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How to Choose a Brandable Domain Name

domain name

If you are looking to start a blog, you probably will want to buy a domain name that is short and memorable. However, why not pick a domain name from a personal branding perspective? The easy way, and probably my favorite method is to buy a domain name that is your real name. Unfortunately, in many cases your name is going to be taken as a .com, .net or even an .org extension. So if you are like me and you are unable to purchase your name here are other options:
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Little is the new big: Why you shouldn’t brush off the little guy

little big

Don’t you hate it when you email someone and they just brush you off because they feel like you are a “nobody”? A lot of famous people are known to engage this type of behavior but the reality of it is that if you don’t do it you can actually improve your brand. Here is how you can build up your brand by helping people that others consider to be a “nobody”…
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The Secrets of Public Relations Revealed


A few of you have emailed me asking how you can get covered by newspapers and magazines. The easy answer is to pay a public relations firm, but that can cost thousands of dollars. Because of this I decided to interview Chris Winfield who has been covered by USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times without paying a public relations firm.

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If You Don’t Clean Up Your Image Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

clean up time

In an ideal world everyone would know you for all the great things you have done and they wouldn’t know about the bad things that you may have done in the past. The problem is that some people, such as Ted Kaczynski have a tainted personal brand. In some cases it can be almost impossible to reverse the negative connotation with a personal brand, but here are some things you can do to help clean up your brand.

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On Neil’s Success – What I’ve observed from the sidelines

This post was written by Cameron Olthuis who is my business partner at ACS and is a blogger at

neil patel

I have to hand it to Neil, I don’t think I have ever seen anyone rise to the same level of fame within their own industry as quickly as him. A person could learn a lot from watching how Neil does it and fortunately for me I’ve had a front row view the entire time. So what are some things that I’ve noticed from watching Neil that I would contribute to his success?

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