5 Ways to Increase Your Fame

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When you are a rock star, things usually fall into your lap. Unfortunately, getting there requires a ton of work. Most of the time, it isn’t difficult to get your 5 seconds of fame, but the real key is to keep on getting buzz around your name and make those five seconds last as long as possible. Here are some things that I think you can do to increase your fame:

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Call people out

Controversy is a great thing especially if it is done in a productive manner. By calling out people, products or even companies in a productive manner, you can create some hype by stirring controversy. In the past, I called out companies such as Riya in a critical fashion, which resulted in the CEO calling me within 24 hours and offering me a contracting job. This seems silly, but if someone were being critical of you, there is a good chance you would step in and defend yourself; this is the effect you want to create by calling people out. Don’t be afraid to announce what you think about something.

Gain a backbone

Attitude is a key part in becoming well known or getting those high paying jobs. You can’t be afraid to state your opinion. After all, the worst thing that can happen is you being wrong. As long as you learn from it, then it shouldn’t really matter. If you are in a boardroom meeting, make sure you speak up even if you know everyone else will disagree with you. Too many people out there are afraid of disagreement, but it’s those that do disagree in the face of opposition that can truly be seen as leaders.

Get in front of the parade

If you see a parade, makes sure you get in front of it. Stop sitting on the sidelines and watch others pass you by. Instead, pass them up by getting in the front. If there is some big event going on in your industry, don’t make a lame excuse and say that you will attend it next year. Instead, make sure you are going to be there this year. Embrace any opportunity that allows you to get some limelight within your industry.

The other great thing about getting in front of the parade is that usually there is media and press covering the parade, and chances are they are going to interview the people in the front and not the ones in the back.

Differentiate yourself

Why are rock stars like Kiss and Elvis so famous? They stood out in their own unique way and didn’t care what others thought. This is one of the qualities that famous people have: they are unique in their own little way. Make sure you differentiate yourself somehow whether it is through clothes, attitude or actions. The key here is to not care what others think or at least to not show that you care what others think of you. The overall purpose of this is to stand out somehow so that your chances of gaining some press improve.

You’re as smart as you want to be

Have you noticed that some of the most famous people such as Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton are famous because they act dumb? If you haven’t, just watch Newlyweds or The Simple Life and you will notice how dumb these two people act. You don’t have to always act dumb, but there are specific times when you should act dumb versus being sophisticated. If everyone around you is acting sophisticated and you start acting dumb, it could create a buzz for you. This may not be the hype you are looking for, but nonetheless it can help you get more well known.

These are just some of the things you should do on a regular basis if you are looking to become famous. Stop waiting for things to happen to you, and instead go after them and be aggressive because you should never rely on things falling into your lap.

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  1. Yes, what great advice, “When everyone is around you, act like you’re an idiot”

    What kind of advice is that? And who wants to gain recognition as a moron? I just don’t understand how this could possibly benefit anyone.

  2. Meant to say “When everyone around you is acting sophisticated” …

  3. Here’s another way to increase one’s fame, through the Law of Attraction.

    Just last week, I came across this report at http://www.AbundanceLaw.com. It’s an interview between Stephen Pierce, an internet marketing strategist and Bob Proctor, one of the most sought after self-development guru of all time. It details how one can use this “Law of Attraction” to accelerate growth.

  4. “Attitude is a key part in becoming well known or getting those high paying jobs. You can’t be afraid to state your opinion, after all the worst thing that can happen is you being wrong and as long as you learn from it then it shouldn’t really matter.”

    Very good tip Neil. I used to be very non-confrontational in all aspects of life. Then, as I became older, I realized that confrontation is part of a rite of passage.

    I used to believe that Kharma would take its course on individuals, that those who did things wrong or went against others would be judged in the end, but then realized if I called them out on the spot, they would never have the chance to continue their agenda.

    This works on multiple levels, whether it be identifying and calling out shoplifters in a crowded mini-mart or correcting a client’s skewed and improper view of the SEO industry.

    Taking this into the workplace, or boardroom, I’ve noticed that eye contact and confidence can have just as much importance as ones’ knowledge or skillset.

    You can be the smartest guy in the room, but if you don’t speak up, you’re going to be stepped all over and never respected.

    Communicate your intelligence in a memorable fashion, and you will be justly rewarded.

    All great tips Neil. Thanks again!

  5. Mike, as I mentioned in the article “This may not be the hype you are looking for but nonetheless it can help you get more well-known”. Some don’t like that kind of hype, but others may do it if it could mean making a few extra bucks.

  6. what stupid advice be mean and it will get you nowhere you can be as mean as you want when you’re living your dream not before!

  7. Megan, I don’t see where I said “be mean”…

    If you were talking about the calling people out part, I meant it in a productive manner and not as in calling people out to fight on the street.

  8. I don’t think people are grasping the fact that the point is to gain attention. It’s a misnomer to assume that there is such a thing as negative attention. However it is true, that if one also has never “produced” anything that people respect or does not “stand for” anything, then negative attention is destructive.

  9. I’m sure about this. Your advise is sound, but it’s advise that you can only implement when you already have a voice to be heard and a body of work that people can relate too. I think this is good advise for people that already have a small following but may be not for people just starting out.

    Being a ghost is pretty controversial, and does help to some degree, but what I miss from your post is the factor of time. It takes time to build this stuff.

    Fortunately, I have a lot of time on my hands. Being a ghost and all.

  10. Differing oneself from the pack is the key in my estimation. There is too much of a “me too” approach by many with few people attempting to step outside of the box.

  11. I came across your site via shoemoney. This is a great article, with many great points.

    Very few people become great by being timid and quiet.

  12. What happened with Riya? You pointed out where they can improve their site and since the CEO offered the position. Did you help them out with the SEO work?

  13. Hmm.. some of these advice tips seem strangely familiar.. Wonder where they came from.

  14. Hi Neil

    I’ve just discovered your blog. Its really interesting and I’m sure I’ll be checking it out a lot in the next few weeks.

    I’ve never fancied being famous, but I want a successful career. Is networking and schoozing people I may or may not like or respect absolutely essential?


    • Networking is an essential. Although you may end up socializing with some people that you don’t like, in general it will help.

      One tip to keep in mind is when networking make sure you build relationships instead of just grabbing tons of business cards.

  15. I really like your swagger, great points on building a “rock star” image…and branding yourself.

  16. Calling someone out is great and all but if you can’t back it up, then you end up looking stupid. In this case,Neil knew what he was talking about. In other cases, I have had people criticize other products and when I ask them, what would you do different, they have no clue.

  17. I think the reason some people are disagreeing with Neil is because Neil’s personality can pull this off. We’re all different, and not everyone has the character type and energy to make this all happen. If I tried everything above in front of a crowd I’d feel odd and out of place, it just isn’t me, I can’t pull it off.

    Neil can’t account for every personality type out there, he’s just telling us what he did to get to where he got.

    I understand his “act dumb” in front of smart people to create buzz which can actually be used in a lot of places.

    See when a group of Human beings get together they have to establish who is the dominant, who is the funny one, who’s the smart one, who’s the team leader etc… In a group of smart intellectual types, I doubt you and I can measure up, we’ll only look like posers. So we have to differentiate ourselves to stand out. Not only that but to the other intellectuals in the group, another intellectual is a threat and competition. When they see you being a lovable airhead type (playing dumb when focused on non-critical tasks, not actually BEING dumb on critical tasks) they’ll see you as an asset, they’ll want to be around you because you make them LOOK smarter compared to you and they won’t see you as a threat.

    There’s a time to be dominant and a time to be submissive. A time to be intelligent (which may seem intimidating and threatening to some) and a time to be “a lovable fun loving airhead that is a threat to no one and seems like a great non-intimidating, non-competing friend but is actually a pretty smart decision maker when it comes to things that matter”… Play your cards well. Knowing when to play the two parts takes a lot of wisdom and some VERY good acting skills.

  18. Neil, just discovered your blog and it looks truly great…Good work!

  19. Hey Neil.. always wanted to check your first post out. With the old template used to run out of patience ;) Great post to start with though I had expected some kind of an intro or something.. Did you delete anything?

  20. I couldn’t agree more with the whole controversy angle. I tried releasing book after book on ‘how to do the same as everyone else but better’ and it got me no attention at all. It wasn’t till I released a book showing how everyone else sucks that anyone paid any attention.

    And it’s still going :-)

    Thanks for the post.

  21. Hiya Neil! I’m going through your back-issues and couldn’t resist commenting here. This is pretty much the first post on your blog, yes?

  22. One way to be outstanding and boost your popularity is to volunteer to do something for a charitable organization and out perform everyone else.
    It must be challenging act project no one wants to do and you must be a leader–be assertive with a commanding presence and complete it with excellence.

    You will be surprised how the news media pick up on something like that and you could get you into the Tonight Show as a guest and other show circuits as well.

  23. First Post…. Had to read it.

    The one thing I feel is difficult especially working in a start up as my regular job is that those ideas people come up with are those of upper management… Even though they are saying to question authority once you go against them they can get mad.

    I noticed the best way to get up in a start up in my opinion is to become buddy buddy with the higher ups. Become their friend. I got a little of subject from the post but this is how I feel.

  24. sell textbooks :

    Controversy. That is interesting, I’m surprised you got a job out of it. But you really made me think here. I can remember a few times were controversy really helped Shoe and Disa. Although it got kinda raw it was newsworthy.

  25. hi Neil!
    may God bless u
    I found a lot of good ideas n learning points in your blog.thanx.
    I know only idea to be fam ‘be confident and give love and respect to everyone’ either he or she deserves or not deserves it.
    ha ha ha
    Iknow you will hold your head with your hands to read my english.It is very poor.But I know too one day I will learn it tiil forgive me plz.
    what can I do ?
    Asich hun main to.
    ha ha

  26. electronic reviews :

    acting dumb when you are really smart…lol.. we call that playing the fool to catch the wise

  27. Only one way to get famous is that you have to do something different in the favor of people . After that they will like you

  28. i think confidence is the base one for any kind of work, if we think that we can do means , definitely we will do and i did many things like that, but i really agree with your words.

  29. Only one way to get famous is that you have to do something different in the favor of people . After that they will like you

  30. Thanks,
    Hopefully you found it helpful.

  31. Been reading some of the posts here. I am a terminally (wrong word?) shy person– unless I’m angry. Thank God for the written word. I wish you would have elaborated on HOW to gain a backbone.

    • It is really up to each individual to figure out the best way to create a backbone for themselves. Sometimes it is through experiences, but mostly having a backbone is just being more confident in yourself and beliefs and that is not something that can be easily taught.

  32. These are good advises. Confidence goes with fame… I know some who tries want to be noticed but does not have the confidence to step up, to show what he has. So I was… stop daydreaming if you don’t want to make a move. It’s funny to have goals but not reaching it.

  33. The tact of talking in the Board Meeting is very cool. Will surely try this out!

  34. Ohh so this is how your first post looks like :)

  35. great post. I believe winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.

  36. Hi Neil,
    Like many above, I have at the back of my mind wanted to read your first post for sometime. I definitely can tell there is a lot of growth when I compare to the last few months of posts however it is still spectacular stuff.
    I like the part about attitude and gaining a backbone. This is really one way to gain authority.
    Thanks Neil

  37. I wanted to read your first article.

    Very Impressive.

  38. Great read. Love this site so I went back to post 1 to check it out.

  39. Hi Neil ! there is no doubt that your five points are really effective to boost personal fame. your ideas are really awesome .

  40. Successful people will do things differently. They always differentiate them from others. I like your point ” Attitude”.

  41. Hey there! Quick question that’s totally off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My blog looks weird when viewing from my apple iphone. I’m trying to find a template or plugin that might be able to resolve this problem. If you have any suggestions, please share. Appreciate it!

  42. Hi Neil !
    It is really interesting topics for me. Name and Fame are important for successful life.

  43. It’s all about having confidence in yourself and getting that first push. It’s the “You want it? Then go get it!” attitude.

  44. Hi Neil !
    I’m really glad to read this post. It is all about strong brand and interpersonal network. Thank you for your nice post.

  45. Thank you Neil. I have been aware of your blog for a few month already, but only today I started reading it. You have a great reputation. I am sure that I will get great value.

  46. Nice Information Neil. This gives me lot of strong branding and interpersonal skills.

  47. Hey Neil,

    Some great tips here! I’ve been working on getting outside of my comfort zone. I’ve grown a lot from just getting outside my bubble and challenging myself.

    I’ve learned so much these last couple of months, and I’m starting to build more confidence, which is key because before anyone else in the world believes it YOU have to believe it.

    All the best,


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  56. Ranjita Mandaviya :

    Nice article Neil.

    I agree with your article and concept.

  57. really insightful and taught me a lot of valuable lessons. i have to implement these tips on my business immmediately..

  58. Well i always find some useful stuff while searching in your archives. BTW the above comments are highly spammed ;) needs a cleaning :D

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  60. Very nice. I think that ways that you spoke here are very pertinent! I will try!

  61. Kate, that’s awesome and I love to hear it! I appreciate you quoting and enjoyed all the other tips you mentioned in that post

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