is to make sure it is personal and some what interesting so that people will want to get to know you.

Once you have your profile setup you need to start networking with other members within that social network. Some easy ways you can network with others is by:

  • Adding members as your friends
  • Leaving comments on member’s profiles
  • Private messaging other members through email or instant messaging.

The way branding works is that people usually need to see a brand over and over before it becomes memorable. If you want to brand yourself visitors need to keep coming back to your profile, so you need to constantly update your profile. Make it sticky by adding interesting content, new pictures and even videos of yourself. You could do other things such as add music but if you are trying to brand yourself try and mainly add stuff that is about yourself and not others. There are exceptions to this rule, especially on social networks where you can attract other members who have similar interests as you, but try and stick with stuff that will brand you as an expert in your industry.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and start creating your profiles!

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  1. Good post with really simple advices.
    I’m sure that social network can hep anyone to be famous but it’s not as easy as it appears.
    U’ll need to spend some hours per day contacting groups and oher users…
    PS: excuse my awful english 🙂

  2. Brett Evans :

    I have a few social sites that constantly bring in traffic to my website. They are a good source of branding yourself outside of our own personal site.

    Good post!

  3. Good article, I have been trying to convince some of the heads at my job to try the social scene to great brand awareness maybe this article can help them steer in the right direction, thanks

  4. 1clickREADY :

    Simple but to the point. Leave it to Mr Baby Man to find these kinds of items!

  5. Bill Hartzer :

    Great points, Neil. I would definitely try to use your same “user id” on the different social networks…as many people tend to go from one to another. I know I personally “hang out” on several communities as bhartzer.

  6. David Wilson :

    Good article Neil. Do you recommend having the same profile across all the social sites, or would you “tweak it” to suit each sites audience?

  7. Nuno Teixeira :

    Your articles are really great! Good to see some good content on social networking encouraging people to see the potential in it opposed to always seeing how “stupid” and “immature” it all is. Those who say such things are missing a great deal of potential. Keep up the great work!

  8. Gordon Choi :

    What about LinkedIn? Is it not in your list of recommended social network sites? I asked because it’s a very platform that let’s you place your CV online in a very organized way.

  9. Branding in social networks will probably work better if you have the advantage of being a good looking girl.
    If you are not and you need some traffic, pretend to be one 😀

  10. Funny that I am reading this now. I set up a personal myspace account just this afternoon. I have been on myspace but more for meeting other VW owners for another website of mine.

    So I decided to market my blog a bit on there.

  11. Great advice! I have a profile on myspace that I think fits your criteria. I am at

    I would add this tip – Myspace offers a free blog that is integrated into your page. You can ask your Myspace friends to subscrie to your blog, and post blog updates using the Bulletins feature.

    Kathleen Lisson
    Albany, NY

  12. ravi karandeekar :

    30,000 friends? Lot of hard work. So many people are doing this everywhere. How can any one Digg 5,000 or 10,000 stories or follow 5,000 people on Twitter? Neil, thanks for telling what to do but please tell me how much is enough for branding.

    • I wish I had the answer on how many friends is the right number. You can try the quantity game, but it is probably best to go after quality.

  13. I have noticed on myspace that many of the users have ‘label friends,’ that is, associate themselves with certain ‘myspace friends’ that fit their self-identified interests. That’s one of the reasons political candidates can have so many ‘friends.’

    These people define themselves by the political candidate they are supporting, so if Myspace is a window into who they are, that political candidate is a good label.

    I would think that a unique retail store would find Myspace a perfect fit, a local wine bar or restaurant, for instance.

    The way to capitalize on myspace? Update your blog weekly and ask your ‘friends’ to subscribe. Post interesting information using the Bulletin feature. Ask your Friends’ friends to be YOUR friends.

    • You can also make tons of money through intangible goods. For example, tons of people are making thousands a month offering ringtones on MySpace.

  14. i always add people on my social bookmarking accounts regardless of who they are or what their age are.. i’m just fond of meeting people.

  15. hey…while the article above was interesting i didnot find specific ways to market your brand in them. If you can provide me with some referance links which have done it succussfully it’ll be great

  16. OOOooo! Don’t forget YouTube!!!!

    YouTube can get you a LOT of free hits if you make your video right.

    Recent studies (mine) show that Kitten videos get millions of more hits than other videos. So I’m plotting to nab a few kittens (my neighborhood has TONS of strays and kittens year round) and make videos of them cussing each other out along with my site’s address in the bottom right corner.

    Look for them in the future!

    • Yea, YouTube is really popular. I think it is one of the top 10 websites on the web. You should have a profile on YouTube.

  17. I just ran across another blog that covered this same topic. I make custom fortune cookies for a living, what would you think are some good YouTube ideas?

    • The biggest fortune cookie would be cool. Or a fortune cookie house that people can live in.

    • Online Colleges :

      Not sure if it’s possible, but… make custom fortune cookies…. so what about a transforming fortune cookie, that transforms from cookie to fortune. Then after they get the real one they have a keepsake is that is a bit less easy to lose!

  18. Hey Neil,

    I was liking your stuff so much, I decided to venture back in the depths of your blog to see what sort of nuggets you used to write about. Funny how far social media has come in just 2 years. Any idea when you are going to get that archive up on the home page?

  19. Ya, just a month ago I was thinking what the heck is twitter good for? I was wondering if I was supposed to tell people when I was feeding my dog or brushing my teeth? I didn’t really get it. Now I can’t stop checking it, I am learning how to leverage it to build brand awareness and I now realize the great potential that it has. I have already met some great joint venture partners through it that appreciate the education I am bringing to consumers and would like to be an affiliate of mine to help get the word out.

    • Yah, most people are probably saying the same thing now, so feel good knowing that you already jumped on board.

  20. There are just soooo many social media networks. Which ones are the most important, and should be paid attention to first? Facebook and twitter are obvious, along with LinkedIn, but which other ones will provide the greatest benefit? I get invites to some or the other social media service on a regular basis, but it is just tooooo much.

  21. sell textbooks :

    It is so weird to look back at this post and see just how far ahead of the curve you were concerning Social media. This is still a very valid post.

  22. College textbooks :

    I just finished linking my twitter facebook and website. Facebook doesn’t like WordPress though so i had to go the twitter rout. Do you know how to change the tiny url to a google tiny url?

  23. College textbooks :

    Neil. I would definitely try to use your same “user id” on the different social networks…as many people tend to go from one to another. I know I personally “hang out” on several communities so to keep up with multiple handles would be hard and keep people from being able to find me.

  24. centrophenoxine :

    After having a big list of friends i am still unsuccessful in networking, I don’t found any idea to invite my gmail friends to my facebook or twitter

    • There should be an “invite” friends tab on the right side of your FB account home page. Twitter also has a resource that allows you to export Gmail friends. Look into it 😉

  25. Roni Crippin :

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  28. Social networks are key when it comes to promotion. They allow people to really get a feel for your business and this allows you to update and promote it reguarly and easily to a large audience !

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    Granted his profile is reaching out to anyone because he is looking to be the next President

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    yes I know that MySpace, Bebo, and Facebook are just a few of the popular social networks out there that are visited by millions of people daily.

  31. Hisham Supian :

    The power of social network. There is no doubt about it.. Really affect in SEO right Neil ?? if a site without fb or any social network will be consider as spam ?? is it true ??

    Just wondering about how old post of yours because, i am a new subscribers of your. Now i’m thinking why is it just now i find your site. 🙂 .. ..

    Thanx Neil for the advice .. 🙂

  32. Hi Neil ! Social networking sites help to boost the branding the products and services. it also help to boost traffics ratio also. your ideas are perfect.

  33. Mudasir khan :

    Good info sir thanks for it. In one your article i have read that the main factor in article writing is keyword..can you tell me some websites that show keyword competition free …. long tail pro and key word revelears are also some but the are limited.

  34. Heyya.i always add people on my social bookmarking accounts regardless of who they are or what their age are.. i’m just fond of meeting people.

  35. Being social is always far better than being in a corner. Engage yourself and make as many friends as you can. It will help you in every way possible.

  36. The perfect plan to grow connections. Great job Neil 🙂

  37. Ravinder Kadian :

    Thanks for such great Tips. I will follow them to make my brand more popular

  38. The most important fact that I like about using social networks to brand my business it that I can target the exact type of business owners that I want by navigating through their profiles. 🙂

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