The Mark Zuckerberg Guide to Building Facebook Profiles

mark zuckerberg

Who better?

When marketers are faced with building powerful Facebook profiles, they are quick to say:

Hey, I’m no Zuckerberg!

But really, who better than Zuckerberg to copy? Not only does he know the ins and outs of Facebook, but he knows what Facebook users like.

So, let’s see what good ol’ Zuck can teach you about creating a powerful Facebook profile.

Step #1: To be a cool kid, you have to be friends with cool kids

As you already know, Mark is well connected. Not only does he know famous web celebrities like Sean Parker, Peter Thiel, and Marc Andreessen, but he also knows Barack Obama.

When you are friends with the cool kids, you are naturally perceived as being “cool.” When you are perceived as being cool, people start requesting you to become their friend.

If you want to create a Facebook profile that’s not just popular but powerful, you need to start requesting the cool kids to become your “friend”. Many of them will say no because they don’t know you, but for every ten cool kids you request, one to three will accept your friendship.

You’ll need to do this until a hundred influential people accept your friend request. Once you reach that point, you’ll notice that a lot of random people on a daily basis will request your friendship on Facebook. The reason for this is because influencers have a lot of friends, and their friends tend to look through their profile to see who else they are friends with.

Step #2: Don’t forget about your real friends

Now that you are friends with the “in” crowd, you shouldn’t let it go to your head. These influencers are really busy and have so many friends that they’ll rarely bother to read your profile or even like/comment on the stuff you put on your wall.

In order to counteract this, you’ll actually have to have your real friends on Facebook. Mark, for instance, is still friends with the people he knew before he became rich. From family members to childhood friends, you want to be friends with people who actually care about you because they’ll care about what you have to say.

You typically can find your real friends on Facebook by giving Facebook access to your email account. The site will be able to see who you communicate with on a regular basis and see if those people are on Facebook. If they are, the system will suggest that you add them as a friend.

Step #3: Don’t be shy

Mark isn’t the most outgoing guy. However, just because you may be shy or awkward in real life doesn’t mean you have to be that way online.

Make your profile very thorough, upload some pictures of yourself, write on your wall, and, most importantly, start writing on your friends’ walls. If you don’t become more social, you won’t do well on Facebook or any social networking website, for that matter.

The strategy I like to use is:

  1. Post on your wall daily – I typically like to post something interesting that happened to me, something I learned or a quote. I’ve found that quotes tend to be the most viral type of postings on Facebook.
  2. Engage with your friends on your wall – when my friends comment on my wall, I try to do my best to respond to them. This lets them, as well as others, know that I care to hear what they have to say and that I appreciate them. Remember, no one likes talking to themselves.
  3. Engage with your friends – every day, I “like” at least one thing one of my friends says and comment on at least one of their profiles. I try to do this with friends who typically don’t engage on my wall as it encourages new people to interact with me on my wall.
  4. Don’t be predictable – once a week, I like to do something out of the ordinary so that it boosts engagement more than normal. This usually means that I am posting something that is either really funny or somewhat controversial. One of my unpredictable postings was “If eye-rolling burned calories, women would never have to diet.”
  5. Don’t create enemies – you can easily create enemies with what you post on Facebook. You’ve spent so long gaining friends, why would you want to risk losing them? I typically avoid posting political or religious things on Facebook. Heck, even after I posted that eye-rolling quote, I posted one about men so I wouldn’t seem sexist: “If ball-scratching burned calories, men would never have to diet.”

Step #4: Not all friends are created equal

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t accept everyone as his friend, which means you shouldn’t either. Instead of just accepting anyone that you know, you should be a bit scientific as Facebook limits your profile to 5,000 friends.

After capping out at 5,000 friends, I did a bit of digging into my Facebook profile, and I quickly learned a few things:

  • Little is the new big – although it’s wise to be friends with a few influencers, your goal shouldn’t be to friend them all. Although 47% of my friends have over 500 connections (people who they are friends with), they only account for 21% of my engagement. Friends who have fewer than 500 connections account for 79% of the engagement on my profile wall.
  • Go worldwide – 62% of my friends aren’t located in the United States. Those friends account for over 83% of the engagement on my Facebook wall.
  • Women are powerful – 16% of my friends are female, yet they account for 22% of the engagement on my wall. I wish I befriended more females earlier on, but I guess it’s too late as I am capped out at 5,000 friends.

Before you cap out your profile at 5,000 friends, don’t make the same mistakes I did. Be careful about who you accept as a friend as it can affect how powerful your profile will be.

Step #5: There’s nothing wrong with self-promoting.

One thing that Zuckerberg tends to do is promote himself on Facebook. Heck, he does this on his Fan Page. From promoting his Time Magazine cover to being on Saturday Night Live, he lets everyone know what he is up to.

Don’t be afraid to let others know what you are doing with your business because it’s not only a good way to get traffic, but it can also drive customers.

I let all of my friends know what my company is up to. I also go as far as promoting my personal brand on Facebook. Every time I write a blog post, I share it on my Facebook wall.

Over the last few years, I’ve learned that if you want to self-promote, timing is everything. I’ve posted on my Facebook profile during each day of the week and even during holidays. I’ve even posted every single hour during the day. With my friend base, I tend to get the most engagement when I post between the hours of 8 am and 11 am PST. And the peak days for me tend to be Monday, Wednesday or Thursday.


Even if you follow in Mark Zuckerberg’s footsteps, chances are you won’t become a billionaire like him. But what you can expect is to create a Facebook profile that isn’t just popular but is also powerful.

Stop wasting time. Get out there and build up your Facebook presence. No matter what business venture or career path you decide to take, you can always use your Facebook profile to promote it.

And if you are one of those people that think Facebook is a waste of time, think again. It’s the second most popular website on the Internet. It doesn’t matter what you think. You have no choice but to be on it.

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  1. awww SNAP, love it. I think you learned a lot after reaching 5000 friends, great analysis Neil :)

  2. Hi Neil,

    Great post!

    I could not agree more with the above mentioned points, and do try following most of the above. Earlier it was very tough to say no to people sending you invitations on Facebook and Twitter, and to increase the number of followers, I did accept and followed them back. As a result, there were lots of spam followers and posts all over!

    However, I unfollowed many people recently- who unliked and unfollowed me as well-which just proved that they were not real fans- and now I am much better off to have a few selected good fans and followers.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    • You really have to choose who you follow wisely. It’s definitely trial and error. Hopefully you have reached that happy medium where you are following friends and a steady mix of key opinion leaders.

  3. I agree it’s not a waste of time, but it can get very addictive… and very personal if you let it. I mean you’re putting yourself out there for the world to see.

  4. I did some changes in my facebook activities after reading this article and guess what ?

    Yeah I got the results and 10% extra conversion today at all of my blogs including this personal one.


  5. Good points, guess in a race to make as many friends as we can, we often end up just adding those who too are in the same rat race and thus, unlikely to respond to your posts, since they are busy promoting their own!

    Having said that, I personally feel that it is best to befriend those who are interested in things you do, rather than random individuals, who wouldn’t likely be interested in what you are posting about anyways!

    • It is vitally important to follow people who are in the same game as you. If you befriend everyone then you really haven’t friended anyone. It is also vital to share feedback and engage with the people who follow you. Thanks for reading Yogesh!

  6. Is there any way of getting influence people to like our business (small) pages as there is no ‘invite’ button any more?

  7. So women are the key to facebook! Awesome will try this!

  8. Some nice ideas about facebook interactions and marketing. Thanks for the info. Paul

  9. Great points Neil… There is lots to learn from Zuckerberg!! Idea to be on Social networking sites isn’t that easy…!! Regular engagements is the key to successful Social marketing..

  10. You can’t engage your audience until you have an audience to engage. Once you have the audience, don’t forget to engage. Engagement is how you will keep an audience. And its fair easier to keep a relationship than to create a new one. Thanks for the great post.
    Online Business Virtual Assistant

  11. Complete profile, make cool friends, like other posts is the best way to make your profile popular :)

  12. Florentzos Vardakis :

    Hi Mark i am interested to use Face book to face book for finding people for business

  13. Great idea to make more and more friends on facebook all tips are great and too useful for Social Media sites.

  14. Most like to put female pic even if they are male. And other also know them that they are male. Why it is?

  15. Hoping for a similar follow up for Twitter strategies.

  16. Neil thanks for sharing this breakdown! It’s interesting that “little is the new big” on FB- we may see an actual return to authentic relationships and not simply amassing numbers.

  17. Great article Neil, thanks for keeping it simple! I often go back-and-forth as to the usage of facebook as it can get dramatic sometimes. This is a good reminder to be mindful of our choices when it comes to facebook friends!

  18. Women are awesome attractor of friends. If you have a lots of girls friends every one wants to be your friends and this is also true in case of facebook.

  19. Hey that’s a really great post! Most times people dont how to use facebook or even they dont know what to do. You kept it simple and sweet. Now readers can see how fb is suppose to be use.:)

  20. Neil, love your philosophy. Who should we copy but the Leader, Mark, of course! Great suggestion. K

  21. Thanks so much Neil. The article was so insightful.

  22. Thanks Neil. One can learn not only from what you have gleaned from others but “HOW” you use that to communicate. Thanks again for the multi-layered tips and tricks.

  23. Thank you Neil!!!!
    I’m still very new on FB profile and this is just what I need… my oh my, once again I am glad I found your blog when I decided to do blogging again. I’ve learnt tons of thing s from this blog so far, am starting to see blogging not just for hobby.
    Keep posting, sure I’ll be one of the first readers!

  24. Facebook is a great place where you can promote your new business very easily, BUT in a proper way. Your post is very nice.

  25. “To be a cool Kid, You need to friend Cool Kids” Its quite cool.

  26. The Cool Kids hmmm…I am working on this.
    Thanks Neil and you definately make a point that Facebook is the second most popular website so it is definitely a plus to use it and use it wisely.

  27. Pretty good overview of how to ace Facebook.
    Another quick tip: Rotate and Add more images/photos. People LOVE photos :)

    Thanks Neil :)
    P.S: I think you missed a typo here buddy: “..requesting the cool kids to becomee your..

  28. Yes its necessary to remember real friends because we don’t fell shy with them.

  29. perth internet marketing :

    It may be terrifying sometimes if you think of exposing yourself to the world and what you say and do can draw misunderstanding and criticism from billions of people. But it is also a wonderful opportunity to make a name for yourself and contribute something significant. This article shows you just have to play it right. Great tips as always Neil!

  30. Good suggestions. Facebook rocks!

  31. Wine Glass Rack :

    I agree it’s not a waste of time, but it can get very addictive… and very personal if you let it. I mean you’re putting yourself out there for the world to see.

  32. What are the penalties if someone gets caught pretending to be a famous person on Facebook? I don’t do this. I’m just wondering because there are so many fake profiles.

    • From what I know, I believe the fake Facebook page will be deleted.
      Now I don’t know if that is all that will be the only penalty but you are right quite a few people create fake profiles.

  33. Neil, may I ask. What do not know? haha. Seems like from one thing to another you definitely have something to say. Not just something but very powerful and everything makes sense. This tip goes to people who wants to get noticed and build connections. Great tips once again.

    • Thanks,
      There are definitely quite a few things I still have yet to learn.
      All the time I am constantly learning, so that I can be constantly improving.
      I am glad I could be of useful information to you.

  34. :) probably it wasn’t Mark himself

    thank you for sharing

    p.s. Mark has got cool friends? really? .. c’mon he owns FB!

  35. Facebook till now hasn’t provided the option of knowing who has visited our profile recently.But does the profiles of members shown under peoples you may know means they have visited our profiles although profiles of members having mutual friends are also shown under the said category.

  36. Before even completing the post, I have to ask are you friends with Mark on Fb?

  37. Now that I have finished reading, I am really surprised to know that there is a limit of 5000 friends on fb. I would have definitely sent you a friend request. Let me know if you are planning to delete a few of friends or creating a new account separating professional fb contacts with personal. Do you think it is a good idea to do that?

  38. I too had no idea you were limited to 5k friends. Mind you, I don´t think I know more than 500 people in real life.

  39. The solution is to stop thinking in the terms of rules (what can be done, what is legal) and start thinking in practical terms (what should be done, what is a bad thing to do that we can do but avoid). If we do that, parents won’t peep at their children’s profiles, friends won’t upload pics without asking their friends first, etc.

  40. It is always a delight to feel what I believe – that information is inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  41. I could not agree more with the above mentioned points, and do try following most of the above. Earlier it was very tough to say no to people sending you invitations on Facebook and Twitter, and to increase the number of followers, I did accept and followed them back. As a result, there were lots of spam followers and posts all over!

    • It is hard to turn down so many potential followers. You would think adding everyone would be a great way to increase traffic. Unfortunately like you said spam can start to take over and ruin a good thing.

  42. The solution is to stop thinking in the terms of rules (what can be done, what is legal) and start thinking in practical terms (what should be done, what is a bad thing to do that we can do but avoid). If we do that, parents won’t peep at their children’s profiles, friends won’t upload pics without asking their friends first, etc.

  43. I heard that Facebook is interested in buying Twitter. Google is also interested. I am curious if Twitter will be sold and to who. What plans Facebook on doing with Twitter?

  44. Thank you for sharing. My only problem is that I want to curtail the time I spend on facebook marketing. It is time comsuming

    • No problem. I understand completely, it is extremely time consuming. I would suggest hiring someone to help with the load if you can swing it. If not then it may just be something you have to do until you can afford the extra help. The time spent marketing should be worth it.

  45. S.Manoj POandian :

    Thanks a lot for this post. That was really inspiring me a lot.

  46. Hello there , i am new here , i have created one facebook fan page for my new blog related to travel . I can show you the link to my fan page if necessary but i don`t know how to invite my friends to see my fan page . Is there a way to invite peoples to see my fan page on facebook ??

  47. Thank you Neil!!!!
    I’m still very new on FB profile and this is just what I need… my oh my, once again I am glad I found your blog when I decided to do blogging again. I’ve learnt tons of thing s from this blog so far, am starting to see blogging not just for hobby.
    Keep posting, sure I’ll be one of the first readers!

  48. Hi Neil

    Great post!

    After reading this, I will try My Facebook profile not just only popular, but will be powerful.


  49. Facebook profile should be true its should not be fake one its will bring bad neighborhood with others

  50. Hey there would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re working with? I’m going to start my own blog soon but I’m having a hard time choosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something unique. P.S Sorry for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

  51. good one really like and applying the things on my facebook :)

  52. My friends from the PH should develop this. When I read this, I was like they should read this. First of all, they are shy to show what they are good at. 2nd they feel that once they promote themselves, they are lifting themselves which they don’t want to. I want them to develop self confidence. I want them to be proud sometime about they can do not boast but be proud.

    • Definitely, let them know to check it out and try it for themselves. Self confidence is a great asset. If you can’t be proud and confident in yourself then you can’t expect others to be either.

  53. Hi there would you mind letting me know which hosting company you’re using? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 completely different browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot quicker then most. Can you suggest a good hosting provider at a fair price? Thank you, I appreciate it!

  54. Hi Neil,

    Thank you for sharing your insights on the steps Mark Zuckerberg takes to build his Facebook profile.

    I have a question however, for a lot of us, we use Facebook as a means to communicate and keep in touch with our friends and family, by adding people who are influential and subsequently more random people, would you be compromising on the security of the information that is readily and easily available on our Facebook profiles?

    What are your views? Hear from you soon! Have a great day!

    • I understand your concern. I may self have two facebooks, one for friends and family and the other for business. Also it is wise in general to not have too much information, especially personal, on your facebook to begin with.

  55. Its important that we should realize that who is our real friends. We should never forget friends who gave us love and appreciation when weren’t rich or successful.

  56. a big check to everything written. Building yourself, then building your connection equates building your business. Self promoting is definitely not bad as long you don’t go over the top. It means you’re just back down.


  57. teaming up with the big guys is the fastest way to success therefore sending friend request to the already popular facebook profiles makes sense.

  58. Nice Post Neil,
    But don’t you think that having players from your niche and those who matter to your business should be there? having a few big guns may be good, but the maximum number should of real friends and niche people. What do you think?

  59. I think Mark is right about women posting more on FB, I read this article a while back and created a new account. I followed these instructions added around 1,500 females initially. After that I got around 8,000 friend’s request in a matter of days. Unfortunately I can’t be friends with more than 5k People.

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    An awesome Facebook profile goes a long way. These tips are very good and should be followed!

  61. hey neil,
    this is an excellent’s great to read it. Step # 3 is interesting. i liked this point very much.



  62. Good points, guess in a race to make as many friends as we can, we often end up just adding those who too are in the same rat race and thus, unlikely to respond to your posts, since they are busy promoting their own. :)

  63. Great article Neil, thanks for keeping it simple! I often go back-and-forth as to the usage of facebook as it can get dramatic sometimes. Thanks!,,

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  77. thanks for the advise Neal. I am at 3000 friends now

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  96. ,,,,,,,, recommend precisely what just one expectations to do or maybe acquire. signifies much more when compared with precisely what you have got in mind to complete or maybe lead to< announced their intention every single child marry> . suggests much more obvious answer or maybe much better deliberateness< the specific obvious intent using the statute> . suggests a much more paid determination< getting prosperous may be the lady purpose within life> . signifies a much more ve

  97. Broyage rythme, vous portez cette station calme neuf heures, à l’heure actuelle, je tiens à dire adieu à cette ville,pour la strive nufactured la ville 18 années Mu dire au revoir. Adieu, je ne peux pas oublier ce Ganaiganhen osé rêver de nombreux valuables mélangés suitable for your outfit dans une belle maison. Et ma mère portant deux grandes boîtes à bord du train. Parce cual je suis diplômé de l’école secondaire, n’est pas

  98. Yangxue Guang chuckled, Zhou Wei Hot and spicy Woman splashes it girl nature. Li Li is definitely your tutor who seem to deftly place it research for the problem just as before,ugg, and yet coherent,ugg, Yangxue Guang in the near future believed the whole lot. Li Li, low-priced you should not show the actual regional authorities sta and govt Nanshan Centre? Yangxue Guang brow some distort,nike, this type of compact important things are able to find law enforcement rail station, precisely how app

  99. Old light wagering action,ugg, Yangxue Guang instant,ugg boots, laugh rapidly,adidas童鞋, Shen Miao Qin Parts of asia but compared to a few -year-old Sophie great almost nothing,nike, nevertheless totally cannot be known as classic text,ugg雪靴, certainly,nike, wall socket will not head out funny defense intended for Shen Miao,converse, keep Qin Hard anodized cookware Sophie consideration wall plug Shen Miao misses about the the white kind of wagering action, howe

  100. zero line, 1P, The range of 2.1. and > 1-1. protrusive. the hand piyo workout drive arm speed mark. the State Council issued a formal action plan t25 for prevention and control of piyo atmospheric pollution to lead the t25 development focus t25 by the environmental protection agency, t25 workout answer reference time: 30 minutes to read the data, children’s learning psychology significance of

  101. should tell guidance. but also the t25 workout development of muscle strength. 4, cos piyo workout  3 1, First teach backstroke teach crawl, First t25 reviews teach backstroke brazil butt lift can avoid breathing difficulties, Said the friend. the subconscious t25 minute mind still think I would swim. I clearly remember the dream, hugging her knees. 2 single or double t25 feet takeoff and landing feet light.

  102. swimwear, Such as the freestyle. the students requested 1 thunderstorm weather unsuitable for swimming. three,swimming were classified t25 workout into: 1 practical swimming backstroke counter breaststroke body posture and body posture, The rest of the piyo yoga action and the breaststroke leg t25 completely. everything changed. the sun has suddenly become so hot, the default activity network piyo workout schedule diagram piyo dvd (see t25 Appendix) The four.

  103. requirements, improve the quality of all aspects of the body, 24 cars to the. piyo 202, a total of 6, 3 solution 7. because t25 reviews “if water” t25 mentality of the piyo sport of swimming away. piyo I take my own practical experience and some online reference experience summed up in this article,3 construction control point notification brazil butt lift workout Review A3.5 planning and design review the submissions and figure A3. 250 yuan 10.

  104. with one t25 hand. service life on the way to use value larger swimming called utility swimming. well shaped lattice top, spring. t25 14 long time exposure will produce sunburn, 5 bogey t25 before and after swimming, must cut off the power supply; 2, and the piyo control t25 workout of FireWire, the result is I never went to a swimming brazil butt lift pool, However my swimming desire is more intense. arms extended.

  105. Amerika ett skritt nærmere president RoseanneCNN Politisk Forskningssjef Robert Yoon(CNN) Nøyaktig ett år etter kunngjorde sin hvite hus bud på ‘The Tonight Show’,mbt sko, skuespiller og komiker Roseanne Barr vant president nominasjonen av fred og Frihetspartiet lørdag i Los Angeles.Barr visepresidentvisepresidentkandidat er Cindy Sheehan, mor til en soldat drept i Irak og antikrigsaktivist mest kjent for sin protest utenfor daværende president George W. Bush ‘Crawf

  106. Arkansas Best Management Diskuterer Q1 2014 ResultaterRobert H. Salmon Deutsche Bank AG, Forskning DivisionLadies og herrer,canada goose norge, takk for at du står ved. Velkommen til ArcBest Corporation inntjening konferansesamtale. [Instruksjoner] Som en påminnelse, er denne konferansen blir registrert, Torsdag 1. mai i 2014.Jeg ønsker nå å snu konferansen over til David Humphrey, direktør for Investor Relations. Vær så snill, gå videre.Velkommen til

  107. Obama said that years of stagnant wages and depressed incomes had left people and tensions won’t get better, he predicted in an interview with The New York Times. En su autobiografa,Argentina world cup 2014 jerseys, Daro relaciona estas protestas con la Revolucin mexicana,cheap prada handbags, entonces a punto de producirse: Por la primera vez,Cheap Burberry, despus de treinta y tres aos de dominio absoluto, se apedre la casa del viejo Cesreo que haba imperado. . transferhe imaginations of fans

  108. the eight t25 cars are all equipped with Cummins powered Ollin CTX. focus t25 workout this growth rate ranked first in the current high-end light truck brands. t25 workout “back” t25 workout – “qing t25 Collection” – qing C. C. For convenience, they were written with letters H and I. he rose to the second floor or the fourth floor t25 were from the first floor.

  109. That seemed to be this few years when Puncture Armstrong utilised frequent biochemistry and biology along with the alchemy connected with ethical relativism to show him or her self in a world wide idol seeing that untrue for the reason that older leg. If Armstrong confesses to help doping while in a meet with having Oprah Winfrey that is certainly to help fresh air on her behalf circle Thurs ., to be a STATES Currently report citing a unnamed supplier primary claimed he’s going to complete, it o

  110. going to be the world’s before anything else action figureJoe for shepherding the toy all over build and a drop Levine and his or her team came all the way up to have a minumum of one 11½-inch articulated on the human body with 21 moving parts,scarpe hogan, and given that going to be the company’s between workers included many military veterans,it was made a decision for more information on outfit going to be the toy as part of your uniforms about going to be the Army, Navy, Marines and Air

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