The Two Reasons Why You Aren’t Making Over $100K a Year


Do you know what you need if you want to make over $100,000 a year? It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur or a nine-to-five worker… if you want to climb the corporate ladder, there are two things you need to embrace.

Do you know what they are?

No, they aren’t ambition or how smart you are. And luck has nothing to do with it.

It’s actually communication skills and how hard you work.

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Lets break each of them down…

Communication skills

According to the dictionary, communication is “the imparting or exchanging of information or news.”

In the corporate world, things don’t get accomplished or done right mainly because of poor communication. It’s either due to the lack of communication, the speed with which people communicate or the fact that they may not be communicating clearly.

Let’s look at that closer:

  1. Lack of communication – if you decide to not communicate often or not at all, this would be considered lack of communication. A good example of this is not responding to an email, ignoring a phone call or skipping meetings.
  2. Communication speed – how fast you respond is the speed with which you communicate. For example, if someone sends you an email and you respond three days later, that’s considered slow communication. If someone sends you an email and you respond within an hour, that is fast communication. The same goes with voicemail messages or follow-up tasks you may receive from a meeting.
  3. Clear communication – if you answer all of the questions someone asks you in a way that is understandable by everyone, that’s clear communication. If you aren’t answering all of the questions posed to you, that’s poor communication. And if you can’t give people clear instructions or details on what you want done, that’s also poor communication.

So, why is communication important? It’s because it shows that you care and you are on top of things. I actually recommended one of my friends to a local design shop in Seattle. The design shop got a $4,000 contract from my buddy, but they ignored some of his emails and decided to not respond to them in a timely manner.

My buddy was going to give them a $25,000 contract after they finished the $4,000 contract, but the design firm is most likely going to lose it. It’s not because their work isn’t good, but it’s because they don’t communicate effectively.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a nine-to-five worker, you should have great communication skills:

  • Always communicate with people – you should never ignore anyone, no matter how irritating they may be.
  • Respond on time – it doesn’t matter if it is after working hours or on the weekend, responding within 24 hours at the latest is a requirement.
  • Over-communicate – the easiest way to make sure you are communicating clearly is to over-communicate. Be thorough responding to people or giving tasks to others.
  • Always take notes – whether it is a phone call or a meeting, you should always take notes and follow up with people. Give them a summary of what happened and follow-up steps to ensure everyone is on the same page.

If you follow the above communication steps, you’ll be better off than most people in the corporate world.

Work ethic

As a kid, I witnessed how my parents went from struggling immigrants with very little money to middle class citizens who succeeded through hard work. They did all of this so that they could provide my sister and me with a life that they didn’t have.

So, how did they provide us with a better life? They worked their butts off and did whatever it took no matter how unreasonable it sounded.

My mom, who was a teacher, couldn’t find a paying job when we moved to the U.S. So she worked for free at a school until they hired her. Because we didn’t have two cars, my mom had to walk several miles to work, while pushing my sister and me in a stroller… in hopes that one day she would get a paid job.

You don’t have to be the smartest person out there, but if you want to succeed, you need to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

For example, we have a lot of sales reps at KISSmetrics. One of our best sales reps is a gentleman by the name of Brandon. Why does Brandon do so well? It’s not because of his connections since he doesn’t know many check writers at large corporations. And it’s not because of his sales training… he got the same training as everyone else.

What separates Brandon from the crowd is that he works more hours than most people. He is the first person in the office every day and the last person to leave. When he gets home, he continues his workday. I continually see emails from him at 9 pm or even 11 pm at night asking me to review contracts. Heck, he even emails me over the weekends when he needs help so he can get some deals closed.

If you want to do well, take a page out of Brandon’s book and work hard for more than just eight hours a day.

It doesn’t matter how smart you are or how well connected you may be, working long hours efficiently really helps you get a leg up among your co-workers and the competition.

If that doesn’t convince you to work hard, think about how my mom got a paid teaching job because she continually worked for free. She got a paid teaching job even though English was her second language… all because she worked harder than most people.


I know I typically don’t write blog posts that are rants, but I had to because I continually see people with a ton of potential failing each day.


It’s because they are too lazy to communicate and they aren’t willing to work hard. It’s not that they aren’t smart or talented… they are just lazy.

If you want to make a lot of money, you need to work your butt off and over-communicate. People will eventually see how dedicated you are, and you’ll get ahead.

And if you don’t care about money, you should still work hard and be a great communicator. No matter what field you go into, e.g., the non-profit world, those two things will help you accomplish your goals.

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  1. Thanks Neil, great post!

  2. Hi neil
    i think you are absolutely right most of the people cant able to earn anough amount including me but now i think and i hope these tips or i can solve my problems and take a fresh start for new journey
    Thanx a lot neil for this.

  3. Great article neil.. Really communication and work ethic is what makes the difference…

  4. Does this not apply to those of us making $100,000 per week? :)

  5. Communication is what that matters the most!

    I always try to reply to all the emails that I get.

    I usually reply within few hours or 1 day depending on the time I have!

    You’re effectively using the communication to make some handsome money! ;)


  6. Hi Neil,

    Awesome post. Yes there is no alternative to hard work. One must burn the midnight oil in order to shine in life.

    Brandon’s story is really inspiring. Even I am trying to work full time on weekends to make my new blog do well. I do not know whether I will succeed or not but I will not stop trying.

    Wish me luck!


  7. Great Post Neil Sir…

  8. Thanks for this reminder man!

  9. Hi Neil… Again you have posted a good article. This article is not related to corporate world only. I read it by assuming its for Blogging business too.

    I am fully agree with points you raised in the article. But with only working hard is not enough. The way and the direction also matters.

    I mean to say hard work with smartness. :D

  10. This is excellent post Neil! I’m going to share with my team and hope they would take lessons seriously to grow our startup along with themselves. :)

  11. “It’s not that they aren’t smart or talented… they are just lazy.” – Well said, Neil. Couldn’t have said better myself.

    Thanks for the kick :).

  12. Nice article as always but i think information is also key. You need to get the right kind of information as well as act on it. Like you said, timing is also important. Sometimes i ignore some mails if i think the client is too troublesome. With your post,i intend to change that habit and see how it works out.

  13. Prashant kumar :

    Bhai agarn Nail intahi intelligent hota to, ab tak worl ka sabse amir admi hota,! ha ha :)

  14. Neil,

    Does Brandon make over $100k per year now? If not, I hope he doesn’t read this post. You may need to give him a raise. (haha)


    • No comment on Brandon’s salary. ;-)

      • Why no comment? I’ve lost some respect for you about your opinions about work ethic. I assume Brandon isn’t making himself six figures, but he is helping you make 7+ figures. I see you haven’t responded to comment’ers who have voiced similar opinions? I don’t have respect for employers who promote ‘working yourself into the ground’ in order to be a success. There’s nothing wrong with hard graft, but you’ve missed the target on this one…..

        • Ian, I think you have misinterpreted what Neil was saying. He has never condoned “working yourself into the ground” in any of his posts, he is merely stating that one of his sales people are more dedicated than some others. In a good working environment, hard work and dedication is rewarded.

          • Though Hermione, you have to read beyond just words. What do you think the life of this awesome employee looks like ? Working your ass off like a lemming is definitely not the way to happiness.

            A CEO who encourages such behaviour is not respectable, doesn’t help making the world a better place and arguably, this attitude is counter-productive even for the company on the long term.

            Also, working like a lemming is not the way to get rich, I think you can find out why it isn’t on your own. There are TIMES when it is very important to push your limits, but it’s only useful starting from when you have made a plan and are acting on it, and until the rocket that you’re propelling is up to speed.

            Communication however is unarguably very important. I only disagree on the work ethics; you have to live a healthy, varied life, and your employees must be happy and creative. (to be creative you have to do other things than your job)

  15. Wow, wow, wow. You just spanked me hard. I suuuuck at communication. Hate it. Emails get in the way of what I really need to accomplish.

    That’s it. I’m going to fix my communication problem now.

  16. I totally agree. When I’m trying to get quotes and estimates for contracts, some requests go unanswered – for hours, days, sometimes forever. Poor communicators, or just lazy? Probably both.
    Great post.

  17. “I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying”. – Michael Jordan

    Great article once again Neil, applicable to life. I like the notion of ‘always working’. Even if you’re not at work, or at your office, or in meetings, you never really stop working.

    I’m working towards that goal, and if I fail at least I didn’t stop trying.

    Thanks Neil!

  18. Bellissimo post,condivido in pieno,buona lezione.Grazie

  19. Neil,
    Well, I do make a bit more than that and I do 9 to 5 and business together. Therefore, I think I can talk from both the angles.

    Your post is very relevant to business industry where entrepreneurs need to apply these two principles. But in 9 to 5 scenario? You just need to know a few people and be a litle opportunistic.

    I surely know a lot of people who neither are hard working nor have good communication skills (especially in IT industry who make way more than $100,000 a year).

    This kind of income in IT is not such a a big deal in US while I understand that you may have referred to people you work with or you know in other industry where this is a big number.

    Besides, you didn’t even mention about Goals? I would like to mention that having a goal, a purpose is much more important than any skill or tactic because it’s not just about money. It is about the satisfaction. In my view, having a burning desire is they key ingredient for somebody to be driven to communicate well and work hard.

    What do you say?

    • Yep, as I mention in the conclusion it isn’t all about money.

      As for people making more than that with neither of the skills, it does exist. But it isn’t as common as people making money from the above 2 skills…

      And yes, you make a good point about connections. They help as well. :)

  20. Unless you have extreme luck, hard work is the only thing that will get you closer to your dream.
    I’m quite happy that I understood that as a youth, I’m currently 19 and have been pushing 75-90hours work/week since I dropped out of college 1 and a half years ago.

    But it’s the last few weeks that I’ve started to see the results, results that I’ve never would’ve experienced if I hadn’t pushed myself to work harder then everyone else.

    I (am) like Brandon.

  21. Communication is the key to any outcome. I have learnt from my past experience, I had the wrong mind set, and lost a contract & lack of speed.

    Also thank you for reminding me about taking notes , something i should look at which is on my to do list…

    Some communication tips which helped me, hope this helps

    Ask your self why you doing it and dont worry to much about the outcome. Even if you don’t end up getting the contract, use it as a network contact. Im still in contact with the company who’s contract i lost. In fact we have a much better relationship than before.

    Every 3 months I will make a call, just to find out how thing are going. You never know when they need something again or who they will send your way.

    P.S Neil this blog post title got me all excited , thought it was a step by step project that we could learn from :-), maybe a future post?

    Take care…

  22. I appreciate the “communicate” point Neil. When I wrote to you a couple weeks ago, I honestly didn’t expect an answer. When you did respond within a day, I felt grateful. Now I am big fan!! Bigger than what I would have been if you’d not of responded. Tracy :)

  23. Great secret shared Neil…Your first reason perfectly suits be..I should learn my lesson.

  24. Great post!
    It’s always about the basics. What’s great is, you make it attainable for everyone – it’s not just because you’re “lucky” or it was “easy for the other guy.” Nope, communicate and work hard and you can have it, too.

    Thanks, Neil.

  25. Zeinab Adeyemo :

    This is exactly what I need! My new job requires a lot of communicating and hardwork. You have helped me in knowing that it is essential everywhere and the key to successful- success. Lol.

  26. Hi Sir,

    again a great post , I visited your blog before 15 days , and since then i am reading posts on your blog every day, almost all articles are full of knowledge.

  27. Another great article! Forwarded to everyone on my email list.

  28. Hey Neil,

    Great post – rants are good – they tend to be pure creativity. I love how you split up communication into three aspects.

    And what your Mom did is admirable – not many people have that sort of willpower or conviction. You are very fortunate!


  29. But Neil…this post does not do justice with the title “The Two Reasons Why You Aren’t Making Over $100K a Year”

  30. Hi Neil,
    This is really a great post with an awesome message.Thanks for sharing your views with us.I just inspired from it to do hard work :)

  31. Short and to the point blog post Neil.

    Although I was expecting a much bigger, comprehensive and to certain degree, complex blogpost, after reading the title.

    But I guess it is the simple and the most obvious things in life which not only help us succeed, but also hold us back, if we ignore them.

  32. Great article Neil. I definitely agree with your comment regarding a great work ethic.

  33. Great Rant!! Need to preach the basics sometimes. You have the best posts and most useful. Everyone is into collecting knowledge but not interested in execution and speed. No one wants to get their hands dirty. Cute phrases like ‘outsourcing’ are killing people, it’s a lottery mentality. Outsourcers are not robots that should be exploited because they live in countries with lower min. wages. They are people and work hard for their dreams and their families. They need consistent work and consistent ‘hi- fives’ and need guidance and prompt replies to emails, chats. They need to know that you care through weekly webinars. They need to see trust and compassion though how you treat them and others- this takes time and organisation. It takes work to make detailed tutorials and supporting tools to help them do the work efficiently. They need reassurance that they are improving, doing a good job and that there is room for error because it happens daily to the best of us. Work hard, reply fast to all questions and love people- simple as that!

  34. It’s been a while since a post has really resonated with me, and this post did just that.

    I think this is my new favorite saying:

    “…you need to work your butt off and over communicate.”

    Thank you Neil!

  35. Thanks Neil. Part of the challenge is how you can still be considered a good communicator when you receive many emails and requests and you must prioritize and limit your email time so you can actually get the project done! A response is still required — even just an acknowledgement that the request was received and will be addressed in due time.

  36. Rightly said, Neil. Great communication is must to break barriers between you and your client. But Neil…are you sure if you break these barriers, you can make over $100K a year? I don’t think so. There are lot of other factors that determine your success.

  37. Matt Saunders :

    Man, I really can’t say enough about how true this is… I see people that are way better at their jobs then I am, but just simply do not communicate their work well and therefore struggle to be truly successful… Well said Neil!

  38. well spoken. it does not only just apply to business. i t applies to other areas of life.

  39. I would agree with only half the post. The tips about communication are well worth implementing.

    Working 24/7 for a 6 figure salary is a skewed metric of success.

    To everyone evangelising working 24/7 there’s a little book called Rework that you should all look into, highly recommended for Brandon.

    “You don’t need more hours, you need better hours”, Rework.

  40. Work hard now and enjoy the fruits of your labour later

  41. i usually not reply to unlikely emails :) but i think from now on i should reply each and every email with positive or negative response

  42. Great article, and true that working hard and keeping focus tremendously increases the likelihood of succeeding. That being said its insanely important to know that spending hours on stuff does not automatically increase your chance of succeeding. Its about doing the right stuff, stuff that increases your ROI in some way. Not just working for the sake of working. Be effective and efficient.

  43. Neil, great article! Talk about striking a chord!

    Where’s the “share on Facebook” button? Had to manually post a link to it on my wall and that’s a bit of a bother :)

  44. Thanks for this. Wisdom is always aided by booster shots. Sharing on Google +

  45. these are the basic reasons why not making money with blog.sir i would like to add more that it also depends on the type of niche.i am totally relying om google adsense as starting of my blog but i think when it will come about making money it will depend on niche.

  46. Hey Neil,

    I totally embrace half of your post.

    You nailed the communications practices. Doing those few things will put you in the top 5%.

    Actually, quite a few people put in very long hours and work “hard”. In my experience most spend their hard work on the wrong things.

    Making $100,000 per time segment (a month or a week or a day is far better than per year) depends on executing on the right things.

    I see those who focus on completing the vital things first as much more successful than the “hard workers”.

  47. I’d actually add a caveat to the work ethic section. It doesn’t always pay to work LONGER if you’re not already working SMARTER. For example, a girl I work with regularly stays later than everyone else and we all comment on it negatively because it’s not that she’s staying late to work harder and get more done. It’s that she can’t get her normal workload finished in a respectable time period.

  48. Hey Mate,

    Give me the contact details of Brandon. I will try and make an offer that he can’t refuse. :-p

    A very motivating posts with nice stories take away..

  49. Hey Neil… this is spot on!! its common place but like they say common sense isn’t common after all. Nice one… a gentle reminder for me to pick up the slack.

  50. Neil, I have to call B.S. on this post. I’ve liked most of your other posts. I look for your posts in my inbox.

    You’re off on this one. This post is incredibly dismissive of millions of people who work hard and communicate well and haven’t figured out how to monetize their effort effectively.

    Of the 100,000 odd teachers in the U.S. what percentage do you think make over $100,000? Very few. Are you saying none of them work hard and over communicate?

    Of the 10’s of thousands of consultants in the U.S., the average is earning $50,000 a year. Are you betting that they don’t work hard or over communicate with their clients? No, they just don’t know how to market effectively, or choose an area they can monetize, or…

    Here’s an article from the Onion, May 3, 2013 – “Widely regarded as one of the online world’s brightest personalities, sources confirmed Friday that famed 28-year-old social media rock star Ryan Wasserman, better known as @RWthinks by his legions of passionate fans, makes roughly $28,000 per year.”

    You think Ryan doesn’t work crazy hours or over communicate. He’s one of the biggest communicator on Twitter! And he makes 1/4 of the income you claim!

    Finally, take a look at your own post that you wrote a week ago about getting exposure for your business. It took time and money. Consider your first business where you lost $1m. Was that because you didn’t work hard or because you didn’t communicate?

    I could go on and on.

    This approach is far too simplistic. It gives people the wrong idea that they can choose anything whether they love it or not, whether other people value it and would pay money for it or not, and they can just work hard and communicate and make lots of money.

    This post is such a disservice to your readers. It’s this kind of overly simplistic advice that gets newbie’s and hopefuls to spend money on empty promises instead of really looking at what makes business sense.

    You know better than this and your readers deserve better than this.

    • Yah i agree with you Tim WORKING HARD does not always guarantee any success its what you do what determine how much you earn you can works hard in some cases but you will never reach 100k per yaer

    • I agree with all of these points. I love your stuff too Neil, but this post is overly simplistic and as Tim said, wrong on a number of levels.

      Although it’s true that most successful people probably communicate very well and work hard, those are by no means the limiting factors for success, and CERTAINLY not the limiting factors for getting to a $100k income.

      I know that blog posts are never a complete take on a subject, but this stuff just isn’t right.

  51. 100% agree. I think of myself as pretty successful when it comes to business and I sometimes wondered why is it so. I’ve never thought about myself as someone particularly smarter than others so I knew it was not the reason. I always felt that communication is important and I even highlight this on my website as one of the strong points of working with me. Some of my clients even said that they have never received longer or more detailed emails from anyone before but they liked it very much because they felt like I really cared about their problem. Working hard was never difficult to me because I really like the job and it gives me a lot of satisfaction. After reading this post I felt like I just found the confirmation for my thoughts on being successful that I already knew but actually never clearly specified. I would also add one more thing to this equation, which is speed but you already mentioned it in your post under communication steps so the whole post is complete and I just totally agree.

  52. Neil, I have to disagreee with your statement about working long hours.

    Working more hours than the rest of your collegues day in day out is killing. I have 17 employees but I never allow them to work at home or over hours unless it’s neccesary. I also do not allow my clients to push me, my company or my employees to work harder for them. We always deliver the best results, and I know for 200% that this is because my employees spend time with their families, friends, hobby’s and things they love other than their work.

    And no, they aren’t making a 100k a year… but we all know that money is nothing compared to the quality of life you can achieve by focussing more on yourself and your family.

  53. Good post Neil! Completely agree that there is no substitute for hard work.

    Though, I might not agree with Brandon’s example. You need to have a decent work-life balance. Do your work effectively and also invest time into relationship, reading, developing a hobby. Work might only take you to a certain distance, but when you had enough, you always go back and rely on the 3 things I just said.

    My 2 cents though!

  54. Right Skills + Right Attitude = Success
    – You should have this formula if you want to be successful in life.

    Thanks Neil for sharing this post!

  55. Your article has inspired me and has given a new direction in my life. The importance of Communication skills which you bestowed in this article is phenomenal.

    Working hard is a key to success as you mentioned to get the six figure mark a month. I will surely implement these things in my life.
    Keep inspiring as always! :-)

  56. Hi Neil,

    Fantastic post. Thank you for that.

    Agree with everything you’ve written. Communication is that key ingredient that sets you a part. It’s the best tool you have of letting people understand what you’re thinking and eliminating any assumptions/guessing. Doesn’t apply to business, applies to anything.

    As for hardwork, that’s a given. Nothing in life is free :)

  57. dennis drenner :

    really? work hard and answer stupid emails on the weekends? a doubtful path to riches, and a certain recipe for a miserable life.

    instead; how about eliminating distractions by being efficient and effective in your communications, so you can focus on productive problem solving?


    • Dennis, to each their own. I suppose some people get “stupid” emails. However, some industries thrive off of effective communication (sales, etc..) Thanks for reading :)

  58. I agree and disagree at the same time. Your input on communication – check. I agree.

    Regarding working hard – I find your thoughts too much black and white… It really depends on your situation and the context of things. I generally work a lot of hours, but I’ve never made as much money as when I decided to work 9-5 for a month. I literally doubled my income (which was already good) from one month to the next by working about half the amount of time that I would normally work. The reason? I was more rested in my brain and thus able to focus end get things done much more effectively than usual.

    The reason why I am often still working long hours really boils down to two things: 1) I love what I do and consider it my hobby, and 2) I am starting a new business or a new field of business within an existing one. It never has to do with making more money (at least not on a short term basis)

    • Steen, you bring up some great points. I think passion above all else will dictate how hard and long you word at your trade. If you love what you do, then you don’t consider it “work”.

  59. Hey Neil,

    Great Post I just wanted to point out a spelling / grammar error i saw in the post.

    This sentence:
    It doesn’t matter how smart you are or how well connected you ———maybe —- (should be may be), working long hours efficiently really helps you get a leg up among your co-workers and the competition.

  60. This post shows that you really got to love what you do to make it big, i think. There is no way in my 9-5 that i would be doing weekend work regularly. I need space. I don’t feel that way about my own business – at least not as often!

  61. I do agree that communication is key, that’s important. But I’m not so sold on working 12 hour days as the key to getting ahead. Numerous studies have shown working more than 40 hour weeks week after week have shown little increase in productivity.

    The articles aren’t talking about a one off 60 hour a week sprint cycle, but continuous overworking. Just don’t want anyone to think that just working ungodly hours will get you ahead. Or even communication and working ungodly hours will get you ahead. But what do I know :)

  62. This post is just too simplistic in many ways. I agree with you about the importance of communication and hard work.

    But, there is a difference between timely communication and communicating at odd hours consistently. By doing that you’re creating unrealistic expectations; you’re saying, “I don’t have a life other than work, and I’m at your beck and call any time of the day or night!”

    There is a difference between being hard working and being a workaholic for the heck of it.

  63. You are spot on the money; I must say ‘communication’ is something that I really have to work on better.

    Fantastic post. Thanks for reinforcing the point.

  64. Nice. I think I’m missing the ‘hard work’ part. Besides that, I notice you always use original pictures with a design closely related to the posts. Do you design them yourself or :) …?

  65. i agree communication is important.. and i agree you have to give your work you best shot.. but over working and 24/7 is unreasonable. I hope Brandon has a life outside of work, and i hope when the burn out comes into play you will still employ him for his dedication to your success.

  66. Neil,

    Seriously, please give Brandon a vacation. Actually, encourage him to take one. Behaviors like that are not psychologically healthy. He’s at best going to burn himself out, at worst going to have a heart attack or serious medical problems.


  67. You Make a good Point for Conversation. Working Smart with Tips and Tricks to the Trade will Always get You there Faster.

  68. Ryan Braice :

    This is slave thinking. Absolutely not not not correct advice. Specially on the work 8+ hours a day. Yes, the two components mentioned are positive and will help but things like being focused, keep good track of personal expenses etc. are way more important than being an overcommunicating hard working guy. People will work hard doing useless things. Your mother was focused on one specific thing which was easily and proven good for her. People today have 100’s of nice options to consider and deicing isn’t as easy as it was 50 years ago. Clarity is important, working hard on important things is important and communicating effectively when and only when you should. It’s not fun and it’s anti-productive to reply everything within 2-3 hours. It’s ok that the firm won’t get the 25k contract. Highly likely it didn’t want it because it has another philosophy. Your friend might not be their ideal customer and from a non ideal customer you don’t want a 4k contract and even more not a 25k contract. Good article on making certain claims but those claims are not generalizable enough to be considered correct.

  69. Neil,
    Yeah right, anything that you can do in less than 2 minutes, do it.
    Just a question, how do you manage replying to all your email message?
    Don’t you think it kills productivity or are you outsourcing it?

  70. Thanks for this Neil. I must say, I am guilty of being a poor communicator at times, especially when it comes to email.

    I think one of the problems is that there is so much noise in my inbox that the important emails that need a response tend to get lost.

    I would love to see a post from you on your system to handle email. (I’m sure you have one) :-)

  71. Absolutely agree.
    There are many people who outshine others, even the smarter ones, because they do a much better work in communicating the message.

    Love it. Thanks Neil for the reminder :)

  72. “Effective communication” is a key factor which determines success in every aspect of life – be it business or job or relationships!

  73. hey Neil,

    Awesome post.

    However, i think there is one key ingredient in communication and hard work you didn’t mention, and that is always to know when to overdeliver. I try to overdeliver as much as i can, and i tend to do so with clients and friends that are communicating good with me as well.

    What I have found, over time, having this mindset almost always leads to new business opportunities or life long relationships that are key to a succesfull venture.

  74. Great tips Neil. Thanks for the advice.

    However am just trying to think about the “Brandon’s” of this world. Is it always about the perks, commissions… is definitely important, I like the fact that he does what he enjoys…but does he have hobbies? Passion for something else? something out of work? Does he have a family? Is the spouse & kids happy?

    I think he may ‘shut down’ really soon!

    • Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t suggest working that hard. However, some people are just wired that way and it could not be that unhealthy for them…considering alternatives.

  75. You are right Success is indeed effective communication between skills, vision and hardwork.

  76. Beatrix Willius :

    I fully agree with the communication skills.

    In my day job we got lots of managers sitting around 12 or more hours a day in the office. I always thought work smarter and not work harder is better.

  77. Hi Neil,
    Visiting your blog for a long time but commenting for the first time. $ 100K can be unrealistic for many bloggers on the web, not for me though and not for you very practically. The points you have raised are really worth understanding. They are very important and not only apply to blogging. I can understand that why you could have achieved this success over the years. Thanks a lot for all these tips.

  78. Inspiring post for a quick read while at lunch break. Really liked the ideas you bought with your parents experience. This reminds our times in Qatar with my parents where they worked so hard to make money and provide us the best possible life they can.

    Thanks for the share Nile. It’s good to have some posts like this from blog I read every week. Hope everyone else loved it and no working their butt off and mastering the art of communication.

  79. Great post! Thanks!

  80. Neil,
    I’m so glad I discovered you!
    Thank you so much for this post. It is exactly what my executive communication coaching business is built upon.
    What I like most about your post is it’s a great example of how we can have several people saying the same thing, but in different ways. I may have said this on my blog, but you say it differently here (and very well, I may add) which may reach a different group.
    Thanks again.

  81. Hard work and persistence is the key to success.

  82. That’s lot of money you are talking about. looking at some comments it seems people also believe it’s possible. So I just want to say best of luck to everyone

  83. Well you might not be making $100k annually as you’re just naff – however, hard work is always a good bet. As is some smart business acumen and a good old fashioned DOLLOP of social media savvy. It all needs to come together perfectly and then you’ll earn.

  84. In 2012, I spent a lot of time on some reverse-engineering campaigns that saw some of the biggest names in marketing go under the microscope.

    In the end, the research turned up that those biggest names, some of which insist that “success is easy” and “effortless abundance” is indeed a reality, were working from 6am to 10pm to establish the legends we know today.

  85. Great post as usual Neil, keyword being work hard and good things will happen! Completely off topic but I was wondering if you could recommend hosting for a person just starting out a new site that will hopefully scale in the future and could pay around 20 to 30 a month for a good host?

  86. No substitute for hard work, period.

  87. Jatin Chhabra :

    Really liked the last para “And if you don’t care about money, you should still work hard and be a great communicator. No matter what field you go into, such as the non-profit world, those two things will help you accomplish your goals.”

  88. Really well researched post Neil…….an absolute pleasure to read.


  89. Neil, frankly speaking, I had lots of action elements from this post. After reading this article, I hope I will be able to communicate things in a better with others.

  90. Thanks Patel for a great post. But if I’m self employed, do you think that still works?

  91. Thanks Neil. I guess the one thing I am lacking is communication as work hard every day and it is not giving me the results i expect.

  92. Thanks Neil Such a nice and inspirational blog. I really impressed with this blog . And I always eager to read your blog but never say you but after read this blog I start to communicate with People easily.And the best example is that I Post a comment in your blog . Thanks Neil …

  93. Work hard on what? On my online endeavours? Well if I’ve choosed a wrong way not even in a million years I’ll make 100k a year.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  94. As usual great post. Hard work, patience and learning from the mistakes are the three crucial things to get success in life. Learn lots of new things about communication from your post.

  95. Great points! Starting and maintaining a blog is a very nice way to improve your communication skills.

    If you want to get better at running, you need to run more. If you want to get better at writing, you need to write more. This is true for most things in life.

  96. Thanks Neil .Helping to oneselves yields much joy though not today it will lead uncountable happiness in future

  97. Two more reasons why you are not making $100,000 per year:

    You work too much, but don’t know how to manage your time.

    You don’t price your service / job properly.

  98. I can tell you one thing about having a strong work ethic and putting in more hours than anyone else. If its a union job you will be disliked for it and they may try to let you go because you are making the rest of them look bad.

  99. That wasn’t a rant, it was valuable wisdom for those who would listen. You are a very good communicator. Thanks.

  100. I challenged myself to respond to phonecalls, emails, and text message within 2 hours, and social media messages within 24 hours since reading this post. I have seen better engagement with my clients. Such a simple thing but it holds so much value.

  101. I understand replying 200+ comments is also hard work.
    The best about you Neil is still you are working hard after many achievements. I think the harder part is second half when you achieve few things and you get relaxed.

    I hope to see next post on such lazy folks like me. :)

  102. I am now a FAN of you Neil, great content.

  103. Being the last person in the office certainly doesn’t make you the hardest worker. Not by a long shot.


  104. Great suggestions; I would actually add another one – empathy. You have to be able to put yourself in other people’s shoes. It might be your boss, your customer, even your suppliers. Without being able to connect with people and understand what they need you will never achieve the success you crave.

  105. I agree with you I crossed this level 10 year ago. I think in addition to communication skills and hard work you are also need a patience. You cannot become rich by night.

  106. Neil – I would even go a step further and leave out the 100K part. You’re not very effective if you can’t communicate and you’re never going to be effective if you have zero work ethic. Doesn’t matter what income you make.

    PS – I heard you on the smartpassiveincome podcast. Great interview and information. Keep up the great work.

  107. Great post! You hit on this point as well, which is that a quick response and good communication shows that you care. And people want to be cared for. I know I do!

    Thanks for the great reminder.

  108. A very good and inspiring post……. There is no alternative to hard work however intelligent or talented you may be…… Communication is also an important part in modern fast paced life as people are not so patient and time is very precious………..

  109. Great post neil, now planning to engage with my clients in communicating with them promptly. In best case will try to over communicate them :)

  110. Agree Neil!
    There’s always important to maintain focus and persevere. Decide on a strategy and bulldoze all the way through. Or you will just give up later and say it’s impossible. And you can’t reach your success.

  111. I really appreciate this post Neil, as it supports the fact hard work didn’t kill anyone.

    There are tons of times when I see friends all sitting together with the usual self-pity party complaining about their income yet they do nothing different. Many think I am crazy to want to have an iPad and smart phone on me all the time, but to respond effectively one has to always be ready to do so.

    I think the over communicate is whee I need to patch up though.


  112. Hi Neil, I think this is the second time I am now commenting on one of your posts…that is the most I have ever done! I love your blog and I love the way your pieces evoke such passionate responses. I couldn’t agree more with everything you have said- communication and dedication are the keys, although in today’s fast paced world many seem to happily think that a quick fix and a quick solution has to be the way forward.

  113. That is a very interesting concept. Thanks.

  114. Awesome I have book marked it and I read it when I am frustrated. I admire you man.

  115. Communication is the most essential thing today. Without it, our world would not be able to function. It is true for the macro but also for the micro point of view.

  116. I always try to communicate with people. LOL! I mean on Facebook. Waste of time completely.

    Between nice article.

    Thanks for the share

  117. Thanks, for guiding me about what i have to do now because i also want to become successful and millionaire. I always think that what is necessary and from your post i understood that hard work, work ethics, better communication skill is required.

  118. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog post. It expresses the thoughts I been having for quite sometime. Couldn’t have said it better. Would like to quote some of it to my colleagues and friends.

    Thanks, Neil

  119. Thank you very much my friend Neil it’s my inspirational post.

  120. great work keep it up

  121. Thanks Neil, great post..This is some of the best post i have ever read. The best past of this post is with you clear thoughts you trying to connect it with you personal experience…

    Now I am the fan of your blog writing skills…

  122. David Horne :

    Hi Neil,

    I respectfully disagree although you can certainately attain success by working harder and ocd communication I believe its far more efficient to just work smarter. I am in said bracket and I can name off 10 people in my immediate office that work harder than me but they spend time on things that dont matter or have low impact. I can accomplish more than them in less time because of better tools and a constant filtering of my workload to ensure only high value tasks are being accomplished.

  123. How true. Now most people expect to work less but achieve more…especially in online business.
    But in reality, it still takes a lot of work and time to be spent.
    too much false expectation set in the industry

  124. Thanks for post. I have questtion. It still works?
    Thanks again, sir.

  125. Awesome post… No words to wish you Neil…)

  126. I appreciate your message Neil, thanks for it.

  127. I’m looking forward to grow my website to such an extent where it’d be getting millions of pageviews! :D

  128. One thing that we should learn is to respond to people in proper time as people these days expect quick solutions rather than waiting for 5 to 6 days.

    That is what one can learn from you Neil.

  129. Neil I have a account on kissmetrics and using it for quite some time but didn’t knew that you are the mind behind it but i think i got the reason why i m not making huge profit even my site drives a lot of traffic
    thnks !!

  130. “Unfortunately” you are damn right – from my own experience (I’m close to 40 yrs now) – the more successful are those that are ambitious, nevertheless that often they are not the smartest and brightest ones.
    And I say “unfortunately”, because it would be much better for all of us if the smartest were those to thrive, not the most ambitious.
    Of course, a combination of both is the thing to be admired.

    • You bring up a great point. I think in our society hard work really goes a long way towards “success”. However, some smart people are perfectly content not making as much, yet being content in their own ways :)

  131. I think communication is most important to making over 100k in a year

  132. Thanks for this information I agree 100% with you. I am a online marketer who has made a good income from home but I definitely lack the communication skill that I should have. I believe by improving my communication skills it would take me from 5k a month to 15k a month. Thanks I needed to read this article.

  133. Hello Neil !
    You are absolutely right that some bloggers are too lazy to clearly communicate. Communication is the life blood of business. I really liked this post, as it is true. Both are the important point to be successful.

  134. I previously communicate with my reader but i think i have to over communicate now! : P

  135. hey Neil !
    Yeah I have also seen such people who just want profit but they are not willing to work hard. You are right that they are talented but lazy. This is great post for them to motivate. I hope this would work for them.

  136. Communication! You are right! Most of us don’t take it seriously. But i think I’ll take it straight now!

    Thanks for the reminder and yes the 30 days course is beyond my expectations.
    Thank you and Thank you very much Neil!

  137. Hello Neil !
    This is a nice post, indeed. You have picked up nice two points which are communication skills and work ethics. These are necessary point.

  138. Hey Neil, everything you say is right. it truly amazes me how right you are about everything. i will tweet every post i read.

  139. Hi Neal, I’ve just recently been reading your articles, love the Hello Bar too. You really are a great inspiration for the younger generation.

    Thank you for your hard work.

    – Josh

  140. When you go to die, you won’t wish you worked 24/7….you will wish you did things with your kids, enjoyed life more.

  141. I never really thought of communication skills being that important but I can see your point. State, I think, is the real defining factor if you really want to make it.

  142. Hi Neil, Can you please write about how to improve page-views per visit? especially for blogs.

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