Only You Know How to Get Yourself Off

making yourself happy

Only you know how to get yourself excited. Others may be able to motivate you or make you happy, but no matter what, they can’t do as good of a job as you. When it comes to life, you have to figure out what makes you tick so you can pull those levers and accomplish your goals.

For example, I love money and there aren’t too many things that get me as excited as money. When I started my first company I ended up doing alright, but there was not much motivation for me to make more of it. Sooner or later what I figured out was that there was nothing motivating me to make more of it because the difference between $10,000 and $100,000 was just an intangible “0” on my bank account statement. What I figured out was that I had to start spending a little money on myself, thus recreating the drive to make more money.

Now this doesn’t mean other people can’t get you motivated or excited. For example, a chiropractor once brought me beer and Taco Bell before my speech because he knew that I wouldn’t have time to eat. He read about me online and figured out what type of beverage and food makes me happy. But the thing is he didn’t know my all time favorite menu item from Taco Bell; he was close, but it didn’t hit the spot compared to going into Taco Bell myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy and I was really happy with the food he brought me (hopefully he’ll do it again), but it shows that no one can get you as excited as yourself.

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  1. What an original perspective on self-motivation…and I like the Taco Bell analogy. :) It’s a great illustration that those even those with the best of intentions don’t always make the same decisions for us that we would make for ourselves.

    I also particularly enjoyed your reference to the “…intangible 0…” with regard to your motivation (money) and your need to make a concerted effort to do what was necessary in order to find ongoing motivation. Good stuff!

    • Thanks! Even if the difference was two 0s, it would have still been intangible because I wasn’t spending the money. When you save every penny you make, sooner or later you become less motivated.

  2. HaHa, sounds like the chiropractor has some work to do on finding out your all time favorite Taco Bell meal.

  3. You sure as hell know how to come up with catchy titles. Hopefully your dad doesn’t see this one and go “OH NOT AGAIN”…lol

  4. I think the extra 0 on my bank statement would get me excited, especially if I made it in one month! Of course, I think money is a major motivator for me, because I like money, I like to shop and I like to help others when I have money to spare. I guess we do each have our own motivators. Interesting post Neil. Thanks for sharing!

    • Don’t get me wrong, the extra 0 excites me too. But if I took away your shopping and all you were doing is saving the money, it probably wouldn’t motivate you as much. ;-)

      The point is, by spending the money it helps create a motivation to make more.

      • I think the key is finding an even medium between saving and spending. I would feel bad about spending everything. I want to save money so my kids are taken care of after I’m old and not working (or gone completely). But some spending is definitely a great motivator!

  5. Can we at least get the year the date range when the taco bell was purchased? I am guessing Mexi Melt or the Baja Chalupa.

  6. And how true the statement applies: You Have To Spend Money To Make Money!

  7. Mmmm… Chalupas… :)

    I dig the “getting off” analogy. It has a lot more impact than the clichés we all hear about doing what you love. And the picture made me LOL.

    PS – your interview with Salamie was just killer!

  8. Very true stuff. After spending time and money for Think Tank and the other conferences we’ve been to, there’s more motivation than I’ve seen in a long time floating around the office. So much opportunity can come from reinvesting time and money, and just showing up. Awesome post!

  9. Very funny Pic. Thanks for the laugh

  10. beer and taco bell, hahah!

  11. I understand what you mean about spending some money on yourself. I actually just ordered the new gphone for some recent motivation.

    Maybe someday I can afford the gifts you must be getting yourself. I can’t even imagine!

  12. good points, this post highlights two important aspects.

    1. Money does not make you happy, but what you can do with money, the experiences it provides it what makes people happy.

    2. You make to spend money to make money.

  13. Okay, that picture is really disturbing :)
    Great points though

  14. Can’t agree more…I love to eat and whenever I need to get something done which I’m not willing to, I set myself for food…lol !

  15. I think you were right on with this. That is why I have such a hard time with freelancers with my company and also the reason I have taught myself things such as coding and photoshop aside from marketing so I can get it done if I need to because I usually never feel satisfied when someone else does the work completely without my supervision and consulting.

  16. of course. that’s true because no one else knows you like yourself. which is also why it really is up to you to get motivated, and you can’t quite blame others for that sort of thing.

  17. I can certainly understand the need for self motivation, however, when someone motivates you with beer and Taco Bell, it doesn’t get much better than that.

  18. Brett Tilford :

    Good word. At the end of the day your attitude is your responsibility.

  19. It is true, true, true. But I think that people who knows me really well exists.

  20. First of all i would like to say this is very funny pic. And you said your dad has already saw the post, did he make any comment about this post especially.

  21. As one of my favorite comedians said (Daniel Tosh).. when people say “money can’t buy happiness… ‘, I say “Do you live in America?” Money can buy a wave runner… ever seen a sad person on a wave runner? Have you… seriously? Try and frown while you’re on a wave runner… :) (around 1:35 in)

    So yes, money in and of itself won’t make you happy, everyone knows that. In all honesty, it amplifies what you already are. If you’re a kind, giving person you’ll become even more philanthropic. If you’re a miserable, miserly person by nature, more money just makes you meaner, more cynical, condescending, suspicious, etc.

    So here’s to the good people getting rich! :)

    • I am also a strong believer in the saying “money buys happiness”. A lot of people feel that they don’t need money, but everyone seems to be working so that they can make more money.

  22. I agree with this most definitely. That is why a lot of things I find myself doing because no one can seem to do them as good as I do as far as things in business. Everyone wants things done an exact certain thing.

  23. Hi Neil,I can certainly understand the need for self motivation, however, when someone motivates you with beer and Taco Bell, it doesn’t get much better than that, or does it?

    Nice post

  24. I love money too — but now I see it as a small yet important part of my overall life & business success.

    Building relationships with other people and loving what you do is more important, the money should follow afterward!

  25. So true Neil. It all comes down to motivation. That’s why we should at least work in areas we love… you’ll find motivation and fulfillment…and if you’re really good, money for Taco Bell.

    hey that’s a great title and funny pic.

  26. Taco Bell and a Beer, hmm….AWESOME!

  27. Well yes its true, only you will ever truly look out for your best interests first. Using role-models helps achieve what you want.

  28. Money is a good motivator for me as well, that and chocolate!

  29. What is up with that picture? It is weird, creep, and so funny. I know I wouldn’t be giggling if some dude came up to me like in this picture. It reminds me of the peeing in the bush part in Harlord and Kumar.

  30. this whole post just feels wrong…

  31. Could not agree more. Your friend on the other hand seems a kind of man that one can admire for being so thoughtful and considerate.

  32. Ha ha ha, Neil, do you love money than I do? But seriously, you are very right. If money gets one excited then they will be willing to do what others won’t want to do so that they can end up getting the money they love so much. I once read that those people who succeed are those that are willing to do TODAY what others won’t do so that they can have TOMORROW what others won’t have. Thanks for sharing, Neil.

  33. Very cool attitude, only one zero.. Never taught about this in a that way, it is actually so simple..
    As always Neil, great post like any others.

  34. This is definitely an impresting perspective. Its al all about finding you’re niche. Haha there aren’t too many people out there who aren’t excited by money. The taco bell example is a nice way of looking at it. There are just so many options and options on top of options out there that no one would know which is best for you, except for yourself.
    till then,

  35. One thing I have learned in my life that yes money is needed and necessary but it isn’t everything. I think being happy and loving what you do is important. If you can find a way to do that then you truly are rich.

    • Not everyone is interested in money, take a look at Mother Theresa. She became successful and never took a dime. Love what you do and help the world out :)

  36. That is why a lot of things I find myself doing because no one can seem to do them as good as I do as far as things in business.

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